Is There An Itzy Ritzy Pacifier Recall? No, But Here’s What You Should Know

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The Itzy Ritzy Sweetie Soother is one of the 12 best pacifiers we recommend for breastfeeding babies.

Because your little one’s safety is our primary concern, we researched whether there have been safety recalls of Itzy Ritzy pacifiers and similar products.

What baby pacifiers have been recalled? Are pacifiers a choking hazard? Are recalled pacifiers safe to use? Find out below.

Itzy Ritzy Pacifier Recall

Here’s some good news, mama: there has been no product recalls for Itzy Ritzy pacifiers.

Safety With Baby Pacifiers

  • Choose BPA-free (bisphenol-A) pacifiers also free from other toxic chemicals such as phthalates, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and heavy metals.
  • Hypoallergenic pacifiers made of food-grade silicone can be better than rubber or latex ones because some babies might have allergic reactions to latex.
  • Regularly check for news on pacifier recalls.
  • Always check the pacifier for possible safety risks (e.g., damaged sections that can break away, becoming choking risks) before giving it to your baby.
  • Take extra precautions with teething babies who are more likely to chew off pieces from the pacifier, causing choking risks.
  • Use pacifier clips that meet safety standards to keep the pacifier from falling to the ground.
  • Don’t attach pacifiers to your baby’s clothes, stroller, or crib using strings, cords, or other materials that can become strangulation risks.


Were Frigg Pacifiers Recalled?

Frigg silicone pacifiers were recalled by Mushie & Co, LLC on January 19, 2022, for issues with safety standards, according to the recall notice issued by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission). (1)

A slit in the base of the silicone nipple can cause it to detach from the pacifier shield, becoming a choking hazard. (1)

These recalled pacifiers were made in Denmark and sold in the U.S. through online retailers like Mushie & Co, SpearmintLOVE, TJ Maxx, Amazon, and Lil’ Tulips.

For full refund or store credit, you need to cut the silicone nipple from the plastic shield, then send photos to Mushie & Co. You can find more information from

Are The Frigg Natural Rubber Pacifiers Safe?

The 2022 recall above only involves Frigg silicone pacifiers; their natural rubber pacifiers weren’t included. They can be safe to use as long as your baby doesn’t have latex or rubber allergies. (1)

Are Mushie Pacifiers Safe?

The products known as Mushie pacifiers are actually Frigg pacifiers. These products are manufactured in Denmark and sold in the U.S. through Mushie & Co, leading to some confusion with the name.

As explained above, Mushie or Frigg natural rubber pacifiers can be safe for use by babies who don’t have latex or rubber allergies. Only the silicone pacifiers were recalled.

What Pacifiers Have Been Recalled?

The following pacifiers have been recalled:

What Pacifiers Are Being Recalled?

As of August 2022, there are no new recall notices for pacifiers, but Frigg and BIBS pacifiers mentioned above still have an active safety alert.

Stop using any of these recalled pacifiers, and contact their brand websites or retail outlet for store credit or a full refund.

Are Recalled Pacifiers Safe To Use?

No. Never let your baby use recalled pacifiers, even if they look alright or are unused in their original packaging.

Products like the recalled Frigg pacifier can become a choking hazard, putting your little one at serious risk for injury or even death.

Are Pacifiers A Choking Hazard?

Pacifiers can become a choking hazard if:

  • Design flaws could lead to the pacifier breaking apart
  • Your teething baby chews through and removes sections from the nipples
  • Old pacifiers damaged through wear and tear might have broken sections

What Are The Other Names For Baby Pacifiers?

Pacifiers are also known as:

  • Binky
  • Soothie
  • Paci
  • Dummy

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