The 7 Best Montessori Toys For 4-Year-Olds 

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Are you looking for the best Montessori toys for 4-year-olds and gift ideas for your little one? We’ve prepared this list of the 7 best Montessori-inspired toys for open-ended play that are designed for little hands.

You can equip your Montessori classroom or playroom with these open-ended toys to help develop your child’s problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive learning.


What Are Montessori-Approved Toys?

Some of the most common characteristics of Montessori-approved toys:

  • Designed for hands-on, repetitive, and open-ended play
  • Made of natural materials (such as wooden Montessori toys)
  • Simple but high-quality toys that can last for years
  • Develops one skill at a time
  • Practical and useful
  • Designed for a certain age group
  • Motivate critical thinking and STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)


Because they’re designed for open-ended play, some toys rated for 2-year-olds are still ideal for 4-year-olds

Due to the repetitive nature of the Montessori method, many toys for preschoolers are also good for 5-year-olds or even 6-year-olds.


The 7 Best Montessori Toys For 4-Year-Olds 

Here’s a Montessori-inspired gift guide to some single toys or play sets for your little one:


Panda Brothers Montessori Screwdriver Board Set (3-5 years old)



  • Pros & Best Features: Child-sized busy board with real-life tools and materials
  • Product Safety: Smooth corners and edges; non-toxic glue and materials free from BPA (bisphenol-A), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), formaldehyde, lead, and phthalates
  • Materials: Natural, solid beechwood and steel
  • Age Range: 3-5 years old
  • Educational Value: Practical life skills, fine motor skills, sensory development, and logical thinking
  • Extra Features: Toolset with container
  • Certification: FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council certification for sustainably harvested or locally-grown wood) 
  • Made In: Designed in Germany, produced in China (according to Amazon)
  • Product Recall: None
  • Cons: Some complaints about missing pieces
  • Customer Reviews:

The Screw Driver Board is so well-made. It’s durable and heavy enough to withstand my grandson’s energetic actions.” – reviewer on Panda Brothers

The skrews fit very loosely, also the wrench doesn’t even fit the bolt so it defeats the purpose for a child to learn and is completely useless.” – reviewer on Amazon


Coogam Wooden Reading Blocks (3+ years old)



  • Pros & Best Features: Montessori-inspired wooden spelling and reading blocks
  • Product Safety: Non-toxic and safe materials, smooth and burr-free edges, and larger blocks to reduce choking risks
  • Materials: Wood and paper
  • Age Range: 3+ years old
  • Educational Value: Early reading, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination
  • Extra Features: Includes 48 pcs sight words flash cards
  • Certification: ASTM standards (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • Made In: China (according to Amazon)
  • Product Recall: None
  • Cons: Some complaints about quality
  • Customer Reviews:

I ordered these for my kindergartner to increase her sight words and practice sounding out words. She loves using them and her two year old brother also likes to play with them!” – reviewer on Coogam

Flimsy cards unstable rack hard for small hands to use without frustration.” – reviewer on Amazon


Montessori & Me Wood Alphabet Tracing Board (3+ years old)



  • Pros & Best Features: Wooden letter tracing board
  • Product Safety: 100% non-toxic wood and child-safe lacquer
  • Materials: Natural, sustainably sourced solid rubberwood
  • Age Range: 3+ years old
  • Educational Value: Fine motor skills and cognitive development
  • Extra Features: Includes a wooden stylus
  • Certification: Exceeds lab testing standards
  • Made In: Designed in the USA, made in Vietnam
  • Product Recall: None
  • Cons: Can be pricey
  • Customer Reviews:

Very happy with this product. The inside of the letters are smooth and it is very well made.” – reviewer on Montessori and Me

The board is very cool but the pencil was not delivered. The plastic packaging is very flimsily and was open inside the Amazon box. It doesn’t seem worth the cost.” – reviewer on Amazon


LOVEVERY The Analyst Play Kit (46-48 months)

educational toys


  • Pros & Best Features: Montessori play set for improving analytical skills
  • Product Safety: Free from heavy metals (including lead and cadmium) and phthalates
  • Materials: Wood, cardboard, and fabric
  • Age Range: 46-48 months
  • Educational Value: Analytical skills, fine motor skills, sensory development, and language skills
  • Extra Features: Sewing kit
  • Certification: Meets global safety standards
  • Made In: Curated in Idaho; made by a supplier network in Asia
  • Product Recall: None
  • Cons: Can be pricey
  • Customer Reviews:

My girl especially loves the sensory bin! She had so much fun discovering different textures!” – reviewer on LOVEVERY

The measure cups are the same in the book and kit. These are great for learning about fractions.” – reviewer on LOVEVERY


Adena Montessori Color Tablets (4+ years old)



  • Pros & Best Features: Color gradient set
  • Product Safety: Non-toxic and water-based paint
  • Materials: Beech
  • Age Range: 4+ years old
  • Educational Value: Color recognition
  • Extra Features: Includes a box for the color tablets
  • Certification: Not indicated
  • Made In: China
  • Product Recall: None
  • Cons: Some complaints about quality
  • Customer Reviews:

For a color grading work, the hues are inconsistent.” – reviewer on Amazon


HABA Ball Track Starter Set – 44 Piece Wooden Marble Run (4-10 years old)



  • Pros & Best Features: Montessori-inspired wooden ball tracker set
  • Product Safety: Untreated wood
  • Materials: Solid beechwood
  • Age Range: 4-10 years old
  • Educational Value: STEM engineering
  • Extra Features: Includes marbles and domino-style pieces
  • Certification: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest certified (PEFC)
  • Made In: Germany
  • Product Recall: None
  • Cons: Can be pricey; some complaints about missing pieces
  • Customer Reviews:

This is a well constructed building set and larger than I expected.” – reviewer on Amazon

So angry. Nothing like having my son; who had only been asking for a Marble Racer from Santa for 6 months, open this and have most of the pieces missing.” – reviewer on Amazon


WOODINOUT Montessori 100 Frame (preschoolers)



  • Pros & Best Features: Number counting board
  • Product Safety: Non-toxic paint
  • Materials: Plywood
  • Age Range: Preschoolers
  • Educational Value: Counting and fine motor skills
  • Extra Features: Includes wooden board
  • Certification: Not indicated
  • Made In: Lithuania
  • Product Recall: None
  • Cons: Can be pricey
  • Customer Reviews:

Looks great! Just as I pictured it.” – reviewer on ETSY

Some kind of instruction should have been included. Very poorly executed.” – reviewer on ETSY


Getting A Montessori Playshelf


A Montessori play shelf allows your child to have a clutter-free playroom and lets you rotate their toys.

Toy rotation is one of the common aspects of the Montessori method. You put a limited number of toys on the shelf and let them take the lead in learning based on their interests.

Below is an example of a Montessori playshelf you can get for your child’s playroom or nursery:


LOVEVERY Montessori Playshelf



  • Pros & Best Features: 2-in-1 storage shelf (toys not included)
  • Product Safety: Free from heavy metals (lead, cadmium, etc.) and phthalates
  • Materials: 100% birchwood
  • Age Range: All ages
  • Educational Value: Montessori learning
  • Extra Features: Different levels for your child’s toys
  • Certification: FSC-certified wood
  • Made In: Suppliers in Asia (specific countries not indicated)
  • Product Recall: None
  • Cons: Can be pricey



Why Are Montessori Toys So Plain?

Montessori toys are made of natural materials and are based on the real world. So, they don’t have electronic or interactive parts.

These toys are made in this manner to encourage exploration, improve creativity, and allow for imaginative play. 


What Age Is Appropriate For Montessori Toys?

You can introduce Montessori toys to newborn babies. Examples can include a play gym with high-contrast mobiles.


What Are Good Educational Toys & Gifts For 4-Year-Old Boys & Girls?

  • Balance beam
  • Balance bike
  • Balance board
  • Building blocks
  • Dollhouses
  • Geoboard
  • Magna-Tiles
  • Lacing and busy boards
  • Matching games
  • Musical instruments
  • Number puzzles
  • Pattern blocks
  • Playdough
  • Realistic figurines
  • Scientific workbench
  • Sensory bins
  • Stackers
  • Tools for practical life (such as the Melissa & Doug cleaning set)
  • Waldorf dolls for pretend play
  • Wooden blocks
  • Wooden puzzles


Montessori Gift Guides For Young Children



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