Choosing The Best Stroller: UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 Vs. VISTA V2

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UPPAbaby is one of the leading stroller brands chosen by more buyers around the globe. (1)

They offer a wide range of strollers, from lightweight umbrella strollers (UPPAbaby G-LITE) to top-range strollers (UPPAbaby VISTA V2).

This kind of high-end baby gear can give you peace of mind, knowing that your child is comfortable and safe, and can also have a place to rest their tired bodies while you’re out of the house.

There are many brands to choose from, but many parents stick to popular brands like UPPAbaby because they are known for their durability, safety features, and functionality.

If you’re looking for a luxurious stroller at this higher price point, you’ll want to compare two of their most popular models – UPPAbaby CRUZ vs VISTA.

There’s an estimated $400 price difference between them, but is the price the only reason to choose either stroller?

Is the UPPAbaby VISTA stroller better than CRUZ? What’s the difference between them, and how long can your little one use these baby products?

You can find answers in our stroller review below.

Factors To Consider In Choosing The Right Stroller

It’s important to consider not just your baby’s essentials but your family’s needs, too, when choosing the best stroller to buy.

  • Safe materials that are free from flame-retardants and other toxic chemicals
  • Age and weight considerations (can your newborn baby use it, and what’s the maximum weight limit?)
  • Lifestyle (if you regularly use a car seat, a travel system might be a better choice because you can use it as a stroller and a car seat)
  • Cost (choose one that suits your family’s needs and budget)
  • Family size (some options can be used by two or three kids simultaneously)
  • Safety features (brakes, locks, harness, etc.)
  • Available car seat adapters
  • Portability vs. your trunk space or storage area
  • Extra features you might want for convenience (storage basket, cup holders, visor, canopy, adjustable footrest)
  • UPF 50+ canopy (Ultraviolet Protection Factor, can block 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. (2)

Note that no matter which of these strollers you choose, it’s always good to check for stroller recalls. This helps reduce your children’s risk of injury from strollers with manufacturing or design defects. 

Main Similarities

Even with the price difference, you’ll get these features from both the UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 and UPPAbaby VISTA V2 strollers:

  • Free from toxic flame retardants
  • Age suitability: Starting from three months old and above, but you can start using it at birth if you get the bassinet (included with VISTA, sold separately for CRUZ)
  • Weight capacity: Up to 50 lbs
  • Seats: Reversible seats with one-handed recline operation for different forward-facing or rear-facing configurations
  • Warranty: Three years
  • Quality/safety certifications: ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association) certified
  • Car seat compatibility: UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat, Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex
  • Folding & storage: One-step folding stroller that stands when folded
  • Wheel suspensions: Shock-absorbing all-wheel suspension
  • Storage space: Basket capacity up to 30 lbs (can fit a diaper bag)

Product Recalls

  • Older versions of both strollers had a recall in 2015 for potential safety concerns.
  • UPPAbaby recalled the 2015 VISTA stroller, 2015 CRUZ stroller, and 2015 RumbleSeat in July 2015. According to the recall advisory, the foam bumper bars can become a potential choking hazard if a baby bites into them and removes a piece. (3)
  • Although there weren’t any injuries reported, the company received at least 22 reports of babies biting off a piece of the bumper foam. (3)
  • UPPAbaby provided parents with a free bumper cover and warning stickers to reduce choking risks.
  • They also assured parents that they’d upgraded the design to remove the choking risks.
  • These older models are no longer available. Instead, the brand sells upgraded versions, VISTA V2 and CRUZ V2.

What’s The Difference Between CRUZ And VISTA?

Both at the top end of the stroller price point, UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 and UPPAbaby VISTA V2 have many similarities. But here are their main differences:

  • VISTA is more expensive but offers more bells and whistles than the CRUZ.
  • It comes with a bassinet (sold separately for the CRUZ) and can carry up to three children simultaneously with additional accessories (CRUZ can only carry up to two).

Learn more about their differences below.


UPPAbaby CRUZ Highlights

  • Best feature: It’s a travel system that can carry one or two kids with the Piggyback accessory (sold separately)
  • Capabilities: Reversible seats with multiple configurations
  • Seating options & configurations: Different forward-facing, rear-facing, and reclining configurations plus a piggyback ride
  • Maneuverability: It has smaller wheels which can affect its maneuverability compared with VISTA’s larger wheels.
  • Maximum number of children: Two
  • Expansion options to grow: Bassinet, Infant Snugseat, and Piggyback

How Long Can You Use UPPAbaby CRUZ?

You can use CRUZ until your child weighs 50 lbs. Every child grows at different rates, but the average age with this weight can be around six years of age. (4)

Can A Newborn Go In The UPPAbaby CRUZ?

Although you can’t put a newborn baby in this stroller’s toddler seat, you can do so if you get the bassinet.

This bassinet isn’t just for use with the stroller but might also be suitable for overnight sleeping. You can also get the bassinet stand.

UPPAbaby CRUZ: Cons

  • Some parents think it’s too cumbersome to fold.
  • You can’t convert it into a double stroller, but an older child can ride at the back with the PiggyBack accessory.



UPPAbaby VISTA Highlights

  • Best feature: Multiple configurations that can carry up to three children simultaneously
  • Capabilities: Can convert to triple stroller
  • Seating options & configurations: Different forward-facing, rear-facing, and reclining configurations plus a second seat and a piggyback ride
  • Maneuverability: It has larger wheels that can help improve its maneuverability.
  • Maximum number of children: Up to three children with RumbleSeat and PiggyBack accessories
  • Expansion options to grow: Bassinet (included), Infant SnugSeat, RumbleSeat, and PiggyBack

UPPAbaby VISTA: Cons

  • It costs more than CRUZ. The difference is still huge, even if you get the bassinet for the CRUZ.
  • Many parents complained about the lack of handles once the stroller folds.

Learn more details about the similarities and differences between these two strollers below.

CRUZ V2 Vs. VISTA V2: Weight & Dimensions

Is The UPPAbaby CRUZ Heavy?

Although it’s lighter than the UPPAbaby VISTA, this stroller can still be considered heavy. Lightweight strollers can weigh as low as 7 lbs, while heavy-duty strollers can reach over 35 lbs. (5)

Here are the values for both strollers:

  • CRUZ: 25.5 lbs
  • VISTA: 27 lbs

Dimensions (Folded With Seats)

  • CRUZ: 16.5 x 22.8 x 33 inches
  • VISTA: 17.3 x 25.7 x 33.3 inches

Wheel Sizes (Front Wheels)

  • CRUZ: 7 inches
  • VISTA: 8 inches

Wheel Sizes (Rear Wheels)

  • CRUZ: 10 inches
  • VISTA: 11.5 inches

CRUZ V2 Vs. VISTA V2: Materials & Safety Features:


  • Both have carbon or silver frame and seats with polyurethane foam padding.


  • Both have a five-point, no-rethread harness.

Brake & Lock

  • Both have front-wheel locks with visual indicators.


  • Both have an extendable UPF 50+ canopy with a pop-out sunshade and a peek-a-boo window.

Available Colors

Both strollers are available in the following colors, except Declan, which is only offered for VISTA:

  • Alice – dusty pink fabric, silver frame, and saddle leather handlebar
  • Bryce – white marl fabric, silver frame, and chestnut leather handlebar
  • Emmett – green mélange, silver frame, and saddle leather handlebar
  • Gregory – blue mélange fabric, silver frame, and saddle leather handlebar
  • Greyson – charcoal mélange fabric, carbon frame, and saddle leather handlebar
  • Jake – charcoal fabric, carbon frame, and black leather handlebar
  • Jordan – charcoal mélange fabric, silver frame, and black leather handlebar
  • Noa – navy fabric, carbon frame, and saddle leather handlebar
  • Stella – gray brushed mélange fabric, silver frame, and chestnut leather handlebar
  • Declan – oat mélange, silver frame, and chestnut leather handlebar

CRUZ V2 Vs. VISTA V2: Key Features


  • Both have adjustable, telescoping handlebars.


  • Both have reversible seats with one-handed recline for different positions.

Storage Basket Or Compartments

  • Both have an easy-access storage basket with a maximum capacity of 30 lbs.

CRUZ V2 Vs. VISTA V2: Folding & Portability


  • You can fold both in one step, with or without the toddler seat attached.

Portability & Storage

  • The folded strollers can stand on their own, making storage easier.
  • Parents have many complaints about the lack of handles once the stroller is folded, but there are plenty of bars or parts you can hold for transport.

CRUZ V2 Vs. VISTA V2: Accessories

Common Accessories

These are accessories included in the box for both strollers:

  • Ventilated canopy with a UPF 50+ extendable sunshade
  • Bumper bar
  • Toddler seat rain shield
  • Toddler seat bug shield

Both strollers are compatible with these UPPAbaby accessories:

  • Infant SnugSeat
  • Piggyback
  • Bassinet
  • UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat
  • Adapters

UPPAbaby VISTA Accessories

These are accessories included with your VISTA purchase but are optional for CRUZ:

  • Bassinet
  • Bassinet bug shield
  • Bassinet storage bag

You can let an older child get a piggyback ride in both strollers using the right accessory.

However, only the VISTA can carry up to three children, with the PiggyBack accessory and the RumbleSeat

The RumbleSeat is a second seat that you can attach to the stroller for another baby or child to use. It has a similar design and style to the toddler seat with the stroller but is smaller and can only carry up to 35 lbs.

CRUZ V2 Vs. VISTA V2: Customer Reviews


Positive Reviews

The only stroller I could find that has a piggyback/glider option WITH an actual space for my growing toddler to hold onto without hitting her head. It’s comfortable for all of us and she loves it.” – Reviewer on Amazon.

I love everything about this stroller. The look, the performance. It’s so unbelievably stylish. I love taking it to the grocery store. It just glides!” – Reviewer on Amazon.

Negative Reviews

The recline mechanism isn’t smooth, you have to push hard, clutching the top of the canopy awkwardly and wrinkling it more. The handlebar clicks slightly with every push and that’s on its lowest setting and being brand new.” – Reviewer on Amazon.

Unfortunately, after only 2 outings to buy buy baby I noticed a LOUD SQUEAK ON THE FRONT WHEEL!!! for something being a high price tag item you would expect a good quality item all around. Sadly, I am stuck with an EMBARRASING SQUEAKY WHEEL!” – Reviewer on buybuyBABY.


Positive Reviews

First off the design is so beautiful and elegant! It was such an easy set up and I loved how I could connect the Mesa infant car seat directly onto the stroller. I loved how the seat could go on either forward facing or rear facing!” – Reviewer on buybuyBABY.

When we look at maneuverability and user friendly. This product checks those boxes. The design reminds me that of Apple.” – Reviewer on Amazon.

Negative Reviews

The stroller is hard to push and it makes noise the first time using I hate it and used it once.” – Reviewer on buybuyBABY.

Stroller is nice but the price definetely does not match the value. It does exactly the same as the strollers $300 and under. In this case you do not get what you paid for. Overpriced to say the least.” – Reviewer on buybuyBABY.

Summary & Recommendations

At the top end of the price point, UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 and UPPAbaby VISTA V2 are luxurious strollers.

They have many similarities and can both be a good choice for your little one. Here are our recommendations to help you choose the best one that can suit your family’s needs.

Is VISTA Better Than CRUZ?

Yes, UPPAbaby Vista V2 is better than UPPAbaby CRUZ because it offers more features, accessories, and capabilities.

It can be the ideal choice to meet your family’s needs, especially if three kids are in your household.

However, it’s the more expensive choice, and you don’t have the option to buy this stroller without the bassinet.

Is the UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller Worth It?

Yes, if you’re looking for a luxurious stroller for your little one that’s less expensive than VISTA V2.

It has many similarities with VISTA V2 but costs less. It can also be the better choice if you don’t need the bassinet because you can save if you don’t get this accessory.

CRUZ V2 is still more expensive than many lightweight strollers (G-LITE costs and twin stroller G-LINK2).

However, it has more features than these umbrella strollers, including more luxurious materials and reversible seats (for forward-facing or rear-facing configurations). It also has larger wheels, a bigger storage basket, and offers compatibility with many car seat systems.


Can UPPAbaby CRUZ Convert To A Double Stroller?

No. Although it can carry up to two children with the addition of the PiggyBack accessory, it’s just an extension for an older kid to stand and ride on.

The UPPAbaby VISTA V2 converts to a double stroller with the RumbleSeat accessory.

Can These Strollers Serve As A Jogging Stroller?

No. Although VISTA and CRUZ have larger wheels than regular strollers, both have four sets of wheels that can affect maneuverability than a dedicated jogging stroller with three sets (two at the rear and one in front).

Do I Need The UPPAbaby Travel Bag?

It isn’t a requirement, but UPPAbaby recommends it if you want or need to travel with your baby’s stroller. The bag is made of nylon and has wheels for easy rolling.

You might also be eligible for the TravelSafe Program with your travel bag purchase. It guarantees your stroller, but only for damage incurred during air travel.

Is The UPPAbaby Bassinet Safe For Sleeping?

Yes. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends putting your baby to sleep in a bassinet, crib, or a portable play yard with a firm, flat mattress to avoid suffocation risks. (6)

Does The UPPAbaby VISTA Bassinet Fit In The CRUZ?

Yes. UPPAbaby creates the same bassinet for VISTA and the other strollers. The only difference is that the VISTA is sold with a bassinet bundle, while you’ll need to purchase it separately if you choose another stroller model.

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