Patagonia Recall 2023: Possible Choking Risks

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On March 2, 2023, the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) announced a Patagonia recall involving around 8,000 Infant Capilene* Midweight Base Layer Sets because of possible choking risks. (1)(2)

*Capilene is a synthetic polyester, quick-dry fabric that can keep the wearer warm; it’s considered a user-friendly synthetic fleece

The snaps of the bodysuit included in the set can detach, posing a choking hazard to small children. (1)(2)

What should you do if you have these Patagonia products? Were there other recalls and safety concerns regarding the brand? Read on to find out.


Patagonia Recall 2023

Recall Details: Infant Capilene Midweight Set

Patagonia recalled their Infant Capilene Midweight Base Layer Sets on March 2, 2023, after receiving a report of a snap detaching from the bodysuit’s shoulder part. (1)(2)

The baby’s caregiver, who first reported this defect, discovered the child mouthing the snap and was able to take it away. (1)(2)


Did Patagonia Issue Their Recall Over One Incident?

Yes. The brand issued the recall over that one incident because a detached snap can pose a choking hazard. They believe that it’s important for products intended for children younger than three years old to have no small parts that can detach, be mouthed on, or pose a choking risk. (1)(2)


What Patagonia Products Are Being Recalled?

The Patagonia Infant Capilene Midweight Base Layer Sets include: (1)(2)

  • Knitted polyester long-sleeved bodysuit that has snaps at the crotch and at the left shoulder
  • Matching knitted polyester pants that have an elastic waistband but without snaps


These products were sold in five designs: (1)(2)

  • Pink and white set with “My Planet” pink hearts and trim
  • Blue set with “Fun Hogs” and “Patagonia” prints
  • Pink set with small graphics
  • Pink set with “Patagonia Mountain Kids” print
  • Gray and black set with “Patagonia Mountain Kids” print


How Do I Know If My Patagonia Has Been Recalled?

The voluntary recall includes all sets with style number 60910 from sizes 0 months through 24 months. (1)(2)

You can find the style number on a sewn-in label in the garment: (1)(2)

  • Fall 2021 style: STY60910FA21 
  • Fall 2022 style: STY60910FA22


These clothes were sold from August 2021 through January 2023 through the following outlets:

  • Patagonia (
  • REI (
  • Backcountry (
  • Other stores nationwide and online stores


What Do I Do With The Recalled Patagonia Items?

Stop using these recalled products immediately. Return the bodysuit to Patagonia to receive a refund. (1)(2)


Can I Keep The Pants?

Yes. The pants don’t have snaps. According to the recall notice, you can keep the pants or return them with the bodysuit. You’ll get the full refund either way. (2)


Are These Recalled Patagonia Products Still Safe To Use?

No. While there has only been one incident of a snap detaching from the bodysuit, there’s no telling whether another might come out from any of the recalled garments. It’s best to return them for a refund.


How To Get A Refund Or Replacement

Affected customers are entitled to a full refund. Contact Patagonia to receive free prepaid labels for shipping the recalled products. (1)(2)

The brand will send you the refund upon receipt of the products you sent them. (1)(2)

Contact Patagonia Inc., of Ventura, California via: (1)(2)

  • Phone: 800-638-6464 during weekdays from 6 AM to 6 PM PT or during weekends from 7 AM through 3 PM PT
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Recall website: 
  • Official website:, then click “Product Safety Recall” (bottom of the page)


Can I Still Return My Patagonia Without A Receipt?

Yes. You don’t need a receipt to return these Patagonia products. So, you can still get a refund even if you received the clothes as a gift or lost your receipt. (2)


What’s Patagonia Doing So This Safety Issue Doesn’t Happen Again?

The brand assures consumers that their quality team: (2)

  • Is investigating why the snap detached from the affected product
  • Researching ways to attach snaps more securely
  • Will make sure the snaps will be more secure in future kids’ garments


Is The Baby Capilene Midweight Henley Also Recalled?

No. This product isn’t included in this recall. (2)


Patagonia Recall 2021: UPF Apparels

Who Issued The Recall & Why?

In July 2021, Patagonia issued the voluntary recall of Capilene Cool Daily and Tropic Comfort sun protection lines (clothes for adults) over failure to meet the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating that they advertised. (3)

This recall included hoodies, t-shirts, backpacker or hiking clothes, and long-sleeved shirts. (3)


What’s The Standard UPF Rating?

Fabric or clothing must have UPF 30 to get The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. (4)

UPF 50+ rates are considered excellent and ideal, but products with UPF 30 to 49 also offer some protection. (4)


Does Patagonia Capilene Have UPF Protection?

Yes. Patagonia Capilene products offer UPF protection. (3)


Is Patagonia Capilene UPF 50?

No. While previously advertised as UPF 50, these products contain less than this rating. (3)


What SPF Is Patagonia Capilene?

Patagonia tests confirm that their products have an average of UPF 34 and range from UPF 17 to UPF 45. (3)

They claim that UPF 17 is still good because that can block 92% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV). However, they issued the recall for failing to reach their goal of providing customers with the highest level of sun protection. (3)


Patagonia Recall FAQs

Where Are Patagonia Products Manufactured?

  • Sri Lanka (1)


Can I Still Return Patagonia Products Without The Style Number?

Yes. The brand still honors returns of clothes that don’t have a style number (whether lost or removed). (3)


How Long Do I Wait For My Refund?

It depends on where you purchased the product and how you returned them: (3)

  • Up to three weeks for direct purchase from
  • Up to 12 weeks for returns that don’t have an order number or were purchased somewhere else


Can I Get A Refund If I Live Outside The US?

Contact Patagonia:


What Will Patagonia Do With The Unsold Or Returned Products?

Products from the snap-related recall: (2)

  • Recycled responsibly, but won’t be resold or donated anywhere in the world


Products from the UPF recall: (3)

  • Returned items were repurposed or recycled through Patagonia’s Worn Wear program
  • Unsold items from retail outlets and dealers were relabeled and sold without the UPF 50 claim


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(1) (USCPSC)






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