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430+ Vintage Girl Names (Retro Favorites & Lovely Meanings)

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The Beauty Of Choosing Vintage Baby Girl Names

Many vintage and classic names have a long-lasting charm that can withstand the test of time. 

They’re also a sweet way of honoring your grandparents, someone in your family, or historical figures and other admirable people.

Below are 430+ beautiful names and their meanings for your sweet daughter.


The Best Vintage & Retro Girl Names

Favorite Trendy Names From The Yesteryears

  • Abigail (Hebrew) – “My father’s joy”



  • Alice (German girl name) – “Noble,” “exalted,” or “aristocratic”




  • Catherine (Greek) – “Pure” or “clear”


  • Charlotte (French name) – “Free man (woman)”; #3 most popular girl name in the US (1)


  • Emma (German name) – “Universal” or “whole”; #2 most popular girl name in the US (1)


  • Grace (Latin) – Spiritual name meaning “blessing,” “favor,” “kindness,” or “God’s grace”




  • Nancy (French and Hebrew) – “Grace” and “favor”


  • Olivia (English) – “Olive tree”; variants include “Oliva” or “Olive”; #1 most popular girl name in the US (1)


  • Sophia (Greek) – Popular girl name meaning “wisdom”; #5 most popular name for girls in the US (1)


Cool & Adorable Vintage Girl Names

  • Alina (Slavic) – “Beautiful and bright” or “brilliant”


  • Arabella (Latin) – “Grace,” favor,” or “answered prayer”


  • Barbie (Greek) – “Foreign” and “strange”; famous American doll name


  • Becky (Hebrew) – “To bind or tie,” “hold together,” or “moderator”


  • Betty (English) – “God is my oath,” “God is my vow,” or “pledged to God”



  • Bonnie (Scottish) – “Beautiful,” “attractive,” “cheerful,” or “pretty”


  • Cindy (Greek) – “Moon goddess” or “‘woman from Kynthos (a mountain in Greece)”


  • Dolly (English) – “Gift of God


  • Ellie (Hebrew) – “God is my light”


  • Jillian (English) – “Youthful” or “child of the gods”


  • Kitty (English and Greek) – “Pure”


  • Mabel (English) – “Dear” or “lovable”


  • Maisie (English) – “Pearl


  • Marie (French) – Rainbow name meaning “wished for child” or “sea of bitterness”



  • Pauline (French) – “Beautiful” or “small”


  • Tammy (English and Scottish) – Girl plant name meaning “date palm tree”


  • Zelda (Yiddish) – “Happy” or “blessed”


What Are Rare & Unique Vintage Girl Names?

  • Adaline (Old German) – “Noble kind”


  • Anita (Hebrew) – “Gracious and merciful” or “graceful”


  • Delphine (French) – Nature name meaning “dolphin”


  • Edalyn (English) – “Gifted by the gods”


  • Tabitha (English and Aramaic) – “Graceful” or “gazelle”


Strong & Powerful Old-Time Girl Names

  • Alexandra (Greek) – “Defender of man”; variant of “Alexander”


  • Andrina (Greek) – “Brave and manly‘; variant of “Andrew


  • Bernadette (French and German) – “Brave bear” or “brave as a bear”


  • Brenda (Old Norse) – “Torch” or “sword”


  • Bridget (Irish girl name) – “Vigor,” “power,” “stamina,” “strength,” or “exalted one”


  • Carol (English) – “Strong and manly” or “free man (woman)”


  • Colette (Greek and French) – “Victory of the people”


  • Danielle (Hebrew) – “God is my judge”; female form of “Daniel



  • Hilda (Old Norse) – “Battle”



  • Leona (Latin) – “Lion”


  • Louisa (German and French) – “Famous warrior


  • Maude (German) – “Powerful battler”


  • Maxine (Latin) – “Greatest”



  • Wilma (German, Swedish, and Scottish) – “Resolute protection”


Vintage-Themed Mythical Names From Favorite Legends

  • Althea (Greek) – “Wholesome,” “healer,” or “one who cures”; Greek goddess of healing


  • Aurora (Latin) – “Dawn” as the Roman goddess and personification of dawn; also a Disney name


  • Cassandra (Greek) – “She who entangles men,” “to excel,” or “shining upon men”


  • Chloe (Greek) – “Fertile,” “blooming,” or “green shoot (plant)”


  • Cynthia (Greek) – “Moon goddess”


  • Daphne (Greek) – “Laurel tree”


  • Diana (Latin) – “Divine” or “heavenly”; Roman goddess of the moon



  • Fauna (Latin) – Roman goddess of fertility


  • Flora (Latin) – “Flower”; Roman goddess of flowers and the spring season


  • Freya (Nordic and Scandinavian) – “Noblewoman”; Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility


Biblical Girl Names

  • Beulah (Hebrew) – Biblical name meaning “married woman” or “bride”


  • Delilah (Hebrew) – “Delicate”


  • Dinah (Hebrew) – “Vindicated,” “judged,” or “God has judged”; also spelled as “Dina”


  • Elizabeth (Hebrew) – “My God is abundance” or “God is my oath”



  • Eve (English and Hebrew) – “Living” or “to give life”; the first woman created by God


  • Hannah (Hebrew) – “Grace”


  • Martha (Hebrew and Aramaic) – “Lady of the house”


  • Mary (Hebrew) – “Beloved” or “drop of the sea”; mother of Jesus


  • Miriam (Hebrew) – “Wished-for child” or “drop of the sea”; sister of Moses


  • Naomi (Hebrew) – “Pleasantness” or “gentle”


  • Rachel (Hebrew) – “Female sheep”; Jacob’s favorite wife


  • Ruth (Hebrew) – “Friend”


Angel Names For Girls


  • Angeline (French) – “Messenger of God”


  • Evangeline (English) – “Messenger of good news” or “like an angel”


  • Serafina (Hebrew) – “The burning ones”


Magical Vintage Names For Girls

  • Aubrey (German) – “Powerful elf”


  • Ella (Greek) – “Beautiful fairy maiden”



  • Guinevere (Welsh) – “Phantom,” “white,” or “ghost


  • Jennifer (Welsh) – “White fairy”


  • Luella (Latin and English) – “Famous elf” or “famous warrior


  • Maeve (Irish) – “She who intoxicates”


  • Sabrina (Latin) – “Legendary princess,” “the River Severn (in Great Britain),” or “fair lady”; also a witchy name after the main character in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Classic Victorian Girl Names

  • Adelaide (Old English) – “Noble natured,” “noble,” or “virtuous”


  • Barbara (Greek) – “Foreign” or “strange”


  • Felicia (Latin) – “Lucky,” “happy,” or “fortunate”


  • Madeline (English) – “High tower”; variants include “Marlene”


  • Miranda (Latin) – “Admirable” or “wonderful”


  • Priscilla (Latin) – “Classic” or “ancient”


  • Stella (Greek, Italian, and Latin) – “Star”


Virtue-Inspired Vintage Girl Names

  • Constance (Latin) – “Steadfastness” or “faithfulness”


  • Faith (Greek and Latin) – “Belief”


  • Felicity (English) – “Fortune” or “good luck”


  • Hope (English) – “Wishful thinking”


  • Justine (Latin) – “Righteous,” “upright,” or “fair”


  • Prudence (English) – “Cautious”



Royal Vintage Girl Names

  • Camilla (Italian and Latin) – “Acolyte (helper to the priest),” “young ceremonial attendant,” or “perfect”


  • Gladys (Welsh) – “Princess,” “royalty,” “nation,” or “land”


  • Regina (Latin) – “Queen”


  • Sadie (English) – “Princess”


  • Sally (English and Hebrew) – “Lady” or “princess”


  • Sarah (Hebrew) – “Princess” or “noblewoman”


  • Victoria (Latin) – “Victory”; the name of several English queens


Elegant Vintage Names For Girls


  • Beatrice (French, Latin, and Italian) – “One who brings joy and blessings”


  • Clarice (Latin and Italian name) – “Clear,” “bright,” or “famous”



  • Evelyn (English) – Rainbow name meaning “wished-for child” or “beautiful bird”; #9 most popular girl name in the US (1)


  • Harriette (English and French name) – “Estate ruler”; also spelled as “Harriet”



  • Marigold (English) – “Yellow flower”


  • Marion (French and Hebrew) – “Star of the sea” or “beloved”


  • Maureen (Irish name) – “Sea of bitterness” or “star of the sea”


  • Meredith (Welsh) – “Great ruler”


  • Phoebe (Greek name) – “Shining” or “bright”



  • Yvette (French) – “Yew”


Beautiful Retro Names For Girls

  • Belinda (Italian and German name) – “Beautiful,” “pretty one,” or “serpent”


  • Candace (Latin) – “Sincere,” “shining,” “white,” or “pure”


  • Celeste (Latin) – Girl space name meaning “celestial” or “heavenly”


  • Ethel (Old English) – “Noble” or “high born”



  • Gloria (Latin) – “Immortal glory”


  • Iris (Greek) – “Rainbow”



  • Nora (French) – “Shining light” or “honor”


  • Rosa (Latin) – “Rose”; variants include “Rosie”


  • Rosalind (English) – “Beautiful rose” or “pretty rose”


  • Vanessa (Greek) – “Butterfly”


Bohemian & Hippie Girl Names From The Past

  • Azalea (Greek) – Nature name meaning “dry flower”


  • Dahlia (Latin and Scandinavian) – Girl plant name meaning “Dahl’s flower”


  • Daisy (Old English) – “Day’s eye”


  • Beverly (English) – “From the beaver stream” or “dweller near the beaver stream”


  • Eileen (Irish) – “Beautiful bird” or “bright and shining one”


  • Eleanor (Hebrew and English) – “God is my light” or “shining one”


  • Fawn (English) – “Young deer”


  • Georgina (Greek) – “Farmer” or “earthworker”


  • Gillian (English) – “Youthful”


  • Holly (Old English) – “Holly tree”


  • Kimberly (English) – “Clearing” or “from the meadow of the royal fortress”


  • Loretta (English and Italian) – “Laurel tree”


  • Mamie (Greek) – “Star of the sea” or “pearl


  • Patsy (English) – “Noble”


  • Ruby (French and Latin) – “Deep red precious stone”


  • Violet (English) – Purple name meaning “purple/violet or blue flower”


Retro & Antique Girl Names From Around The World

What Are Old American Names For Females?

  • Bea (American) – “Blessed”


  • Carrie (American) – “Free”


  • Colleen (American) – “Girl”


  • Hattie (American) – “Home ruler”


  • Josie (American) – “God will increase”


  • Lizzie (American and Hebrew) – “God is my oath”


  • Lottie (French and American) – “Little and womanly” or “free”


Vintage French Girl Names

  • Annette (Hebrew and French) – “Gracious” and “compassionate”


  • Claire (French) – “Enlightened,” “illustrious,” or “distinguished”


  • Esme (Old French) – “Esteemed” or “beloved”


  • Francine (French) – “Free”


  • Kathryn (French) – “Pure”


  • Louise (French) – “Famous warrior


  • Marjorie (English, Scottish, and French) – “Pearl


  • Nadine (French) – “Showerer of blessings” or “hope”


  • Simone (French) – “To be heard”


Vintage German Girl Names

  • Ada (German) – “Adornment” or “nobility”


  • Greta (German) – “Pearl


  • Heidi (German) – “Nobility” or “upper class”


  • Ida (German) – “Work,” “industrious one,” or “labor”


  • Lola (German and Spanish girl name) – “Sorrow”; linked to the Virgin Mary as “The Lady of Sorrows”


  • Matilda (German) – Warrior name meaning “mighty in battle”


  • Ramona (German and Spanish) – “Protecting hands” or “wise protector”


  • Trudy (German) – “Spear of strength” or “ruler of the spear”


Vintage English Girl Names

  • Annabelle (Old English, French, and Hebrew) – “Beauty of grace”; combination of “Anna” (grace) and “Belle” (beautiful)


  • Audrey (Old English) – “Noble strength” or “strong and noble”


  • Betsy (English) – “God is my oath”


  • Darlene (Old English) – Pet name for a loved one meaning “darling”


  • Ellis (English and Welsh) – “The Lord is my God”


  • Laurel (English and Latin) – “Laurel tree”



  • Millicent (English) – “Labor strength” or “strong in labor”


  • Peggy (English) – “Little pearl


  • Tilly (English and German) – “Battle strength” or “mighty in battle”


Vintage Italian Girl Names

  • Donna (Italian) – “Lady”


  • Marcella (Latin and Italian) – “Young warrior”


Old-Timey But Sweet Place Names For Girls

  • Florence (English) – “Blossoming in faith,” “prosperous,” or “flourishing”; an Italian city


  • Georgia (English) – “Farmer”; US state


  • Lorraine (French) – A province in France


  • Lydia (Greek) – Ancient kingdom in western Asia Minor


  • Virginia (Latin) – “Maiden,” “pure,” or “virginal”; US state


Other Exotic Girl Names

  • Deirdre (Irish) – “Sad” or “sorrowful”


  • Elspeth (Scottish) – “Pledged to God”


  • Imogen (Celtic) – “Maiden”


  • Ingrid (Old Norse and Norwegian name) – “Beautiful” or “fair”


  • Muriel (Celtic, English, and Irish) – “Bright sea” or “sparkling”



Vintage & Historical Names By Era Or Period

What Are Old-Fashioned Girls’ Names From The 1700s?

  • Arista (Greek) – “The best” or “superior”


  • Augusta (Latin) – “Grand” or “majestic”


  • Bernice (Greek) – “Brings victory”


  • Gertrude (German) – “Spear strength”


  • Joan (Hebrew) – “God is gracious”; also spelled as “Joanne” or “Joanna”


  • Odette (French) – “Rich” or “wealthy”


Stylish Names From The 1800s

  • Aurelia (Latin) – “The golden one”


  • Babette (Old French) – “God is my oath” or “God is my promise”


  • Clarissa (Italian and Polish name) – “Brilliant”


  • Dolores (Spanish) – Hispanic girl name meaning “sorrow” or “lady of sorrows” (after the Virgin Mary)



Classic Hollywood & Celebrity Names

  • Adele (German) – “Nobility” or “upper class”; after English singer-songwriter Adele


  • Amanda (Latin) – “Worthy of love”; after American actress Amanda Bynes


  • Goldie (English) – “Gold”; after American actress Goldie Hawn


  • Jessie (English) – “God is gracious”; after English singer Jessie J


  • Laverne (French) – “The green”; after American actress Laverne Cox


  • Marilyn (Hebrew) – “Rebellion” or “sea of bitterness”; after American actress Marilyn Monroe


  • Selma (Celtic, German, and Arabic girl name) – “Peaceful” or “God’s helmet”; after American actress Selma Blair


  • Zendaya (Shona – African girl name) – “Be thankful”; after American actress Zendaya Coleman


Vintage Celebrity Daughters’ Names

  • Esmeralda (Greek) – “Emerald”; after Esmeralda Amada, the daughter of Canadian actor Ryan Gosling and American actress Eva Mendes


  • Luna (Latin) – Name that means “moon”; after Luna Simone, the daughter of American singer-songwriter John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen


  • Lyra (Greek) – Musical girl name meaning “lyre” or “harp”; after Lyra Antarctica, the daughter of English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn


  • Olympia (Greek) – “From Mount Olympus (legendary home of the Greek gods and goddesses)”; after Alexis Olympia, the daughter of tennis player Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian


Classic & Retro Names In Pop Culture

  • Dora (Greek) – “Gift”; after “Dora the Explorer


  • Dorothy (Greek) – “God’s gift”; after the main character in “The Wizard of Oz


  • Fiona (Scottish) – “White” or “fair”; princess in “Shrek


  • Ginny (English) – “Chaste” or “pure”; character in “Harry Potter


  • Jane (Hebrew) – “God is gracious”; character in “Tarzan


  • Jolene (English and Hebrew) – “God will increase”; character in Dolly Parton’s hit song “Jolene


  • Juliet (English and French) – “Youthful” or “downy-haired”; character in “Romeo and Juliet


  • Lois (Greek) – “Better” or “more desirable”; character in “Superman


  • Lucinda (Latin) – “Light”; fairy in “Ella Enchanted


  • Lucy (English) – “Light”; character in “The Chronicles of Narnia


  • Mildred (Old English) – “Gentle strength”; titular character in “The Worst Witch


  • Molly (Irish) – “Star of the sea”; witchy name after a character in “Harry Potter


  • Wanda (Slavic and Polish name) – “Wanderer” or “shepherdess”; character in the Marvel Comics


Short Retro Names For Girls


  • Ava (Latin) – “Bird,” “island,” or “water”; #7 most popular girl name in the US (1)


  • Birdie (Swedish and English) – “Bird”


  • Beth (English) – “God is bountiful”


  • Cora (Greek) – “Maiden” or “heart”


  • Dixie (French) – “Ten”


  • Edna (Hebrew) – “Youthfulness,” “gentleness,” “rejuvenation,” or “tenderness”


  • Etta (English) – “Ruler of the home”


  • Fran (Latin) – “Free one” or “from France


  • Joy (Latin) – “Happiness”


  • June (Latin) – “Young” or “born in June”


  • Kay (Greek) – “Rejoice”


  • Lela (Arabic) – “Dark-haired”


  • Liza (Hebrew) – “God is abundance”


  • Lula (English) – “Famous warrior” or “renowned warrior”


  • May (Greek and English) – “Fifth month”


  • Myra (Greek) – “Sweet-smelling”; variant of “Myrrh”


  • Rena (Hebrew) – “Joy”


  • Tess (Greek) – “Harvest”


Long Retro Names For Girls

  • Anastasia (Greek) – “Resurrection” or “rebirth”


  • Annemarie (Hebrew) – “Favored” or “gracious”


  • Anthea (Greek) – “Flowery”


  • Antoinette (French) – “Priceless one” or “beyond praise”


  • Caroline (German and French) – “Valuable,” “strong,” “free,” or “beloved”


  • Clarabelle (Latin) – “Bright and beautiful”; combination of “Clara” (clear or bright) and “Belle” (beautiful)


  • Clementine (English) – “Gentle” or “merciful and mild”


  • Geraldine (German) – “Ruler with a spear”


  • Gwendolyn (Welsh) – “Blessed” or “fair”


  • Henrietta (English) – “Ruler of the home”


  • Josephine (Hebrew and French) – “God shall grow” or “Jehovah increases”


  • Juanita (Spanish) – “God is gracious”; female variant of “Juan” (John)


  • Margaret (Greek) – “Pearl


  • Morgana (Welsh) – “Great circle”


  • Ophelia (Greek) – “Help”


  • Patricia (Latin) – “Noble” or “aristocratic”


  • Penelope (Greek) – “Weaver”


  • Theodora (Greek) – “Divine gift”


  • Winifred (English and Welsh) – “Peace friend” or “blessed peacemaking”


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Vintage Names


  • Aster (Greek) – Nonbinary name meaning “star”


  • Devon (Irish) – “Poet”


  • Gene (English) – “Well-borne” or “dignified”


  • Jackie (English) – “Supplanter”


  • Jean (Hebrew) – “God is gracious”; variants include “Jeanette”


  • Jordan (Hebrew) – “To flow down”; after the River Jordan (a significant biblical place name as the place where Jesus was baptized before He began His mission)


  • Sidney (OId English) – “Wide meadow”


Timeless Retro Girl Names From A To Z

Vintage Girl Names Starting With A


  • Alma (Latin) – “Nourishing” or “wholesome”


  • Amelia (German, English, and Spanish) – “Striving” or “one who’s hardworking”; #4 most popular girl name in the US (1)


  • April (Latin) – Month name that means “to open”


  • Arlene (Irish) – “Promise,” “vow,” or “pledge”


What Are Vintage B Names For Girls?

  • Becca (Hebrew) – “Servant of God”


  • Bertha (Old German) – “Bright one” or “brilliant”


  • Bessie (English) – “God is my oath” or “God is my vow”


  • Blanche (French) – “White”


  • Blythe (English) – “Carefree” or “relaxed”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With C

  • Callie (Greek) – “Beautiful” or “gorgeous”


  • Carmen (Hebrew) – “Vineyard of God”


  • Cecilia (Latin) – “Blind to one’s own beauty”


  • Celine (Latin) – “Heavenly”; variants include “Celia”


  • Charlene (German) – “Free woman”


  • Clara (Latin) – “Famous,” “clear,” or “bright”


  • Claudia (Latin) – “Enclosure” or “lame”


  • Connie (English) – “Steadfast,” “devoted,” or “constant”


  • Cordelia (Celtic and Latin) – Mermaid name meaning “daughter of the sea” or “heart”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With D

  • Dana (Hebrew) – “God has judged”


  • Darcy (Irisha and French) – “Dark-haired”


  • Darina (Slavic) – “Gift”


  • Darla (English) – Pet name for girls meaning “beloved,” “loved one,” or “dear”


  • Delia (Greek) – “One from Delos (Greek island)”


  • Della (German) – “Noble” or “aristocratic”


  • Denise (French) – “Follower of Dionysius (Greek god of wine and festivities)”


  • Diane (French) – “Divine”


  • Doretta (Greek) – “God’s gift”


  • Dottie (English) – “Gift of God


Vintage Girl Names Starting With E

  • Edith (Old English) – “Blessed,” “riches,” or “prosperous in war”


  • Edwina (English) – “Prosperous” or “rich friend”; female form of “Edwin”


  • Elaine (Greek) – “Light” or “torch”


  • Eleanora (Greek) – “Shining light” or “sunray”


  • Eliza (English) – “Joyful” or “God is my oath”


  • Elsie (Scottish) – “God is my oath”


  • Emilia (Latin) – “Strength”


  • Emily (Latin) – “Hardworking,” “diligent,” “eager,” “striving,” or “industrious”


  • Estelle (Latin) – “Star”


  • Eugenia (Greek) – “Noble” or “well-born”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With F

  • Fanny (French) – “Free one”


  • Flossie (English) – “Prosperous” or “flourishing”


  • Frances (Latin) – “Free one” or “from France


Vintage Girl Names Starting With G

  • Gemma (Latin) – “Gemstone” or “gem”


  • Georgette (French) – “Farmer”


  • Glenda (Welsh) – “Holy,” “good,” or “pure”


  • Glenna (Gaelic) – “From the glen” or “valley”


  • Gretchen (German) – “Pearl


Vintage Girl Names Starting With H

  • Hazel (English) – “Light brown” or “hazel tree”


  • Heather (English) – “Heather plant”


  • Helga (Old Norse) – “Blessed” or “holy”


  • Hillary (Latin) – “Cheerful” or “happy”


  • Hyacinth (Greek) – “Purple” or “blue larkspur flower”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With I

  • Irene (Greek) – “Peace”


  • Isadora (Greek and Latin) – “Gift of Isis (Egyptian goddess of healing magic and life)”


  • Ivy (Old English) – “Ivy plant” or “climbing vine plant”


Retro Girl Names Starting With J

  • Janet (English and Hebrew) – “God is gracious”


  • Jenny (Old English) – “Fair one”


  • Jessica (Hebrew) – “God beholds” or “God watches”


  • Jody (Hebrew) – “Praised”


  • Joyce (Latin) – “Lord” or “joyous”


  • Judith (Hebrew) – “She will be praised”; variants include “Judy”


  • Julia (Latin) – “Downy,” “young,” or “youthful”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With K

  • Kate (English) – “Pure”; also spelled as “Kathy”


  • Keturah (Hebrew) – “Incense”; biblical name after Abraham’s second wife



Vintage Girl Names Starting With L

  • Laura (Latin) – “Bay laurel”


  • Lena (Latin) – “Alluring one”


  • Lillian (Latin) – “Lily” or “pledged to God”


  • Linda (Spanish) – “Pretty” or “beautiful”


  • Lindy (English) – “Sweet” or “beautiful”


  • Lulu (English) – “Renowned warrior” or “famous warrior


  • Lynette (French) – “Beautiful” or “pretty one”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With M

  • Maggie (English) – “Pearl”; variants include “Margot”


  • Maria (Hebrew) – “Wished-for child,” “bitter,” or “star of the sea”


  • Maribel (French and Hebrew) – “Beautiful star of the sea”


  • Marlena (German) – “Rebelliousness” or “sea of bitterness”


  • Mavis (French) – “Song thrush” or “songbird”


  • Melinda (Latin) – “Honey sweetness”


  • Melody (English) – “Song tune” or “music”


  • Millie (English) – “Strength” or “power”


  • Mindy (English) – “Sweet”


  • Minnie (English) – Disney name that means “sea of bitterness”


  • Mona (Irish) – “Good,” “well-born,” or “noble”


  • Myrtle (Greek) – “Flowering shrub”


Vintage Girl Names Starting with N

  • Nadia (Slavic) – “Hope”


  • Nellie (English) – “Light”


  • Nettie (English) – “Plant”


  • Noreen (Irish) – “Honor” or “glory”


  • Norma (English) – “From the north” or “the standard (norm)”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With O

  • Octavia (Latin) – “Eight” or “eighth”


  • Odessa (Greek) – “Wrathful” or “angry”


  • Opal (Sanskrit) – “Gem” or “precious stone”


  • Oriana (Latin) – “Golden”


Old-Fashioned Girl Names Starting With P

  • Pamela (Greek) – “All sweetness” or “honey”


  • Paula (Latin) – “Small” or “humble”


  • Pearl (English) – “Precious” or “round gem from an oyster”


  • Penny (Greek) – “Weaver”; short form of “Penelope


  • Petunia (French) – “Trumpet-shaped flower”


  • Poppy (Latin) – “Red flower”


  • Pippa (English) – “Lover of horses”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With Q



  • Quirina (Roman) – “Spear warrior”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With R

  • Reba (Hebrew) – “Fourth born”



  • Rhonda (Welsh) – “Good lance” or “good spear”


  • Rita (Spanish) – “Pearl


  • Roberta (German) – “Bright fame” or “shining”


  • Rosemary (English) – “Dew of the sea”


  • Rowena (German) – “Happiness” or “fame”


  • Roxanne (English and Persian) – “Dawn”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With S

  • Samantha (Hebrew) – “Listens well,” “told by God,” or “God has heard”


  • Sandy (Greek) – “Protector of humanity”


  • Scarlett (English) – “Bright red”


  • Shannon (Irish) – “Wise river,” “old river,” “possessor of wisdom,” or “straw worker”


  • Sharon (Hebrew) – “A fertile plain (flat land)”


  • Sheila (Irish) – “Heavenly” or “blind one”


  • Shirley (Old English) – “Bright meadow”


  • Sibyl (Greek) – “Oracle” or “seer”



  • Stacey (Greek and English) – “Resurrection”


  • Suzanna (English and Hebrew) – “Lily flower”; also spelled as “Suzie” or “Suzanne”


  • Sybil (Greek) – “Prophets”


  • Sylvia (Latin) – “From the forest” or “woods”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With T

  • Tamara (Hebrew) – “Date palm”


  • Tawny (English) – Color name meaning “golden brown”


  • Tessie (English) – “Gather” or “to reap”


  • Thelma (Greek) – “Willful” or “ambitious”


  • Theresa (Greek) – “Late summer”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With U


  • Ursa (Latin) – “Big she-bear”


  • Ursula (Latin) – “Little she-bear”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With V

  • Verna (Latin) – “Springtime”


  • Viola (Italian) – “Violet


  • Vivian (Latin) – “Alive” or “lively”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With W

  • Waverly (English) – “Clearing” or “meadow of quivering aspens”


  • Wendy (English) – “Blessed ring” or “friend”


  • Winnie (Welsh and English) – “Peaceful,” “white,” or “fair one”



Vintage Girl Names Starting With X

  • Xasmina (Galician) – “Jasmine flower”


  • Xenia (ancient Greek) – “Hospitality”


  • Xiomara (Spanish) – “Famous in battle”; pronounced as “syo-MA-ra”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With Y

  • Yehosheva (Hebrew) – “Yahweh is my oath”


  • Yelena (Russian) – “Light”; variant of “Helen”


  • Yolanda (Latin and Italian) – “Violet


  • Yvonne (French) – “Yew tree”


Vintage Girl Names Starting With Z

  • Zariyah (Arabic) – “Scattering wind” or “blooming flower”


  • Zinnia (Latin) – “Zinn’s flower (after German botanist Johann Zinn)”


  • Zipporah (Hebrew) – “Bird”; biblical name after Moses’ wife


  • Zorina (Slavic) – “Golden dawn”


Bonus: Vintage & Old Man Names

  • Abraham (Hebrew) – Biblical boy name meaning “father of multitudes” or “high father”




  • Beckett (Old English) – Southern boy name meaning “bee cottage,” “beehive,” or “little brook”




  • James (Hebrew) – “Supplanter”; variant of “Jacob”



  • Luther (German) – Masculine name meaning “soldier of the people”


  • Rupert (German) – “Fame bright”


  • William (Old German) – “Resolute protector”



Are Vintage Names Better Than Modern Girl Names?

Because they’ve been around longer, many classic names have become popular or favorites over the years. Many are associated with famous people.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re “better” than modern names. Each category or theme has its own charm. Choose what you love the most, mama. 


What Are The Special Considerations Or Drawbacks Of Vintage Girl Names?

  • Some of these names might sound old-fashioned or “grandmotherly.”
  • Some vintage names have also been used as villains in movies, books, and other works (check out our articles on ‘ugly’ baby names or names that mean death to see which ones you might consider avoiding).



You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.


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