Jetson Hoverboard Recall (2023) Due To Fire Risks & Two Deaths

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On March 30, 2023, Jetson Electric Bikes LLC and the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) announced the recall of around 53,000 units of Jetson Rogue self-balancing scooters or hoverboards (42-volt) due to fire risks. Two deaths have been linked to these recalled products. (1)(2)

Read about toy-related deaths here.


Did Hoverboards Get Recalled?

Yes. Several hoverboards have been recalled, including one brand in 2023 (the Jetson Hoverboard recall) and others in previous years.

Read on to learn more about this Jetson hoverboard recall. We’ve covered the other hoverboard recalls in our article on recalled toys.


Jetson Hoverboard Recall 2023

Recall Details

According to the recall advisory issued by Jetson Electric Bikes LLC and the CPSC on March 30, 2023, the lithium-ion battery packs in the Jetson Rogue hoverboards or self-balancing scooters can overheat, posing a fire hazard. (1)(2)

A 42-volt Jetson Rogue was reported as the point of origin of a fire that hit a family home on April 1, 2022, in Hellertown, Pennsylvania. (1)(2)

The fire led to the death of the family’s two girls, 10 and 15 years old, while their parents were treated for smoke inhalation injuries. (1)(2)

Aside from these casualties, the CPSC detailed that there have also been multiple reports of these recalled hoverboards melting, sparking, or burning. A number of these reports allegedly involved flames. (1)(2)


What Jetson Hoverboards Are Being Recalled?

This voluntary recall involves the 42-volt version of the Jetson Rogue self-balancing scooters or hoverboards. (1)(2)

These self-balancing products have “Jetson” printed on the top of the footpads and one side of the body. (1)(2)



They also have two wheels and a black platform with light-up hubcaps available in the following colors: (1)(2)

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red


The recalled units were produced from 2018 through 2019 and were sold at the following outlets: (1)(2)

  • Target stores and via – from August 2018 through June 2019 
  • Jetson at – from January 2019 through November 2021 


How Do I Check If My Jetson Hoverboard Is Recalled?

Locate the label on the bottom of your Jetson Rogue hoverboard. (1)(2)

The recalled units have a serial number and a UL certification label (Underwriters Laboratories, a standard for the quality and safety of electrical products). (1)(2)



These units also have a charge port located to the left of the power button and have three pins. According to Jetson, these affected hoverboards don’t have a barcode. (1)(2)

(Sample photo of the recalled units; source:


Your hoverboard isn’t included in this recall if (see images below): (1)(2)

  • There’s a barcode printed next to the serial number
  • Only one pin on the charge port
  • The pin is located to the right of the power button
(Sample photo of units not included in the recall; source:


What To Do With The Recalled Hoverboards?

Immediately stop using these recalled hoverboards. Contact Jetson to get a full refund. (1)(2)

According to Jetson, they’re also contacting all known purchasers directly. (1)(2)


How To Contact Jetson To Get A Refund Or Replacement

You can reach Jetson through these channels: (1)(2)

  • Hotline: 800-635-4815 from 10 AM to 6 PM ET, Monday through Friday
  • Recall site: 
  • Main website: (click on “SAFETY & RECALL” located at the top of the page)


Are These Recalled Jetson Hoverboards Still Safe To Use?

No. There have been reports of incidents and deaths involving this product. It’s best to stop using it, keep it out of your children’s reach, and process the refund. (1)(2)



Are Jetson Hoverboards Reliable?

Jetson hoverboards, including the Jetson Rogue, and their components are UL certified for quality and safety. None of the other Jetson hoverboards are affected by this voluntary recall. (1)


Are Hoverboards Still A Fire Hazard?

Yes. This Jetson recall was issued due to a fire risk that led to two deaths. (1)(2)


Where Are Jetson Hoverboards Made?

According to the recall advisory, these hoverboards are made in China. (1)(2)


What Are Other Jetson Hoverboard Products?

  • Zone Hoverboard 
  • Impact Hoverboard 
  • Sphere Hoverboard 
  • Magma All-Terrain Hoverboard 
  • Mojo All-Terrain Hoverboard 
  • Plasma X Lava Tech Hoverboard 


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