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310+ Hippie Girl Names For Your Adorable Bohemian Baby

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What’s Cool About Choosing A Hippie Girl Name?

Often, hippie baby names relate to nature, love, or peace – and those are beautiful things that can promote positivity in your little girl’s life.

Hippies are known as Bohemians, free spirits, and flower children because they promote love, harmony, and “flower power.” But while hippie girl names aren’t for everyone, one of the options below might just fit your little one’s personality or energy. 

We’re sharing 310+ beautiful, nature-inspired, and unique names below for your boho baby.


The Best Hippie Girl Names With Meanings (By Category)

What Are Some Hippie Names For Girls?

  1. Avery (English and French gender-neutral name) – “Ruler of the elves”; also a nature name that relates to birds
  2. Dahlia (Scandinavian and Swedish) – Flower name that means “Dahl’s flower” (after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl)
  3. Daisy (British) – “Day’s eye”; one of the favorite hippie flower symbols
  4. Eden (Hebrew) – “Place of pleasure,” “paradise,” or “delight”
  5. Fleur (French girl name) – “Flower”
  6. Flora (Latin) – “Flower”; Roman goddess of flowers and spring
  7. Juliette (French name) – “Youth” or “youthful” 
  8. Rainbow (English) – Word name meaning “rainbow” (a colorful optical phenomenon in the sky)
  9. Rosalie (French origin) – Name that means “Rose”
  10. Rose (Latin) – Girl plant name meaning “rose, a flower”
  11. Savannah (Native American – Taino and Spanish girl name) – “Treeless plain” 


The Best & Most Popular Hippie Baby Girl Names

  1. Aurora (Greek girl name) – “Dawn”; after the Greek goddess of sunrise and dawn, and a Disney princess name after the titular character in “Sleeping Beauty
  2. Crystal (Greek name) – “Gemstone” or “clear, brilliant glass”
  3. Dawn (British) – “First light of day” or “daybreak”
  4. Elena (Spanish, Greek, Slavic, Hebrew, German, Romanian, and Italian girl name) – Name that means “light” (shining light) or “bright one”
  5. Faye (French and Gaelic) – Fantasy girl name meaning “fairy” or “raven”
  6. Jasmine (Persian) – Flower name after a sweet-smelling flower with white petals; also means “gift from God” and a royal Disney name after “Princess Jasmine” of the movie “Aladdin
  7. Olivia (Latin) – “Olive tree”
  8. Selena (Greek) – Name that means “moon”; after “Selene,” the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology
  9. Serena (Roman and Italian name) – “Calm,” “serene,” or “peaceful”; you can pair it with “Selena” as a twin girl name
  10. Tiana (Russian girl name) – “Princess” or “fairy queen”


Virtue & Other Word Names For Hippie Girls

  1. Dream (Old English)
  2. Freedom (American)
  3. Gracious (Latin origin)
  4. Gratitude (Latin and English)
  5. Honest (English)
  6. Honor (English)
  7. Hope (Middle English)
  8. Journey (English)
  9. Liberty (Middle English)
  10. Patience (English and Latin)
  11. Promise (Old French)
  12. Serenity (Latin)
  13. True (English)


Hippie Girl Names That Mean Love & Peace

  1. Dove (British) – Nature name after the bird that symbolizes peace and love
  2. Love (English) – “Eternal affection”
  3. Paloma (Spanish) – “Dove
  4. Peace (Latin)


Hippie Girl Names That Mean Friendship & Harmony

  1. Harmony (English origin) – Virtue name meaning “unity” or a musical girl name meaning “musical blend of chords”
  2. Iris (Greek) – Sweet name that means “rainbow”; can represent harmony or a flower name
  3. Tessa (Greek origin) – “To gather”; can also symbolize harmony


Nature-Inspired Hippie Girl Names

What Are Earthy Names For Girls?

  1. Amethyst (Greek) – “Violet or purple gemstone
  2. Arden (Latin) – “From the valley of eagles” or “great forest”
  3. Autumn (Latin) – Season name
  4. Breeze (English) – “Gentle wind” or “soft wind”
  5. Emerald (English) – “Green gemstone” or “precious green stone”
  6. Hailey (Old English) – “Hay meadow”
  7. Hedley (Old English unisex name) – “Heathery clearing”
  8. Isla (Spanish and Scottish) – “Island”
  9. Kai (Welsh, Greek, Scandinavian, and Hawaiian name) – Nonbinary name that means “keeper of the keys,” “earth,” “keeper of the keys and earth,” or “the sea”
  10. Storm (British) – “Tempest” or “storm” (weather)
  11. Summer (British) – Season name


Hippie Animal Girl Names

  1. Lark
  2. Raven
  3. Robin
  4. Sparrow
  5. Starling


Hippie Flower Names For Girls

  1. Aulora (Latin) – “Golden laurel blossom”
  2. Azalea (Greek) – “Dry earth” (this flower grows in dry soil)
  3. Calla (Greek) – “Lily flower (calla lily)” or “beautiful lily”
  4. Camellia (Latin) – “Kamel’s flower” after missionary and botanist Georg Josef Kamel or “a flowering tree”
  5. Elodie (French and Greek) – “Flower of the fields” or “marsh flower”
  6. Freesia (Latin) – “Freese’s flower”; Danish botanist Christian P. Ecklon named this flower after his after friend and fellow botanist Friedrich H.T. Freese
  7. Gardenia (English) – “Garden’s flower”
  8. Hyacinth (Greek) – “Blue larkspur flower”
  9. Kalina (Slavic) – “Flower”
  10. Lavender (English) – “Purple flowering plant”
  11. Lily (Latin) – “Beautiful flower,” “pure,” “rebirth,” or “passion”
  12. Petunia (French) – Flower with pink or white blossoms
  13. Poppy (Latin) – “Red flower”
  14. Tulip (Turkish) – “Turban”


Hippie Plant & Tree Names For Girls

  1. Aspen (American) – “Shaking poplar tree” or “quaking aspen
  2. Ayla (Hebrew origin) – “Oak tree” or “moon halo (circle of light around the moon)”
  3. Basil (Greek unisex hippie name) – “Royal” or “kingly”
  4. Cassia (Greek) – “Cinnamon” 
  5. Cherry (Old French and Middle English) – “Cherry fruit”
  6. Cypress (English unisex name) – “Cypress tree”
  7. Daphne (Greek) – “Laurel tree” or “bay tree”
  8. Ellery (Old English) – “Alder tree”
  9. Fern (Old English) – “Fern plant”
  10. Heather (British) – “Flowering evergreen plant”
  11. Juniper (Latin) – “Evergreen shrub” or “young”
  12. Laurel (Latin) – “Laurel plant” or “bay”
  13. Willow (Old English) – “Willow trees” 


Hippie Sky & Space Girl Names

  1. Aster (Greek unisex name) – Boho name that means “stars”
  2. Celeste (Latin) – “Celestial” or “heavenly daughter”
  3. Cloud (American) – “Nebula” or “vapor”
  4. Nila (Indian, Hindi, and Sanskrit) – “Sky”
  5. Nova (Latin) – “New”; relates to the “supernova”
  6. Skye (Scottish) – “Island of clouds”
  7. Stella (Latian and Italian) – “Star”
  8. Sykler (English gender-neutral name) – “Scholar” and “sky”


Cool Hippie Names That Mean Water

  1. Brooke (Old English and German name) – “Small stream” or “from the running stream”
  2. Cori (Greek and Old Norse) – “Seething pool,” “ravine,” or “round hill”
  3. Kaia (Hawaiian girl name) – “From the sea”
  4. Lake (English androgynous name) – “Body of water”
  5. Nala (Swahili – African girl name) – “Water in the desert,” “first drink of water,” or “gift”; also a brave lioness in “The Lion King
  6. Oceane (French unisex name) – Word name that means “ocean” or “vast body of salty water”
  7. Rain (British) – Nature name that means “rain” or a symbol of “abundant blessings from above” 
  8. River (British) – “Riverbank” or a word name that means “river (a flowing body of water)”
  9. Tallulah (Native American) – “Leaping water”


Hot Hippie Names That Mean Light, Fire, & Sun

  1. Aelia (Roman, Latin, and Greek girl name) – “Sun,” “sunlight,” or “sunshine”
  2. Alba (Latin, Spanish, and Italian girl name) – “Sunrise,” “dawn,” or “white”
  3. Blaze (Latin nonbinary name) – “Fire” or “flame”
  4. Ellen (Greek name) – “Shining light” or “sun ray”
  5. Helena (Greek) – “Bright, shining light”
  6. Inara (Arabic girl name) – “Ray of light” or “heaven-sent”
  7. Kiara (Korean girl name) – “The first ray of sun”
  8. Light (English) – Word name that means “light (something that illuminates)”
  9. Oriana (Latin) – “Sunrise,” “dawn,” or “the golden light of dawn”
  10. Shine (American) – “Reflect light” 
  11. Soleil (French girl name) – “Sun”


Pretty & Beautiful Names For Hippie Girls

  1. Amber (Arabic and Celtic) – “Jewel,” “warm honey color,” or “fierce”
  2. Eve (Latin) – Biblical girl name meaning “life”; the first woman made by God out of Adam’s rib, according to the Bible
  3. Freya (Old Norse and Norwegian name) – “Noble lady”; Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility
  4. Gaia (ancient Greek name) – “Mother earth” or “great mother”; goddess and personification of the Earth in Greek mythology
  5. Gypsy (Old English) – “Wanderer”


Cute & Adorable Hippie Girl Names

  1. Azalia (Greek) – “Reserved by God
  2. Camillia (Latin) – “Helper to the priest”
  3. Hillary (Latin and Greek) – “Cheerful” or “happy”
  4. Holly (Old English) – “Clearing by the hollow” or “plant with red berries”
  5. Xanthe (Greek) – “Golden and yellow”; also an Amazon warrior name (the all-women tribe of warriors)


Musical Names For Hippie Girls

  1. Allegra (Italian name) – “Joyful”
  2. Alto (Latin) – “Lower female voice in a musical piece”
  3. Aria (Italian, Albanian, Hebrew, and Persian) – “Melody, ” “air,” “treasure,” “lioness,” or “ noble” 
  4. Cadence (English) – “Rhythm,” “musical flow,” or “metrical beat”
  5. Calliope (Greek) – “Beautiful voice”
  6. Harper (English unisex name) – “Harp player”
  7. Lyric (English unisex name) – “Words of a song” 
  8. Sonnet (Italian) – “Little song”
  9. Symphony (Greek) – “Agreement” or “harmony of sound” 


What Were The 70s Names For Girls?

  1. Amelia (Latin) – “Industrious” or “striving to work”; after the famous Amelia Earhart, who was the first woman to fly an airplane only by herself over the Atlantic Ocean
  2. Indie (American) – “Independent”
  3. Jennifer (Cornwall) – “Fair one”; the #1 girl name in the US in the 1970s (1)
  4. Lennon (Irish name) – Nonbinary name that means “blackbird” or “cloak”; also a musical name after singer John Lennon from the “Beatles
  5. Lennox (Gaelic and Scottish) – “With many elm trees”
  6. Lola (Spanish) – “Sorrow”; after “The Lady of Sorrows,” another name for the Virgin Mary


Stylish Hipping Girl Names From The 60s

  1. Birdie (English) – “Little bird,” “‘bright,” or “famous”
  2. Cosima (Greek) – “Decency” or order”; feminine variant of “Cosimo” 
  3. Everly (English unisex name) – “Woodland clearing”; after the famous American rock duo “The Everly Brothers” who were active beginning in the 1950s
  4. Goldie (English) – “Made of gold”
  5. Lisa (Hebrew) – “God‘s promise”; the #1 most popular girl name in the US in the 1960s (2)
  6. Reverie (French name) – “Daydream”


Uncommon & Unique Hippie Girl Names

  1. Alchemy 
  2. Boheme 
  3. Catrine 
  4. Elowen 
  5. Ilona 


What Are Boho Names?

“Boho” means “Bohemian,” which describes someone that might be considered socially unconventional but in an artistic way. 

Some examples are:

  1. Arwen (Welsh and Sindarin, an elvish language invented by the author J.R.R. Tolkien) – “Muse,” “noblewoman,” “fair,” and “fine”
  2. Chiara (Italian) – “Bright” and “luminous‘
  3. Della (German girl name) – “Noble”
  4. Maya (Hindi) – “Dream” or “illusion”


Free-Spirited & Uninhibited Hippie Girl Names

  1. Demelza (Cornish) – “Fort on a hill”
  2. Luna (Italian and Spanish girl name) – Name that means “moon”; Roman goddess of the moon and a witchy name after Luna Lovegood in “Harry Potter
  3. Magnolia (Latin) – “Magnol’s flower” named after French botanist Pierre Magnol
  4. Meena (Sanskrit) – “Precious stone” or “fish”


Modern & Cool Hippie Girl Names

  1. Darcy
  2. Maple
  3. Max
  4. Misty


Color Names For Hippie Girls

  1. Aurelia 
  2. Blue
  3. Citrine 
  4. Coral 
  5. Fiona 
  6. Marigold 
  7. Saffron 
  8. Sienna 
  9. Violet


Travel-Inspired Hippie Girl Names

  1. America
  2. Dakota
  3. Kodiak


Celebrity-Inspired Hippie Girl Names

  1. Cher (French) – Pet name for girls meaning “dear” or “beloved”; after American singer and “Goddess of Pop” Cher
  2. Shiloh (Hebrew) – “His (God’s) gift,” “tranquil,” or “abundance”; after young actress Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, the daughter of celebrities Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt


Boho Middle Names For Girls

  1. Bluebell 
  2. Clover 
  3. Heaven
  4. Infinity 


Hippie Girl Names From A To Z

Hippie Girl Names Starting With A

  1. Abilene
  2. Alaina
  3. Ambrosia
  4. Aysu


Hippie Girl Names Starting With B

  1. Beck
  2. Berry
  3. Birch
  4. Blayne 
  5. Blossom 


Hippie Girl Names Starting With C

  1. Callista
  2. Cayenne 
  3. Chelsea
  4. Chloe
  5. Chrys
  6. Clementine 
  7. Coco 
  8. Cora 


Hippie Girl Names Starting With D

  1. Dharma
  2. Diamond
  3. Donna 


Hippie Girl Names Starting With E

  1. Echo
  2. Ella 
  3. Elm 
  4. Essence
  5. Evie


Hippie Girl Names Starting With F

  1. Faith
  2. Fauna 
  3. Feather
  4. Felicity


Hippie Girl Names Starting With G

  1. Genesis
  2. Georgia
  3. Ginger 
  4. Gladiola


Hippie Girl Names Starting With H

  1. Harbor
  2. Haven 
  3. Hazel 
  4. Henna
  5. Honey


Hippie Girl Names Starting With I

  1. Ivory 
  2. Ivy 
  3. Iya 


Hippie Girl Names Starting With J

  1. Jade
  2. Janis
  3. Jenna
  4. Jetta 
  5. Joy 
  6. Juno 


Hippie Girl Names Starting With K

  1. Karma
  2. Kaya 
  3. Kayla
  4. Kindred
  5. Korina 
  6. Krishna


Hippie Girl Names Starting With L

  1. Layla
  2. Leilani
  3. Liana
  4. Lotus


Hippie Girl Names Starting With M

  1. Meadow
  2. Mica
  3. Monet
  4. Moon
  5. Moonbeam
  6. Myrtle


Hippie Girl Names Starting with N

  1. Nina
  2. Nirvana
  3. North


Hippie Girl Names Starting With O

  1. Oakley 
  2. Oceana
  3. Ode
  4. Ophelia 
  5. Ostara 


Hippie Girl Names Starting With P

  1. Pax 
  2. Peach
  3. Petal
  4. Phoebe
  5. Piper
  6. Pippa 
  7. Prairie
  8. Psalm


Hippie Girl Names Starting With Q

  1. Quin
  2. Quinella
  3. Quỳnh


Hippie Girl Names Starting With R

  1. Radiance
  2. Rae
  3. Raine
  4. Rebel
  5. Ren
  6. Ruby
  7. Ryleigh


Hippie Girl Names Starting With S

  1. Sage 
  2. Sequoia
  3. Shay 
  4. Sierra
  5. Spencer


Hippie Girl Names Starting With T

  1. Tabitha 
  2. Tempest
  3. Tia
  4. Topaz
  5. Tula


Hippie Girl Names Starting With U

  1. Uma
  2. Una
  3. Ursula


Hippie Girl Names Starting With V

  1. Venus
  2. Vienna
  3. Vina 
  4. Vita
  5. Vivianne


Hippie Girl Names Starting With W

  1. Waverly 
  2. Winnie
  3. Wren 
  4. Wrenley
  5. Wyatt
  6. Wynter 


Hippie Girl Names Starting With X

  1. Xaawo
  2. Xanh
  3. Xasmina
  4. Xayah
  5. Xiang
  6. Xianna


Hippie Girl Names Starting With Y

  1. Yang
  2. Yeong-Ja
  3. Yesfir


Hippie Girl Names Starting With Z

  1. Zelda
  2. Zella 
  3. Zhara 
  4. Zina


Unisex & Gender-Neutral Hippie Names For Boys and Girls

  1. Arrow
  2. Harlow
  3. Indigo
  4. Kendal
  5. Knox
  6. Leaf
  7. Marley
  8. Phoenix
  9. Rowan 
  10. Sutton 


Bonus: Hippie Boy Names

  • Arlo (Old English boy name) – “Little soldier,” “army,” or “fortified hill”
  • Colt (American baby boy name) – Young horse,” a perfect name for a wild and free spirit
  • Zander (Greek) – “To defend”
  • Ziggy (German boy name) – “Victory protection”; after musician Ziggy Marley and Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie’s alter ego)


Are There Hippie Names To Avoid?

No matter what naming trend you choose, it’s always best to try and avoid names that can lead to bullying. 

For example, “Anima” is an English name that means “spirit” but your child might get bullied for being an “animal” or “spirit.”


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