Target Hearth & Hand Mushroom Peg Toy Recall (2023) Over Choking Risks

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target hearth & hand mushroom peg toy recall


What’s The Target Hearth & Hand Mushroom Peg Toys Recall About?

On November 16, 2023, Target Corporation, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, recalled about 1,850 units of Hearth & Hand 13-Piece Toy Mushroom Peg Sorters over possible choking risks to young children because the stems can detach. (1)(2)

According to the Target and CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission) recall advisory, the company received five reports of the stems detaching from the mushrooms. (1)(2)

No deaths or injuries have been reported in relation to this Target toy recall. (1)(2)


Which Target Hearth & Hand Mushroom Peg Toys Are Recalled?

This recall only affects Target Hearth and Hand Toy Mushroom Peg Sorter (with Magnolia). (1)(2)

This playset features a wooden board with wooden mushrooms in multiple colors and is decorated in a white-dotted pattern. (1)(2)

The toy peg board measures about 6 x 8 inches, with the model number located on the board’s underside section: (1)(2)

  • Model number: 324-06-3185


These recalled peg sorter toys were sold from July 2023 through September 2023 through the following:

  • Target stores nationwide
  • Online (


No other Target or Hearth and Hand toys are affected by this recall. (1)(2)


How Do I Know If My Child’s Target Hearth & Hand Mushroom Peg Toys Have Been Recalled?

Check the label on the back of your toy for the following information (see photo below): (1)(2)



What To Do With My Recalled Target Hearth & Hand Mushroom Peg Toys?

Immediately take these recalled peg toys from your young children and keep them out of reach until you can return them to any Target store for a full refund. (1)(2)

Another option is to contact Target for a prepaid return label so you can return the toy set via mail instead of heading to a physical store location. (1)(2)

You can reach them through these channels: (1)(2)

  • Phone number: 800-440-0680 daily from 7 AM to 10 PM CT 
  • Target help site:
  • Main website: (click on “Recalls” found at the bottom of the page, and find “Toys”) 
  • Recall site via: link on Target’s Facebook page ( 


According to Target, they’re also contacting all their known purchasers directly. (1)(2)


Are These Target Hearth & Hand Mushroom Peg Toys Still Safe To Use?

No. The stems can detach at any time, posing increased choking risks to younger children.

While older kids (5+ years) are less likely to put things in their mouths, keeping any safety risks away from children’s reach is still best.


Where Were These Target Hearth & Hand Mushroom Peg Toys Manufactured?

  • China (1)(2)



Why Was 2007 Considered The Year Of The Recall?

Non-profit organizations Consumer Reports and Kids In Danger called 2007 the “year of the recall” because 448 recalls were issued for this year alone. (3)

Of these recalls, about 52% or 231 involved children’s products, with 100+ being toy recalls. (3)

What’s alarming is that despite the laws governing toy manufacturing standards and warnings to parents, toy-related deaths and injuries continue to happen each year. (4)

Other nursery products are also linked to children’s injuries and fatalities. (5)


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