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Target Car Seat Trade-In Program 2023

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target car seat trade-in program



Since the Target car seat trade-in program was launched in April 2016, over 2.19 million car seats have been recycled. This amounts to a total of around 32.9 million lbs of car seat materials received. (1)(2)

Target’s first trade-in program for 2023 is from April 16 to 29, 2023. (1)(2)

Throughout this period, you can drop off old, damaged, or expired car seats to get a coupon for 20% off select baby gear from Target outlets, including a new car seat or any of the following: (1)(2)


These coupons can be used for online and in-store purchases within a limited period. According to Target’s FAQ page on the program, the coupons are redeemable twice and can be combined with other item offers. (1)(2)

Target won’t resell these old car seats. Instead, the materials will be recycled by the company’s partners to produce new products, including the following: (1)(2)

  • Construction materials (e.g., steel beams and carpet padding)
  • Pallets
  • Plastic buckets


When will the next trade-in program be, what car seats are accepted, and how can you participate? Is pre-registration required?

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Target Car Seat Trade-In Program 2023

Is Target Doing A Car Seat Trade-In 2023?

Yes. The first Target car seat trade-in program of 2023 is scheduled from April 16 to 29, 2023. (1)(2)

According to Target, most of their stores are participating in the trade-in program, except for a few small format stores. You can ask your local store to get more information. (1)(2)

The coupons for this trade-in program are only valid and can be used until May 13, 2023. (1)(2)



Does Target Take Expired Car Seats For Trade-In?

Yes. You can bring your expired car seats during Target’s trade-in period to receive a coupon. (1)(2)


What Car Seats Are Accepted In Target’s Car Seat Trade-In Program?

Aside from expired car seats, Target also accepts damaged ones. (1)(2)

The following car seat types are accepted: (1)(2)

  • Car seat bases
  • Convertible car seats
  • Harness or booster car seats
  • Infant car seats


Are Recalled Car Seats Accepted In This Recall?

Yes. Target accepts all kinds of car seats, whether new, damaged, or even recalled, because these will be recycled, not resold. The materials from these car seats will be turned into other products such as plastic buckets, pallets, and construction materials. (1)(2)


How Do I Scan For A Target Car Seat Trade-In?

Find the designated drop-off boxes in participating Target stores. Use the Target Circle app on your mobile device to scan the sign near any of these boxes. (1)(2)

Customers can receive one coupon per Target Circle account. (1)(2)


Is Pre-Registration Required For The Trade-In Program?

No. Pre-registration isn’t required. You only need to bring your car seat to a participating Target store within the designated trade-in period. (1)(2)


How Many Times A Year Does Target Do Car Seat Trade In?

Target offers the trade-in program twice a year. The store’s semi-annual event usually happens in April and September. (3)

The last trade-in program before the April 2023 event was in September 2022. (3)


How Long Do You Have To Return A Car Seat At Target?

According to Target, they accept returns within 90 days for most items. You can get a full refund for the returned item. (4)

Customers who paid with RedCard can get an additional 30 days and return products they bought from Target within 120 days of purchase. (4)


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