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Angel Infant Formula Recall 2022: Everything You Need To Know

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The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) issued a baby formula recall for “Healthy Beauty” Angel Formula, a plant-based infant formula, in January 2022 due to possible health risks. (1)

According to the recall advisory, this baby formula failed to meet proper nutrition and labeling requirements. The FDA added that the company hasn’t submitted pre-market notifications on this product. (1)

What’s Angel Formula, and which lots are included in the recall? What are the possible health risks of using this product, and what should you do if you had purchased this recalled formula? Find out below.

Angel Formula Recall 2022

Failure To Meet Nutrition Requirements

On January 7, 2022, Moor Herbs announced that it’s recalling “Healthy Beauty” Angel Formula (16 fl. oz bottles) for failure to meet several FDA nutrition requirements for infant formulas: (1)

  • FDA tests showed that the product had iron, potassium, and sodium content above the maximum allowed levels.
  • According to the advisory, these higher levels may lead to electrolyte imbalances and/or iron overload.
  • The product lacks vitamin D. A deficiency of this essential nutrient can lead to rickets, a condition characterized by soft or weak bones. (1)


The FDA requires manufacturers to meet the following minimum and maximum levels per 100 kilocalories of baby formulas: (2)

  • Iron: 0.15 to 3.0 mg
  • Potassium: 80 to 200 mg
  • Sodium: 20 to 60 mg


The FDA recall advisory didn’t indicate the values of their test results. Also, the product packaging doesn’t indicate any nutritional value section.

Failure To Meet Labeling Requirements

Aside from these potential safety concerns, the product didn’t also meet the FDA’s labeling requirements for the following: (1)

  • This infant formula doesn’t have a UPC (Universal Product Code).
  • The packaging doesn’t indicate the product’s manufacturing lot codes.

Failure To Meet Pre-Market Notifications

The FDA also points out that they haven’t received pre-market notifications from the company. (3)

Note that the FDA doesn’t actually need to approve infant formulas before the manufacturer can start marketing them. However, all formula manufacturers must submit pre-market notifications to the FDA. (4)

What To Do

The company began formulating and shipping this infant formula in February 2019.

The products were sold through and its retail store in Detroit, Michigan.

According to the recall advisory, all “Healthy Beauty” Angel Formula products sold and distributed by the company are recalled.

The FDA warns parents and caregivers to stop giving this formula to their children immediately. They can choose to throw the products away or call the company for a refund.

Affected customers can call 313-583-9709 for assistance.

The FDA hasn’t received reports of any injuries or illnesses as of press time. But parents are reminded to contact their health care provider or pediatrician for concerns about their child’s health, especially if they’ve been using the formula for a long time.

What Is “Healthy Beauty” Angel Formula?

This little-known baby formula is manufactured and sold by Moor Herbs, a company based in Detroit, Michigan.

The company claims that this plant-based formula can:

  • Promote regular bowel movements
  • Prevent foul-odor stools
  • Prevent white film development on your baby’s tongue

This infant formula reportedly has the following ingredients:

  • Organic bladderwrack seaweed
  • Organic Irish moss seaweed
  • Organic moringa leaf
  • Organic alfalfa leaf
  • Organic lucuma fruit
  • Organic baobab fruit
  • Organic canary seed
  • Organic flax seed

Formula & Baby Food Recalls

Recalled formulas can pose a danger to your child’s health, especially those recalled due to safety issues. That’s why it’s important to monitor infant formula recalls:

The same also applies to baby food recalls:






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