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350+ Elegant Girl Names For Your Enchanting Little Princess

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What Makes A Girl Name Elegant?

We all have our own definitions of beauty and elegance. Generally accepted elegant girl names, however, usually have a graceful and stylish appearance, spelling, or sound.

Often, these elegant names are long (3+ syllables), though some one-syllable girl names can also be considered sophisticated. Some examples of these short girl names are the Disney princess nameBelle” and the Greek goddess name “Nyx.”

Many of these beautiful names are also linked with royalty, celebrities, and other famous people.

We’re sharing 350+ sophisticated and enchanting girl names below.


The Best Elegant Girl Names By Inspiration & Category

What Are The Most Elegant & Sophisticated Girl Names?

  1. Anastasia (Greek and Russian girl name) – “Resurrection”; favorite fantasy girl name and main character in the animated movie “Anastasia
  2. Antoinette (French girl name) – “Invaluable” or “priceless one”; also a royal name after Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France before the start of the French Revolution
  3. Aurora (Latin) – Disney name for the princess in “Sleeping Beauty”; also the Roman goddess of dawn
  4. Cassandra (Greek girl name) – “To shine upon man”
  5. Daniella (Hebrew and Italian girl name) – “God is my judge”; feminine form of “Daniel” and also spelled as “Danielle”
  6. Evangeline (Greek name) – “Good news” or “bearer of good news”
  7. Juliet (Latin, English, and French name) – “Youthful”; the main character in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet
  8. Madeline (Hebrew) – “Woman from Magdala (a village in biblical times)”; a classic name that can also be a trendy choice for your little one
  9. Natalie (Latin) – “Born during Christmas” or “birth of the Lord”; it’s a sweet name picked by many parents for babies born around Christmas, but it can still be used if your baby is born in any other month of the year
  10. Serena (Roman and Italian name) – “Calm,” “quiet,” or “serene”
  11. Tiana (Russian name) – “Princess”; also a black girl name after the main character and Disney princess in the animated movie “The Princess and the Frog


  1. Angelica (Latin, Italian, Russian, and Polish name) – Angel name meaning “like an angel” or “angelic”
  2. Annabelle (Hebrew and French) – Name meaning “graceful”
  3. Ariana (Italian and Greek) – “Most holy”; also a celebrity name after American singer Ariana Grande
  4. Ariel (Hebrew) – “Lion of God”; also a mermaid name after the main character in Disney’s animated princess movie “The Little Mermaid
  5. Beatrice (Latin) – “Voyager,” “she who brings happiness,” or “blessed”; also a popular princess name
  6. Belle (French) – “Beautiful,” “fair,” or “lovely one”; also a Disney princess name after the main character in “Beauty and the Beast
  7. Camille (French) – “Young ceremonial student”
  8. Charlotte (French) – Feminine version of the German boy name “Charles,” meaning “free man”
  9. Evelyn (English) – “Living,” “desired,” “island,” or a name that means “water”
  10. Genevieve (French) – “White wave” or “of the race of women”
  11. Grace (Latin) – “Blessing” or “favor”; it’s also a favorite middle name for girls
  12. Isabella (Hebrew and French) – “Devoted to God”; variant of the biblical girl nameElizabeth
  13. Katherine (Greek) – “Pure”; one of the favorite names for girls with different variations in English and various languages, such as “Yekaterina” in Russian, “Katarzyna” in Polish, “Catalina” in Spanish, and “Katrine” in Norwegian, Danish, and Scandinavian
  14. Selena (Greek) – Name that means “moon”; also the personification of the moon in Greek mythology
  15. Sophia (ancient Greek name) – Popular girl name meaning “wisdom”


Elegant Girl Names With Special Meanings

  1. Anais (Hebrew and French) – “Grace” and “gracious”; a variant of the popular girl name “Anna” or “Anne”
  2. Annabeth (English) – “Full of grace” or “my God is my oath”; a combination of “Anna” and “Beth”
  3. Annalise (Latin and German girl name) – “Graced with God’s bounty”; a variant of “Anneliese,” a princess and the main character in the animated movie “The Princess and the Pauper” starring
    Barbie (an American girl doll name)
  4. Clarissa (Latin) – “Clear” or “bright”
  5. Dionne (Greek) – “Divine queen”
  6. Emmanuella (Italian and Hebrew) – “Faith”; feminine variant of the biblical boy name “Emmanuel,” which means “God is with us” (it’s also one of the names that refer to Jesus Christ)
  7. Esther (Persian) – Space girl name meaning “star”
  8. Gwyneth (Welsh) – “Happiness”; also a favorite celebrity name after American actress Gwyneth Paltrow
  9. Helene (French and Greek) – “Bright and shining one”
  10. Josephine (Hebrew) – “Jehovah increases” or “God will increase”
  11. Luciana (Italian) – Name that means “light”
  12. Sonia (Slavic and Greek) – “Wisdom”; a variant of “Sophia” or “Sophie”
  13. Vivienne (Latin and French) – “Lively”; a beautiful name for your little girl


Elegant Names That Mean Beautiful & Noble

  1. Adara (Hebrew and Arabic girl name) – “Noble,” “exalted,” or “virgin”
  2. Adelaide (German name) – “Noble one” or “nobility”
  3. Adeline (French) – “Noble”
  4. Alice (German) – “Noble”
  5. Audrey (English) – “Noble strength
  6. Belinda (Latin and Spanish girl name) – “Beautiful” 
  7. Della (Teutonic, English, and German) – “Noble”
  8. Ingrid (Scandinavian) – “Fair” or “beautiful”
  9. Jamila (African girl name) – “Beautiful”
  10. Jolie (French) – “Pretty”
  11. Patricia (Latin) – “Noble”


What Are Classy & Vintage Names?

  1. Agatha (Greek) – “Good”
  2. Christiana (Latin) – “Follower of Christ” 
  3. Clementine (Latin) – “Mild” or “gentle”
  4. Evianna (American) – “God is gracious”; a combination of “Eva” or “Eve” and “Anna”
  5. Georgia (English and Greek) – “Farmer” or “earth worker”
  6. Imogen (Celtic and Greek) – “Maiden” or “beloved child”
  7. Lillia (Latin) – Flower name meaning “Lily”
  8. Meredith (Welsh) – “Guardian of the sea” or “great ruler”
  9. Octavia (Latin) – “Eight”
  10. Virginia (Latin) – “Chaste” 


Elegant Modern Girl Names For Your Baby

  1. Adele (German) – “Noble and serene”; also a celebrity name after British singer Adele
  2. Brielle (French and Hebrew) – “Heroine of God”; short form of “Gabrielle” or “Umbrielle,” and a feminine form of the biblical name “Gabriel”
  3. Claire (French) – “Bright”
  4. Eviana (American) – “God is gracious”
  5. Mireille (French) – “To admire” or “star of the sea”
  6. Rosalind (German and Spanish) – “Beautiful rose


What Are Bougie (Boujee) Names?

The hip-hop terms “boujee” and “bougie” mean “something luxurious in lifestyle but humble in character.” Some examples of this include:

  1. Augusta (Latin) – “Great” or “magnificent”
  2. Blair (Scottish Gaelic) – “Plain”; also a nature name meaning “meadow” or “field”
  3. Caroline (German) – “Free man” or “free woman”
  4. Cecilia (Latin) – “Blind”; also spelled as “Cecelia”
  5. Chanel (French) – “Channel” or “pipe”; popularly known as a luxury brand


Elegant & Spiritual Baby Girl Names

  1. Abigail (Hebrew) – Biblical name meaning “my father is joyful”
  2. Christabel (Latin and French) – “Beautiful follower of Christ”; combines “Christine” and “Belle
  3. Delilah (Hebrew) – “Delicate”
  4. Eliana (Hebrew) – “My God has answered”
  5. Elizabeth (Hebrew) – “Devoted to God” or “pledged to God”; biblical girl name after the mother of John the Baptist or the name of several queens, including Queen Elizabeth II
  6. Gabriella (French) – “God is my strength”
  7. Magdalene (Latin) – “A tower”
  8. Martha (Aramaic) – “Lady”
  9. Miriam (Hebrew) – “Wished-for child” or “beloved”; the sister of Moses and Aaron in the Bible
  10. Rebecca (Hebrew) – “To tie” or “to bind”; also spelled as “Rebekah” in the Bible, and identified as the mother of twin boys Jacob and Esau


Strong Yet Elegant Girl Names

  1. Adira (Hebrew) – “Strong”
  2. Bernadette (German) – “Brave as a bear”
  3. Bernice (Greek) – “To bring victory” or “bringer of victory”
  4. Brigitte (Gaelic) – “Strength”
  5. Colette (French) – “People of victory”
  6. Constance (Latin) – “Constant”
  7. Henrietta (German, French, and English) – “Estate ruler”
  8. Valeria (Italian) – “Strength and vigor” 


Elegant Yet Badass Girl Names

  1. Alessia (Italian) – “Defending warrior”
  2. Alexandra (Greek) – “Man’s defender”
  3. Edith (Old English) – “Prosperous in war,” “riches,” or “blessed”
  4. Hermione (Greek) – “Earthly messenger” after Hermes, the herald of the gods in Greek mythology; also a cool witchy name after the smart heroine in the “Harry Potter” series
  5. Louisa (German) – “Famous warrior”; also a variant of “Louise” 
  6. Marvel (Latin) – “Miracle, “admire,” or “to wonder”
  7. Matilda (German) – “Mighty in battle”
  8. Natasha (Russian) – “Born on Christmas Day”
  9. Simone (Hebrew and French) – “Hearkening (recalling something in the past)”


Fancy & Royal Girl Names

  1. Diana (Latin) – “Divine”; Roman goddess of childbirth, wild animals, and the hunt as the Greek goddess Artemis’ counterpart
  2. Margaret (Greek) – “Pearl”; favorite royal name, including Margaret of Denmark (Queen of Scotland) 
  3. Raina (Slavic) – “Queen”
  4. Regina (Latin) – “Queen”
  5. Sarah (Hebrew) – Biblical name meaning “princess” 
  6. Tatiana (Russian girl name) – “Fairy queen”
  7. Victoria (Latin) – “Victory”; the name of several queens, including the United Kingdom’s Queen Victoria
  8. Zara (Hebrew and Arabic girl name) – “Princess” as a variant of “Sarah”


Exotic Girl Names From Around The World

What Are The Prettiest Italian Girl Names?

  1. Elisabetta (Italian name) – “God is my oath” or “pledged to God”; variant of the royal name “Elizabeth
  2. Frederica – (Italian, Latin, and German girl name) – “Peaceful ruler”
  3. Giada (Italian) – Variant of “Jade” (a precious stone)
  4. Giovanna (Italian) – “God is gracious”; variant of “Joan,” a female form of “John”
  5. Natalia (Latin and Italian) – “Born during Christmas”
  6. Viviana (Italian) – “Alive”


Elegant French Girl Names

  1. Bijou (French name) – “Jewel” 
  2. Celine (French) – Space girl name meaning “heavenly”
  3. Corinne (French) – “Maiden”
  4. Cosette (French) – “Little thing”
  5. Dior (French) – “Golden”
  6. Eleanor (Old French and English) – Name that means “light” (shining light)
  7. Estelle (French) – “Star”
  8. Lucille (French) – “Light”
  9. Nicolette (French) – “Victory”
  10. Noelle (French) – “Christmas”


Elegant Irish Girl Names

  1. Bridget (Irish name) – “Strength” or “exalted one”; variant of “Brighid,” the Irish goddess of wisdom, fire, and poetry
  2. Maeve (Irish) – “Intoxicating” or “she who rules”; Irish goddess of intoxication, fertility, sovereignty, and territory


Elegant Spanish Girl Names

  1. Alba (Spanish and Latin) – “A sandhill”
  2. Anita (Spanish) – “Gracious” or “full of grace”; variant of “Ana”
  3. Esmeralda (Spanish) – “Emerald”
  4. Francesca (Spanish and Italian) – “From France
  5. Ramona (Spanish) – “Wise guardian” or “wise protector”


Other Elegant Baby Girl Names With Exotic Origins

  1. Amara (Sanskrit and Arabic) – Name that means “grace” or “immortal”
  2. Anika (Scandinavian, German, Hebrew, Latin, Arabic, and Russian name) – “Sweet-faced” or “gracefulness”
  3. Bithiah (Hebrew) – “Daughter of Yahweh (God)”
  4. Caterina (Italian and Greek girl name) – “Pure”; variant of “Katherine
  5. Chantria (Cambodian) – Name that means “moon”
  6. Isla (Scottish, Gaelic, Celtic, and Filipino name) – “Island”
  7. Nora (Greek, Irish, and Arabic) – “Honor,” “woman of honor,” or “light”
  8. Rivka (Hebrew) – “To bind”; variant of “Rebekah” or “Rebecca”
  9. Yashita (Hindu) – “Successful”


Nature-Inspired Elegant Girl Names

  1. Alouette (French) – “Lark”
  2. Anthea (Greek name) – “Flower”
  3. Cordelia (Latin and Celtic) – “Daughter of the sea” or “heart”
  4. Euanthe (ancient Greek name) – “Flowery” or “blooming”
  5. Everly (English) – “Wild boar” or “woodland clearing”
  6. Fiorella (Italian) – “Lovely flower”
  7. Fleur (French) – “Flower” 
  8. Jemima (Hebrew) – “Dove”
  9. Juniper (Latin) – “Berry bush”
  10. Lilliana (Latin) – “Lily”
  11. Olivia (Latin) – “Olive tree”
  12. Paloma (Spanish) – “Dove”
  13. Pearl (English) – “Gemstone from an oyster”
  14. Portia (Latin) – “Pig”
  15. Rosalie (French) – “Rose” or “graceful”
  16. Rosaline (French) – “Tender horse”
  17. Rose (Latin) – “Rose, a flower”
  18. Roselyn (French and Old High German) – “Gentle horse”
  19. Rosemary (Latin) – “Dew of the sea”
  20. Silvia (Latin) – “Forest”; also spelled as “Sylvia”
  21. Susannah (Hebrew) – “Lily”
  22. Tabitha (Aramaic) – “Gazelle” or “gracious”


Short But Elegant Girl Names

  1. Ada (German name) – “Nobility”; also a royal name after Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Princess Ada
  2. Arya (Indian) – “Noble goddess”
  3. Banu (Hawaiian and Persian girl name) – “Lady-like” or “elegant”; can a black girl name that means “princess”
  4. Cora (Greek) – “Maiden”
  5. Coty (French unisex name) – “Coast” or “riverbank”
  6. Ella (English and German) – “Completely” or “fairy maiden”
  7. Elle (Hebrew and Greek) – Name that means “sun” (sun ray); also means “God is my light”
  8. Esme (French) – “Loved”; can also be a nickname or moniker for “Esmeralda”
  9. Etta (British) – “Ruler of the house”
  10. Eva (Hebrew) – “Living one” or “life”
  11. Faye (English) – Fantasy girl name meaning “fairy”
  12. Mae (Celtic and English) – “Month of May”
  13. Margo (French) – “Pearl”
  14. Maria (Latin) – “Star of the sea”; variant of “Marie” or “Mary”
  15. Mira (Latin, Spanish, Sanskrit, Eastern European, and Arabic) – “Wonderful,” “prosperous,” or “peace”; also a name that means “water” (ocean)


Long & Sophisticated Girl Names

  1. Alexandria (Greek) – Stylish warrior name meaning “defending men”
  2. Donatella (Latin) – “Given by God
  3. Emiliana (Spanish) – Hispanic girl name meaning “rival” 
  4. Jacqueline (French) – “He who supplants (replaces)” or “holder of the heel”; feminine variant of “Jacob”
  5. Juliana (Latin) – “Youthful”
  6. Melisande (French) – “Strong worker”
  7. Seraphina (Hebrew) – Angel name meaning “fiery” or “the fiery ones”; a female form of “Seraphim,” meaning six-winged celestial beings


Unique & Uncommon Elegant Girl Names

  1. Aditi (Sanskrit) – “Freedom,” “entire,” “boundless,” or “security”
  2. Amarilla (Greek) – “Shiny” or “sparkling” 
  3. Capriana (Italian) – “Whimsical” or “playful”
  4. Coretta (Italian) – “Little heart” or “little maiden” as a variant of “Cora


Elegant Musical Girl Names

  1. Allegra (Italian) – “Musical note,” “lively,” or “happy”
  2. Aoide (Greek) – “Song” 
  3. Aria (Greek and Italian) – “Melody” or “solo song”
  4. Melody (Greek) – “Song” or “music”
  5. Viola (Latin) – “String instrument that’s slightly larger than a violin, and has a deeper, lower sound”; it can also be a flower name that means “violet”


Elegant Goddess & Legendary Names For Girls

  1. Ariadne (ancient Greek) – “Most holy”; the princess of Crete (Greek island) who helped the Greek hero Theseus escape the Minotaur (a monster that’s part man and part bull) in Greek mythology
  2. Artemis (Greek) – “Safe”; Greek goddess of hunting and the moon
  3. Athena (Greek) – “From Athens”; Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare
  4. Cassiopeia (Greek) – “Cassia juice”; the queen who boasted about the “incomparable” beauty of her daughter Andromeda, and they were later turned into constellations in the sky
  5. Ceres (Latin) – “To grow”; Roman goddess of grain crops, agriculture, motherly relationships, and fertility
  6. Daphne (Greek) – “Laurel”; a Greek nymph turned by her father into the laurel tree to escape the lovestruck Greek god Apollo
  7. Eudora (Greek) – “Good gift”; one of the water nymphs and among the first legendary Greek figures to be placed among the stars
  8. Eydis – “Icelandic goddess of good fortune”
  9. Flora (Latin) – “Flowers”; Roman goddess of flowers
  10. Hecate – Greek goddess of magic, the night, moon, witchcraft, ghosts, and necromancy (the practice of communicating with the dead)
  11. Lucine (Armenian and Latin) – “Light” or “moon”; Roman goddess of childbirth and giver of first light to newborns
  12. Pandora (Greek) – “All gifts” or “all giving”; the woman created by the gods and given different kinds of virtues, but she opened a forbidden box filled with evil things out of curiosity
  13. Penelope – (Greek) – “Weaver”; the loyal queen of Ithaca who used weaving as a clever ruse to reject suitors while her husband, the Greek hero Odysseus, was away for 20 years
  14. Persephone (Greek) – “To destroy”; the Greek queen of the underworld


Color-Inspired Elegant Girl Names

  1. Aurelia (Latin) – “Golden child” or “the golden one”
  2. Bianca (Italian) – “White”
  3. Cressida (Greek) – “Gold”
  4. Fiona (Scottish and Gaelic) – “White”; a badass girl name after the ogre princess in the animated film “Shrek
  5. Gwendolyn (Welsh) – “Blessed ring” or “white” 
  6. Scarlett (Old French) – “Red”
  7. Sienna (Italian) – “Orange-red”
  8. Violetta (Italian) – “Violet”; also a girl plant name that means “violet flower” 
  9. Zorina (Russian and Slavic) – “Golden”


Elegant Girl Names From A To Z

Elegant Girl Names Starting With A

  1. Acantha (Greek) – “Thorn” or “prickle”
  2. Amelia (German) – “Work”
  3. Annabella (Latin) – “Loving”
  4. Arabella (Latin) – “Yielding to prayer”
  5. Ariella (Hebrew) – “Lion of God”; a variant of “Ariel”
  6. Aryana (Greek) – “Very holy”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With B

  1. Bethany (Aramaic and Hebrew) – “From a fig house” 
  2. Blythe (Old English) – “Happy,” “joyous,” or “carefree”
  3. Brigette (French) – “Strength”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With C

  1. Caledonia (Latin) – “From Scotland”
  2. Camilla (Latin) – “Free-born” or “young ceremonial attendant”; also a royal name after Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall
  3. Carina (Italian) – Pet name for girls meaning “dear” or “beloved”
  4. Catherine (Greek) – “Pure”
  5. Celeste (Latin) – “Heavenly”
  6. Clara (Latin) – “Bright” and “clear”; also a variant of “Claire”
  7. Clarabelle (Latin) – “Bright” and “famous”; a combination of “Clara” and “Belle,” and can also be spelled as “Claribel”
  8. Claudia (Latin and Roman) – “Lame” and “enclosure”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With D

  1. Darina (Slavic, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovenian, Slovak, and Ukrainian) – “Gift”
  2. Delphine (Latin and Greek) – “From Delphi (an ancient Greek religious sanctuary dedicated to Apollo)”
  3. Dinah (Hebrew) – “Avenged, “judged,” or “vindicated”; she’s the only daughter of Jacob who has 12 sons that later became the patriarchs of the 12 tribes of Israel (Dinah didn’t have her own tribe because the Israelites follow a patriarchal system wherein the women are only considered as the men’s property, according to the Bible)


Elegant Girl Names Starting With E

  1. Eglantine (English, Old French, and Latin) – “Prickly” or “needles”; also a plant name after the sweetbriar plant
  2. Eleanora (Greek) – Name that means “sun” (sunray or shining light)
  3. Elise (French, German, and Hebrew) – “God is my oath”; can also be a moniker or nickname for “Elizabeth
  4. Elodie (French) – “Foreign riches” 
  5. Eloise (French and English) – “Wide” and “healthy”
  6. Elowen (Cornish) – “Elm”
  7. Emilia (Latin and Italian) – “To emulate”
  8. Emmeline (German) – “Industrious” or “work”
  9. Eugenia (Greek) – “Well-born” or “noble”
  10. Eulalia (Greek) – “Fair of speech” 
  11. Everleigh (English) – “Ever’s meadow”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With F

  1. Fairleigh (British) – “Meadow of the bulls” or “meadow of the sheep”
  2. Faustine (French) – “Lucky” or “auspicious”
  3. Fay (English) – “Fairy” or “faith”; elegant one-syllable girl name
  4. Felicity (Latin) – “Good fortune” or “happy”; also a lucky baby name
  5. Florence (Latin) – “Blossoming” or “flourishing”
  6. Floriana (Latin) – “Flower” or “blossoming


Elegant Girl Names Starting With G

  1. Georgiana (Greek) – “Farmer” or “earth worker”
  2. Giselle (German) – “Pledge”
  3. Guinevere (Welsh) – “White shadow” and “white wave”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With H

  1. Hadassah (Hebrew) – “Myrtle tree”; according to the Bible, she’s the Israelite girl who became the queen of Persia and is better known as Queen Esther, who saved her people from annihilation
  2. Hannah (Hebrew) – “Favor” or “grace”
  3. Harlow (English) – “Army hill”
  4. Harriet (German) – “Home ruler”; can also be spelled as “Harriette”
  5. Hildegard (Old German and Scandinavian) – “Battle stronghold”; one of the noble Valkyries or angels of death sent by the Norse god Odin to choose who among the soldiers on the battlefield are worthy of going to Valhalla (a sort of “heaven” for slain warriors)
  6. Hypatia (Greek) – “Highest” or “supreme”; a brilliant woman in history, after the 5th-century philosopher and mathematician known as Hypatia of Alexandria, who worked on several mathematical and algebraic equations and invented different devices, such as the one used to measure fluid density and the astrolabe (a device used for ship navigation)


Elegant Girl Names Starting With I

  1. Ida (Teutonic and German) – “Worker”
  2. Illiana (Greek) – “Trojan”; a modern name that means “bright” or “shining” as a variant of the ancient Greek name “Helena”
  3. Imani (Arabic and African) – “Belief” or “faith”; feminine form of the Arabic boy name “Iman”
  4. Isha (Hebrew) – “Woman”
  5. Ivanna (Slavic) – “God is gracious”; feminine variant of the popular Hebrew boy name “John”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With J

  1. Jayda (Hebrew) – “Wise”; also associated with the precious stone and gem name “Jade”
  2. Jimena (Hebrew and Spanish) – “Listener”; variant of “Ximena”
  3. Jovanna (Spanish) – “God is gracious”; another variant of “Johanna” or “John”
  4. Julia (Latin) – “Youthful”; a celebrity name after American actress Julia Roberts
  5. Julianna (Latin and Hebrew) – “Youthful,” “gracious,” or “favored”; a feminine form of the Latin boy name “Julianus,” meaning “belonging to Julius” or a combination of popular girl names “Julia” and “Anna”
  6. Juliette (French) – “Little Julia”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With K

  1. Kenya (African girl name) – “Striped one”; also a place name after a country in East Africa
  2. Kenza (Scottish) – “The fair one”
  3. Kristiana (Greek and Latin) – “Christian,” “anointed,” or “follower of Christ”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With L

  1. Larisa (Greek and Russian) – “Citadel”
  2. Lauren (Latin and French gender-neutral name) – Plant name meaning “laurel”; also a luxury brand after the famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren
  3. Leona (Latin) – “Lioness”; feminine form of the Greek boy name “Leon”
  4. Leonora (Greek) – “Compassion” and “light”
  5. Lilavati (Sanskrit) – “Graceful,” “playful,” and “charming”
  6. Liliana (Latin) – Unique girl name meaning “pure” and “innocent”
  7. Lilith (Hebrew) – “Belonging to the night”; considered as Adam’s first wife in Jewish and Mesopotamian folklore, but sometimes also believed to be a monster, demon, spirit, or name that means “death”
  8. Lillian (Latin) – Flower name that means “lily”
  9. Lorelei (Teutonic and German) – “Seductress”
  10. Louella (English and German) – “Famous warrior”; a combination of “Louise” or “Lou” and “Ella”
  11. Lucasta (Latin) – “Pure light”; also a variant of the Latin boy name “Lucas” or “Luke”
  12. Lucinda (Latin) – “Light”; variation of “Lucy” or “Lucine,” the Roman goddess of childbirth who also gives the first light to newborns, according to mythology
  13. Lydia (Latin and Greek) – “Woman from Lydia (Persia)” or “the beautiful one”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With M

  1. Maia (Greek) – “Great mother”; the mother of the Greek messenger god Hermes, and one of the Pleiades (seven daughters of the strongest Greek god Atlas) who later formed into a constellation
  2. Malaya (Filipino and Malay languages) – “Free” or “independent”
  3. Margot (French) – “Pearl” or “child of light”
  4. Marguerite (French) – “Pearl” or “daisy”; also a variant of “Margaret”
  5. Mavis (French) – “Song bird”; also a fantasy girl name after the protagonist, a vampire girl in the animated “Hotel Transylvania” franchise
  6. Milana (Italian) – “Favored” or “from Milan (Italy)”


Elegant Girl Names Starting with N

  1. Nadia (Russian and Arabic) – “Hope”; a popular name for girls that can also be spelled as “Nadiyyah”
  2. Naomi (Hebrew) – “Pleasant”; biblical girl name after a compassionate woman who’s famous for her close relationship with her Moabite daughter-in-law Ruth, especially after both women became widows (she also found a way to help Ruth remarry an Israelite man named Boaz, and they became the great-grandparents of King David and ancestors of Jesus)
  3. Nell (Celtic, English, and Greek) – “The bright one” 
  4. Noor (Arabic) – “Illumination” or “light”; can also be spelled as “Nur,” “Nura,” or “Noora”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With O

  1. Odessa (Greek) – “Wrathful” or “one who receives pain”; despite the meaning, it’s an intriguing, elegant-sounding girl name inspired by Homer’s masterpiece, “The Odyssey” (the epic poem that chronicles the Greek hero Odysseus’ challenging journey to return home after the famous Trojan War)
  2. Odette (French) – “Wealth”
  3. Ophelia (Greek) – “Help” or “aid”
  4. Oriana (Latin) – “Sunrise” or “dawn”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With P

  1. Paola (Italian) – “Small”; feminine variant of the biblical boy name “Paul,” an apostle and among the most influential first leaders of the early Christian Church
  2. Philippa (Greek) – “Lover of horses”; feminine form of the Greek boy name “Philip”
  3. Priscilla (Latin) – “Ancient”
  4. Prudence (Latin) – Virtue name that means “caution,” “discretion,” or “foresight”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With Q

  1. Qahira (Arabic) – “One who wins” 
  2. Quanesha (African-American) – “Life” or “singing”
  3. Queenette (English and French) – Adorable variant of “Queen,” which means “royal leader” or “female ruler”
  4. Quinella (Latin) – “Beautiful”
  5. Quỳnh (Vietnamese name) – “Deep red”; pronounced as “kwin” and refers both to the color and a flowering plant that grows in the region


Elegant Girl Names Starting With R

  1. Romilly (French) – Rare baby girl name that means “God’s beloved one” or “wanderer”
  2. Rosamund (Teutonic and German) – “A garden of flowers”
  3. Rowena (Celtic and Welsh) – “Fair-haired”
  4. Ruby (Latin) – “Deep red precious stone”; a gemstone associated with love, energy, and passion


Elegant Girl Names Starting With S

  1. Saisha (Indian and Sanskrit) – “Meaningful life” or “truth of life”
  2. Samara (Hebrew) – “Protected by God” or “guardian”
  3. Samira (Arabic) – “Evening conversationalist”
  4. Saoirse (Irish girl name) – “Freedom” 
  5. Serafina (Italian) – “Fiery” or “burning”; feminine form of the angel boy name “Seraphim” (six-winged angelic beings)
  6. Sierra (Latin) – “Saw” or “jagged”
  7. Sophie (Greek) – “Wisdom”; also a variant of “Sophia” or “Sofia”
  8. Stella (Latin and Italian) – “Star”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With T

  1. Tatum (English nonbinary name) – “Cheerful bringer of joy,” “full of spirit,” or “Tata’s homestead (referring to the Tatham village in England)”
  2. Tayla (English and American) – “Tailor”; modern variation of “Taylor”
  3. Teresa (Spanish) – Hispanic girl name meaning “late summer”
  4. Thalia (Greek) – “Flourishing”; one of the Three Graces (goddesses that embody charm and beauty), and known as the Greek muse of comedy
  5. Theodora (Greek) – “Gift of God”; a feminine form of the Greek boy name “Theodore”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With U

  1. Umbrielle (Latin) – “One in the shadow”
  2. Una (Celtic and Latin) – “Unity” or “one”
  3. Ustinya (Russian) – “Righteous”; variant of “Justine” or “Justina”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With V

  1. Valentina (Latin) – “Healthy and strong”; feminine form of “Valentine” 
  2. Veda (Sanskrit) – “Knowledge” or “wisdom” 
  3. Verity (Australian and Latin) – Virtue name meaning “truth”
  4. Veronica (Greek and Latin) – “She who brings victory”; can also be a twin name for girls after the ladies “Betty” and “Veronica” of the Archie comic series
  5. Vida (Hebrew and Spanish) – “Life”
  6. Vienna (Latin) – “City in Austria” also known as the city of music
  7. Vivian (Latin) – “Lively” or “full of life”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With W

  1. Whitney (English) – “White island”; last name that became a favorite first name choice, especially after the rise to fame of American singer Whitney Houston and American actress Whitney Blake
  2. Willa (German) – “Will helmet” or “protection”; a short form of “Wilhelmina,” a feminine variant of “William
  3. Winta (African – Ethiopian) – “Desire” or “wish”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With X

  1. Xena (Greek) – “Stranger,” “guest,” or “hospitable”
  2. Xianna (Galician) – Modern form of “Xuliana,” a variant of “Juliana,” which means “youthful”
  3. Xiomara (Spanish) – “Famous in battle”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With Y

  1. Yara (Arabic gender-neutral name) – “Water lady” or “small butterfly”
  2. Yedidah (Hebrew) – “Beloved” or “friend”; also spelled as “Jedidah” 
  3. Yolanda (medieval French and Latin) – “Violet”; can also be spelled as “Yolande”


Elegant Girl Names Starting With Z

  1. Zaahira (Arabic) – “To shine” or “to radiate”; feminine variant of the Arabic boy name “Zaahir”
  2. Zaira (Arabic) – “Radiance” or “flower” 
  3. Zelda (German) – “Dark battle” or “gray fighting maiden”
  4. Zoey (Greek) – “Life”; can also be spelled as “Zoe”


Elegant Middle Names For Girls

  1. Ashlyn (Scottish, Gaelic, and Irish name) – “Dream”; can also be spelled as “Aisling”
  2. Caprice (French, English, and Italian) – “Playful”
  3. Claudette (Latin) – “Lame”
  4. Ivory (English) – “Pure,” “pale white,” or “white as elephant tusks”
  5. Patience (English and Latin) – Virtue name meaning “patient” or “virtuous”
  6. Yasmin (Arabic) – “Jasmine flower”


Gender-Neutral & Unisex Names

  1. Billie (Old German) – “Protector”
  2. Blaire (Scottish) – “Battlefield” or “plain”
  3. Brooklyn (Old English) – “Small stream” or “broken land”; also a place name after Brooklyn, New York
  4. Monroe (Scottish and Irish Gaelic) – “Mouth of the River Roe (Ireland)”
  5. London (English) – “From The Great River”; also a place name after the largest city and capital of England


Bonus: Elegant Baby Boy Names

  • Alasdair (Scottish) – “Defender of mankind”; variant of the powerful boy name “Alexander”
  • Albert (German) – “Bright and noble”
  • Amadeus (Latin) – “Beloved of God”; a classic boy name that honors the Roman composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Gregory (Greek) – “Watchful and alert”
  • Richard (German) – “Powerful ruler”
  • Theodore (Greek and English) – “Gift from God
  • Vincent (Latin) – “Conquering” or “prevailing”
  • William (Old German and English) – “Resolute protection”


Tips To Help You Choose Elegant Girl Names

Many sophisticated girl names are long, and some are difficult to pronounce. Here are tips to help you choose the perfect girl name for your little one:

  • Learn about the name’s meaning
  • Consider the length and spelling
  • Try to avoid putting two long names together as first and middle names
  • Try different name combinations (e.g., long first name and short middle name)
  • Consider the name’s modern connotations (e.g., “Candida” is an elegant Latin name that means “bright white,” but it’s associated with vagina yeast infection caused by the Candida albicans yeast)
  • Check the name’s pronunciation and spelling so you won’t accidentally pick something that might turn out to be embarrassing or offensive
  • It’s good to say the name or name combinations out loud (include your last name) several times 
  • Also, check your baby’s resulting initials to avoid combinations that might result in words like “FAT,” “ASS,” “FBI,” etc.



Are There Benefits In Choosing An Elegant Name For My Little One?

Studies on the lasting effects of baby names are scarce. However, some psychologists, such as David Figlio, a research psychologist at Northwestern University in Illinois, believe that name choices can affect a child’s behavior and even possible career choices. (1)

So, choosing an elegant name might also make your baby feel more sophisticated as they grow up. 

Many elegant names are also associated with royalty, including prince names or even Disney princess names. This might also help boost your little one’s self-esteem.


Do Pronunciations & Meanings Affect A Baby Name’s Elegance & Sophistication?

Elegant names often have a stylish and graceful appearance, spelling, or sound. Some may be associated with elegant people. 

Their meanings don’t always affect the name’s elegance. For example, “Morticia” means “one who takes care of the funerals” and can be a name that means “death.” However, it also links with Morticia Addams of “The Addams Family,” known for her gothic appearance and sophistication. So, it can still be an elegant name despite its meaning.

Pronunciations and spellings might matter, however. For example, modern invented names such as “Nevaeh” (backward spelling of “heaven”; ranks #95 among the most popular baby girl names in 2022) might be popular and cool, but many parents might not consider them elegant. (2)


Will An Elegant Baby Name Reflect My Own Faith & Values?

As mentioned above, studies on baby names are limited. Still, people credit baby name choices to parents, so choosing elegant baby names can also reflect your own faith and values. These names will also show which characteristics you want your child to emulate or develop.


Some Quotes About Elegance

Here are some beautiful quotes about elegance and grace: (3)(4)

Elegance is not catching somebody’s eyes, it’s staying in somebody’s memory.” – Giorgio Armani

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” – Audrey Hepburn

Elegance must be the right combination of distinction, naturalness, care and simplicity. Outside this, believe me, there is no elegance. Only pretension.” – Christian Dior

Elegance is not an outer quality, but a part of the soul that is visible to others.” – Paulo Coelho



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