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Nuna RAVA Review: What Makes It Special & Should You Buy It?

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nuna rava review



The RAVA is a convertible Nuna car seat that you can use for both rear-facing and forward-facing modes. 

This high-quality convertible is more versatile than the Nuna Pipa infant car seats (e.g., Pipa Lite), but is it worth your money? What are its best features, and are there disadvantages you should know about?

How does it fare compared to other best convertible car seats on the market?

Learn more about this Nuna convertible in our car seat review below.


What’s So Great About Nuna RAVA & Should You Buy It?

The RAVA has fire-resistant fabric to meet the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards but without using toxic flame retardant chemicals.

As a GREENGUARD Gold-certified product, the Nuna RAVA can also help ensure that your little one doesn’t inhale harmful chemicals, such as VOCs or volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde, which can lead to higher cancer risks. (1)

While this safety certification is a huge plus, it’s ideal to consider other factors before buying this baby product.

For example, Nuna car seats are considered premium products with luxurious fabrics or various bells and whistles. However, they also have a higher price point than many other brands.

The RAVA is priced at around $500, depending on the fabric and cover styles or the shop. That’s about twice or even three times the price of many Chicco and Graco convertible car seats.

If you’re looking for a higher-end, certified non-toxic alternative, and are willing to pay extra for added safety and comfort then this might be the choice for you. 

It also comes in different color options and added functionalities to provide your baby with a comfortable and safe car seat throughout the ride.

Learn more about these special features below.


Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat Review

Where To Buy This Baby Gear

The RAVA is sold on the brand’s official website,

It’s also available at Dillard’s, Nordstrom, and Pottery Barn.


Styles & Prints

According to Nuna, some of this car seat’s color options are sold exclusively in specific shops:

  • Broken Arrow, Caviar (Pottery Barn Kids)
  • Brushstroke Dot (Pottery Barn Kids)
  • Edgehill (Dillard’s)
  • Curated (Nordstrom)
  • Refined (Dillard’s)


Non-exclusive prints that are available in different stores and outlets:

  • Caviar
  • Granite
  • Ocean
  • Riveted
  • Rose


What Makes It Special?


  • Stylish car seat with plush fabrics and different prints


Conversion Options

  • Rear-facing mode
  • Forward-facing mode


Recline Positions

  • 10-position headrest


You can adjust the headrest to the right position using one hand.

Use the color-coded forward and rear-facing buttons to help you find the best angle: 

  • The blue positions are a guide for the rear-facing mode
  • The red positions are used for the forward-facing mode 


Adjust the recline angle if your child’s head falls forward.


More Versatile Recline Settings

Unlike other car seats with fixed recline positions, you can adjust the RAVA to the recline angle that you or your child prefer.

However, note that you have to uninstall the RAVA to change its recline position, then reinstall it.


Capacity & Limits

  • Up to 50 lbs for the rear-facing mode, with seat belt
  • Up to 35 lbs for the rear-facing mode, with the LATCH (Lower Anchors & Tethers For Children) system
  • Up to 65 lbs (with seat belt) for the forward-facing mode
  • Up to 40 lbs for the forward-facing mode, with the LATCH system


The RAVA doesn’t have minimum height restrictions, but the max height is 49”. 

Your child must meet both the weight and height requirements for safety reasons.

Also, ensure that the harness is at or just below your child’s shoulders in the rear-facing configuration and at or just above their shoulders in the forward-facing position.


Many Informative Labels

There are many informative labels plastered all over the car seat, including detailed instructions with drawings on how to install, recline, or adjust from front-facing to rear-facing.

The labels also include safety warnings, height and weight limit information, car seat expiry, and other important things about your Nuna RAVA.

These labels are also carefully placed at relevant locations to guide you.


Is The Nuna RAVA A Safe Car Seat?

Yes. The Nuna RAVA can be a safe convertible car seat for your little one

As mentioned above, it is a GREENGUARD Gold-certified product with low chemical emissions.

Aside from this, the car seat also offers the following features to help ensure your baby’s safety:


Car Seat Safety Features

  • Reinforced belt path to offer superior protection


Easy-To-Use No-Rethread 5-Point Harness

The no-rethread harness ensures that you can adjust the fit to ensure your child is snug and safely secured to the car seat.

The 5-point harness (which goes over your child’s legs and shoulders) ensures that your child’s body is safely restrained in the seat, especially in a crash.


EPS Foam & Side-Impact Protection Pods
  • Energy-absorbing EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam provides side-impact protection pods


True Tension Doors & Belt Path

The Nuna RAVA’s preferred installation method is with your vehicle’s seat belt

Nuna equips the RAVA with True Tension doors (a hatch-like contraption under the seat fabric) to ensure a snug and safe fit when using seat belt installation. This “door” applies tension to the vehicle seat belt. This way, the seat doesn’t move from its secured position.

However, this might not work with all vehicles. Nuna reminds parents to check their vehicle owner’s manual to see if their car has a locking vehicle belt or latch plate. If your car doesn’t have any, contact Nuna for a locking clip.

Colored belt path indicators also serve as a guide to help decrease the risks of errors in installing your car seat to your vehicle.


Materials Used 

  • All-steel frame
  • Child-safe foam
  • Fire-resistant fabric without using toxic flame-retardant chemicals
Does The Nuna RAVA Have A Rebound Bar?

No. The RAVA doesn’t have a rebound bar. 

This feature provides an added safety layer in the rear-facing configuration by limiting the seat’s rotation in a crash.


Car Seat Quality & Your Baby’s Comfort 

Seat Pads & Covers

  • Ventilation panels with washable, breathable knit fabric


Newborn Inserts

  • Removable infant inserts for head and body 
  • Recommended for babies weighing 5-11 lbs


These soft, padded inserts let you use the car seat for your newborn baby. Be sure to use the rear-facing installation.

Check that the harness falls at or below their shoulders for your baby’s safety. You can adjust or remove the insert for your baby’s comfort and protection.


Adjustments For The Crotch Buckle

  • No-rethread, two-position crotch strap


Extendable Leg Room

The adjustable footrest provides 2 inches of extra leg room when using the rear-facing configuration.

This can also offer extra support in forward-facing mode.


Harness Covers

  • Removable soft cloth covers on the harness and crotch area


Key Features 

Washable Parts & Cover Removal

  • The car seat cover is washable (see removal instructions below).
  • The ventilation panels have knit fabric and are washable.


Stroller Compatibility

  • None


Although the RAVA can be used by babies (using the infant insert), it can’t convert into an infant car seat

If you prefer one that you can use with a stroller, you can choose from the Nuna Pipa infant car seat line or the UPPAbaby Mesa (compatible with UPPAbaby strollers).



  • 16” x 19” x 25.2-31” (depending on the headrest position)



  • 27.2 lbs


Car Seat Cover

Some parents agree that the machine-washable seat cover can be difficult to remove and reattach because it’s tucked into the shell. However, this makes the design look clean and stylish.


Ease Of Installation & Use

How Easy Is It To Use The Nuna RAVA?

Nuna claims that the RAVA is easy to use and has advanced safety technology that makes installation simple and easy.



However, the car seat only has a 3-star ease-of-use rating from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). (2)






Installation Using The Vehicle’s Seat Belt

Secure installation with colored belt path indicators to decrease the risk of user error.

LATCH installation is possible (see below). However, Nuna recommends using your vehicle’s seat belt due to the following reasons:

  • You don’t need to worry or constantly calculate when you’ll need to switch from LATCH to seat belt installation (the LATCH installation has a lower weight limit).
  • Not all vehicles have LATCH anchors, but all have seat belts.
  • There are more seating positions available with the seat belt installation. Note that if your vehicle has a tether anchor point, it’s ideal to connect this to your car seat. If unsure, check your vehicle’s manual.



Follow the belt path under the lower portion of the car seat and through the true tension door under the seat padding.

Here’s a guide from the RAVA’s manual:




Follow the belt path on the back of the car seat (check behind the back padding).

Note that if the seatbelt is too tight, the harness traps can get in the way, and it can be difficult to close the true tension door.

You can also check the illustrated step-by-step guide on your car seat.

Here’s a guide from the RAVA’s manual:



IMPORTANT NOTE: When using seat belt installation, be sure to lock the belt after securing the car seat to prevent any forward movement. To do this, pull the seat belt all the way out, then let it retract slowly.


Installation Using LATCH (Rear-Facing & Forward-Facing Modes)

Attach the car seat’s push-style LATCH connectors to your vehicle’s anchors.

Illustrated labels near these connectors can also guide you through the installation process.

Here’s a guide from the RAVA’s manual (rear-facing):


Here’s the guide for the front-facing installation:



Extra Features

Can You Store The LATCH System When Not In Use?

Yes. The LATCH connectors can be stored under the car seat’s true tension door when you aren’t using the system.


Storage Pockets For Buckle Tongue 

These pockets are located on each side of the car seat.


Removable Cup Holders

  • Dual flip-open cup holders


To remove the cup holders, rotate into the “use” position, then pull up firmly. You can reattach them by snapping them onto the hinge.


Other Specifications



FAA Approval

Yes. This car seat is FAA-certified for aircraft use (*FAA = Federal Aviation Administration).


What’s The Lifespan Of Nuna RAVA?


  • Two years



  • Ten years from the date of manufacture; be sure to check your Nuna Rava’s label for the actual expiration date


Product Recall

  • None


Cons & Disadvantages

  • The recline angle might not recline be enough for newborns to sleep comfortably.
  • Some parents complain that this car seat can easily get hot despite having ventilated padding.
  • The heavy weight makes this car seat challenging to bring around or take along on trips, even if it’s FAA approved.
  • Some complaints that it doesn’t work for a three-across configuration
  • Some complaints about the shoulder height markers being higher than what other brands are using
  • Some parents observed that the top tether installation, instead of LATCH, can make it unsafe for your baby.
  • It can be a rear-facing infant car seat, yet it doesn’t attach to a stroller like the Nuna Pipa series infant car seats.
  • You need to uninstall it to change its recline position, then reinstall it back, which can be a hassle, particularly when you are in a hurry.


Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

Best car seat! Easy to fasten seatbelt and tighten (unlike some car seats).” – Reviewer on Dillard’s 

Yes, it’s big. Yes, it takes up space. BUT…it’s sturdy, it will last years, you won’t regret it.” – Reviewer on Nordstrom

Love this car seat. Very easy to install and super high quality.”- Reviewer on Dillard’s 


Negative Reviews

Fits terrible in rear bucket seats, flips forward easy, and very difficult to tighten straps on baby.” – Reviewer on Dillard’s

The straps are much shorter than other car seats. This may not be a problem when the user is a newborn or small baby, but it becomes needlessly difficult to buckle the child in once they near toddlerhood.” – Reviewer on Nordstrom

I’m disappointed with the poor quality of the fabric used, and expected the cover to last much longer than 3 months, especially for the price point.” – Reviewer on Dillard’s


Best Fit: Safe & Comfortable Ways To Use The Nuna RAVA Car Seat


  • Use the infant insert; rear-facing mode.


Babies Up To One Year Old

  • Use the infant insert until your baby is around 11 lbs (around 2-3 months); rear-facing mode.
  • Remove the infant insert when your baby is 11+ lbs, but continue using the rear-facing configuration.


2+ Years Old

  • Children this age can already ride in a front-facing configuration. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics (or AAP) recommends keeping your children in rear-facing positions for as long as possible. (3)
  • You can adjust the seat for more back legroom.
  • Regularly check your child’s height and weight to ensure they’re within the car seat’s maximum limits.


3+ Years Old

  • Use the front-facing position.


4+ Years Old


5+ Years Old

  • Most kids this age no longer fit in the RAVA. Use booster seats instead.



Do I Need To Replace My Nuna RAVA After A Crash?

Any car seat involved in a moderate or severe crash must be replaced. It doesn’t matter if the seat looks fine outside because cracks or other invisible damages can affect the product’s integrity. (4)

According to the NHTSA, you don’t have to replace the car seats after a minor crash, defined as: (4)

  • None of the vehicle’s passengers sustained any injuries from the crash.
  • The vehicle’s airbags didn’t deploy during the crash.
  • The nearest vehicle door to the car seat wasn’t damaged.
  • The vehicle was driven away (without being towed) from the crash site.
  • There isn’t any visible damage to your car seat.


Do I Need To Remove The Cupholders To Install Using The Rear Facing Belt Path?

Yes. The cup holders must be removed for rear belt installation.


Where Can I Find Important Information About My Nuna RAVA?

  • Manufacturing & Expiry Dates
  • FAA Approval
  • Product Manual – special storage pocket that you can find at the bottom of the seat (find the book icon)


Is The Middle Seat The Best Spot For My Nuna RAVA?

Yes. The middle seat is the ideal spot for installing your baby’s car seat. It should never be installed in the front passenger seat.


Can I Use A Seat Protector For My Nuna RAVA?

No. Nuna doesn’t recommend using seat protectors with the RAVA.


How Do I Remove The Seat Cover For Cleaning?

Follow these steps for the seat cover removal:

  1. Recline the seat to any rear-facing position in blue.
  2. Raise the head support to its highest position.
  3. Unbuckle the harness and chest clips.
  4. Fully extend the calf support at the bottom of the seat.
  5. Remove the tether from the storage clip.
  6. Remove the infant insert and the harness or buckle pads.
  7. Start carefully removing the head support cover from the top, ensuring the EPS foam isn’t damaged.
  8. Slowly but firmly peel the cover off one side before moving to the other.
  9. Unsnap the cover from the frame and remove it.
  10. Unsnap the seat cover, starting from the top (around the bottom part of the head support cover you removed).
  11. Slowly remove the seat cover from under the harness release button frame.
  12. Pull away from the button.
  13. Grasp the bottom of the seat cover and slowly pull it from the bottom of the car seat.
  14. Find the hook under the buckle tongue holder at the side (above the cup holder). Unhook it.
  15. Continue removing the cover slowly up the seat’s back.
  16. Repeat with the other side.
  17. Slowly flip the seat cover above the top of the car seat and slide it off the tether strap.


To reattach the seat cover, tuck it back into the frame in reverse from the removal process.

Here’s a handy video tutorial from Nuna:


Nuna RAVA Vs. Other Car Seats To Consider: Best Features

Nuna RAVA Convertible Vs. Nuna Exec All-In-One Convertible

Nuna RAVA Convertible

Nuna Exec All-In-One Convertible

Common Features

  • Can convert into rear-facing and front-facing positions 
  • GREENGUARD Gold-certified 


What Makes Nuna RAVA Better

  • Costs less
  • More styles and prints


What Makes Nuna Exec Better

  • Converts into a belt-positioning booster
  • More luxurious
  • GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton insert, crotch cover, and harness covers, which means that it’s made from organic cotton certified to be free from toxic chemicals such as pesticides
  • Has an anti-rebound panel
  • Has magnetic harness holders
  • Machine-washable quilted leg rest slipcover


You can refer to our article on Nuna car seats for more in-depth comparisons among the brand’s top products.


Nuna RAVA Convertible Vs. UPPAbaby Knox Convertible 



Nuna RAVA Convertible


UPPAbaby Knox Convertible 


Some Common Features

  • Can convert into rear-facing and front-facing positions 


What Makes Nuna RAVA Better

  • Suitable for 0-4 years old
  • GREENGUARD Gold-certified 
  • Has more cover styles and prints
  • No recalls or safety notices (“private” UPPAbaby Knox recall in 2020; no official recall announced, but owners were alerted that the seat can move even with secured installation) (5)


What Makes UPPAbaby Knox Better

  • Suitable for 1-6 years old
  • Costs less
  • More advanced impact protection with a base developed from aerospace safety research
  • Has a multi-directional tether to reduce seat rotation in a crash
  • Has bead level indicators located on both sides of the seat 
  • Includes a free travel bag


Nuna RAVA Convertible Vs. Clek Foonf Convertible 

Nuna RAVA Convertible


Clek Foonf Convertible 


Some Common Features

  •  Weight limit up to 50 lbs for rear-facing configuration
  • GREENGUARD Gold-Certified


What Makes Nuna RAVA Better

  • Suitable for newborn babies (the Clek’s minimum weight is 14 lbs, with infant inserts sold separately)
  • Costs slightly less
  • 10-year seat expiry (Clek expires in nine years)


What Makes Clek Foonf Better


  • Steel anti-rebound bar
  • Narrower by 2”, making it better suited for a three-across configuration
  • Rigid LATCH connectors
  • Uses energy-absorbing crumple technology
  • Engineered with magnesium and steel sub-structure (Clek claims it’s “built like a tank”)


Nuna RAVA Convertible Vs. Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible

Nuna RAVA Convertible



Some Common Features

  • Converts to rear-facing and front-facing modes


What Makes Nuna RAVA Better

  • Premium car seat
  • GREENGUARD Gold-Certified
  • Higher weight limit at 50 lbs (only 40 lbs for Safety 1st)


What Makes Safety 1st Guide 65 Better

  • Costs less than a quarter of the RAVA’s price tag


Nuna RAVA Convertible Vs. Cosco Mighty Fit 65 DX Convertible

Nuna RAVA Convertible



Some Common Features

  • Converts to rear-facing and front-facing configurations


What Makes Nuna RAVA Better

  • Premium car seat
  • GREENGUARD Gold-Certified
  • Higher weight limit at 50 lbs (only 40 lbs for the Cosco)
  • Secure installation for all configurations (many complaints about rear-facing installation with the Cosco)


What Makes Cosco Mighty Fit 65 DX Better

  • Costs less than a quarter of the RAVA’s price tag


Other Car Seats To Consider

Read our article on the best convertible car seats for in-depth reviews of the following products you can compare with the Nuna RAVA:


Why Is Nuna RAVA The Best Car Seat?

  • Premium car seat
  • Has a wide range of stylish prints and colors
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • GREENGUARD Gold-Certified
  • Higher weight limit for the rear-facing configuration than some convertible car seats
  • Has a 10-year expiry


Guide To Buying Your Baby’s Car Seats


As much as possible, we recommend choosing safe products that are free from toxic chemicals (e.g., BPAs or bisphenol-A found in some plastics, heavy metals, phthalates, and fire retardants).

Help protect your little ones from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals. Read and bookmark Motherhood Community’s health & safety philosophy to guide you on reducing your children’s exposure.


Car Seat Expiration Dates

Even if your child’s car seat wasn’t involved in a crash, it can weaken over time. This can make the car seat potentially unsafe because it might not be strong or secure enough to protect your child in an accident.

Check your car seat’s label because expiry dates can vary.


Car Seat Types & Your Baby’s Age

Not all car seats are created equal. Some can only be used by babies, while others convert into configurations for toddlers and older children.

Always choose the right car seat type depending on your children’s age, height, and/or weight for optimal protection.


Age Recommendations & Limits

Different car seats have varied weight and height limits. Always follow the instructions and limits of your car seat’s manufacturer.


When Should My Child Stop Riding Rear-Facing?

The AAP recommends keeping your kids in a rear-facing car seat position for as long as possible. (3)


Easy Installation

It’s essential to securely install your car seat to the vehicle for your little one’s safety. If possible, choose one with easy installation options, especially those with visual guides and level indicators.


Avoid Buying Second-Hand Car Seats

Although they’re cheaper, second-hand car seats might be unsafe to use because of the following:

  • Regular wear and tear
  • Possibly expired
  • Might have been involved in a moderate crash


Monitor Car Seat Recalls


If you have a car seat you no longer use, consider taking it to the Target Car Seat Trade-In Program (a 2-week event that usually happens in April and September) to swap your used items with a 20% discount coupon you can use for various baby essentials.


Other Recent Baby Product Recalls & Safety Warnings

Stay informed with the latest news by signing up for our regular Motherhood Community recall alerts so you never miss an important recall.

Check these comprehensive lists of product recalls by category:










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