Bugaboo Vs. UPPAbaby: Which Stroller Is The Right One For Your Baby?

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A stroller might just be one of the most expensive baby gear you’ll purchase. Some of the best strollers can still be used by a second child or even subsequent children.

Bugaboo and UPPAbaby are two of the most popular stroller brands. They offer different stroller options, depending on your needs and preferences.

So, which stroller can be the best choice for your baby? Are they worth your money? Why are they so popular?

Still, no matter which of these products you choose, it’s best to monitor for stroller recalls. This will help reduce your children’s injury risk from products or strollers with manufacturing or design defects. 

In this review, we compare some of these brands’ top strollers. Continue reading to learn more.

Bugaboo Strollers

Is Bugaboo A Good Brand?

Bugaboo is a Dutch design company founded in 1999. It’s been at the forefront of stroller design and development.

These days, Bugaboo now has outlets for its products in 50 countries worldwide. Bugaboo also makes infant luggage systems.

The strollers are named after animals. Some examples are:













Why Is Bugaboo So Expensive?

It’s a luxury brand that features a range of premium products.

Many parents can use the same stroller used by their first child with their second or even third child. However, that depends on several factors, such as proper caring and storage.

UPPAbaby Strollers

UPPAbaby is a U.S. manufacturer making top-end kids’ gear since the 1980s. Because of this legacy, UPPAbaby’s strollers are typically at the upper end of the price point. However, they may be well made and can give you many years of reliable service.

UPPAbaby strollers may be easy to use, feature-filled, and practical.

The brand also features several strollers for you to choose from, depending on your needs.

Full-sized strollers:







Lightweight strollers:









Now, let’s check out some of the strollers produced by these two manufacturers and compare them side-by-side.

Bugaboo Buffalo Vs. UPPAbaby Vista V2

These two full-size strollers have many similarities, but the UPPAbaby Vista stroller may win.

Although Bugaboo Buffalo is an all-terrain stroller with extra wheels for added ride comfort, the brand has stopped manufacturing this product.

The following are other reasons why UPPAbaby Vista stroller may be the better choice:

  • Using the expansion accessories, you can use it with up to three children.
  • It has more safety and key features.
  • It’s cheaper.
  • It’s compatible with many car seat brands.

Bugaboo Buffalo

Safety Features

  • The seat has a five-point safety harness that may help keep your passenger safe and secure during your strolls.

Key Features

  • The Bugaboo Buffalo stroller has a sturdy frame and can be versatile with an ergonomic, spacious design.
  • Though it’s no longer available for purchase, you can still pick up a used one if you look around online.
  • This all-terrain stroller can perform well in the city and the countryside, no matter how uneven the road is.
  • This single stroller can carry up to 77 lbs of your baby’s luggage and even some shopping items in its storage compartments.


  • This stroller’s seat is set high and is wide, making it a comfy ride for your kids.
  • It can carry up to 50 lbs, making it a great choice for your growing baby.

Handling And Maneuverability

  • It has 10-inch swivel wheels in front and two extra 12-inch, foam-filled rear wheels that may promote a comfortable ride.
  • That combination can make the stroller easy to push, even around corners and in tight spaces.

Age Suitability

  • You can use it for your newborn baby to toddlerhood by choosing the convertible bassinet as a seat option.


  • The Bugaboo Buffalo has an SPF 50+ sun canopy that can be extended to provide plenty of protection for your child on hot, sunny days.

Product Recall

  • None


  • It’s an all-terrain stroller.
  • Although the product has been discontinued, Bugaboo continues to sell some important accessories and parts.


  • Bugaboo has discontinued this product line, but you might still find second-hand options.

What Customers Say

Easy to set up and pack down. It may be slightly heavier then some other Prams, but then the spin off is the excellent build quality and durability.” – Reviewer on Product Reviews.

Where to start the rain cover doesn’t fit easily when it’s pouring of rain you want something that goes on quickly and easily ( trust me it doesn’t) ventilation holes let rain in , cosytoes sag ( yes the newer version ) when I lie my little one back to sleep her legs are higher than her head ?!! Swivel wheels constantly lock themselves, hood is sooo flimsy! Honestly don’t buy this a mother of seven it’s the worst pram I’ve ever had.” – Reviewer on Product Reviews.

UPPAbaby Vista V2



Expansion accessories

  • Car seat adapter (for Nuna, Cybex, and Maxi-Cosi)
  • Car seat adapter (for Chicco)
  • RumbleSeat V2 (additional seat for use as a double stroller)
  • Piggyback (a ride-along step board that an older child can use to hitch a ride)

Safety Features

  • The seat features a five-point harness and a breathable mattress insert that may provide optimum passenger comfort.
  • Front-wheel locks with visual indicators can keep the stroller from rolling away.

According to its product manual, this stroller complies with the following safety standards:

  • JPMA certification – given to baby products that pass the minimum safety standards set by ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • ASTM F833-19 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Carriages and Strollers
  • ASTM F2050 – 16 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Hand-Held Infant Carriers
  • ASTM F2194 – 16 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bassinets and Cradles

Key Features

  • The UPPAbaby Vista may be more suited for urban driving than off-roading.
  • It can give your baby a smooth ride, thanks to all-wheel suspensions.
  • This stroller features a reversible toddler seat that can let your child ride forward, backward, reclined, completely upright, or in other positions they like.
  • You can use Vista as a travel system, and it’s compatible with the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat without needing adapters.
  • But you can also get the adapter that lets you fit car seats to this stroller’s frame.
  • This full-sized stroller comes with a bassinet and ventilated extendable canopy.
  • You can also buy a newborn bassinet and a toddler seat.
  • This heavy-duty stroller can carry a maximum of three children using the piggyback and RumbleSeat expansion options.

What’s Included:

  • Frame with wheels
  • Toddler seat with bumper bar and canopy
  • Bassinet
  • Bug shields for toddler seat and bassinet
  • Rain shield for toddler seat
  • Bassinet storage bag


  • The stroller can carry up to 50 lbs.
  • It may be used from birth to around three years old.
  • You can adjust the seat using an easy-to-operate one-hand recline feature.
  • The brand claims that the bassinet may be used for overnight sleeping. It features a perforated mattress pad with a vented base that may add to its breathability.
  • You can get the bassinet stand accessory.


  • Vista has a generous storage capacity with a large basket that can carry up to 30 pounds of stuff.
  • You may even use it for shopping trips and running errands.

Ride And Handling

  • Vista has foam-filled wheels plus all-wheel suspensions that can give your baby a cushioned ride.
  • This design can also stop you from worrying about getting a flat tire with punctured wheels.


  • Vista has a ventilated, pop-out sun canopy made with UPF 50+ material to keep your little passenger safe from the sun’s harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays.
  • UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) measures the UV rays that a material or fabric can block before it reaches the skin. Fabrics need to have a rating of at least UPF 30 to qualify for The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. (1)
  • UPF is slightly different from SPF (sun protector factor), which measures the effectiveness of sunscreens. An SPF 50 sunscreen and a UPF 50+ fabric can block 98% of UV rays. (1)
  • The height-adjustable canopy may be shorter and might not provide the same amount of coverage as the Buffalo.


  • Thanks to the smart leather covering, Vista’s handlebar can be comfy to grip.
  • But the handlebar isn’t adjustable and is shorter than the Buffalo’s, which could be an issue if you or your partner are tall.

Product Recall

  • UPPAbaby Vista V2 is the latest version of the brand’s Vista line. It doesn’t have a recall.
  • But an older version, the 2015 Vista, was recalled along with UPPAbaby 2015 CRUZ and 2015 RumbleSeat for potential safety issues in July 2015. The bumper bars can pose a choking hazard if your baby bites on the foam covering. (2)
  • There weren’t any injuries reported, but the brand received 22 reports of kids biting off pieces from the bumper bar foam. (2)


  • It can convert to a double stroller or even carry a maximum of three children with the expansion accessories.
  • It’s compatible with the MESA infant car seat.
  • You might only need one hand to change the multi-position recline options
  • It comes with adjustable handlebars so you or other caregivers can find the most comfortable height.
  • It stands when folded.
  • There are several colors available.
  • It also has a water-repellent inner liner and boot cover that may be easy to remove and clean.


  • A previous version of this product has had a recall. (2)
  • It’s a high-end stroller that costs several times more than average options. 

What Customers Say

It rides so smooth and I can easily control with one hand. Bassinet, seat and a carseat just clicks into place on that one adapter. It’s super easy to take it off & put back on. Love everything about this stroller!” – Reviewer on Amazon.

There are no handles to lift it once it is folded. I have cinched my hands many many times in doing so. In general it is not easy to fold up and I am bending down to the ground in an awkward position every time fold and unfold it. The clip that keeps the carriage folded is made from plastic and looks like it will año one day – I don’t trust that it will last at all. I don’t feel graceful at all in maneuvering it open and closed.” – Reviewer on Amazon.

Bugaboo Cameleon vs. UPPAbaby Cruz

Bugaboo Cameleon

Key Features

  • The third generation Bugaboo Cameleon is a luxurious stroller with adjustable suspensions.
  • The chassis features a central pivot hub, making it easily recognizable as a Bugaboo stroller.


The handlebar on Cameleon is fully adjustable. You can select from seven height settings that can suit your preferences. Once adjusted to the preferred setting, the handlebar will click securely into place.

One smart innovation from the manufacturer is that you can lift this stroller’s handlebar up and over the seat. This can be handy when you’re out and eating in a restaurant because it means you can just push it right up to the table without the hassle of taking your child out of the stroller.

Also, you can flip its handle to convert this stroller into two-wheel mode. This way, you can pull it behind you. It can be ideal if you’re moving over tough roads, such as sand or deep gravel.

Wheels And Tires

The Cameleon’s wheels measure 6-inches at the front and 12-inches at the back.

There’s also a front suspension that you can adjust. As an added safety feature, the front wheels can be locked. However, the wheels can only move through 180-degrees and 90-degrees to either side once locked.

The rear wheels are filled with foam and may have slightly less cushioning than earlier models. But may still be good for use even on bumpy surfaces.


  • This stroller’s brake is mounted on the handlebar.
  • While the positioning is good, it can be quite tricky to engage.
  • You’ll need to use both hands to set the brake.
  • Thankfully, the brake is effective once set.

Storage Basket

  • The Cameleon features a large, semi-circular canvas storage basket with a rigid base. It’s slung below the center of the stroller’s chassis.
  • It’s easy to use and can be handy for different items.
  • You can use a drawstring to make a cover for your things, or leave them in the basket, even when you fold the stroller.


The seat is wide and sits in a cradle formed by the frame. It’s also made with a material that can easily be wiped clean.

Cleaning the footrest can also be a breeze.

You can also use this stroller in three recline positions:

  • Completely flat
  • Semi-upright
  • Upright

The recline feature is not one-handed, but it’s simple enough to operate.

Also, the five-point safety harness can be easy to adjust. The buckle is also easy to fasten for your child’s safety.

This stroller even has a bumper bar with a full gate-opening design. It can make it easy and hassle-free to put your baby in the seat easy and hassle-free.


The canopy can give good sun coverage for your little passenger. You can put it up in a quiet move that can help ensure you won’t wake your sleeping baby.

However, if you’re looking for a fancy design, then this stroller might not be for you. It has a simple design and doesn’t have a peek-a-boo window or flip-out mesh visors.

Folding And Storage

You can only fold the Cameleon after removing the seat. However, the foam part handle might touch the floor while you fold it.

Product Recall

  • The Bugaboo Cameleon was recalled in January 2013 for some safety issues. (3)
  • The button on the stroller’s carrycot or seat carry handle can become accidentally disengaged. It can cause the handle to detach and fall on your infant.
  • The detached parts can also pose a choking hazard to your baby.
  • To prevent possible accidents, affected customers were advised to immediately remove the handle and contact Bugaboo for a replacement stroller.
  • According to the manufacturer, customers may still use the stroller while waiting for a replacement. Still, they should be extra careful with the handle.
  • Although there weren’t any injuries relevant to the recall, Bugaboo received 58 reports of handles detaching from the stroller.
  • The affected products were sold from September 2009 and June 2012.

The strollers included in this recall have serial numbers that fall within the range listed below:

  • 04011090900001 to 04031101009999
  • 08011090900001 to 08021100800386
  • 140100093600531 to 140103123350418

These numbers can be found on the stroller’s chassis, set under the carrycot or seat.


  • It features several positions.


  • It might be slightly difficult to operate.
  • It had a recall.

What Customers Say

I love this stroller. I previously had the original cameleon and got the cameleon3 for my new baby. The improvements are great. First of all, it is the most stylish and sleek looking stroller out there. The bassinet is very big, much bigger than other strollers bassinet options. You can easily fit a baby in there thru 6 months old. It is so comfy that my baby sleeps better in the bugaboo bassinet than anywhere else. The basket is a nice size, but it is difficult to get to it when using the bassinet option. It is much easier to use when you are using the seat. The seat reverses as does the handlebar, so you can always choose to have your baby facing you or the world. If you reverse the handlebar note that the big non swivel wheels will be in the front, making it slightly harder to push. I have done this on occasion when the baby was getting fussy while we were already out and about. The best improvement is the belly bar. On the original stroller you had to take the whole bar on and off and it was pretty difficult to do. On the new stroller you can easily take off one side and swivel it to get the baby on and off.” – Reviewer on Amazon.

The ugly: Unlike a lot of strollers which are quite piece this is 2 pieces and prior to buying it we never thought it would be an issue but when you’ve never bought a stroller in your life there are things you don’t think of and this is one of them. Unloading get and loading this into the trunk is annoying as hell due to it being 2 pieces. When loading you gotta take the top off, set it a side somewhere usually on the ground unless your trunk is wide enough to have this on one side wile you put the bottom piece in beside it. Then same thing for Unloading. Just try to imagine it, it’ll drive you crazy.” – Reviewer on Amazon.



Key Features

This stroller can be a solid workhorse that performs well on smooth surfaces such as city sidewalks and in the park.

Though it’s at the upper end of the price range, the Cruz may be an excellent value for your money due to its many features.

Handling And Ride

It might have slick and urban looks, but the Cruz can easily handle rough surfaces and go over tree roots, grass, gravel, and even stony hiking trails.

The Cruz can provide a relatively smooth ride for your tiny passenger, thanks to its four solid plastic wheels.

Note, however, the Cruz is quite a heavy stroller. Though negotiating regular doorways can be fine, narrow store aisles might be difficult to navigate.

Lugging this stroller around can be an issue for some parents if you need to pass through areas with stairs. Negotiating steps and getting on or off buses and trains may also be challenging.

One-handed maneuvers won’t be easy. The front wheels can get easily stuck unless you put them in a completely straight position.


The Cruz has an enormous shopping basket, making it a great option for dual purposes such as doing some light shopping.

This stroller has three handy storage pockets in its bag where you can carry essential items such as diapers, wipes, phones, keys, etc. No need to bring a diaper bag for short trips.

It has a bigger storage capacity than the Bugaboo Cameleon’s canvas bag.

But if you need to pass over and down a steep hill, don’t ever attempt to fill the bag over its capacity. That can be dangerous as the added weight can make the stroller roll quickly down the hill.

Folding And Storage

It can be superior to the Cameleon when folding because you can do it while the seat is attached. However, the stroller isn’t compact once folded and can take up a lot of trunk space.

Still, if you don’t need to carry it around while folded constantly, this stroller can be a good choice.

It’s also self-standing and can fit in your closet or hallway when folded, but without an attached canopy and seat.

Age Suitability

The basic stroller is designed with a toddler seat can only be used for children ages six months and above. It features a bucket seat design that doesn’t lie flat.

But if you need to use this stroller for your newborn baby, you can buy the Carrycot or infant SnugSeat, sold separately.

The seat is wide and can accommodate a child of up to 33 lbs in weight. In addition, you may also switch the seat around to face different positions from front to rear, depending on your child’s mood.


This stroller’s handlebar has a luxurious material made of 100% leather cover.

It’s REACH-certified. That means that it doesn’t have harsh chemicals used in the tanning process that can harm your baby.

For added safety, the hand-sewn handlebar cover features a perforated pattern that can help ensure your hands won’t slip while pushing the stroller.

You can also adjust the handlebar easily to be the perfect height for you.


The canopy is made from thick fabric. It features a peek-a-boo window with a silent magnetic closure that lets you watch your napping child without waking them to check.

Also, a big UPF 50+ pop-out sun visor extends down to the bumper bar for extra sun protection.

This canopy is also large and can be extended an extra three inches so it can also grow with your little one.


For added safety, this stroller has a bright red footbrake that can be easy to find between the back wheels.

But the brake sticks out and can make the stroller tricky to use if you’re wearing sandals or flip-flops.


The Cruz can be a bulky stroller. But if you remove the seat then fold up the leg rest, it can fit into most family car trunks.

If you have to fit it into a smaller space, you can remove the bulky back wheels. But that can be an added hassle, especially if you’re on your own and have to deal with both the stroller plus a fidgeting toddler by the roadside.

Product Recall

  • UPPAbaby Cruz 2015 was recalled along with UPPAbaby 2015 VISTA and RumbleSeat 2015 for potential safety issues in July 2015. (2)
  • The bumper bars can pose a choking hazard if your child bites on the foam covering.
  • There weren’t any injuries reported. However, the brand received 22 reports of children biting off pieces from the bumper bar foam.


  • Enormous shopping basket
  • Three handy storage pockets
  • Brake that’s easy to see and engage


  • It had a recall.
  • It can be bulky.

What Customers Say

This is by far the best stroller we have ever had — we love it so much we gifted the same stroller to my brother and sister-in-law. Stroller handles great (even on cobble stone), folds easily, and has lasted throughout the years. We added the UB kickstand to the Cruz so that our older son could use when he got tired of walking. Our Cruz has been issue free!” – Reviewer on Amazon.

I normally don’t like to write a complaint but my 11 months old baby slashed her finger open from the the leathered arm in front of her. Where the zipper ended was sharp and hard. We did not expect that to happen with a 1000$ stroller. Parents be aware!” – Reviewer on Amazon.

Bugaboo Fox Vs. UPPAbaby Vista

UPPAbaby Vista

It’s a stroller reviewed above.

Bugaboo Fox

Key Features

The Bugaboo Fox can suit your lifestyle better than Vista if you just need a stroller for one child.

It’s smaller and more agile than Vista. It can handle uneven terrain better than Vista. You can convert this stroller to a two-wheel configuration suited for rough terrain.

This stroller’s design focuses on trying to provide comfort to your little passenger.

It comes with an advanced all-wheel suspension system plus all-terrain wheels. So, this stroller can handle different activities, from walking along smooth city pathways to some rough hiking trails and cobbled streets.

With these features, Fox can be a good choice for active families who love to spend much of their time out with the kids.

Convertible Bassinet

You can also use the Bugaboo Fox for a newborn through toddlerhood.

One popular feature of the Bugaboo Fox is that this stroller doesn’t need a separate bassinet. Its frame can be used as the seat and the bassinet.

You just need to change the fabric set around the stroller frame. It can save you plenty of space because you won’t need to store a bassinet when your baby outgrows it.

Handlebar And Seat

The Fox boasts a height-adjustable handlebar and a reclinable seat that can be positioned to face you or look out on the world. With this flexibility, the stroller is easy to push and steer, even if using one hand.

It features a compact fold. Once you’re finished using it, the stroller can easily fold away into a compact size that’s easy for storage and portability.

Product Recall

  • None


  • Smaller and more agile than Vista
  • Advanced all-wheel suspension system
  • All-terrain wheels
  • May be more comfortable


  • It costs more than Vista.

What Customers Say

Did I mention how much I LOVE this stroller? It’s just so chic and high-end. The fabric is so plush, and the turning radius is incredible. I feel like I’m driving a sports car! I also love that it’s not just comfortable for my baby girl but for me also. I don’t feel every darn bump or crack in the sidewalk (that’s always kind of annoying). Also, my husband and I like to hike. And while we won’t be able to take this on rocky trails, we will use this on paved or gravel trails. That’s super important to us. I can also use it for speed walking – a key perk because now I don’t also have to by a jogger (I live in a big city and have limited storage space).” – Reviewer on Amazon.

I bought the first edition of the bugaboo fox, and it’s been a problem since day 1. I had to replace pretty much all the parts. Parts brake, doesn’t fold. Although I can’t complaint about the postservice and guarantee, I had to use it three times for now. There is no words to describe how unsatisfied I’m with the product, because it suppose to be the best in the market, but still a lot to work on quality. I don’t know if it’s bad luck or what, but I wouldn’t recommend bugaboo to anyone, don’t want to feel guilty after buying it and needing to replace parts occasionally.” – Reviewer on Amazon.

Is The Bugaboo Stroller Worth The Money?

For many parents, safety and comfort can be more important than price. So, they’re willing to pay a higher price, especially if you also want a baby product with many extra features.

If you feel that way, these high-quality strollers can be worth your money.


Stroller Recalls To Monitor







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