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Roman Name Meaning + Origins & Similar Ancient-Inspired Names

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Information About Roman

Meaning Of The Name Roman & Origin


  • Latin



  • “Strong and powerful.”
  • Romanus,” meaning people of Rome


Does The Name Roman Have Mythical Or Goddess Origins?

No, but many parents often name their children based on Roman gods and goddesses


What Does The Name Roman Mean In The Bible?

There’s no specific person named Roman in the Bible, but there’s a Book of Romans which tells the Christian doctrine. 


What Does Roman Mean For A Boy

Just like the ancient city of Rome, the archetype of Roman can be strong and resilient.


Roman Name History: How Long Has Roman Been Around?

The name Roman has been around since Ancient Rome when it referred to the citizens of Rome. It can also be traced back to Roman mythology where gods and goddesses were idolized for their powers. Eventually, Roman started becoming popular as a personal name around 27 BC during the reign of Augustus when many citizens wanted to be associated with the progress and development of Rome as an empire. (1) 


Alternative Spelling For The Name Roman

  • Romen
  • Romyn
  • Romain
  • Romulus


Roman’s Name Pronunciation 



Number Of Syllables

Two syllables


Is Roman Also A Family Name?


Yes! In Spain and Italy, there are distinguished families with last names like Roman and Román.


What’s The Gender Of Roman’s Name?

It’s typically a male name.


What Does The Name Roman Symbolize?

The name “Roman” symbolizes strength, power, and authority.


Roman Popularity Trend Over The Years

The name wasn’t as popular in the US as other boy names until 2016 when it entered the top 100 most popular names at #98, according to SSA (Social Security Administration). (2) 

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Roman Popularity In US States

  • #68 in the US male popular name


  • The name Román is popular in Spanish-speaking countries and the name Roman with all its variations (e.g.: Romanus) is a popular Slovak name.


  • Academy Award Director Roman Polanski 
  • The legendary co-founder of Ancient Rome, Romulus 


FAQs About Roman Name Meaning

Does Roman Have A Positive Meaning & Connotation?

Yes! Like the powerful city of Rome, Roman as a personal name sounds strong and powerful. It could be a fitting name for a future leader.


What Is The Style Of The Name Roman?

Roman is an old-fashioned, classic, and versatile baby boy name that has a Spanish vibe, especially if pronounced as Román.


What Do People Think About The Name Roman?

Aside from thinking about the Ancient Roman City, people might think of the name Roman as some passionate lover, similar to Romeo in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. 


Personality And Character Of The Name Roman

A Roman baby could grow into a confident, intuitive, intelligent, and passionate person.


Is Roman An Elegant Name?

Yes! It’s a strong and masculine name that also sounds refined and sophisticated.


Is Roman A Rare Name?

No, but it is not as common as some other names.


Is Roman A Good Name For A Boy?

Definitely! It’s a very masculine name that’s both classic and unique.


Roman Name Variations & Different Spellings

Roman Boy Name Variations

  • Romain 
  • Román
  • Romano
  • Romão
  • Romy
  • Royal
  • Romeu


Roman Girl Name Variations

  • Romana


Roman Unisex Name Variations


What Are Nicknames & Diminutives For Roman’s Name?

  • Manny
  • Ro
  • Ro-Ro
  • Roe
  • Rom
  • Rome
  • Romy
  • Ron
  • Ronny


Names You Can Pair With Roman

Middle Names For Boys To Pair With Roman

  • Anthony
  • Caden 
  • Christopher
  • Elijah
  • James
  • Leroy
  • Ryan
  • William


Suggested Twin Or Sibling Names

Roman’s Brothers Names

Roman’s Sisters Names

  • Abigail
  • Amelia
  • Aelia
  • Ava
  • Eva
  • Gianna (Hebrew origin, also a spiritual name)
  • Isabella
  • Maya
  • Mia
  • Olivia
  • Sophia


Rhyming Or Similar Names 

  • Damian
  • Damon
  • Ethan
  • Logan (Scottish origin, also a hippie name)
  • Nolan
  • Owen
  • Ronan
  • Rowan
  • Simon
  • Solomon


Other Baby Boy Names That Start With R?

  • Raddix
  • Rafa
  • Rafael (Hebrew origin, also a prince name)
  • Remie
  • Ren
  • Ripley
  • River
  • Romilly
  • Ronan
  • Rooney
  • Rory


Famous Roman Celebrities & Figures

Girl Roman

  • Romana Tabak – Slovak politician
  • Romana Tedjakusuma – Tennis player

Boy Roman

  • Roman Abramovich – Russian-Israeli billionaire
  • Romain Duris – Czech actor
  • Roman PolanskiPolish-French film director
  • Roman Reigns – American wrestler
  • Roman the Great –  the first emperor of the Roman Empire
  • Roman Maksimovich Miroshnichenko – Ukrainian jazz guitarist


Fictional Characters Named Roman In Pop Culture & Fiction (Or Variations) 

  • Roman Armitage – Character in the movie “Get Out
  • Roman Bellic – Character in the video game “Grand Theft Auto IV.”
  • Roman Brady – Character in the soap opera “Days of Our Lives
  • Roman DeBeers – Character in the series “Party Down”
  • Roman Nagel – Character in the “Ocean’s Eleven” 
  • Roman Pearce – Character in the movie “The Fast and the Furious”
  • Romulus (Roman) Roy – Character in the TV series “Succession”


Celebrities Who Chose Roman Names For Their Babies

  • Cate Blanchett 
  • Debra Messing


Roman’s Name In Songs


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