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210+ Beautiful Names For Girls With Meaning (Plus Rare & Unique Choices)

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Are you searching for beautiful names for girls with meanings? You’ve come to the right place, mama. 

We’ve listed 210+ popular, trending, and unique names for you to consider. Some of these lovely names come from Greek mythology, while others are popular names from different languages.

We hope you’ll find the perfect name for your little one from our list below.


What Are The Most Meaningful Names For A Girl?

  1. Aubrielle (French name for girls) – God is my strength; another form of the angel name “Gabrielle”
  2. Hannah (Hebrew) – “Favor” or “grace”
  3. Kaytlyn (English) – “Smart, a beautiful young child” or “pure and chaste”


Continue reading to find other beautiful names for girls with meanings.


What Girl Names Mean “Gift From God”?

  1. Dorothy – English and Greek name
  2. Jasmine – Persian girl name; also a flower name
  3. Makana – Hawaiian name for girls
  4. Theodora – Greek girl name


Names That Mean “Fortunate” & “Successful”

  1. Felicity (Latin) – “Fortunate” or “happy”
  2. Naila (Arabic) – “Successful” or “the achiever”
  3. Yashita (Hindu) – Successful


Names Signifying Joy & Happiness

  1. Abigail (Hebrew) – A father’s joy
  2. Farrah (Arabic) – “Happy” or “happiness”
  3. Miyuki (Japanese girl name) – “Happy,” “good luck,” or “beautiful”
  4. Xin (Chinese girl name) – “Joyful and happy” or “beautiful and elegant


Girl Names That Mean “Beauty”

  1. Aiukli (Choctaw, Native American) – Beautiful
  2. Amara (Greek) – Eternal beauty
  3. Belinda (Spanish girl name) – “Beautiful” or “pretty”
  4. Belle (French girl name) – Beautiful
  5. Callista (Greek) – “The most beautiful” or “pretty and bright-eyed”
  6. Ellen (English and Greek) – The most beautiful woman
  7. Erina (Arabic) – Beautiful lady; also a Gaelic and Irish girl name meaning “spring” or “girl from Ireland”
  8. Mohini (Indian and Hindi) – “Very beautiful” and “enchanting”
  9. Naava (Hebrew) – “Delightful” and “beautiful”
  10. Nefertari (Egyptian) – Beautiful companion


Biblical & Angelic Girl Names

  1. Angelina (Greek) – Heavenly messenger; angel name for girls
  2. Ariel (Hebrew gender-neutral name) – Lion of God
  3. Danielle (Hebrew) – Judged by God; feminine variant of the biblical boy name “Daniel”
  4. Naamah (Hebrew) – Pleasant
  5. Naomi (Hebrew) – “Pleasant” or “beautiful”
  6. Rebecca (Hebrew) – “Enchantingly beautiful” or “to tie”


Hindu Girl Names

  1. Aboli – Means “flower”
  2. Elakshi – Means “a woman with intelligent eyes” 
  3. Shreya – Means “beautiful” or “auspicious”


Muslim & Arabic Names For Girls

  1. Aaliyah – Means “exalted” and “sublime”
  2. Amani – Means “wishes”
  3. Djamila – Means “gorgeous woman”


Virtuous Names

  1. Faith (English) – “Trust” or “devotion”
  2. Mercy (English) – “Merciful” or “compassionate”
  3. Muskaan (Indian) – “Smile” and “happiness”


What Are The Most Beautiful Names For A Girl?

  1. Audrey (Old English) – Noble strength
  2. Keva (Irish name for girls) – Beautiful child
  3. Phoebe (Greek) – Brilliant
  4. Sophia (Greek) – Wisdom


Cute & Popular Girl Names With Beautiful Meaning

  1. Charlotte (French) – Little and womanly
  2. Linda (Spanish) – Pretty
  3. Rachel (Hebrew) – “Beautiful” or “one with purity”; also a nature name meaning “ewe” (female sheep)


What Are Rare & Unique Names For A Girl?

  1. Alanna (Old High German girl name) – Precious
  2. Frida (Scandinavian and Old Norse) – Peace
  3. Kyomi (Japanese name for girls) – Pure and beautiful
  4. Marion (French) – Star of the sea; unisex version of “Mary”
  5. Valentina (Latin) – Good health


Classic, Vintage, & Whimsical Girl Names With Lovely Meaning

  1. Delilah (Hebrew) – Delicate
  2. Genevieve (Welsh) – White wave
  3. Isabella (Spanish) – Consecrated to God
  4. Josephine (Hebrew) – “He shall add” or “Jehovah (God) increases”
  5. Lucinda (Latin) – Beautiful light
  6. Ophelia (Greek) – “Useful” or “wise”
  7. Victoria (Latin) – Victory


Cool & Creative Girl Names With Beautiful Meaning

  1. Aine (Celtic) – Name that means “fire”
  2. Gretchen (Greek, Persian, Irish, and German name for girls) – Pearl
  3. Mabel (Latin and English) – Lovable and dear


Nature Names For Girls

Names Of Trees & Plants

  1. Evelyn (English) – Hazelnut (derived from “Aveline”); also a rainbow baby name meaning “wished-for child”
  2. Hazel (Old English) – Hazel tree
  3. Holly (Old English) – Holly bush
  4. Laurel (English) – Leef from the sweet bay tree; also means “crowned with laurel,” symbolizing victory and honor
  5. Olivia (Latin) – Olive tree; also an Old French name meaning “peace”


Flower Names For Little Girls

  1. Ava (Latin) – Blooming; also a Persian and Urdu (Indo-Aryan language) name meaning “voice” or a Latin name meaning “bird”
  2. Dahlia (Scandinavian) – Dahl’s flower; Named after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl
  3. Daisy (Old English) – The day’s eye; flower that only blooms in the daytime
  4. Juhi (Indian) – Jasmine flower
  5. Ketaki (Indian) – Flower
  6. Lillian (Latin) – Form of the lily
  7. Lilybelle (Latin) – Beautiful lily
  8. Rosalie (Latin and French) – Rose garden


Girl Names That Mean Moon & Other Celestial Bodies

Names that mean moon or other heavenly bodies can also be cute for little one:

  1. Luna (Latin) – Moon
  2. Rishima (Indian) – Moonbeam
  3. Stella (Latin) – Star


Animal-Inspired Girl Names

  1. Arabella (German) – Beautiful eagle
  2. Chloe (Greek) – Lark
  3. Deborah (Hebrew) – Bee


Other Nature-Inspired Names

  1. Ambar (Sanskrit) – The sky 
  2. Amitola (Native American) – Rainbow
  3. Lynne (Celtic) – “Beautiful lake” or “waterfall”
  4. Meadow (English) – Beautiful field
  5. Orabelle (English) – Beautiful seacoast
  6. Summer (English and Arabic) – Summer season


Baby Girl Names With Different Origins

Powerful & Mythological Baby Names

  1. Abhaya (Indian) – Fearless
  2. Alexandria (Greek and English) – Defender of mankind; can be shortened to the nonbinary name “Alex”
  3. Athena (Greek goddess name) – Goddess of war
  4. Aurora (Greek) – Goddess of the dawn
  5. Calliope (Greek) – Muse of eloquence and epic poetry
  6. Celine (French and Roman) – Heavenly; also derived from “Selene,” the Greek moon goddess 
  7. Daphne (Greek) – From the laurel tree; a naiad (female nymph) turned into the laurel tree to escape Apollo, the Greek god of the sun
  8. Diana (Roman) – Goddess of wild animals and the hunt
  9. Erica (Scandinavian) – “Ever-powerful” or “honorable ruler”
  10. Tana (Greek) – “Fire” or “star goddess”
  11. Uma (Hindi) – Mother; another name for Devi, a Hindu goddess
  12. Venus (Roman) – Goddess of love and beauty
  13. Yashashree (Sanskrit) – Goddess of success


Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit

  1. Akshita – Means “wonder girl”
  2. Divya – Means “divine”
  3. Amrita – Means “spiritual holy water”


German Girl Names With Lovely Meanings

  1. Adalyn – “Noble kind”
  2. Amelia – Means “industrious”
  3. Heidi – Means “noble” or “serene”
  4. Louise – Old German name meaning “warrior maiden”


Beautiful Hispanic & Spanish Girl Names 

  1. Esmeralda – Means “emerald” (a gem)
  2. Lola – Means “strong woman”


Other Special Girl Names

Doll & Celebrity Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

  1. Barbie (Greek) – Foreign woman; also a pet name or doll name 
  2. Jolie (French) – “Beautiful” or “pretty”; after American actress Angelina Jolie
  3. Nelly (English and Greek) – “Shining light” or “the most beautiful woman”; after Canadian singer and songwriter Nelly Furtado
  4. Paris (Greek gender-neutral place name) – Defender; famous namesakes include American media personality Paris Hilton


Hip, Edgy, & Fancy Girl Names

  1. Ai (Japanese) – Love
  2. Ellie (Greek) – Light
  3. Esme (Latin) – Esteem
  4. Kaylee (Arabic) – Beloved; also a Hebrew name that means “regal woman”
  5. Scarlett (Middle English) – Deep red color; a symbol of love and affection


Musical Girl Names

Some cute musical names for girls:

  1. Aria (Italian) – Like a beautiful melody; also a Persian unisex name meaning “noble”
  2. Yedda (English) – Beautiful voice


Pet Names, Sweet Monikers, & Baby Girl Names For Love

  1. Bonita (Spanish) – Pretty
  2. Bonnie (Scottish) – Good
  3. Cora (French) – Beloved; also a Greek name meaning “heart”
  4. Mia (Italian) – Mine


Short But Beautiful Names For Girls With Meaning

  1. Isa (Spanish) – “Beautiful” or “devoted to God
  2. Ivy (Old English) – Vine
  3. Mabs (English and Welsh) – Beautiful lover
  4. Mei (Chinese name for girls) – Beautiful
  5. Nora (Latin) – Dignified; also a Greek name meaning “honor”
  6. Tove (Scandinavian and Norse) – Gorgeous and beautiful Thor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning


Beautiful Middle Names For Girls

Some cool options for girl middle names:

  1. Frances (French, English, and Latin) – “The free one” or “from France
  2. Harper (Old Norse) – Whaler
  3. Sydney (French) – From the city of Saint-Denis


Beautiful Names From History & Pop Culture

  1. Elizabeth (Hebrew and English girl name) – “God is my oath”; after English actress Elizabeth Jane Hurley and England’s Queen Elizabeth
  2. Mulan (Chinese girl name) – Disney princess name that means “wood orchid” or “magnolia blossom”; pop culture name after the hero of the Disney movie “Mulan,” an adaptation of the legendary folk heroine story from Chinese history’s Northern and Southern dynasties era


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Names With Beautiful Meanings

  1. Bailey (French) – Bailiff; also an Old English name meaning “fortification”
  2. Dakota (Native American) – “Friend” or “ally”
  3. Enfys (Welsh) – Rainbow


A to Z Beautiful Names For Girls With Meaning

Girl Names Starting With A

Cool girl names that start with A:

  1. Agueda (Portuguese) – Good-hearted
  2. Alina (German) – The noble one
  3. Amelie (German) – Industrious
  4. Avantika (Indian) – The first flower to blossom in season


Girl Names Starting With B

  1. Bella (Latin) – Beautiful
  2. Bellezza (Italian) – Beauty or beautiful


Girl Names Starting With C

  1. Caily (Greek) – “Pretty” or “slender”
  2. Colleen (Irish) – Girl


Girl Names Starting With D

  1. Darlene (Old English) – Dear or loved one
  2. Dhara (Sanskrit) – Constant flow
  3. Donatella (Italian girl name) – A beautiful gift


Girl Names Starting With E

  1. Eleanor (Greek) – Mercy
  2. Elise (German and Hebrew) – “Noble” or “God‘s oath”
  3. Ella (Greek, Norman, or Hebrew) – “Beautiful fairy” or “goddess”
  4. Emilia (Latin) – Eager


Girl Names Starting With F

  1. Fawziya (Arabic) – Victorious
  2. Fayre (Old English) – Beautiful
  3. Felicia (Latin) – Lucky or successful
  4. Fiona (Old English) – White


Girl Names Starting With G

  1. Gabrielle (Hebrew) – God is my strength
  2. Giselle (English) – Sword pledge
  3. Greta (Greek) – Precious jewel


Girl Names Starting With H

  1. Haley (Norse and Irish) – “Hero” or “wise one”
  2. Haunani (Hawaiian girl name) – Beautiful snow


Girl Names Starting With I

  1. Ingrid (Scandinavian) – Hero’s daughter
  2. Iowa (Native American) – Beautiful land
  3. Isla (Spanish and Scottish) – Island


Girl Names Starting With J

  1. Jacintha (Greek) – Beautiful
  2. Jessica (Hebrew) – Wealthy one
  3. Juliet (French) – Youthful
  4. Jyotsna (Sanskrit) – “Radiant like flames” or “moonlight”


Girl Names Starting With K

Lovely girl names starting with K:

  1. Karishma (Sanskrit) – Miracle
  2. Katherine (Greek) – Pure
  3. Kelly (Irish) – “Church” or “warrior”
  4. Kristen (Greek) – Bright-eyed


Girl Names Starting With L

  1. Layla (Arabic) – Dark as the night
  2. Lillie (English) – “Purity” and “beauty”
  3. Lydia (Greek) – Beauty


Girl Names Starting With M

  1. Madison (English) – Good
  2. Marabel (Latin) – Beautiful Mary
  3. Meredith (Old Welsh and Middle English) – “Protector of the sea” and “joyful”
  4. Millie (Greek and English) – “Honey bee” and “gentle adviser”
  5. Miyeon (Korean girl name) – “Beautiful,” “pleasing,” and “kind-hearted”


Girl Names Starting With N

  1. Natalie (Latin) – Child born at Christmas
  2. Nefertiti (Egypt) – The beautiful one
  3. Nina (Spanish and Hebrew) – “Girl” and “grace”
  4. Nomi (Japanese) – “Beautiful” and “pleasant”
  5. Norabel (English) – Beautiful light


Girl Names Starting With O

  1. Oksana (Hebrew, Ukrainian, and Russian girl name) – Praise to God
  2. Omorose (African) – The beautiful child
  3. Osmara (German) – Shines like the glory of God


Girl Names Starting With P

  1. Panya (Russian, Swahili, and African) – Crowned in victory
  2. Penelope (Greek) – Bobbin-weaver


Girl Names Starting With Q

  1. Qahira (Arabic) – One who wins
  2. Quinn (Latin and Gaelic) – “Pretty as two” and “wise”


Girl Names Starting With R

  1. Raanana (Hebrew) – Fresh and pleasing
  2. Ratih (Indonesian ) – “Most beautiful” and “god-like beauty”
  3. Rosaleen (Irish) – Beautiful, little rose
  4. Ruby (French) – Red gem


Girl Names Starting With S

  1. Sapphire (Latin) – Beautiful gem
  2. Savannah (Spanish) – Flat tropical grassland
  3. Shelby (English) – Sheltered town
  4. Swara (Sanskrit) – Self-shining


Girl Names Starting With T

  1. Tazanna (Native American) – Beautiful princess
  2. Tegan (Welsh) – “The favorite one” and “loved one”
  3. Thea (Greek) – Healer
  4. Tracey (Greek and French) – “Reaper” and “path”


Girl Names Starting With U

  1. Ulanni (Hawaiian) – Heavenly beauty
  2. Ustinya (Russian) – Righteous


Girl Names Starting With V

  1. Valerie (Latin) – Strong
  2. Violet (Latin) – Purple; also a flower name
  3. Vivien (Latin) – Lively


Girl Names Starting With W

  1. Wakana (Japanese) – Harmony
  2. Wenna (Cornish) – “Fair” and “blessed” 


Girl Names Starting With X

  1. Xara (American) – “Bright” or “princess” 
  2. Xiomara (Spanish) – Famous in battle
  3. Xitlali (Native American) – Star


Girl Names Starting With Y

  1. Yaretzi (Aztec) – You’ll always be loved
  2. Yekaterina (Russian) – Innocent and pure 


Girl Names Starting With Z

  1. Zahra (Arabic) – Flower
  2. Zhanna (Russian) – God is gracious
  3. Zoya (Russian and Greek ) – Life


Special Considerations When Choosing Baby Girl Names

Beautiful Meanings & Unique Spellings

Many parents choose baby names based on their meaning. 

Pretty names and those with beautiful meaning are among the most popular choices, but other parents also go for unique spellings of popular names.

Still, you might be surprised to learn that other parents prefer witchy names or even names that mean death.


Genealogy Names

Many families also have a tradition of naming their babies after their grandparents or other loved ones. 

It’s up to you to use these genealogy names as your child’s first or middle name.


Finding Inspiration From Music, Art, Movies, & Literature

There are several ways to use these themes for baby names:

  • Names of favorite movie or literature characters
  • Names of celebs who played these characters
  • Names from words in arts and music, including musical instruments such as “Lyre”
  • Names of authors, playwrights, novelists, poets, etc.
  • Names of favorite paintings or works of art (e.g., “Mona Lisa” from Leonardo da Vinci’s famous portrait)



What Are The Religious & Cultural Aspects To Consider When Choosing Baby Names?

It’s rare to find girl names that are considered taboo in religious and cultural aspects, especially because important biblical girl names such as “Mary” and “Eve” are also popular name choices.


Can My Baby’s Name Affect Their Future Success & Personality?

Babies and children develop without the direct influence of their name (e.g., they don’t automatically become warriors just because they’re named after Athena, the Greek goddess of war). However, things are different if they’re subjected to bullying because of their name.

Some parents try to avoid choosing ‘ugly’ names with morbid, sorrowful, or ‘bad’ meanings (e.g., names that mean “death”) because bullying can impact their self-esteem and confidence.


More Ideas For Baby Names




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