NUK Glass Bottle Recall 2022 & Why You Should Stop Using These Baby Bottles Immediately

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NUK Glass Bottle Recall 2022

Recall Information

On July 28, 2022, NUK First Choice 240 ml glass baby bottles were recalled due to a chemical hazard: lead levels found on the markings on the outside portion of the product exceed the federal lead content ban. (1)

Lead is a toxic heavy metal that can seriously harm your child’s health.

Some of the possible health effects relating to lead ingestion and exposure include: (2)(3)

  • Damage to the brain and central nervous system, causing serious brain injury, diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions, and/or coma
  • Learning and behavior problems
  • Slowed growth and development
  • Hearing and speech problems
  • Anemia (lack of enough red blood cells to bring oxygen to various parts of the body)
  • Effects on the heart, liver, and kidneys

What’s alarming is that lead can build up in the body. So, even exposure to small amounts of this heavy metal could eventually result in high lead levels. (3)

In extreme cases, lead poisoning can lead to death. (3)

According to the recall advisory, these NUK glass bottles (First Choice, ASIN B0027SVJ9O) were manufactured by the brand only for the UK market and weren’t intended to be sold in the US. (1)

However, third-party seller Astir Care inadvertently sold these online to the US and Canada markets from January 2018 to May 2022 on for around $20. (1)(3)

The Amazon seller is reportedly contacting all their known purchasers directly.

The recall advisory by the CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission) clarified that only the NUK-branded glass baby bottles manufactured for the UK market are included in this recall. All other NUK glass bottles aren’t included. (1)

No injuries have been reported relating to this NUK glass bottle recall.

The recall advisory added that only around 100 baby bottles had been sold in the US, plus around 77 sold in Canada. (1)

How To Identify The Recalled NUK Glass Bottles

The NUK First Choice glass baby bottles included in this recall: (1)

  • Glass bottles with a 240 ml capacity
  • Product code: ASIN B0027SVJ9O
  • Latex nipples intended for 0 to 6 months old
  • White and gray stars on the outside of the bottle
  • Brand name “NUK” printed in white lettering
  • Graduated volume scale in white markings

What To Do If You Have Recalled NUK Glass Bottles

If you have any of these recalled NUK glass bottles, immediately stop using them and contact the company for a refund through the following channels: (1)

  • Phone: 888-685-1238 (toll-free ) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday
  • Official recall website:
  • Brand’s official website:, then click on “RECALL” located at the top of the page

NUK explained that customers would receive a return mailer they can use to return their NUK glass bottles. (4)

You can expect to receive the mailer for up to four weeks after contacting NUK. (4)

The company will verify that the NUK product you returned is part of the recall. Once your returned product is verified, they will issue a refund check that you can expect to receive in 12-16 weeks. (4)

Can You Still Use The Recalled NUK Glass Bottles If They Look Alright?

No. There’s actually no way of telling just by looking at the glass whether the product contains lead or not. However, lead poisoning and the detrimental effects of lead on a person’s body, especially babies, have long been established. (2)

Differences In US & UK Regulations

Although made for the UK market, these NUK glass bottles weren’t recalled in the UK. They were only recalled in the US and Canada. (4)

This could be due to the difference in the regulations between the US (and Canada) versus the UK.

NUK stands by the safety of their products, explaining that they rigorously and routinely test them for consumer safety. (4)

The brand added that these products have also been manufactured in compliance with the industry standards set by the different global regions where they sell their goods. (4)

However, these countries and global regions have different standards and regulations for lead content.

UK Tests & Regulations

The UK tests and regulates lead migration. (4)

Instead of immediately recalling a product that contains small amounts of lead, they test whether this lead stays put on the product (the bottle, in this case), doesn’t leach, and couldn’t be absorbed during use. (4)

The NUK glass bottles passed the migration test in the UK, where they were intended for sale. (4)

US Tests & Regulations

The US, however, tests and regulates the overall lead content levels on the product (the bottle). So, the product was recalled in the US for failure to meet federal standards. (4)

It’s important to note that the recalled NUK glass bottles didn’t meet US standards because they weren’t intended to be sold there. NUK clarifies that they ensure to meet the safety standards and regulations of the country or region they make their products for. (4)

Other NUK Products (Not Affected By The Recall)

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  • NUK First Essentials bottles
  • NUK Simply Natural bottles
  • NUK sippy cup
  • NUK anti-colic bottles
  • NUK bottles 0-6 months

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