Bentex Recall 2022: High Lead Levels On Disney-Themed Children’s Clothing Sets 

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Bentex recalls children’s clothing sets with Disney character prints for posing lead poisoning hazards, according to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) notice posted on November 23, 2022. (1)

These products may have lead levels that are higher than the federal limits.

Based on federal standards, the levels of lead used in all children’s products shouldn’t be more than 0.009% or 90 ppm (parts per million) in paint and surface coatings or over 100 ppm in all accessible parts. (2)

Exposure to high levels of this heavy metal can lead to adverse health issues in young children. (3)(4)

This can seriously harm your baby’s health because it can damage their developing brain and nervous system, leading to learning, speech, and developmental issues. (3)

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) warns that lead can be stored in bones, possibly leading to long-term damage to your child’s brain and body. (4)

Lead exposure is difficult to detect, yet this heavy metal can quickly enter your baby’s bloodstream, causing damage. So, it’s important to minimize or avoid exposure. 

Thankfully, no injuries were reported concerning this Bentex recall.

Bentex Recall 2022

Recall Information

According to the CPSC’s recall notice, the affected Bentex clothing sets used textile ink that can contain levels of lead exceeding either the federal lead content ban or the federal lead paint ban. (1)

The recall involves 87,000 units of different Disney-themed styles of children’s clothing sets manufactured by the Bentex Group. (1)

The affected products ($5 and $25) were sold through the following retailers from November 2021 through August 2022: (1)

  • Burlington
  • DD’s/Ross
  • Army & Airforce Exchange Service
  • Other stores nationwide

Which Bentex Products Are Included & How To Identify Them?

Jersey Leggings Set (Code: G9P6456MI)

(Source: CPSC / Bentex Instagram post)

This 100% polyester 2-piece children’s set (infant to girls size 18) features a yellow long-sleeve Minnie Mouse print top and a pair of black leggings with printed white and yellow flowers. (1)

Affected batch numbers: (1)

  • 69P6456MI-0122
  • 79P6456MI-0122
  • 89P6456MI-0122
  • 99P6456MI-0122
  • 69P6456MI-0722
  • 79P6456MI-0722
  • 89P6456MI-0722
  • 99P6456MI-0722

Bike Shorts Set (Code: G1E2125MI)

(Source: CPSC / Bentex Instagram post)

This 2-piece set for toddlers features a red polyester Minnie Mouse short-sleeve top with a pair of gray shorts with Minnie Mouse heads and black polka dots. (1)

Affected batch number: (1)

  • 71E2125MI-0122

Girls Shorts Set (Code: SP2246088DS)

(Source: CPSC / Bentex Instagram post)

This 2-piece set for girls, sold in sizes 4-16, includes a purple polyester Jersey with “Wickedly Fierce” print and “Disney Descendants” characters, plus a pair of printed shorts with purple trim. (1)

Affected batch number: (1)

  • SP2246088DS 03/2022

Girls Shorts Set (Code: SP2247971DC)

(Source: CPSC / Bentex Instagram post)

This 2-piece children’s set, sold for toddlers through girls’ sizes 4-6X, has a yellow Winnie the Pooh polyester Jersey short-sleeve t-shirt with a “Hello Hunny” print, plus a pair of shorts with yellow trim and Winnie the Pooh print. (1)

Affected batch number: (1)

  • SP2247971DC 3/2022

Baby Boy Shorts Set (Code: B2E6459LN)

(Source: CPSC / Bentex Instagram post)

This 100% cotton 2-piece children’s set is available in newborn and infant sizes. It features a green Grodu (baby Yoda) and a frog-printed long-sleeve top with a pair of striped green shorts, also with baby Yoda and frog prints. (1)

Affected batch numbers: (1)

  • 02E6459LN-0322, 12E6459LN-0322

3-Pack Pants Or Shorts Set (Codes: B2P6920MM or B2E6919MM)

(Source: CPSC / Bentex Instagram post)

This 3-pack set for newborns through boys sizes 4-7 includes 100% cotton Mickey Mouse sweatpants or shorts in brown, gray, and yellow. The prints are the same for the sweatpants and shorts. (1)

Affected batch numbers (sweatpants): (1)

  • 02P6920MM-0322
  • 12P6920MM-0322
  • 22P6920MM-0322
  • 32P6920MM-0322

Affected batch numbers (shorts): (1)

  • 02E6919MM-0322
  • 12E6919MM-0322
  • 22E6919MM-0322
  • 32E6919MM-0322

Children’s Leggings Set (Code: G2P6361MI)

(Source: CPSC / Bentex Instagram post)

This 2-piece polyester jersey set for infants to girls sizes 4-7 features a green Minnie Mouse short-sleeve top with a “Best Buds” print and a pair of pink leggings with prints of brown polka dots and white flowers. (1)

Affected batch numbers: (1)

  • 62P6361MI-0322
  • 72P6361MI-0322
  • 82P6361MI-0322

Children’s Shorts Set (Code: B2E5094PH)

(Source: CPSC / Bentex Instagram post)

This 100% cotton 2-piece children’s set for infants and toddlers features a yellow Winnie the Pooh and Tigger short-sleeve t-shirt with a “Just beeing me” print and a pair of gray shorts printed with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger heads. (1)

Affected batch numbers: (1)

  • 12E5094PH-1021
  • 22E5094PH-1021

What To Do Next & How To Get A Refund

Stop using and immediately take these recalled children’s clothing sets away from your children.

You can contact Bentex for instructions on disposing or returning the recalled clothes to get a full refund:

  • Phone: 800-451-0285 (available from 9 AM to 5 PM ET Mondays through Thursdays and 9 AM to 3 PM on Fridays
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Official website:, then click “Recall” (top of the page)
  • Recall website:

Is It Still Safe To Use These Recalled Bentex Products?

No. It’s impossible to see the lead on your child’s clothes, yet it can easily enter their bloodstream to harm their brain and bodies. (3)(4)

So, don’t let your children use these clothes, and immediately contact the brand so you can dispose of these products safely.

In an Instagram post on their official page, Bentex apologizes to affected consumers and encourages them to contact the brand’s customer service channels for a full refund.

Bentex Products Not Included In The Recall

Bentex offers a wide range of toys for babies, big kids, and toddler boys and girls. Many of them are not included in the recall. Some examples include:

  • Marvel Spider-Man 4 Pack Pullover T-Shirts Toddler to Big Kid
  • Marvel Avengers Spider-Man Fleece Pullover Hoodie & Jogger Pants Outfit Set For Toddler to Big Kid
  • Disney Minnie Mouse Baby Girls Fleece Sweatshirt and Leggings Outfit Set Infant to Big Kid

Where Are Bentex Clothes Made?

According to the CPSC’s recall advisory, Bentex clothes are made in Egypt. (1)

Checking For Recalled Baby Products

Toxic products can cause serious injuries or even death. So, it’s important to watch and monitor the latest news for recent recalls and safety warnings.

You can follow our reports on the following topics to keep you updated:


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