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On February 10, 2023, CTP (Columbus Trading-Partners USA, Inc.) issued a safety recall on some CYBEX infant car seats over safety issues with the products’ harness straps. The adjuster strap assembly can fail, leading to reduced webbing strength and possible injury risks. (1)(2)

Which models are affected by this CYBEX recall, and what should you do if you have these car seats? Do you need to stop using your recalled CYBEX car seat even if it looks alright? Find out below.


CYBEX Recall 2023

Recall Information: What Happened To CYBEX?

According to the recall notice posted on February 10, 2023, the brand recalls certain models of CYBEX infant car seats due to safety issues with the front adjuster straps, which can make the webbing fail. (1)(2)

The adjuster straps are used to snugly fit the car seat’s shoulder harness straps onto the seated infant. (1)(2)

This CYBEX seat belt adjuster issue affects the strength of the seat belt. Your baby can have an increased risk of injury because their car seat might not be strong enough to restrain them in a crash. (1)(2)

Because of the safety concerns, these CYBEX infant seats fail to meet the requirements of the following Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards: (1)(2)

  • Number 209: “Seatbelt Assemblies”
  • Number 213: “Child Restraint Systems”


As many as 31,080 are potentially affected by the recall, which was issued in coordination with the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). (1)(2)


What Car Seats Are Recalled?

This recall only affects infant car seats that were manufactured from June 6, 2017, through November 1, 2020. (1)(2)

Affected CYBEX rear-facing infant seats and their model numbers: (1)(2)



  • Aton 514XXXXXX


CYBEX Aton 2

  • Aton 2 515XXXXXX 
  • Aton 2 SensorSafe 519XXXXXX 
  • Aton 2 SensorSafe 521XXXXXX 




  • Aton M 518XXXXXX 
  • Aton M SensorSafe 518XXXXXX
  • Aton M 519XXXXXX
  • Aton Q Aton Q 515XXXXXX 
  • Aton Q 517XXXXXX


CYBEX Cloud Q Rear-Facing Car Seat

  • Cloud Q 515XXXXXX
  • Cloud Q SensorSafe 519XXXXXX
  • Cloud Q SensorSafe 521XXXXXX 


How Do I Know If My CYBEX Car Seat Has Been Recalled?

Check the label on the bottom of the seat for the model number and manufacturing date. Your car seat is included in this recall if these numbers match the figures we posted above. (1)(2)


What To Do With The Recalled CYBEX Car Seat?

Immediately stop using these recalled CYBEX car seats and contact the brand for the free remedy kit (replacement harness adjuster strap assembly + installation instructions). (1)(2)


Are These Recalled CYBEX Products Still Safe To Use?

No. Although the webbing strap and adjusters of these recalled products can look fine, they can fail anytime, possibly increasing your child’s risk of injury. (1)(2)


How To Get A Refund Or Replacement

CYBEX offers affected consumers a replacement front harness adjustment strap assembly for free. It also includes installation instructions free of charge. (1)(2)

The brand has also begun sending recall notification letters to registered customers starting March 13, 2023. (1)(2)

Affected customers can also contact CTP’s customer service through the following: (1)(2)

  • Company name: Columbus Trading-Partners USA, Inc. 
  • Phone: 1-877-242-5676, from 8 AM to 12 noon and 1 PM to 5 PM ET, Mondays through Fridays


You can also reach the NHTSA through:

  • Vehicle Safety Hotline: 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153)
  • Official website:


CYBEX Recall 2022

On April 8, 2022, CYBEX Sirona M Convertible Child Car Seats were recalled over choking risks from the headrest foam. (3)

A child might access the small opening on the headrest cover set, picking off pieces of foam that can be a choking hazard. (3)

Affected products are those manufactured from November 3, 2017, through August 31, 2018. (3)

This recall includes the following model numbers: (3)

  • 518000385
  • 518002153
  • 518000387
  • 518002145
  • 518002149
  • 518002151
  • 519000211


Affected consumers were sent or can request the free product improvement kit (manufacturer-approved adhesive tape to seal the headrest foam + application instructions). (3)



How Safe Are CYBEX Car Seats?

Safety features of CYBEX car seats: (4)

  • Linear side impact protection (reduces collision forces in a side-impact crash)
  • Anti-rebound bar design (reduces movement toward the rear during a crash)
  • Load leg structure (provides stability)


Are CYBEX Car Seats Worth It?

Many parents believe these car seats can be worth their money. Aside from the safety features above, the car seats also offer:

  • Full-recline position (ergonomic position and maximum comfort when used with a stroller)
  • Internationally patented reclining headrest (for more comfortable positioning and added head protection)
  • SensorSafe app that sends alerts regarding your child’s safety


Do CYBEX Car Seats Expire?

Yes. CYBEX car seats expire around six years from the manufacturing date. You can check the expiration label located under your child’s car seat.


Are All CYBEX Products Included In The Recall?

No. Only the car seat products listed above are included in this recall.

The following are other CYBEX products you can get for your baby:

  • CYBEX Avi Anna Lewandowska Jogger
  • CYBEX Avi One Box Jogging Strollers
  • CYBEX Balios S Lux
  • CYBEX Beezy Rain Cover
  • CYBEX BEYLA Twist Baby Carrier
  • CYBEX Car Seat Adapters for full-size strollers (Beezy, Libelle, Melio, Eezy, Gazelle, and Avi)
  • CYBEX Car Seat Base
  • CYBEX Eezy S Twist
  • CYBEX Gazelle S Cot (Bassinet)
  • CYBEX Gazelle S Stroller (forward-facing double stroller)
  • CYBEX Lemo Bouncer
  • CYBEX Lemo High Chair
  • CYBEX MAIRA Click Baby Carrier
  • CYBEX Mios Stroller (all-in-one configuration or individual products, such as frame, seat pack, carry cot, insect net, etc.)
  • Cybex PRIAM 4
  • CYBEX Priam Lux Carry Cot
  • CYBEX Pushchair Cup Holder
  • CYBEX Seat Packs
  • CYBEX Wanders Bouncer
  • CYBEX Zeno Bike and Jogger
  • New Generation CYBEX e-Priam Stroller Frame


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