Rollerblade USA Inline Skates Recall (2023) Over Brake Failure & Fall Risks

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rollerblade usa inline skates recall


Rollerblade USA Inline Skates Recall (2023)

Recall Details

On April 20, 2023, Rollerblade USA recalled the following products because the brake support (rear brake) can separate or break, increasing your child’s risk of a fall due to reduced user stability: (1)(2)

  • Rollerblade Fury inline skates
  • Rollerblade Fury brake supports


According to the recall advisory, the company received 11 reports of the brake supports fracturing or breaking off from the product. Thankfully, there haven’t been any injuries reported. (1)(2)

About 13,400 units of these inline skates have been affected by this recall. (1)(2)


What Rollerblade USA Inline Skates Are Being Recalled?

Only the following variants are included in this recall: (1)(2)

  • Rollerblade Fury Black/White youth inline skates
  • Rollerblade Fury G Black/Pink youth inline skates
  • Rollerblade Fury brake support (distributed as a service part)
  • Rollerblade Fury skates (with gray, non-marking brake pads) – sold directly to schools or rental facilities 


These products were sold in three adjustable sizes: (1)(2)

  • 12J-2
  • 2-6
  • 5-8


How Do I Check If My Rollerblade USA Inline Skates Are Recalled?

Check for the following information to determine if your inline skates are included in this recall:

  • “Rollerblade” print (on the skate frame, wheels, and power straps)
  • SKU number: FURY B BKWH 07067000787 (on the skate tongue label)
  • SKU number: FURY G BKPK 070671007Y9 (on the skate tongue label)


*SKU means “stock keeping unit”


These products were sold at the following outlets from May 2020 through March 2023:

  • Rollerblade USA (
  • Inline Warehouse (
  • Paragon Athletic Goods
  • REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.)
  • Other sporting goods stores
  • Other Rollerblade USA dealers


What To Do With The Recalled Rollerblade USA Inline Skates?

Immediately stop using the Rollerblades and contact Tecnica Group USA Corporation, d/b/a Rollerblade USA (West Lebanon, New Hampshire) for free replacement brake support through the following customer service channels:

  • Toll-free line: 866-734-5708 from 8:30 AM to 5 PM ET (Monday through Friday)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Recall site: 
  • Official website: (click on “Fury Product Recall”)


Do I Need A Receipt For The Rollerblade USA Inline Skates Recall?

  • Not indicated


Are These Rollerblade USA Inline Skates Still Safe To Use?

No. The brakes can fail anytime, posing injury risks to your child. 


Where Were Rollerblades Made?

  • China



Is There A Difference Between Rollerblades and Inline Skates?

  • “Inline skates” are a type of skates wherein the wheels are all lined up.
  • “Rollerblades” is the term for the inline skates made by the Rollerblade company.


What’s An Adjustable Inline Skate?

These inline skates can be adjusted to create a snug, comfortable, and safe fit. Some products have a push-button switch to help with adjustments, while others need to be manually adjusted.


What Does Roller Skating Inline Mean?

  • Roller skates have a wheel configuration similar to car wheels – two wheels are in front and two at the back.
  • Inline skates have all the wheels placed in one line.


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