What You Need To Know About The BIBS Pacifier Recall (Australia)

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BIBS Pacifier Recall 2022

As of writing, there haven’t been any recalls for BIBS pacifiers in 2022.

Have there been any BIBS pacifiers recalled in previous years? If yes, what happened, were there any injuries reported regarding the recalled products, and what should you do if you have these items?

Continue reading to find out.

BIBS Pacifier Recall 2019

In 2019, some BIBS pacifiers were recalled by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) over possible choking and strangulation risks due to the lack of required warning labels. (1)

What Pacifiers Were Recalled?

The ACCC issued two recalls on BIBS pacifiers in Australia in 2019:

  • 3 little birds BIBS baby dummies (pacifiers) in January
  • Chubby Gumz BIBS baby dummies (pacifiers) in November


Continue reading to learn more about each BIBS pacifier recall.

3 Little Birds BIBS Pacifier Recall Information

In January 2019, the ACCC recalled 3 Little Birds BIBS pacifiers, also identified as BIBS dummies, for failure to comply with the safety regulations regarding pacifier packaging. (1)(2)

These pacifiers were sold in Australia from May 1, 2018, to December 22, 2018. (1)

Although the products don’t have safety issues, 3 Little Birds (the supplier) failed to put the safety warnings in their packaging. (1)

According to the recall advisory, all pacifiers must be sold with a safety warning about their possible safety risks so they can be used correctly, reducing the risks of choking and strangulation. (1)(2)

The recall notice shared the proper safety warnings that retailers should place on pacifier packaging because mislabeled products could pose a risk to infants and young children: (1)(2)

Choking Hazard

Products should be inspected for any signs of weakness or damage because the nipple or small pieces could detach from the base of the pacifier and get lodged in your baby’s throat. (2)

The loose pieces could pose a choking risk.

Strangulation Hazard

Don’t use ribbons or cords to attach the pacifier to your child’s clothing because this could pose a strangulation risk when these wrap around their neck. (2)

Injuries Or Incidents Reported

The recall notice didn’t indicate any injuries or incidents relating to these recalled BIBS pacifiers. (2)

Chubby Gumz BIBS Pacifier Recall Information

In November 2019, the ACCC issued a similar recall against pacifiers identified as Chubby Gumz BIBS. These are BIBS pacifiers sold by supplier Chubby Gumz through eBay seller monyousse0. (3)

The products are the same as the 3 Little Birds BIBS pacifiers recalled in January for the same reasons (failure to put safety warnings in the packaging). However, these items were sold from November 1, 2018, to September 19, 2019. (3)

What To Do If You Have Recalled BIBS Pacifiers

Are BIBS Pacifiers Safe?

Yes. The pacifiers are safe and don’t pose an immediate safety risk unless used improperly, attached to ribbons or cords, and not inspected before giving to your baby.

How To Get Your Refund

Affected consumers don’t need to return the recalled pacifiers for a refund.

Instead, the ACCC advised them to stop using the single pacifiers and contact the supplier for a copy of the safety warning before letting their babies use these products again:

  • 3 little birds BIBS baby dummies (pacifiers) – [email protected]
  • Chubby Gumz BIBS baby dummies (pacifiers) – [email protected] or eBay seller monyousse0 using eBay’s message center

Can Your Baby Still Use The Recalled BIBS Pacifiers If They Look Okay?

Yes. Your baby can use these recalled pacifiers as long as you read the safety warnings above (and the updated note sent by your supplier) to reduce the strangulation and choking risks.

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Do BIBS Pacifiers Cause Dental Issues?

On its official website, BIBS World admits that its pacifiers, like any other pacifier, can cause dental issues. However, the brand points out that this only applies to long-term use.

BIBS advises parents to wean their babies from pacifiers before the age of three, when their permanent teeth start to grow, so their alignment can be normalized.

How Often Should You Replace BIBS Pacifiers?

BIBS recommends replacing your baby’s pacifiers every four to six weeks for safety and hygienic reasons.

It’s also good to always check for possible damages or signs of weakness, especially if your baby is teething or already has teeth.

What’s The Difference Between BIBS And Frigg?

Their styles are similar, but Frigg has a longer nipple, while BIBS has a smaller one.

These two brands are often mistaken to be the same because of their similarities. BIBS filed a copyright claim against Frigg for allegedly copying their design. (4)

In the preliminary hearing, the court ruled that the designs are commercially identical, including the color options, oval handle with an engraved logo, and simple shield with a notch. (4)

Other Pacifier Recalls

Mushie & Co Recall: Are Mushie Pacifiers Safe?

Mushie & Co, LLC recalled Mushie silicone pacifiers, also known as Frigg silicone pacifiers, on January 19, 2022, due to issues with their safety standards, according to the product recall notice posted by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission). (5)

FRIGG Production ApS / FB Trading ApS of Denmark makes these products sold by Mushie & Co.

The urgent recall was issued because a slit in the base of the silicone nipple could make the two parts separate. The silicone nipple detaching from the plastic shield of the pacifier can pose a potential choking hazard. (5)

Only the classic and daisy designs of the silicone baby pacifiers are included in this recall. The natural rubber options aren’t recalled and are still available on Mushie & Co’s website.

According to the recall alert, these pacifiers were sold in the U.S. through retailers like Mushie & Co, SpearmintLOVE, Olivia & Jade Company Stores, TJ Maxx, Amazon, and Lil’ Tulips. (5)

For store credits or a full refund, you have to cut the nipple from the plastic shield and send an email to [email protected] with a photo of the detached parts.

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Other Recalled Pacifiers

More information about other possibly recalled pacifiers:








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