Consumer Reports Recommends Recall Of Cosco Kids Activity Centers Over Safety Concerns

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For years, manufacturers and the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) have issued various toy recalls for different reasons, mostly due to safety issues.

As many as 206,400 toy-related injuries have been treated in US hospitals in 2021 alone, according to a CPSC report. (1)

Of these injuries, 37% involved children 4 years old or under. As much as 74% were children 14 years old or younger, while about 69% were children 12 years old or under. (1)

In many recalls, the manufacturer and/or the CPSC issued the notice after receiving reports of injuries or even deaths relating to the products.

But not all brands follow a similar approach to recalling potentially unsafe toys.

Consumer Reports recently recommended for the recall of the Cosco Kids Jump, Spin & Play Activity Center over safety concerns. (2)

According to the American independent, non-profit consumer organization, the toy needs to be recalled due to the following reasons: (2)

  • The toy has low review ratings on the brand’s official website/shop, with several parents reporting that their kids fell off it. Surprisingly, 32 of the 39 reviewers gave the product a 1-star rating. (3)
  • The CPSC (through reportedly received at least four customer reports regarding these products. (4)(5)


As you’ll see, there have been more than several alarming reviews from scared parents whose children were negatively affected by this product. It’s simply unacceptable that a product, let alone one intended for babies to use, is still on the market after so many incidents.


Bad Reviews, Injured Kids



Although the manufacturer describes this toy as “the perfect place to keep your baby entertained,” Consumer Reports is concerned that this might lead to more serious incidents or injuries in young children.

On the brand’s website, some parents reported that the straps detached from the frame or snapped, sending their children crashing to the floor or ground.

The product is designed for bouncing and has no restrictions on any side to keep it from crashing in case the straps break.

An angry reviewer posted on Cosco Kids that their 7-month-old baby fell sideways after one of the bungee cords broke loose. They believe the S-shaped clip that holds the bungee cord in place probably slipped off because they found it beneath the baby.

Thankfully, the baby didn’t completely fall out and hit the floor, but the parent wanted the item recalled. (3)

Another parent posted on the same page that their son went headfirst into the ground after one of the product’s straps broke while he was jumping in it. The child was reportedly alright, but the parent declared the toy unsafe. (3)

While most of the experiences shared by these parents showed that the kids were bouncing around or moving in the activity center, others said that their children were stationary when the incident happened to them.

Another reviewer shared that their 4-month-old son was sitting in the bouncer when one of the straps got unhooked. At the time, the reviewer claimed that the baby wasn’t even bouncing or doing anything that could have made the strap snap. (3)

It was lucky the parent was standing close by when it happened. (3)

On, a parent described how their son “flew” out of the seat and bumped his head just three jumps after they assembled the newly purchased toy. The parent explained that they assembled it as directed. (4)

Another parent also reported a similar incident on the website. According to the product complaint, the family bought the Cosco activity center, and their 4-month-old had actually enjoyed playing in it daily. (5)

However, one side of the activity center suddenly collapsed after a week of use, causing the baby to fall. According to the reviewer, the baby’s legs hit the floor while the body leaned towards the collapsed side. (5)

Thankfully, the baby didn’t show any visible injuries but was reportedly startled by the incident. (5)

Similar reviews have also been posted on Walmart.


Consumer Reports Recommends A Product Recall

Consumer Reports’ safety experts recommend that Cosco Kids Jump, Spin & Play Activity Center should be recalled because of the safety risks it poses to babies. (2)(6)

They have already alerted the CPSC about their concern and received a reply from a representative that they’re looking into the situation. (2)(6)

Although they’ve also informed Cosco’s parent company, Dorel Juvenile, about this concern, Consumer Reports said that the company declined to comment. (2)


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