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Jordan Name Meaning + Origin, Popularity, & Famous Namesakes

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Jordan is a versatile gender-neutral name that’s quite popular, thanks to several celebrities and famous namesakes.

It’s famous even as a last name – think Michael Jordan.

What’s Jordan’s name meaning, origin, and namesakes? Does it also work as a middle name for boys or girls? Find out below.


Information About Jordan

What’s The Origin Of Jordan?

  • Hebrew origin


What’s Jordan’s Name Meaning?

What Does The Name Jordan Mean In The Bible?

Jordan comes from the Hebrew word “yarden” (to flow down). The river got this name because it flows down towards the Dead Sea.

It’s an important biblical name after the Jordan River where Jesus Christ was baptized by his cousin, John the Baptist.


What Does Jordan Mean In Irish?

Jordan is spelled “Siúirtán” as an Irish name, meaning “to flow down.” It can also mean “descender.”

It is believed to have come from the Gaelic name Mac Siúrtáin or Jordan de Cantington, based on early settlers to Ireland and Wales during the Norman invasion.


What Does Jordan Mean In Latin?

Jordan in Latin is spelled “Iordanis” or “Jordanes.” They still have the same meaning as the Hebrew variant.


What Does The Name Jordan Mean For A Girl?

Jordan means “to flow down” (or sometimes “descender”), whether used as a baby girl or boy name.


Jordan Name History: How Long Has Jordan Been Around?

It’s an ancient name that traces its origins back to biblical times but has gained popularity in modern times or beginning in the 20th century.

The name had several variants throughout history and is also linked to the Latin name “Jordanes,” after a 6th-century Gothic historian.



  • jor-dan”
  • jor-dehn”


Is Jordan Also A Last Name?

  • Yes, it can also be used as a family name.


What’s the Gender Of Jordan?

  • Unisex


What’s Jordan’s Symbol?

Due to links with former basketball star Michael Jordan, the name’s symbol is often linked to a basketball.

Since the River Jordan is also a prominent place in the Bible, the name’s symbol can include a river.


Jordan isn’t in the top 10 most popular names in the US based on SSA (Social Security Administration) data. (1)*

*You can also search for other name data using the tools under “Items of Interest” on the SSA’s website:


Jordan Popularity Trend Over The Years

Despite being gender-neutral, Jordan is more popular as a boy name than a girl name.

Although not in the top 10, it has remained within the top 100 most popular boy names in the US since 2000. (1)*



In contrast, it only ranked in the top 100 girl names from 2000 to 2007 but steadily declined in popularity. It now stands at #504 based on the latest SSA data. (1)*



Jordan Popularity In US States

Jordan isn’t in the top 5 favorite names in the US states, according to the SSA’s 2022 data. (2)


FAQs About Jordan Name Meaning

Does Jordan Have A Positive Meaning & Connotation?

Yes. Aside from its biblical links, Jordan is also the name of several celebrities with positive or good reputations (see list below).


Is Jordan A Mythical Name?

No. This unisex name isn’t linked to any god or goddess.


What Does The Biblical Name Jordan Symbolize?

The name can also symbolize spiritual rebirth because Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan.


Jordan Name Variations & Different Spellings

Jordan Girl Name Variations


Jordan Unisex & Boy Name Variations

  • Giordano (Italian boy name)
  • Iordan (Bulgarian)
  • Jeordon
  • Jordaan (Dutch)
  • Jordanes (Ancient Germanic)
  • Jordani
  • Jordanio
  • Jordano
  • Jordann
  • Jorden (American)
  • Jordun
  • Jordenn
  • Jordin (American)
  • Jordon (English boy name)
  • Jourdan
  • Yarad (Hebrew)
  • Yarden (Hebrew)
  • Yordan (Bulgarian)


What Are Nicknames & Diminutives For Jordan?

  • Dan
  • Dani
  • Danny
  • Jojo
  • Jordae 
  • Jordee
  • Jordi
  • Jordie
  • Jordy
  • Jory
  • Jud
  • Judd


Names You Can Pair With Jordan

Middle Names To Pair With Jordan


Suggested Twin Or Sibling Names

Jordan’s Sister Names

  • Abigail
  • Ava
  • Jade
  • Olivia
  • Rebecca


Jordan’s Brother Names


Rhyming Or Similar Names 

  • Aidan
  • Arden
  • Dorian
  • Dylan
  • Jaden
  • Jaiden
  • Kaden
  • Morgan


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Famous Jordan Celebrities & Figures

Boy Jordans

  • Jordan Fisher – American actor
  • Jordan Henderson – English footballer
  • Jordan Klepper – American comedian
  • Jordan KnightAmerican singersongwriter
  • Jordan Luck – Musician from New Zealand
  • Jordan Peele – American comedian
  • Jordan Peterson – Canadian psychologist and social critic
  • Jordan Spieth – American professional golfer


Girl Jordans

  • Jordan Ladd – American actress
  • Jordan Pamela Rooke – English model and actress 
  • Jordan PruittAmerican singersongwriter


Famous Celebrities & Figures With Jordan Name Variations

  • Jordin Sparks – American actress and singer-songwriter 
  • Jordyn Woods – American model


Fictional Characters Named Jordan In Pop Culture & Fiction (Or Variations)

  • Harold “Hal” Jordan – The superhero in “Green Lantern
  • Jordan – Minor character in the animated movie “Inside Out
  • Jordan Baker – Character in “The Great Gatsby
  • Jordan Baxter – Character in “Evan Almighty
  • Jordan Black – Character in the “Millennium” TV series 
  • Jordan Catalano – Character in the “My So-Called Life” TV series
  • Jordan Chase – Character in the “Dexter” TV series
  • Jordan Elliot – Character in the “Beach Music” novel
  • Jordan Garfield – Character in “The Office” sitcom
  • Jordan McDeere – Character in the “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” TV series
  • Jordan Parrish – Charter in the “Teen Wolf” TV series
  • Jordan Sullivan – Character in the “Scrubs” TV series
  • Lee Jordan – The announcer during Quidditch matches in the “Harry Potter” series
  • Sarah Jordan – Character in the sci-fi film “The Island” (she has a clone named Jordan Two Delta)


Celebrities With Jordan As Last Name

  • Louis Jordan – Musician
  • Michael B. Jordan – American actor
  • Michael JordanBasketball player


Celebrities Who Chose Jordan Names For Their Babies

  • Bono
  • Kenny Rogers


Jordan In Songs

  • Goin’ Down Jordan” – by Harry Belafonte
  • “Hold Me Jordan” – by Tara MacLean
  • I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan Alone” – by Johnny Cash
  • Jordan Billie Pets the Wild Horse’s Mane” – by The Blood Brothers
  • Jordan Is A Hard Road To Travel” – by The New Lost City Ramblers
  • The Ballad of Lucy Jordan” – song by Marianne Faithfull


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