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190+ Purple Names With Nature Themes, Royal Association, & Elegant Meanings

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What Does The Color Purple Symbolize?

Violet or purple are often considered royal and regal colors. 

Many ancient kings and queens favored the color, which can make your little one feel like a prince or princess with their purple baby name.

During ancient and medieval times, purple was rare, difficult to produce, and quite expensive. So, only the truly rich can afford purple-colored clothes and items. (1)

According to historians, some Roman emperors favored the color so much that they forbade ordinary citizens from wearing it – or they faced the death penalty. (1)

Persian King Cyrus chose purple for his royal uniform, and rulers of the Byzantine Empire also liked it. Many kings and queens wore purple robes. (1)

Aside from being a symbol of royalty, the color purple is also linked to:

  • Spirituality
  • Immortality
  • Luxury
  • Imagination
  • Mystery
  • Wisdom


You can find 190+ beautiful purple names with meanings for your baby below.

What’s The Difference Between Purple & Violet?

Purple and violet are colors produced when red and blue are combined.

Violet is closer to blue than red, while purple is more red than blue.


  • Amethyst (Greek girl name) – “Purple-violet gemstone” or “wine”



  • Heather (English girl name) – “A heath or shrub” after the flower with pinkish or purple petals


  • Hyacinth (Greek girl name) – Nature name meaning “blue crystal” or “the blue larkspur flower” (plant with bluish, pink, or violet flowers)


  • Lavender (English, Anglo-Saxon, and Latin girl name) – “Purple-flowering plant”; color name after a lighter shade of violet


  • Myrtle (Greek girl name) – Nature name for girls meaning “evergreen shrub,” “symbol of victory,” “a tree,” or “a flower”; after the crape myrtle (plant with pinkish-purple flowers)


  • Viola (Latin, Scandinavian, and Italian girl name) – Color name meaning “violet” or a musical girl name meaning “string music instrument larger than a violin”


What Are The Names For The Color Purple?

  • Bora (Turkish, Albanian, and Korean girl name) – “Purple,” “storm,” or “wind” 


  • Corcran (Irish boy name) – “Descendant of Corcrán” or a color name that means “purple” 


  • Fuchsia (German girl name) – Deep, dark shade of purple; flower name after the plant with pinkish or reddish-purple blooms


  • Lilac (Sanskrit, Latin, Persian, English, and Arabic girl name) – “Bluish purple color; plant name meaning “the lilac blossom”


  • Magenta (Latin and Italian name for girls) – “Purplish-red color” or “deep pink color”


Names That Mean Violet

  • Fiala (Czech and Slavic girl name) – Color name meaning “violet”


  • Ibolya (Hungarian girl name) – “Violet color”; also a girl plant name meaningviolet flower


  • Io (Greek boy name) – “Violet flower” or a color name meaning “violet”


  • Mauve (English, Latin, and French girl name) – “Violet”; after a pale shade of violet



  • Violet (Latin and English girl name) – “Violet”



What Are Pretty Names For Purple?

  • Carolina (Italian, Portuguese, English, Catalan, Swedish, and Spanish girl name) – “Joyous” or “song of happiness”; color name called “Carolina plum,” a pale, dusty-looking shade of purple


  • Jacaranda (Spanish girl name) – “Fragrant”; also a nature name after the jacaranda tree, which has bluish-purple flowers


  • Rebecca (Hebrew girl name) – Biblical girl name that means “enchantingly beautiful,” “to tie” or “bind” after Isaac’s wife and the mother of boy twins Esau and Jacob; also after the Rebecca purple color, which is a shade of purple that’s closer to violet 


  • Veronica (Latin and Greek girl name) – Vintage girl name that means “true image”; plant with purple flowers or a color name that means “bright purple color”


  • Violetta (Italian girl name) – “Purple flower” or a color name meaning “purple” 


Unique & Rare Purple Names

  • Aubrieta (English and Latin girl name; pronounced as “owb-ree-yeh-tah”) – Unique girl name meaning “fun-loving person” or “logical”; purple perennial herb


  • Smyrna (Hebrew girl name) – Biblical name meaning “myrrh (an aromatic oil used in perfumes, medicines, and incense),” “strong,” or “bitter”; color name called “Smyrna purple,” which has a pinkish purple shade


  • Violaine (Latin girl name) – “Purple”


Gem-Inspired Purple Names

  • Alexandrite (Russian unisex name) – “Color-changing gemstone” or “rock with special optical effects” (it turns red, purple, green, or orange-yellow, depending on the light and viewing direction)


  • Amatista (Spanish girl name) – “Precious purple jewel”; variant of Greek girl name “Amethyst


  • Ametrine (English girl name) – “Purplish yellow gemstone”; precious stone that combines purple amethyst with yellow citrine 


  • Spinel (Greek boy name) – “Spark”; gemstone in shades of purple


  • Sugilite (English and Japanese name for girls and boys; pronounced as “soo-goo-leh-yet”) – Rare gemstone with pinkish-purple colors


Exotic Purple Names From Around The World

  • Azalea (English, Greek, and Arabic girl name) – “Democracy” or “dry”; flower name after a plant with colorful petals, including a purple shade


  • Banafsha (Persian girl name) – “Violet”


  • Biborka (Hungarian girl name) – Exotic girl name that means “purple”



Japanese Names That Mean Purple

  • Ayame (Japanese girl name) – “Iris” (a purple flower)


  • Murasakino (Japanese unisex name) – “Purple”


  • Shigure (Japanese unisex name; pronounced as “shee-goo-reh”) – Color name meaning “purple” or a nature name meaning “late autumn drizzle” or “sunset”


  • Shion (Japanese boy name; pronounced as “shee-on”) – “Aster”; nature name after the white or light purple flower


  • Sumire (Japanese girl name; pronounced as “soo-mee-reh”) – “Violet flower” or a color name meaning “violet” 


What Are Greek Names For Purple?

  • Ione (Greek girl name; pronounced as “soo-mee-reh”) – Flower name meaning “purple jewel,” “pure and lovely,” or a color name meaning “purple” or “violet”


  • Porfirio (Greek, Spanish, and Italian boy name) – “Purple” or “purple stone”


Gender-Based Purple Names

Purple & Violet Names For Boys

  • Cassius (Latin boy name) – Dye called “purple of Cassius”



What Are Female Names That Mean Purple Or Violet?

  • Jolan (Hungarian baby girl name) – Rare girl name that means “violet blossom” or “good girl”


  • Pansy (Greek and American girl name) – “Violet flower”; color name with a purple shade similar to the flower’s petals (between violet and indigo)


Nonbinary & Androgynous Purple Names

  • Burgundy (French name; nonbinary) – “Dark red,” “a shade of purple,” or “dark red-purplish color”


  • Claret (English nonbinary name) – “Purplish-red color”; wine variety with a dark red color


  • Poni (Hawaiian androgynous name) – “Purple”


Nature Names That Are Associated With Purple

  • Autumn (Latin nonbinary name) – “Season of harvest” or “fall”; after the color name “autumn purple” with a reddish-purple shade


  • Betta (Hebrew girl name) – “Dedicated” or “God’s oath”; after a species of colorful fish that includes lively purple shades


  • Martin (English boy name) – Powerful boy name meaning “warrior of Mars,” “warring,” or “warlike”; after the purple martin, a songbird native to North America


  • Peacock (English boy name) – Animal name after the bird that has majestic features in blue, green, and purple colors


  • Starling (Latin and English gender-neutral name) – “Star,” “little star,” or “songbird” (the starling bird family comes in different colors, including a combination of purple and green for the purple glossy starling


Purple Flower Names

  • Amaranth (Greek girl name) – “Unfading color” or “no wither”; after a plant with purple flowers


  • Anemone (Greek girl name) – “Daughter of the wind” or “windflower”; after a plant with purplish flowers from the buttercup family


  • Bellflower (English girl name) – “Beautiful flower shaped like a bell,” with blooms in purple, pink, and yellow



  • Clematis (Greek gender-neutral name) – “Climbing branch” or “vine branch”; flower name after a plant with purple blooms


  • Comfrey (Latin and English boy name) – “To join together”; after a plant with purple flowers


  • Gentiana (Greek and Latin girl name) – Flower name after the plant with purple star-shaped flowers 


  • Honesty (Latin unisex name) – Virtue name that means “to be truthful” or “being honest”; plant name after the annual honesty, a plant in the cabbage family with purple flowers


  • Jolanta (Greek girl name) – “Violet flower


  • Laurel (Latin unisex name) – Plant name that means “bay tree” or “laurel leaves”; flower name after the mountain laurel, which has petals in a shade of purple or pink


  • Magnolia (Latin girl name) – “A flower,” “flowering tree,” or “Magnol’s flower” (because it’s named after Swedish botanist Pierre Magnol); flower with petals in a wide range of colors (e.g., pink, purple, white, and yellow)


  • Rose (Latin girl name) – “A flower”; it’s better known for its red colors, but roses actually come in different colors, including shades of purple, pink, yellow, and white


What Name Means Purple Fire?

  • Lila (German, Hebrew, Filipino, Indian – Hindi, and Arabic girl name; pronounced as “lee-lah”) – “Purple,” “fire and strength,” “fire and purple,” or “beauty”; also a black girl name that means “dark beauty” or “night”


Magical Purple Names

  • Merlin (Anglo-Saxon, Welsh, Celtic, and Old English boy name) – Nature name meaning “falcon,” “sea,” or “sea hill”; a magical name after the powerful wizard in the legendary King Arthur’s court, and also a flower name after the mystic Merlin which has magenta and purple blooms


  • Shiryu (Japanese boy name) – Badass boy name meaning “purple dragon”


Mythical Purple Names

  • Astrea (Greek girl name) – “Star maiden” or “star goddess”; according to Greek mythology, the goddess’ tears that fell on Earth became the star-shaped flowers that people called “Aster”


  • Iris (Greek girl name) – Flower name after the plant with beautiful lilac or purple petals; rainbow name after the Greek goddess of the rainbow


  • Phoenix (Greek unisex name) – “Deep crimson,” “dark purplish red,” or “mythical bird”


  • Shizuki (Japanese unisex name) – “Purple moon,” “leisure,” “tranquility,” or “quiet hope”


  • Jam (American girl name) – Pet name for girls meaning “one who is sweet” or the food name “jam”


  • Letta (Latin girl name) – “Joy”; can also be a nickname for “Violetta


  • Plum (English and German name; unisex) – Fruit name, “one who lives by a plum tree,” or a color name for a purple shade with a brownish-gray tinge; also a pet name for a loved one


Purple Character Names In Pop Culture, Literature, & Fiction

  • Barney (English, Hebrew, and German boy name) – “Strong as a bear,” “bold as a bear,” “defender,” or “son of prophecy”; after the giant purple dinosaur in “Barney and Friends


  • Betsy (Hebrew girl name) – “Worshipper of God,” “consecrated to God,” or “daughter”; after Betsy Braddock, a mutant character in X-Men known for having purple hair both as “Psylocke” and “Captain Britain”


  • Gamora (American girl name) – “Sheaf”; character in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” series with green skin and purple hair


  • Geoffrey (Old French and German boy name) – “Peace,” “divine peace,” or “peaceful”; real name “The Phantom,” a crime-fighter with a purple superhero costume


  • Jack (Hebrew and English boy name) – Classic boy name meaning “God is gracious,” “God’s grace,” or “the supplanter” as a variant of the biblical boy nameJames”; after Jack Oswald White aka “Joker,” the supervillain in “Batman” (he wears either purple or green in the comics)


  • Leela (Sanskrit girl name) – “Night beauty”; character in the “Futurama” TV series with purple hair


  • Periwinkle (English girl name) – Color name meaning “blue-purple color” or a flower name after the plant with pink, purple, violet, or white petals; also a fantasy girl name after the frost-talent fairy (she’s Tinkerbell’s twin sister) in the “Disney Fairies” series


  • Spyro (Greek and Latin boy name) – “Spirit” or “basket”; after the purple dragon in the video game “Spyro the Dragon


  • Tico (Spanish boy name) – “Noble and bright”; after a purple skunk in “Dora The Explorer


  • Twilight (English unisex name) – Gothic name that means “dusk,” “sunset,” or a color name after a dusky purple shade (similar but more red than mauve); after the “Twilight” fantasy romance series with vampires and shapeshifters similar to werewolves


  • Tyrian (Latin and Semitic boy name) – Tough boy name meaningnorthern warrior,” “Tyrian purple,” or “Phoenician red” after a purple dye used by Ancient Phoenicians; a variant of “Tyrion,” among the main characters of the “Game of Thrones” series


Purple Names From A To Z

Purple Names Starting With A

  • Ai (Japanese boy name) – “Indigo” (a deep shade of purple)


  • Allium (Latin girl name) – “Garlic”; refers to a garlic species called “cultivated garlic,” which has beautiful purple flowers


  • Aztech (Native American unisex name) – “Person Of Aztlan (native homeland of the Aztecs)”; also a color name after a neon-like bluish purple shade


Purple Names Starting With B

  • Berry (Greek and Old English girl name) – “Bringer of victory” or “fortified place”; some berries have a purple color


  • Betony (English girl name) – Flower name meaning “purple” derived from the Vettones tribe (ancient Celtic people)


  • Bibor (Hungarian boy name) – “Purple”


  • Boysenberry (English nonbinary name) – Fruit name after a berry with purple skin


  • Byzantium (Latin and Greek boy name) – “Ancient Greek city”; also after a color name with a dark shade of purple associated with the ancient Byzantine empire


Purple Names Starting With C

  • Calla (Greek girl name) – Name that means “beautiful” (most beautiful); after a species of lily that has flowers in a wide array of colors, including deep purple hues


  • Cerise (French girl name) – “Cherry” or a color name meaning “reddish-pink”


  • Charoite (Slavic and Russian girl name) – Gem name after the rare mineral with a purple hue


  • Cosmos (Greek boy name) – “Universe,” “likes order,” or “beauty”; also a plant name after a purple flower


  • Crocus (Latin and Greek boy name) – “Saffron plant” (a species of crocus); although saffrons are known to be yellow, the crocus genus actually has many varieties, including those with purple and lavender flowers


  • Currant (Old French girl name) – “Small, black dried grape”; after a color name called “black currant,” which is a dark purple shade


Purple Names Starting With D

  • Dhumra (Indian and Hindi boy name) – “Purple and gray,” “smokey,” or “smoke colored” 


  • Dotty (Greek girl name) – “Gift of God” and is also spelled as “Dottie” as a short form of “Dorothy”; after the magenta dotty back fish, an exotic tropical fish found in the waters of the Pacific Ocean ranging from Samoa to the Philippines


Purple Names Starting With E


  • Evolet (American girl name) – “Promise of life” or “purple life” as a combination of the biblical girl name “Eve” (which means “life”) and the color name “Violet”


Purple Names Starting With F

  • Fandango (American and Spanish girl name) – “A form of flamenco music and dance”; also a color name with a vivid purplish red shade


  • Fig (Old French and Spanish unisex name) – “Fig tree”; uncommon purple name after the tree with sweet purple fruits


  • Finch (English boy name) – Nature name after a small bird whose feathers come in different colors, including purple


  • Fialova (Czech and Slovak girl name) – Color name meaning “violet”


  • Fjóla (Icelandic and Faroese girl name; pronounced fyoh-lah) – “Violet”


  • Fjólar (Icelandic and Faroese boy name; pronounced fyoh-lar) – “Violet”; masculine variant of “Fjóla”



Purple Names Starting With G

  • Gentian (Latin and English unisex name) – After the gentian violet, a deep violet-colored antiseptic dye



  • Gladiola (Latin girl name) – “Little sword”; flower name with a wide range of colors, including purple


  • Glory (Latin girl name) – “Glory”; after the morning glory, a vine plant with purple flowers


  • Grape (English unisex name) – After the fruit with purple skin or a color name after a bluish violet shade


Purple Names Starting With H

  • Hadley (Old English unisex name) – Earth name meaningheather meadow,” referring to the flower with purple and pink petals; also spelled as “Hadlee


  • Harbin (German boy name) – “Little warrior”; city in China that hosts the purple ice festival


  • Heliotrope (Latin girl name) – “Faithfulness,” “turn to the sun,” or “flower” after the plant with tiny violet petals


  • Hopbush (English boy name) – Hippie name after a plant with pinkish-purple fruits; color name with a magenta-heavy purple shade 


Purple Names Starting With I

  • Indigo (Greek unisex name) – “Dark blue” (this hue is close to a deep shade of purple) or “purplish-blue dye from India”


  • Iolanthe (Greek girl name) – “Violet flower,” “violet color,” or “modest”



Purple Names Starting With J

  • Jacinta (Spanish girl name) – “Blue crystal,” “beautiful flower,” “purple,” or “attractive”


  • Jade (English and Spanish girl name) – “Precious stone” or “stone of the loins”; gemstone that’s typically green but also available in purple


  • Jay (Sanskrit and English boy name) – “Joyful” or “cheerful”; nature name after a species of bird primarily known to have blue colors but can also have feathers in shades of purple (e.g., the purplish jay and violaceous jay)



  • Jerissa (Latin and American girl name) – “Purple flower


  • Jesaiah (Hebrew girl name) – “Purple hyacinth


Purple Names Starting With K

  • Kalamata (Greek girl name) – Black girl name meaning “the black one” or after the kalamata olive (an almond-shaped purplish-black olive); also a color name after a deep dark shade of purple



  • Kikyo (Japanese girl name) – “Apricot season,” “spring,” or “Japanese bellflower” (a plant with purple and violet blooms)


  • Kovidar (Sanskrit and Indian boy name) – “Purple orchid tree


Purple Names Starting With L

  • Lolanthe (Greek and French name for girls) – “Little violet flower


  • Lovely (English girl name) – “Exquisitely beautiful”; also a color name after “lovely purple,” which is a bluish shade of purple


  • Lupine (English gender-neutral name) – “Like a wolf” or “pertaining to the wolf”; also a flower name after a plant with purple petals


Purple Names Starting With M

  • Malva (Scottish, Latin, and Greek girl name) – Powerful name meaning “armored chief” or “slender”; also a girl plant name meaning “Mallow flower,” after the plant with purple-striped blooms


  • Maroon (French and Greek boy name) – “Dark reddish-purple color”


  • Mauveine (French girl name) – “Aniline purple” or “mauve flower”


  • Mazarine (French girl name) – “A deep blue color”; nature name after the Mazarine blue butterfly, which has deep violet or blue wings


  • Mountbatten (German and Old English boy name) – Place name meaning “Batten mountain”; purplish pink color preferred by Britain’s Lord Mountbatten as a color to camouflage British ships during World War II 


  • Mulberry (Latin unisex name) – Nature name meaning “mulberry tree”; after the tree that has dark purple fruits or a color name after a purple shade that’s closer to red than to blue, making it pinkish


  • Munsell (Old English boy name) – “Person from Munsle (France)”


  • Murasaki (Japanese name for girls) – “Purple” or “purple bloom”; color name with a deep, dark shade of purple


Purple Names Starting with N

  • Nebula (Latin girl name) – Girl space name meaning “mist” or “enormous space cloud of dust and gas”; after the blue-and-purple-skinned antihero in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series



Purple Names Starting With O

  • Ocean (Greek unisex name) – Water name that means “vast body of salty water”; after a color name called “ocean purple,” which is a deep, dark purple shade


  • Orchid (Latin girl name) – “A flower” after the exotic tropical plant that comes in a wide range of colors, including purple, violet, red, yellow, and white; also a color name after a light shade of purple


Purple Names Starting With P

  • Passion (Latin and American unisex name) – Word name meaning “strong desire”; also a plant name after the passion fruit, which can have purplish flowers and fruits


  • Petunia (English, French, and Native American girl name) – “Trumpet-shaped flower” after a plant with white, pink, or purple blossoms


  • Prunella (Latin girl name) – “Color of a plum” (a shade of purple) or “small plum


  • Purple (English nonbinary name) – “Color purple


  • Purpureus (Latin boy name) – “Shining and beautiful,” “brilliant,” or a color name after a vivid shade of purple


Purple Names Starting With Q

  • Quartz (Old German nonbinary name) – “Ice” or “crystal gem”; some quartz stones have a purple color, such as the amethyst


  • Queen (Latin and Old English girl name) – “Female royal”; several purple shades are named “queen” or “queenly,” including “Queen’s Violet” (dark shade of purple-blue) and “Queen’s Wreath” (another dark purple-blue shade)


Purple Names Starting With R

  • Razzmic (Latin and English boy name) – Color name from the Crayola brand after a more purple shade of raspberry


  • Regem (Hebrew boy name) – Biblical boy name that means “friend,” “purple,” or “purple stones”


  • Riki (Japanese, Scandinavian, and German name; gender-neutral) – “Powerful leader,” “strength,” “power,” “sovereign of the homeland,” or “purple flower”; a regal name associated with purple


Purple Names Starting With S

  • Salvia (Latin girl name) – “Healthy” or “whole”; after a plant with violet flowers


  • Sangria (Spanish and Portuguese girl name) – “Bloodletting”; after a color name or red wine variety with a deep purple color


  • Sigal (Jewish and Hebrew unisex name) – “Violet” or “treasure”


  • Slate (English boy name) – “Fine-grained rock” or “mottled purple-green rock”; although typically gray, this rock also comes mixed with purple, green, and red


  • Suren (Persian unisex name) – “Lilacs,” “purple,” “the heroic one,” or “strong” 


Purple Names Starting With T

  • Tacao (Portuguese boy name) – “High heel”; after a color name with a shade similar to classic purple but with more blue than red


  • Temenuzhka (Bulgarian girl name; pronounced as “teh-meh-noosh-ka”) – Plant name meaningviolet flower


  • Thistle (English boy name) – “Thistle plant”; after a prickly plant with purple flowers


  • Tupaarnaq (Greenlandic and Native American girl name; pronounced as “too-pahr-nahk”) – “Wild thyme” (a flower with purple flowers) or “wild herb”


Purple Names Starting With U

  • Ube (German, Afrikaans – African Dutch, and Filipino nonbinary name) – “Practice” or “purple yam”; pronounced as “oo-beh”


  • Umeko (Japanese girl name; pronounced as “oo-meh-koh”) – “Child of the plum blossom” (purple-colored flowers), “apricot child,” or “plum tree child”


Purple Names Starting With V

  • Verbena (Latin girl name) – “Holy plants”; flowering plant with purple blooms


  • Vernonia (Latin girl name) – “Of giants” or “Vernon’s flower” (a purple flower named after English botanist William Vernon)


  • Violeta (Spanish, Romanian, and Italian girl name) – “Purple,” “violet,” or “flower”


  • Viorel (Romanian unisex name) – “Sweet violet flower


Purple Names Starting With W

  • Willow (English unisex name) – “Tree” or “freedom”; after the desert willow, which has light purple flowers


  • Wisteria (Latin, English, and German girl name) – “Vine with purple-blue blossoms” or “Wister’s flower” (because it was named after American anatomist and physician Caspar Wistar)


Purple Names Starting With X

  • Xanadu (Mongolian gender-neutral name) – “Luxurious place” or “idyllic place”; color name after a deep blue shade with strong purple undertones


  • Xerxes (Greek and Persian boy name) – “Ruler of heroes,” “strong,” “brave,” or “monarch”; also a color name after “Xerxes Blue,” which is a bluish-gray shade with purple tones


Purple Names Starting With Y

  • Yolanda (Latin, Greek, and Spanish girl name) – Flower name meaningviolet flower



  • Yukari (Japanese girl name) – “Purple,” “Japanese or Chinese plum blossom,” or “affinity or harmony”


Purple Names Starting With Z


  • Zinnia (Latin girl name) – “Zinn’s flower” named after German master botanist and botany professor Johann Gottfried Zinn; this flower comes in different colors, including purple, pink, red, and yellow


More Names Inspired By Shades Of Purple

  • Palatinate (Latin nonbinary name) – “Territory ruled by a palatine or sovereign prince”; also a royal color name with a pale violet shade


  • Phlox (Latin nonbinary name) – Color name meaning “psychedelic purple”; it’s made from the combination of fluorescent magenta and blue


  • Pizzazz (English nonbinary name) – “Vibrant,” “lively,” or a color name meaning “vibrant purple”


Regal-Themed Names (Hint: Purple Is A Symbol Of Royalty)

  • Prince (Latin boy name) – “Royal son”


  • Princess (Latin girl name) – “Royal daughter”; also after “Little Princess,” a color name with a creamy shade of purple


  • Regalia (Latin and Italian name for girls) – “Regality,” “royalty,” or “sovereignty”; color name after a deep, regal purple shade


  • Regie (English and Latin unisex name) – “Regal” or “royal”; royal names are associated with purple


  • Regina (Latin, Romanian, and Italian girl name) – “Queen” or “queenly”


  • Reign (Latin and English unisex name) – “Rule” or “sovereign”


  • Royal (Old French nonbinary name) – “Regal one”


Bonus: Other Color-Inspired Baby Names


  • Goldie (English girl name) – “Made of gold”


  • Oriel (Latin boy name) – “Golden”


  • Pantone (Italian, English, and Latin unisex name) – “All colors”; after the standard color system (Pantone’s 2023 color of the year is “Viva Magenta,” a reddish-purplish color)



What Middle Names Can I Use For Violet?

Because “Violet” is a 3-syllable name, you might consider 1-syllable names your baby’s middle name.

You can find examples here:


Are There Any Purple Names I Should Avoid?

  • Affair – “Deeper lavender version”; the name has negative connotations


  • Cardinal – “Deep, red-heavy purple similar to burgundy”; a religious title of chief officials in the Roman Catholic Church


  • Eggplant – “Deep purple”; vegetable name


  • Electric – “Highly energetic, bright purple”; “Electric Purple” might be better as a band name than a given name


  • Eminence – “Deep, medium purple”; a shade commonly used by royals and an honorific for a person of high rank or attainments


  • Seance – “Purple shade”; name associated with death and black magic 


  • Violenta – “Purple flower”; similar spelling as “violent”


Tips To Help You Choose Your Baby’s Purple Name

  • Consider spelling and pronunciation
  • Consider names with strong, positive stories
  • Consider names with positive traits & connections
  • Consider names that might match your baby’s personality



You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.






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