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480+ Hippie Names For Freethinkers & Fabulous Babies

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What Did The Hippies Name Their Children?

Hippie names are linked to love, peace, and all things beautiful in nature. 

So, you can find plenty of nature names in our list of 480+ Bohemian (artistic and sometimes considered unconventional) and hippie names with meanings below. 

Examples of hippie boy names include “Ashton,” “Banjo,” and “Skyler,” while hippie girl names include “Aurora,” “Kayla,” and “Zara.”

Find their meanings below.


Common Themes In Hippie Names & Top Reason To Choose Them

These cool names often have a positive, happy vibe

They embody harmony but are also linked to pretty things in nature, including flowers, water bodies, earthy elements, or the stars (and other celestial bodies in space).

Choosing these names for baby boys and girls can be wonderful because they invoke a sense of peace and happiness.


The Best Hippie Names For Your Little One




  • Dawn (Old English girl name) – “First light of day,” “sunrise,” or “daybreak”


  • Clyde (Scottish boy name) – “Friendly” and “warm”


  • Emerald (English girl name) – “Precious green stone” or “green gemstone



  • Hazel (English girl name) – “Hazelnut tree”


  • Jasmine (Persian and Arabic girl name) – Flower name and can also mean “gift from God”; also a Disney princess name


  • Jayden (Hebrew boy name) – “Thankful” or “God will judge”


  • Lavender (English girl name) – “Purple flower”


  • Lily (Latin girl name) – Flower name that can also mean “pure” or “passion”


  • Oliver (Latin boy name) – “Olive tree” or “olive tree planter”; the #3 most popular boy name in the US based on data from the SSA (Social Security Administration) (1)


  • Olivia (Latin girl name) – “Olive tree”; the #1 most popular girl name in the US (1)



Inspiring Hippie Baby Names

  • Aster (Greek gender-neutral name) – “Star”; also a flower name after a plant with star-shaped petals



  • Gareth (Welsh boy name) – “Gentle person” or a virtue name meaning “valor”


  • Haven (English androgynous name) – “Shelter,” “place of safety,” or “sanctuary”




Trendy Hippie Baby Names

  • Alba (Italian, Latin, and Spanish girl name) – “Dawn,” “sunrise,” “white,” “bright,” or “fortunate”


  • Celeste (Latin girl name) – Girl space name that means “heavenly daughter,” “celestial,” or “heavenly”



  • Cole (English, Greek, and Latin boy name) – Cute black boy name that means “black coal”; can also mean “victorious people”



  • Jess (Hebrew unisex name) – “God beholds,” “riches,” or “gift”



  • Kit (Latin and English unisex name) – “Bearing Christ” or “pure” as a short form of “Christopher”


  • Liana (French girl name) – “Vine” or “to twine around”; girl plant name after the vines in tropical rainforests


  • Luna (Italian and Spanish girl name) – “Moon”; after the beautiful Roman goddess of the moon


  • Misty (English girl name) – “Mist” or “full of mist”; also an anime girl name after a character in the “Pikachu” series


  • Pippa (Greek girl name) – “Lover of horses” or “friend of horses”


Adorable Hippie Names

  • Amber (French, Latin, Celtic, and Arabic girl name) – “Jewel,” “fierce,” or “amber-colored” (warm honey color)


  • Brooks (Old English boy name) – “Dweller by the brook”



  • Cherry (American, Old English, and Middler English girl name) – “Cherry fruit” (a small fruit with red skin); also a favorite pet name for girls that means “dear one” or “darling” 


  • Coral (English girl name) – “Reef formations,” “marine invertebrate,” or “rock-like formations in reefs”; also a mermaid name


  • Kayla (Hebrew girl name) – “Laurel plant”; can also mean “crown”



  • Kismet (Turkish girl name) – “Fate”


  • Magnolia (English girl name) – Flower name meaning “Magnol’s flower” (after French Botanist Pierre Magnol)


  • Rae (English and Hebrew girl name) – “Ewe (female sheep)” as a short form of the biblical girl name “Rachel” (Jacob’s favorite wife)


  • Shepherd (Old English boy name) – “One who herds sheep”


  • Teagan (Irish name for boys) – “Little poet” or “fair”


  • Zara (Arabic girl name) – “Blooming flower,” “radiance,” “star,” or “seed”


Fancy & Elegant Hippie Baby Names

  • Calla (Greek girl name) – Flower name after the calla lily; also means “beautiful”


  • Evie (Hebrew and Australian girl name) – “Life,” “lively,” “living,” or “breathe”



  • Hillary (Greek and Latin girl name) – “Happy,” “cheerful,” or “glad”


  • Malachi (Hebrew boy name) – Angel name meaning “angel of God” or “messenger of God


  • Maya (Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, Maori, and Sanskrit girl name) – “Water,” “illusion,” “courage,” “bravery,” or “dream”


  • Ruby (French and Latin girl name) – “Red gemstone” or “deep red precious stone”


Powerful & Strong Hippie Names




  • Basil (Greek unisex name) – Plant name that also means “kingly” or “royal”


  • Dillon (Irish boy name) – “Like a lion,” “faithful,” “loyal,” or “sea”


  • Freya (Old Norse name for girls) – “Noble lady”; after the Norse goddess of fertility, love, and beauty


  • Gilford (Old English boy name) – “Ford with yellow flowers” or “from Gil’s ford”


  • Gunnar (Scandinavian and Old Norse boy name) – “Bold warrior” or “brave fighter”


  • Kenner (Gaelic and Old English boy name) – “Brave guard”



  • Nero (Finnish and ancient Sabine boy name) – “Genius” or “strong and energetic”


  • Ursula (Latin girl name) – “Little she-bear”


Music & Musician Names

Music-Themed Baby Girl Names


  • Aria (Italian, Hebrew, Persian, and Albanian girl name) – “Melody,” “air,” “lioness,” “noble,” or “treasure”


  • Melody (Greek girl name) – “Song”


Music-Themed Baby Boy Names

  • Alto (Latin boy name) – Musical word name meaning “high” or “elevated” (after the second voice in a musical piece)


  • Banjo (English boy name) – “Stringed musical instrument”



Music-Inspired Unisex Names

  • Harper (English gender-neutral name) – “Harp player” or “minstrel”


  • Lyric (English unisex name) – “Words of a song”


  • Piper (English gender-neutral name) – “One who plays the pipe” or “flute player”


  • Psalm (Hebrew unisex name) – “To praise” or “to shine”; also a book in the Bible that means a “song” or “poem of worship”


Favorite Hippie Names About Peace

  • Axel (Hebrew boy name) – “Father of peace”


  • Fritz (German boy name) – “Peaceful ruler”


  • Humphrey (German and English boy name) – “Peaceful warrior,” “bear cub,” or “peace”


  • Pax (Latin boy name) – “Peaceful”


Love-Inspired Baby Names

Love-Themed Baby Girl Names

  • Amor (Spanish and French unisex name) – “Love”; also a pet name for a dear one


  • Darrell (Old English unisex name) – “Wide open,” “dearly loved,” or “darling”


  • Lennon (Irish unisex name) – “Little black bird” or “lover”; after “Beatles” singer-songwriter John Lennon


  • Love (English gender-neutral name) – “Eternal affection”


Love-Inspired Baby Boy Names

  • Amias (Latin boy name) – “Love”


  • Carwyn (Welsh boy name) – “Blessed love”


  • Connelly (Irish boy name) – “Love,” “friendship,” or “fierce as a hound”


  • Dariel (English boy name) – “Beloved,” “dear one,” or “wide open”


  • Davey (English and Hebrew boy name) – “Beloved”; also a cute form of “Dave” or the biblical boy name “David”


Rare & Unique Names

  • Ansel (German boy name) – “With divine protection” or “follower of a nobleman”


  • Cashel (Irish boy name) – “Castle” or “stone fort”


  • Elodie (French and Greek girl name) – “Flower of the fields,” “marsh flower,” or “foreign riches”


  • Guthrie (Gaelic boy name) – “Windy place”


  • Huxley (English boy name) – “From Hoc’s field” or “Hugh’s meadow”


  • Janis (Hebrew and Greek unisex name) – “God is gracious”


  • Landyn (Old English boy name) – “From the long hill” or “ridge”


Hippie-Themed Nature Names

Gem-Themed Baby Names

  • Amethyst (Greek girl name) – “Violet or purple gemstone


  • Citrine (French girl name) – “Citrus-colored gemstone


  • Jade (Spanish and English girl name) – “Green gemstone”; can also mean “stone of the side”


  • Onyx (English unisex name) – “Black gemstone


Bohemian Animal-Themed Names

Animal-Inspired Names For Hippie Girls


  • Madden (Irish unisex name) – “Little dog”


Animal-Inspired Names For Hippie Boys




  • Conall (Scottish boy name) – “Strong wolf” or “as strong as a wolf”


  • Coyote (North American boy name) – “Wild canine”


  • Foxx (Gaelic boy name) – “Son of a fox” or “young fox”


  • Grizzly (American boy name) – “A species of bear”


Hippie Bird Names

  • Dove
  • Corbin (English, Anglo-Norman, and Latin boy name) – “Raven” or “crow”
  • Eagle
  • Ezio (ancient Greek name for boys) – “Hawk”
  • Falcon
  • Finch 
  • Hawk 
  • Heron (American and Greek boy name) – Bird name; also means “hero”
  • Lark 
  • Poe (Norse and English boy name) – “Peacock”
  • Robin 
  • Sparrow
  • Starling 


Adorable Bug & Insect-Themed Hippie Names



What Are Earthy Hippie Names?

Earth-Themed Names For Girls

  • Cori (Greek, Old Norse, and Irish unisex name) – “Ravine,” “round hill,” “seething pool,” “maiden,” or “dweller near a hollow”



  • Savannah (Spanish girl name) – “A treeless plain” or “flat tropical grassland”


What Are Earthy Hippie Names For Little Boys?

  • Berg (German name for boys) – “Mountain” or “cliff”


  • Bryn (Welsh boy name) – “Hill”


  • Canyon (English and Spanish boy name) – “Narrow valley between cliff sand,” “large ravine,” or “footpath”


  • Cliff (Old English boy name) – “Cliffside slope”


  • Harlow (English gender-neutral name) – “One from the rocky hill”


  • Lennox (Gaelic and Scottish boy name) – “Elm grove,” “elm field,” “with many elm trees,” or “among the elms”


  • Geo (American and Greek name for boys) – “Earth” or “land”


  • Stone (English boy name) – Word name meaning “stone” or “rocks”


Boho Names That Mean “Water” & Aquatic Forms

Water-Inspired Names For Girls

  • Jenna (Welsh girl name) – “White wave”; can also mean “white shadow”


  • Nala (Swahili – African girl name) – “Water in the desert,” “first drink of water,” or “gift”


  • Oceane (French unisex name) – “Ocean” or “a vast body of salty water”


Water-Inspired Names For Boys

  • Cove (Old English nonbinary name) – “Inlet” or “small bay”


  • Dax (English and French boy name) – “Water”; can also mean “leader”



  • Lake (English unisex name) – “Body of water”


Forest & Botanical-Themed Baby Names

Trees + Girl Plant Names

  • Aulora (Latin girl name) – Flower name meaning “golden laurel blossom”



  • Fern (Old English unisex name) – “Fern plant”


  • Ivy (English girl name) – “Climbing vine”; also means “faithfulness”


  • Maple (English girl name) – Tree name that also means “piece of cloth” or “one who lives near maple trees”


  • Willow (Old English girl name) – “Willow tree,” “graceful,” or “slender”


Trees + Boy Plant Names

  • Alder (German and Old English boy name) – “Alder tree,” “elder,” or “old friend”


  • Aspen (American and Old English boy name) – “Aspen tree” or “shaking poplar tree” 


  • Cedar (English and Latin boy name) – “Cedar tree”


  • Clove (Latin gender-neutral name) – Spice name


  • Cotton (English gender-neutral name) – “Cotton plant”; also means “cottage”


  • Cypress (English boy name) – “Cypress tree”


  • Darren (Irish boy name) – “Oak tree,” “gift,” or “great”


  • Elm (Old English boy name) – “Elm tree,” “someone who lives near an elm grove,” or an earthy color name meaning “red and brown”


  • Forrest (English boy name) – “Dweller near the woods”


  • Leaf (English boy name) – Part of a plant; also a pet name meaning “dear” or “darling”


  • Oakley (Old English unisex name) – “Oak,” “from the oak tree field,” or “meadow of oak trees” 


  • Palmer (Middle English boy name) – “Palm tree” or “one who holds the palm”


  • Spruce (English boy name) – “Spruce tree,” “evergreen tree,” “neat,” or “dapper”


Garden-Themed Boho Names For Your Flower Child

Girl Flower Names

  • Azalea (Greek girl name) – “Dry earth” (this plant thrives in dry soil)


  • Chrysanthemum (Greek girl name) – “Golden flower”


  • Hyacinth (Greek girl name) – “Blue larkspur flower” or “bulbous, fragrant flower”


  • Iya (Greek girl name) – Flower name; also a name that means “purple” or “violet”


  • Kalina (Bulgarian, Polish, and Hawaiian girl name) – “Flower”; a flowering shrub that can also mean “viburnum”


  • Marigold (English girl name) – Color and plant name meaning “golden flower”


Boy Flower Names

  • Florian (Latin boy name) – “Flower” or “blooming”


  • Milos (Greek and Slavic boy name) – “Yew flower” or “dear and beloved”



  • Rhodes (Greek and English boy name) – Place name meaning “where roses grow” or “clearing in the woods”


Fruit-Themed Bohemian Baby Names

  • Berry
  • Clementine


Hippie Names That Mean “Fire”

Fiery Names For Girls

  • Aalish (Persian girl name) – “Flame”


  • Ember (English unisex name) – “Remains of a fire,” “low burning,” “spark,” or “ashes”


Fire-Themed Names For Boys

  • Blaze (Latin and English boy name) – “Fire” or “strong flame”


  • Brenton (Old English boy name) – “Fire” or “flame”


  • Iggy (English and Roman boy name) – “Fire”


Weather-Themed Baby Names

  • Storm (English nonbinary name) – “Tempest” or “weather disturbance”


  • Tempest (English girl name) – “Stormy” or “turbulent”


Season-Themed Baby Names

  • Autumn


  • Ostara (English and Germanic girl name) – “Spring” or “dawn”; after the German goddess of springtime, dawn, and fertility


  • Winter – Can also be spelled as “Wynter”


Baby Names Inspired By Outer Space & The Heavens

Baby Names For The Sky & Air

Sky & Air Names For Baby Girls

  • Nila (Indian and Hindi girl name) – “Sky”


  • Sky (Scandinavian, Old Norse, and English unisex name) – “Atmosphere on Earth,” “blue skies,” or “cloud”; also spelled as “Skye


Sky & Air Names For Baby Boys

  • Cosmo (Greek and Italian boy name) – “Universe,” “beauty,” or “order”


  • Kylo (American boy name) – “Sky”


Baby Names That Mean “Bright” Or “Light”

Light Names For Girls

  • Elena (Greek girl name) – “Shining light,” “bright and shining light,” or “the bright one”; also a Disney name after the Latina princess in the animated TV series “Elena of Avalor


  • Phoebe (Greek girl name) – “Bright,” “radiant and shining one,” or “radiant”; also a feminine form of the Greek god of the sun, also known as “Phoebus Apollo”


Light Names For Boys

  • Abner (Hebrew boy name) – “Father of light”


  • Albus (Latin boy name) – “Light” or “white”; also a powerful name after “Harry Potter” character Professor Albus Dumbledore


  • Luca (Latin boy name) – “Bringer of light”; also the main character in the coming-of-age fantasy film “Luca


  • Lucien (French boy name) – “Light”


Baby Names That Mean “Sun”

Sunny Names For Your Baby Girl

  • Aelia (Roman, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew girl name) – “Sun,” “sunlight,” “sunshine,” “going up,” or “ascender” 




Sun-Themed Names For Your Baby Boy

  • Cyrus (Persian boy name) – “Sun”; also means “throne”


  • Sol (Spanish and Hebrew unisex name) – Hispanic name that means “the sun”


Hippie Names Inspired By Celestial Bodies

  • Aster (Greek gender-neutral name) – “Star”; also a flower name


  • Jupiter (Latin boy name) – “Largest planet in the solar system”; also a mythical name meaning “sky god” or “supreme god” after the Roman king of the gods


  • Nova (Latin girl name) – “New”; associated with the “supernova” (powerful and bright star explosion)


Gender-Based Hippie Baby Names

Hippie Boy Names For Cool Babies

  • Calyx (Latin boy name) – “Chalice”; cup-shaped part of the plant


  • Dean (English boy name) – “Valley” or “leader”


  • Fletcher (English boy name) – “Arrow maker”


  • Heath (Old English) – “Land of heather and grass,” “the heathland dweller,” or “one who lives by the moor”


  • Henley (Old English boy name) – “High meadow” 


  • Pine (English boy name) – “Pine tree” or “evergreen tree”


  • Scout (Old French and American unisex name) – “To listen”


Fun & Hippie Girl Names

  • Fauna (Latin girl name) – “Young deer”; also a Disney name after one of the fairies in “Sleeping Beauty
  • Ginger (English girl name) – “Ginger root” but can also mean “pure,” “chaste,” or “virginal”; after Ginger Spice of the English girl group “Spice Girls


Nonbinary & Gender-Neutral Hippie Names

  • Arrow (Old English unisex name) – “Projectile fired from a bow”


  • Hayden (Old English unisex name) – “Hayfield”


Hippie Baby Names By Era

Hippie Baby Names From The 1960s

  • Adler (Old English boy name) – “Hawk” or “eagle”


  • Atticus (Greek boy name) – “Man from Attica (a town in Greece)”


  • Beau (French boy name) – “Handsome”; also a pet name for boys meaning “sweetheart”


  • Bertie (German unisex name) – “Noble,” “bright,” “intelligent,” or “glorious raven”


  • Bowie (Scottish boy name) – “Fair-haired” or “blonde and yellow-haired”; after 60s rock legend David Bowie


  • Daisy (Old English girl name) – Beautiful name meaning “day’s eye” because its petals are only open during daytime


  • Hendrix (Old German boy name) – “Ruler of the home”; after American guitarist and 60s rock legend Jimi Hendrix


  • Leopold (Greek and Latin boy name) – “Lion”


  • Ripley (Old English gender-neutral name) – “Strip of land by the clearing” or “noisy meadow”


What Are Hippie Names For The 70s?

  • Acton (French boy name) – “Village with oak trees”


  • Auden (Old English boy name) – “Old friend”


  • Beckett (English and Anglo-Saxon boy name) – “Dweller by the brook,” “little brook,” or “beehive”


  • Declan (Irish boy name) – “Full of goodness”


  • Rawley (Old English boy name) – “Roe deer meadow” or “red clearing”


  • Sonny (English boy name) – “Son”


Other Classic & Vintage Hippie Names

  • August (Latin boy name) – Month name that also means “magnificent” or “great”


  • Booker (English unisex name) – “Scribe” or “bookbinder”


  • Reece (Welsh unisex name) – “River,” “stream,” “enthusiasm,” “ardent,” or “fiery”


  • Ryder (English boy name) – Tough name meaning “mountain warrior” or “horseman”


  • Soren (Danish and Scandinavian boy name) – Badass boy name meaning “thunder” or “stern”


Modern & Cool Hippie Names

  • Ace (Latin and American boy name) – One-syllable boy name that means “unity,” “the best,” or “first”


  • Buzz (American boy name) – “Sound of bees” or “village in the woods”; after Disney-Pixar character Buzz Lightyear in the “Toy Story” franchise


  • Dasher (English boy name) – “One who is fast” or “charming one”


  • Dusty (English boy name) – “Light dirt,” “brave warrior,” “brave soldier,” or “Thor’s stone”


  • Keegan (Irish boy name) – “Fiery one”


  • Maverick (American gender-neutral name) – “Nonconformist” or “independent”


  • Moe (Hebrew and Latin boy name) – “Savior” or “to love”


  • Morven (Scottish boy name) – “Child of the sea,” “lives by the sea,” or “big peak”


  • Nash (English boy name) – “Dweller by the ash tree”


  • Steel (English nonbinary name) – “Type of metal made of carbon and iron” or “like steel”


Exotic Hippie Names From Around The World

Hawaiian Baby Names


  • Kael (Hawaiian and Irish boy name) – “Freeman” or “thin and slender”



  • Kilo (Hawaiian boy name) – “Daydreamer” or “one who observes the stars”


Italian Baby Names

  • Kiara (Italian, Irish, Aboriginal, and Korean girl name) – “Bright,” “light,” “kind,” “white cockatoo,” or “the first ray of sun”


  • Stella (Italian and Latin girl name) – “Celestial star”


Latin Baby Names

  • Arden (Latin and Celtic girl name) – “Great forest,” “high valley,” or “from the valley of eagles”


  • Oriana (Latin girl name) – “Dawn” or “golden sunrise”


  • Felix (Latin boy name) – “Lucky” or “happy”


  • Lupin (Latin boy name) – “Wolf”


Spanish Baby Names

  • Crisanta (Spanish and Greek girl name) – Beautiful name that means “golden flower”; variant of “Chrysanthemum”


  • Nina (Spanish and Hebrew girl name) – “Little girl” or a name that means “gracious” and “full of grace”


Arabic Baby Names

  • Inara (Arabic girl name) – “Heaven-sent” or “ray of light”


  • Tariq (Arabic boy name) – “Morning star’”


German Baby Names


  • Jetta (English and German girl name) – “Shiny, jet black color stone” or “a stone from Gagai (an ancient city)”


  • Rosalie (German, Latin, French, and Dutch girl name) – “A rose flower”


  • Rosen (German and Bulgarian boy name) – Name that means “Rose” or “burning bush”


  • Stefan (German boy name) – “Garland” or “crown”


Irish Baby Names

  • Quinn (Irish gender-neutral name) – “Sense,” “reason,” “sense,” or “chief”


  • Ronan (Irish boy name) – “Little seal”; after Irish singer Ronan Keating


  • Rowan (Irish and English unisex name) – “Rowan tree” or “red-haired”; after EnglishMr. Bean” actor Rowan Atkinson


  • Tag (Irish boy name) – “Handsome”


French Baby Names

  • Lyle (Old French, English, and Scottish boy name) – “From the island”


  • Montel (French boy name) – “Mountain” or “pointed hill”


  • Percy (French and Latin boy name) – “One who pierces the valley” or “Pierce Valley”; after the main character in “Percy Jackson & the Olympians


  • Pierre (French boy name) – “Rock”; variant of the biblical boy name “Peter”


  • Remy (French and Latin boy name) – “Oarsmen”


  • Russell (French, Slavic, and German boy name) – “Little red one” or “fox-colored”


  • Sylvan (French boy name) – “Of the forest” or “wild forest”


Scandinavian & Old Norse Baby Names

  • Bjorn (Scandinavian boy name) – “Bear”


  • Roscoe (Old Norse and Old German boy name) – “Deer forest” or “deer wood”


Celtic & Welsh Baby Names

  • Blayne (Celtic boy name) – “Slender” or “angular”


  • Dylan (Welsh boy name) – “Born from the ocean” or “son of the sea”


Russian Baby Names


  • Tiana (Russian girl name) – “Fairy queen”; also a black girl name and Disney princess name (she’s officially considered as Disney’s first black princess, though she wasn’t born in a royal family but only became a princess after she married Prince Naveen in “The Princess and the Frog”)


Hippie Names From Pop Culture & Literature

  • Astro (Greek and Latin boy name) – “Of the stars”; after the main character in the sci-fi movie “Astro Boy


  • Blossom (English girl name) – “Flower blossom” or “to bloom”; after one of the main characters in “Powerpuff Girls


  • Ella (German, Hebrew, and English girl name) – “Beautiful fairy woman”; also a fantasy girl name after the main character in “Ella Enchanted


  • Fiona (Irish girl name) – “Vine” but can also mean “fair” or “white”; also a badass girl name after the princess in “Shrek” who chose to remain in her ogre persona to be with her one true love


  • Heather (English girl name) – Nature name that means “flowering evergreen plant”; also after a character in “DreamWorks Dragons,” the spin-off TV series based on “How to Train Your Dragon


  • Huckleberry (American, English, and German boy name) – “Sweet” or “bog”; the main character of the novel “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


  • Logan (Scottish boy name) – “Small hallow” or “little hollow”; after the real name of the Wolverine in “X-Men


  • Oz (Celtic and English boy name) – “Lover of deers,” “deer friend,” “powerful,” “courageous,” or “strength” (Hebrew); after the main character in the fantasy adventure movie “Oz the Great and Powerful


  • Poppy (Latin and Old English girl name) – “Red flower”; after the bubbly princess in the animated movie “Trolls


  • Riley (Irish and English unisex name) – “Rye meadow,” “courageous,” or “valiant”; main character in the Disney/Pixar animated film “Inside Out


Celebrity-Inspired Hippie Baby Names

  • Brooke (Old English and German unisex name) – “Small stream,” “running water,” or “from the running stream”; after American actress Brooke Shields


  • Bruno (Old German boy name) – Earthy color meaning “brown”; after American singer Bruno Mars


  • Channing (French, English, and Irish boy name) – “Young wolf”; after American actor Channing Tatum


  • Ellen (Greek girl name) – “Shining light,” “torch,” or “sun ray”; after American comedian and TV host Ellen DeGeneres


  • Hailey (English girl name) – Nature name meaning “hay’s meadow”; after American model Hailey Bieber (wife of Canadian singer Justin Bieber)


  • Lionel (French and Latin boy name) – “The little lion”’; after American singer-songwriter Lionel Richie and Argentine professional footballer Lionel Messi


  • Maddox (Old English boy name) – “Fortunate” or “son of Madoc”; after young actor Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt (the son of former Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)


  • Serena (Latin girl name) – “Serene,” “calm,” or “peaceful”; after American tennis player Serena Williams


Mythical Names For Your Free-Spirited Baby

  • Callista (Greek female name) – “Most beautiful”; after a beautiful woman in Greek mythology


  • Daphne (Greek girl name) – “Bay tree” or “laurel tree”; after the nymph turned by her father into a bay tree to help her escape Apollo’s romantic pursuits


  • Eros (Greek boy name) – “Love,” “desire,” or “passion”; after the Greek god of love and sexual affection


  • Flora (Latin girl name) – Word name meaning “flower”; after the Roman goddess of flowers & spring or one of the fairies in the Disney princess movie “Sleeping Beauty


  • Gaia (Greek girl name) – “Mother Earth”; after the Greek goddess of the earth


  • Raiden (Japanese name for boys) – God of thunder and lightning


  • Selena (Greek girl name) – “Moon”; after the Greek goddess of the moon


  • Thor (Old Norse and Scandinavian boy name) – Norse god of thunder


Magical Hippie Names

  • Ambrose (Greek boy name) – “Divine,” “immortal,” or “food of the gods


  • Avery (English and French unisex name) – “Ruler of the elves” 


  • Drake (English and Old Norse boy name) – “Dragon”; also a celebrity name after Canadian rapper Drake


  • Faye (English, French, and Gaelic girl name) – Flower name or “raven”; also a magical name meaning “fairy”


  • Griffin (Latin boy name) – Mythical creature; also means “strong lord”


  • Phoenix (Greek nonbinary name) – Mystical name after the immortal bird that bursts into flame as it dies, then resurrects from its ashes; can also mean “purple-red” or “crimson red” 


  • Ryu (Japanese boy name) – “Dragon”


Lovely Middle Names For Hippies

  • Breeze (English nonbinary name) – “Gentle wind”



  • Crystal (Greek girl name) – “Gemstone” or “clear, brilliant glass”


  • Freesia (Latin girl name) – “Freese’s flower” (after plant enthusiast Dr. Friedrich Freese)


  • Holly (Old English girl name) – “Holly tree,” “clearing by the hollow,” or “plant with red berries”


  • River (English nonbinary name) – “Flowing water”


Biblical Bohemian Names

  • Asher (Hebrew boy name) – “Blessed,” “happy,” or “fortunate”; after one of Jacob’s sons and also among the patriarchs of Israel’s 12 tribes 


  • Eden (Hebrew girl name) – “Paradise,” “place of pleasure,” or “delight”; biblical place name after the garden that God made for his first creations, Adam and Eve


  • Ezekiel (Hebrew boy name) – “God will strengthen”; prophet in the Old Testament


  • Ezra (Hebrew boy name) – “Helper” or “help”; another Old Testament prophet


  • Jonah (Hebrew boy name) – “Dove” or “pigeon”; prophet in the Old Testament swallowed by a whale after disobeying God (but he made it out alive and finally did what God had asked him to do)


  • Levi (Hebrew boy name) – “Attached” or “joining”; one of Jacob’s 12 sons


  • Noah (Hebrew boy name) – “Restful” or “repose”


Zodiac-Inspired & Astrological Names

  • Aries 
  • Gemini
  • Taurus


Hippie & Boho Baby Names From A To Z

Hippie Names Starting With A

  • Archer (English boy name) – “Bowman”


  • Arlo (Old English and Anglo-Saxon boy name) – Warrior name meaning “little soldier,” “army,” or “fortified hill”; also after the main character in “The Good Dinosaur


  • Ayla (Hebrew and Arabic girl name) – “Oak tree,” with the moon,” “moon halo,” or “moonlight”


Hippie Names Starting With B

  • Benji (Hebrew and English boy name) – “Son of my right hand” as a variant of the biblical boy name “Benjamin” (Jacob’s youngest son)


  • Birch (English boy name) – “Birch tree”; can also mean “bright” or “shining”


  • Bodhi (Sanskrit boy name) – “Enlightened” or “awakened”


  • Bridger (Old English unisex name) – “Dweller by the bridge” or “one who makes bridges”


  • Bryce (Scottish boy name) – “Freckled” or “speckled”; also a nature name after Bryce Canyon


  • Bud (English boy name) – “Small plant part that grows into a flower”; also a nickname for “friend” or “brother”


Hippie Names Starting With C

  • Calder (Scottish boy name) – “From the wild waters,” “stream,” or “rough waters”


  • Carver (English and Latin boy name) – “One who carves wood”


  • Callen (Gaelic boy name) – “Rock”; can also mean “brave little battler”


  • Camellia (Latin girl name) – Flower name meaning “Kamel’s flower” (after Georg Kamel, a 17th-century botanist); also means “young and virginal” or “helper to the priest” 


  • Cane (English and Hebrew unisex name) – “Stalk of sugar” or “acquired”


  • Corwin (Gaelic boy name) – “Companion” or “heart’s friend”


  • Cullen (Irish boy name) – “Handsome lad” or “holly tree”; the last name of a vampire family in the fantasy series “Twilight


Hippie Names Starting With D

  • Dahlia (Swedish, German, Scandinavian, and Latin girl name) – “Dahl’s flower” (after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl); also means “she who clings lovingly” or “valley” 


  • Dash (English boy name) – “Fast,” “quick,” “dashing and handsome,” or “from the ash tree”


Hippie Names Starting With E

  • Echo (Latin and Greek unisex name) – “Reflected sound”


  • Emmett (German, English, and Hebrew boy name) – “Truth,” “universal,” or “ant”


  • Everest (German and English boy name) – “Courageous like a boar” or “dweller on the Eure River (in France)”; after the tallest mountain in the world


Hippie Names Starting With F


  • Ferris (Irish and Latin boy name) – “Man of iron” or “rock”


  • Fielder (English boy name) – “Dweller in the open country or field”


  • Finley (Gaelic boy name) – “Fair-haired courageous one”; also spelled as “Fynley”


  • Fleur (Old French girl name) – Word name that means “flower”; after a beautiful character in the “Harry Potter” series


  • Flint (Old English boy name) – “Stream” or “flintstone (a stone that can spark a fire)”


Hippie Names Starting With G

  • Gardenia (English girl name) – Flower name meaning “Garden’s flower” (after Scottish botanist Dr. Alexander Garden)


  • Gardner (English boy name) – “Keeper of the garden”


  • Garnet (Middle English and French boy name) – “Red semi-precious stone,” “pomegranate,” or “keeper of the grain”


  • Greyson (English boy name) – “Son of the gray-haired one”


  • Grover (English boy name) – “Dweller near the grove trees”; after former US President Grover Cleveland


Hippie Names Starting With H

  • Harbor (English nonbinary name) – “A safe place from turbulence or storms” or “safe place for ships to dock”


  • Harley (English boy name) – “Meadow in the woods” or “Hare’s meadow”


  • Hart (English boy name) – “Stag,” “brave,” or “strong”


  • Hedley (Old English unisex name) – “Heather meadow”


  • Helena (Greek girl name) – “Bright and shining light”


  • Holden (Old English boy name) – “From the hollow in the valley” or “hollow valley”


  • Hunter (English boy name) – “One who hunts or pursues”


Hippie Names Starting With I

  • Indie (American unisex name) – “Independent”


  • Iris (Greek girl name) – Plant name; also after the Greek goddess of the rainbow


Hippie Names Starting With J

  • Jace (Hebrew boy name) – “To heal” or “healer”


  • Jagger (English and Indian – Hindu boy name) – “Peddler,” “sugar cane,” or “carter (one who cuts)”


  • Jasper (English and Persian boy name) – “Keeper of treasures” or “bringer of treasures”; also a gemstone name


  • Jett (English boy name) – “Black stone”


  • Joplin (English unisex name) – “Son of Job” or “child of Job”


  • Julian (Latin boy name) – “Youthful,” “young,” or “shiny”


  • Juniper (Latin unisex baby name) – “Juniper tree” or “a plant bearing juniper berries”; can also mean “evergreen” or “forever young” (because it’s an evergreen shrub)


Hippie Names Starting With K

  • Keifer (German boy name) – “Pine tree” or “barrel maker”


  • Keller (Irish and German boy name) – “Cellar” or “winemaker”


  • Kendal (English unisex name) – “Valley of the River Kent” or “royal valley”


  • Kermit (Irish boy name) – “Without envy” or “free man”


  • Kip (Old English boy name) – “Pointed hill”


  • Knox (Scottish boy name) – “Round topped hill” or “from the small hill”


  • Korina (Greek girl name) – “Maiden,” “small girl,” or “strong-willed”


Hippie Names Starting With L

  • Laurel (Latin unisex name) – “Bay or laurel plant” or “laurel wreath”


  • Linden (English boy name) – “Linden,” “made from linwood,” or “limewood”


  • Lola (Spanish girl name) – “Sorrow” after one of the Virgin Mary’s titles (Our Lady of Sorrows); also after Lola Bunny, a Looney Tunes cartoon character


Hippie Names Starting With M

  • Marley (Old English unisex name) – “Pleasant wood” or “from the lake meadow”; after Jamaican singer Bob Marley


  • Mason (English boy name) – “One who works in stone”


  • Meena (Sanskrit girl name) – “Precious stone” or “sea”


  • Mica (Hebrew and Latin unisex name) – “Loved friend” or “‘who is like God?” as a variant of the angel name “Michael”


  • Miles (English boy name) – “Soldier” or “merciful”


  • Miller (Old English boy name) – “Grinder of grain”


  • Moss (English boy name) – Grass-like plants that grow in wet or damp areas


  • Myrtle (Greek girl name) – “Evergreen shrub” or “myrtle plant”


Hippie Names Starting with N

  • Nate (Hebrew boy name) – “Gift of God” or “God has given”


  • Nilan (Tamil – Indian boy name) – “Handsome” or “moon”


  • Niles (English boy name) – “Cloud,” “son of Neil,” or a river name after the Nile River in Egypt


Hippie Names Starting With O

  • Oberon (German boy name) – “Bearlike” or “noble”


  • Orson (Latin boy name) – “Bear cub”


  • Oscar (English boy name) – “Deer lover,” “God spear,” or “champion warrior”


Hippie Names Starting With P

  • Parker (Old English boy name) – “Park keeper”


  • Pip (English and Greek boy name) – Short boy name meaning “lover of horses”


  • Presley (English boy name) – “Priest’s meadow”; after Elvis Presley, the King of Rock


  • Preston (Old English boy name) – “Priest’s village” or “priest’s estate”


Hippie Names Starting With Q

  • Quentin (Latin boy name) – “The fifth”


  • Quill (English androgynous name) – “Feather” or “plume”


Hippie Names Starting With R

  • Ranger (English and French boy name) – “Forest guardian”


  • Ravine (English boy name) – “Gulley” or “chasm”


  • Reed (English gender-neutral name) – “Reed (a type of aquatic grass)” or a color name meaning “red” or “red-haired”


  • Reef (English unisex name) – “Marine material near the surface of the sea”; relates to coral reefs


  • Reign (English and American unisex name) – “Rule as king or queen” or “sovereign”


  • Rex (Latin boy name) – “King”


  • Ridley (Old English boy name) – “Cleared wood” or “reed meadow”


  • Rock (German boy name) – Word name meaning “rock” or “stone”; after American actor Dwayne Johnson also known as “The Rock”


  • Ryleigh (Old English and Irish gender-neutral name) – “Rye clearing,” “brave,” or “courageous”


Hippie Names Starting With S

  • Saffron (English nonbinary name) – Spice and plant name; also means “yellow flower”


  • Sage (Latin gender-neutral name) – “Healthy” or “wise”


  • Sayer (Welsh boy name) – “Wood worker” or “craftsman”


  • Sequoia (Native American gender-neutral name) – “Giant redwood tree” or “sparrow”


  • Shaw (English boy name) – “Dweller by the woods”


  • Shay (Hebrew and Irish unisex name) – “Gift” or “stately”


  • Silas (Greek boy name) – “Woods,” “forest,” “prayed for,” or “man of the forest”


  • Slater (English boy name) – “Maker of slates”


  • Sutton (English gender-neutral name) – “One from the southern homestead”


Hippie Names Starting With T

  • Talon (French boy name) – “Claw of a bird of prey”


  • Tanner (English boy name) – “One who works with leather”


  • Taten (English boy name) – “Cheerful” or “just”


  • Terran (English boy name) – “Earthman” or “of the Earth”


  • Thatcher (Old English boy name) – “One who covers the roof in straw”


  • Tia (Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese girl name) – “Goddess,” “godly,” “joy,” or “happiness”


  • Tula (Greek, Hindi, Spanish, Kiswahili – African, Filipino, and Choctaw – Native American girl name) – “Mountain peak,” “leaping water,” “poem,” or “tranquil”


Hippie Names Starting With U

  • Uma (Indian girl name) – “Night” or “tranquility”


  • Uri (Hebrew boy name) – “My light” or “my flame”


Hippie Names Starting With V

  • Vina (Spanish and American girl name) – “Vineyard,” “beloved,” or “friend”


  • Vivianne (French girl name) – “Lively” or “alive”


Hippie Names Starting With W

  • Walden (Welsh and English boy name) – “Wooded valley” or “valley of the Welsh


  • Wesley (Old English boy name) – “From the west meadow”; also after American actor Wesley Snipes


  • Winnie (English unisex girl name) – “Fair one,” “joy and peace,” “holy,” “blessed reconciliation,” or “happiness”; after the main character in “Winnie the Pooh” cartoon series


  • Wyatt (German and Middle English boy name) – “Brave warrior,” “war strength,” or “wood”


Hippie Names Starting With X

  • Xanthippos (Greek boy name) – “Yellow” or “horse”


  • Xhemal (Albanian and Arabic boy name) – “Beauty”


Hippie Names Starting With Y


  • Yekaterina (Russian girl name) – “Innocent and pure”; variant of “Katherine”


  • Yelena (Greek and Russian name for girls) – “Shining light”; variant of “Helen”


Hippie Names Starting With Z

  • Zephyr (Greek boy name) – “West wind”; a Greek god name


  • Zhara (Arabic girl name) – “Flower” or “radiance”


  • Ziggy (German boy name) – “Victory protection” or “victorious protector”


  • Zina (Greek and Russian girl name) – “Shining,” “sunflower,” “life of Zeus (chief of the Greek Olympian gods),” or “beautiful and strong”


More Hippie Baby Names To Consider

Color-Inspired Hippie Baby Names

  • Aurelia (Latin and Roman girl name) – “The golden one” or “gold”


  • Blaine (Gaelic, Scottish, and Irish boy name) – “Yellow”


  • Indigo (Latin unisex name) – “Purple-blue color” or “dye from India”


  • Sienna (Latin girl name) – Earth tone that means “reddish brown” 


  • Violet (Latin girl name) – Flower name that’s also a color name; both mean “purple” or “violet”


Virtue & Word-Themed Hippie Names

  • Creed (American and Latin boy name) – “Belief” or “principle”


  • Darian (English boy name) – “Upholder of the good” or “he who holds firm the good”


  • Deven (French, Indian – Hindi, and Scottish boy name) – “Divine” or “servant of God”; also a nature name that means “of the vines”


  • Honor (Latin unisex name) – Virtue name that means “reputation” or “dignity”


  • Journey (English unisex name) – Word name meaning “trip,” “wanderer,” “experience,” or “dancer”


  • Karma (Sanskrit unisex name) – Word name meaning “destiny” or “fate”


Travel-Themed Boho Names

  • Brent (Old English and Celtic boy name) – “From the steep hill” or “holy one”; after the River Brent, a water body in England


  • Denver (English and French boy name) – “Green valley”; a city in Colorado, USA


  • Georgia (Greek girl name) – “Worker of the earth” or “farmer”; also a US state


  • Vermont (Irish boy name) – “Green mountain”; also a US state


  • Vienna (Latin girl name) – “Forest stream” or “white and fair”; also the capital of Austria and is known as the “City of Music”


Food-Inspired Hippie Baby Names

  • Bran (English boy name) – “Hard layers of grain” or “a broom-covered hill”; after the Celtic god of the underworld


  • Honey (Old English nonbinary name) – “Nectar”; also a favorite pet name for a loved one


Bohemian Name Combos

  • Anna Belle
  • Autumn Rose
  • Chrys Anne
  • Sophia Grace
  • Ruby Jane


Favorite Name Combos For Boys

  • Ashton Bradley
  • Caleb Gregory
  • Darren Oliver
  • Lewis Gerard


Last Names That Also Work As Hippie First Names

  • Beckham (Old English boy name) – “From the Beck homestead” or “a homestead by the stream”; after English football player David Beckham


  • Cash (English boy name) – “Maker of chests” or “hollow”; after American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash


  • Garner (Middle English boy name) – “To gather grain”; after American actress Jennifer Garner


  • Monet (French, Hebrew, and Latin unisex name) – “To be heard”; after French painter Claude Monet


  • Nolan (Irish boy name) – “Champion,” “howler,” or “crier”; after British-American filmmaker Christopher Nolan


  • Sawyer (English boy name) – “Woodcutter”; after the main character in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


  • Sierra (Latin and Spanish unisex name) – “Mountain range”


  • Spencer (Old French boy name) – Occupational name that means “steward”


“Ugly” Meaning Hippie Names You Might Want To Avoid

  • Devland (Irish and Celtic boy name) – “Misfortune”


  • Patson (Latin and Middle English boy name) – “Skull” or “head”



What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Hippie Names?

  • Meanings
  • Spellings
  • Gender
  • Pronunciations
  • Initials


What Negative Associations Are There With Hippie Names?

Sometimes, hippie names might be considered eccentric, leading to bullying. 

For example, “Anima” means “spirit” but might lead to bullying because of its meaning or close spelling to “animal.”


How Do I Make My Baby’s Hippie Name Easier To Pronounce & Spell?

Many hippie names are easily spelled and pronounced because they’re virtue names or linked with nature and other popular names.

Try to avoid creating difficult spelling variations to make unique names so you can keep the easy pronunciation.


How Can I Combine Hippie Names With Conventional Baby Names?

  1. Consider names that don’t have clashing meanings.
  2. Say the combination out loud several times to check how they sound together.
  3. Check for potentially embarrassing combinations or initials.



You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.







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