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Robert Name Meaning + Popularity & Similar German Boy Names 

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The name Robert is among the classic boy names that tend to command a certain level of formality, authority, and power. 

This popular German boy name has been attributed to several royals, significant historical figures, notable individuals, and even saints. 

In this article, you’ll learn why the name Robert has withstood the test of time as a popular baby boy name.


Information About Robert

Meaning Of The Name Robert & Origin

How Did Robert Get His Name?

It’s a combination of two Germanic words: 


These form the Germanic name Hrodebert, meaning “bright fame” or “shining glory.”


Origin & Nationality


*“Germanic” refers to a group of languages that also includes Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English, Dutch, and Icelandic; German is a West Germanic language 



What is the Old English Meaning of Robert?
  • An Old English boy name meaning “bright fame
What Is The German & Teutonic Meaning Of Robert? 
  • “Hrodebert” meaning “bright fame


What Is The Scottish Meaning Of Robert?
  • “Bright”
  • “Famed”
  • “Glory bright”
  • “Shining with glory”


Spanish Boy Name Meaning
  • “Bright flame” (spelled as “Roberto”)


French Boy Name Meaning
  • “Shining glory”
  • “Bright honor”


American Meaning
  • Bright fame
  • “Shining glory”


Shakespearean Meaning
  • Characters Sir Robert Faulconbridge and his son, Robert Faulconbridge, in Shakespeare’s “King John” play


What Does The Name Robert Mean Biblically?

While the name Robert doesn’t appear in the Bible, it can symbolically mean someone who leads people to God’s covenant. 

It’s because Robert is a derivative of the Hebrew words “rosh,” meaning “head” or “leader,” and “berith,” which means “covenant.” (1) 


Robert Name History: How Long Has Robert Been Around?

While the name Robert had occasionally been used in Anglo-Saxon England before the 1066 Norman Conquest, the Normans made the name widely popular in England as a royal name. (2)

Meanwhile, Robert as a family name was traced in the US, UK, Scotland, and Canada starting in the 1840s. (2)


What Is Robert In Different Languages?

  • Roberto (Italian boy name)
  • Robertson (English
  • Ruprecht (German)
  • Robrecht (Dutch
  • Hrodebert (Ancient Germanic


Robert’s Name Pronunciation 

  • “raw-behrt”


Number Of Letters

  • 6 letters


Number Of Syllables

  • Two syllables


What’s The Gender Of Robert’s Name?

The name Robert is often given to boys.


What Does The Name Robert Symbolize?

Because of its meaning of “bright fame,” the name may symbolize someone notable, respected, and honored. 

This can also symbolize an inspiring person.


Robert As A Last Name

  • Usually spelled “Roberts” (as in American actress “Julia Roberts”)


Popularity Of The Last Name Robert Or Roberts

“Robert” isn’t a popular last name. According to Forebears, it ranks #1,770 for last names in the US. (see image below) (9)



The spelling variant “Roberts” (with an “s”) is more popular and ranks #43 in the US for last names. (see image below) (10)



Last Names Of Robert’s Descendants

  • Robertson (also an English boy name that means “son of Robert”)
  • Robertson ( also a Norwegian name that means “son of Robert”)


Robert’s Popularity Trend Over The Years

According to SSA (Social Security Administration), the name Robert has been losing popularity over the years. However, it remains among the top 100 Most Popular Names. (3)

*You can also search for other name data using the tools under “Items of Interest” on the SSA’s website:



Robert’s Popularity In The US 

  • #84 in SSA’s 2022 Most Popular Names 


  • The US
  • All over Europe and other English-speaking countries


In the US, interest in “Robert” has been highest in these areas the past 12 months: (11)




FAQs About Robert’s Name Meaning

Does Robert Have A Positive Meaning & Connotation?

Definitely! The name Robert may be attributed to someone esteemed and highly respected. It’s a great name choice for a future leader.  


What Is The Style Of The Name Robert?

It sounds formal, vintage, and a classic name for boys.


What Might People Think About The Name Robert?

For literary lovers, the author Robert Frost could easily come to their mind. Meanwhile, Hollywood enthusiasts would remember the actor Robert De Niro.

Personalities that people might associate with Robert:

  • Independent
  • Strong
  • Serious
  • Wholesome
  • Mature
  • Dependable
  • Fun


What Name Means A Gift From God?

While Robert doesn’t translate to “Gift From God,” other popular names attributed to the meaning are:

  • Dorothea
  • Dorothy
  • Theodore 
  • Theodora


Personality & Character Of The Name Robert

The archetype of Robert could be someone wise, intelligent, and a natural leader.


What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Robert?

The name Robert could mean nobility, fame, leadership, and honor.


Is Robert A Royal Name?

Yes! Robert was a popular royal name, particularly Kings of Scotland, during the Middle Ages. Here are some royals named Robert in history:

  • King Robert I or Robert the Bruce (1306 – 1329) – The King of Scots in the 14th Century who fought against Edward I of England for Scottish independence. (4)
  • King Robert II of Scotland (1371 – 1390) – He took the surname Steward and started the Royal House of Stewart. (5)
  • King Robert III of Scotland (1390 – 1406) – The eldest son of King Robert II, who became physically disabled following a horse riding accident. (6)
  • Prince Robert d’Orléan of France (1840 – 1910) – He served as a French army officer during the American Civil War (7)
  • Robert I, Duke of Normandy (1027 -1035) – Regarded a strong ruler, he was known as Robert the Magnificent or the Devil (8)


Why Do Parents Choose The Name Robert For Their Child?

Many parents tend to choose the name Robert because it sounds formal and classic.


Robert Name Usage & Variations

Spelling In Script


Robert Boy Name Variations

  • Hrodebert 
  • Hrodpreht
  • Roberto
  • Robertson
  • Robrecht 
  • Roopertti
  • Rupert
  • Ruprecht


Robert Unisex & Girl Name Variations


What Are Nicknames And Diminutives For Robert?

  • Bert
  • Bob 
  • Bobbie 
  • Bobby
  • Rob
  • Robbie 
  • Robby 
  • Robin 


Names You Can Pair With Robert

Middle Names For Boys To Pair With Robert

  • Alexis
  • Benjamin
  • Bruce
  • Charles
  • David
  • Jacob
  • John
  • Nathaniel
  • Sebastian
  • William
  • Xavier


Suggested Twin Or Sibling Names

Robert’s Sister’s Names


Robert’s Brother’s Names

  • Alfonso
  • Jeremy
  • Matthew
  • Owen
  • Richard


Rhyming Or Similar Names

  • Adelbert
  • Albert
  • Herbert
  • Cobert
  • Wilbert
  • Colbert
  • Lambert


For Boys

  • Alexander (Defender of mankind)
  • Albrecht (Noble, famous, and bright)
  • Adelbert (Noble and bright)
  • Alaric (Noble ruler)
  • Armin (Guardian)
  • Christoph (Bearing Christ)
  • Friedrich (Powerful ruler)


For Girls

  • Adele (Nobility)
  • Ada (Noble)
  • ​​Frieda (Peace-loving)
  • Matilda (Mighty in battle)
  • Irmina (War goddess)


Other Names You Might Also Like

Some of the best boy names:

  • Liam
  • Noah
  • Elijah
  • Henry
  • Roman


Other Last Names To Match Robert & Similar Names

Some last names that might be suitable for Robert and similar choices:

  • Brown
  • Miller
  • Martinez
  • Wilson


Famous Robert / Roberta Celebrities & Figures

Boy Roberts

  • Robert De NiroAmerican Actor
  • Robert Frost – American Poet
  • Robert Downey Jr. – American Actor
  • Robert BurnsScottish Poet
  • Robert PattinsonAmerican actor
  • Robert Plant – Rock singer 
  • Robert Peel – Former British prime minister 
  • Robert RedfordAmerican actor
  • Robert Arthur Kardashian – American TV personality


Girl Robertas

  • Roberta Flack – American singer
  • Roberta Vinci – Italian tennis player
  • Roberta Close – Brazilian fashion model


Fictional Characters Named Robert In Pop Culture & Fiction (Or Variations) 

  • Robert Baratheon – Character in the book “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the TV show Game of Thrones
  • Robert Cohn – Character in Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The Sun Also Rises”
  • Robert Langdon – Character in Dan Brown’s novel “The Da Vinci Code”


Celebrities With Robert Or Roberts As Last Name

  • American poet Ada Palmer Roberts
  • American recording artist Bob Roberts
  • American wrestler Buddy Roberts
  • American guitarist Darrell Roberts
  • American actress Julia Roberts
  • British science fiction writer Keith Roberts
  • American mystery novel writer Les Roberts
  • American character actor Roy Roberts
  • British actress Veronica Roberts


Celebrities Who Chose Robert’s Name Or Variations For Their Babies

  • Robert F. Kennedy III and Amaryllis Fox (Bobby Kennedy)
  • Robert Godley and Jane Krakowski (Bennett Robert Godley)


Robert’s Name In Songs


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