Toddler Floor Bed: Does Your Kid Need One?

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The toddler age is filled with milestones. It’s when most babies learn how to talk and walk. It’s when they start to eat solids

It’s also the time to consider getting a toddler floor bed or a kids bed.

Soon, they’ll climb out of their crib. Then, they’ll go to your room in the middle of one night – if they haven’t already! Oooops.

With your little one growing up so fast, how can you tell if they’re ready to move out of their crib before they start climbing over it? Is it safe to let them use a mattress on the floor, or is a bed frame necessary?

Are there other choices to consider aside from floor beds, and how can you keep your toddler’s room safe and secured? 

We’ll answer these questions below and discuss other concerns, such as helping your child move to their own bed if you’re already co-sleeping.


Top Reasons For Getting A Toddler Floor Bed

For Creating A Safe Sleeping Space For Your Toddler

Cribs are best for babies. As they grow older and bigger, however, they need a bigger sleeping space for their safety.

While cribs can keep babies inside a safe sleeping environment, curious and more active toddlers can climb up the guardrails to escape. This can be dangerous because they can fall and get hurt.

However, a regular children’s bed might still be too high for your toddler. They can also fall and get hurt while sleeping.

Many parents choose a toddler floor bed because it can be safer due to its much lower height than a regular bed.


For Your Toddler’s Added Safety Even When Awake

Your child’s bed often doubles as a playing spot. Choosing a floor bed can minimize the risks of falling during sleep or play.


For Establishing A Regular & Healthy Sleep Routine & Schedule

A toddler floor bed in your child’s room creates a sleeping space they can reach even without help. This can encourage them to self-soothe and sleep on their own.


For Fostering Your Toddler’s Independence

A floor bed in your children’s room can encourage your little one to sleep independently.


For Promoting Movement & Exploration

With its lower height, a floor bed can also promote freedom of movement.


For Your Peace Of Mind

Because your toddler has their own bed that’s lower on the floor, you can have peace of mind knowing they have a reduced fall risk.


For Saving Nursery Space

Having a smaller bed size means keeping precious space in your child’s room or nursery.


Things To Consider When Choosing Toddler Floor Beds


  • Rounded edges and guard rails
  • Materials should be free from VOCs (volatile organic compounds), heavy metals (especially lead in paints), and other toxic substances


Durability & Quality

  • Durable beds can last for years
  • Quality materials can ensure the bed also stays safe even for years


Size & Value For Your Money

Some beds are compatible with the crib mattress. However, they’re smaller, so your toddler can outgrow them soon. Others have a bigger size, providing a more spacious full or twin bed for your little one, but they can also take up more space.

Although you can save on a toddler-sized bed, a full-sized bed placed on the floor might offer more value for your money. Check for products that allow conversion from a floor bed to a regular one, or you can let your child use the bed’s mattress instead.


Other Special Features

Some brands offer nursery packages or combos. For example, P’KOLINO offers a toddler floor bed that you can buy with a standard single bed and a bunk bed. This can be ideal for creating a shared nursery or room for several kids.

Other products are also convertible from crib to a toddler bed or big kid’s bed, while others can convert from a floor bed to a platform or standard kid’s bed.


Key Features: Toddler Floor Beds

Delta Children Interactive Wood (Minnie Mouse) Toddler Bed (GREENGUARD Gold Certified)

  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified nursery furniture – Certified to have lower chemical emissions, particularly formaldehyde
  • Includes an interactive feature (sleep routine checklist)
  • Available in different cute and colorful designs
  • The most budget-friendly option on our list


P’KOLINO Casita House Twin Floor Bed (Montessori Inspired)

  • Simple, Montessori-inspired design
  • House-like headboard design
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified for social and environmental standards systems (given to products made from renewable and sustainable materials)
  • Low carbon footprint and made of natural wood
  • Converts into a tent bed with the P’KOLINO tent cover accessory (sold separately)
  • Fewer parts for easier assembly


Busywood House Playpen Bed with Fall Protection

  • Playpen bed design with longer guardrails for fall protection
  • Handmade
  • Available in different sizes
  • Offers discounts (look for the “shop now” promos on ETSY)


Sprout Kids Birch Montessori Floor Bed

  • Passed rigorous safety testing
  • Finished smooth, free from VOCs, and with a UV-cured finish; can be safe for children and the environment
  • Available in different sizes and side configurations
  • Converts into a taller platform bed when your toddler is ready for a big kid’s bed


Product Reviews: Toddler Floor Beds

Delta Children Interactive Wood (Minnie Mouse) Toddler Bed (GREENGUARD Gold Certified)



Best Features & Pros

  • Strong, sturdy, and cute wood bed (frame only)
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Made of nontoxic materials
  • Colorful design
  • Has sides that can keep your toddler on their bed while sleeping
  • Includes an easy-wipe bedtime checklist
  • Interactive play and learning sections (interactive clock with a spinner for the days of the week) that make it ideal for the nursery or playroom
  • Available in different designs and colors (such as a blue “Minions” bed and a red “Cars” bed)


Specifications & Other Features

  • Age Range: 15+ months
  • Dimensions: ‎53.25” (length) x 19” (width) x 28.75” (height)
  • Ease Of Assembly: Can be assembled by one person in about an hour (based on reviews)
  • Cleaning: Dry clean only
  • Made in: China (according to Amazon)


Cons & Other Drawbacks

  • Some complaints that the material isn’t solid wood but actually made of soft particle board
  • Edges and sides can be a hazard if your toddler plays or falls close to the bed


What Customers Say

Positive Reviews

Very cute and just as pictured. Fairly easy to assemble. Came with a few dings, otherwise perfect for my toddler.” – Reviewer on Amazon


Negative Reviews

It is not made out of heavy sturdy wood, so, don’t be fooled by the description. If you have been in an IKEA store, the material for this bed is very similar (particle board). Very thin parts.” – Reviewer on Amazon


P’KOLINO Casita Twin House Floor Bed (Montessori Inspired)



Best Features & Pros

  • Montessori-inspired wooden bed (frame only)
  • Low carbon footprint and made of natural wood
  • House-like headboard design
  • Eco-friendly and made of renewable pine wood sources
  • FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) for social and environmental standards systems
  • Also available in the Casita bundle with a standard single bed and a loft bed
  • Converts into a tent bed with the P’KOLINO tent cover accessory


Specifications & Other Features

  • Age Range: Toddler age (15+ months)
  • Dimensions: 39.4” (height) x 78.9” (width) x 47.4” (depth)
  • Ease Of Assembly: Fewer parts make this bed easier to assemble, and can be assembled by one person in less than an hour (based on reviews); however, there were also complaints that the lack of pre-drilled holes for the bolts made it challenging to assemble
  • Cleaning: Wipe off dust using a soft cloth
  • Made in: Brazil (according to Maisonette)


Cons & Other Drawbacks

  • Only has sides near the pillow section, so it won’t stop your toddler from falling off the bed while sleeping (but it does have a low height from the floor)
  • The sides have sloped edges but can still be a hazard if your child accidentally falls near the bed
  • Some assembly challenges due to the lack of pre-drilled holes for the bolts


What Customers Say

Positive Reviews

I purchased this for my son when he was 17 months old. He easily transitioned to this bed and it makes his environment accessible to him! It was easy to follow instructions to assemble and the design is so cute!” – Reviewer on Amazon


Negative Reviews

The holes were not pre drilled for the bolts and screws which made it extremely difficult…” – Reviewer on Amazon


Busywood House Playpen Bed with Fall Protection



Best Features & Pros

  • House-style playpen bed (bed frame only)
  • With wooden slats as guardrails around the bed to prevent your toddler from falling off
  • Handmade bed using alder wood, water-based paints and varnishes, and other eco-friendly materials
  • Available in different sizes, including twin and full-size beds


Specifications & Other Features

  • Age Range: Toddler age (15+ months)
  • Dimensions: Depends on your order (e.g., 75” x 38” for twin size and 75” x 54” for the full size)
  • Ease Of Assembly: Ships with tools needed for assembly; can be assembled by 1-2 people
  • Cleaning: Wipe with a soft cloth; use soft wipes or a damp cloth with soapy water to remove dirt
  • Made In: Ukraine
  • Warranty: Two years


Cons & Other Drawbacks

  • Can be pricey, but the brand also offers a sale price of about 50% of the regular price, depending on their promotions (subject to change without prior notice)
  • Ships from Ukraine to the USA within 7-19 business days, which might be too long if you’re in a hurry to have this bed at home
  • Aside from the delay in shipping this product out, you might receive it later than scheduled due to customs regulations


What Customers Say

Positive Reviews

The bed is exactly like the photo, easy to assemble and sturdy.” – Reviewer on ETSY


Negative Reviews
  • No negative reviews so far


Sprout Kids Birch Montessori Floor Bed



Best Features & Pros

  • Wooden bed (frame only)
  • Finished smooth with no-VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and with a UV-cured finish for a product that’s safe for children and the environment
  • Passed rigorous safety testing
  • Available in different sizes (i.e., toddler, twin, and full size)
  • Available in different side configurations (i.e., one low + one high side, two low sides, scooped sides, scooped left side, and scooped right side)
  • All configurations can be adjusted to create a taller platform bed for your toddler or big kid when needed
  • Made from durable Baltic Birch plywood


Specifications & Other Features

  • Age Range: Toddler age (15+ months old)
  • Dimensions: Depends on your order (e.g., 54” length x 29” width x 11” height for the full-size crib and toddler frame, 77” L x 40” W x 12” H for the twin frame, and 77” L x 55” W x 12” H for the full-size frame); the slats are 2.5” to 3” apart
  • Capacity/Limit: Can hold the mattress weight + up to 250 lbs additional weight
  • Ease Of Assembly: Easy assembly that doesn’t require tools
  • Cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth; then wipe dry before adding/returning the mattress
  • Made In: Utah, USA, with wood sourced from the Baltic region in Europe


Cons & Other Drawbacks

  • Pricier than all the other wooden bed frames on our list
  • Rounded edges for the sides, but they can still be a hazard if your toddler falls near the bed
  • Some complaints about the bed being creaky and loud


What Customers Say

Positive Reviews

We introduced this floor bed to our kiddo when he was about 18 months, he adapted it right away and loved it ever since.” – Reviewer on Sprout Kids


Negative Reviews

There’s no center support beam lengthwise and I don’t know what the weight limit is but it feels like one wrong move and one of the slats will give out. It’s also super loud when I move around or try to get up from the bed— it wakes her up sometimes even! I think we are going to try and find a way to add more support to see if that helps.” – Reviewer on Sprout Kids


Summary & Recommendations

Each floor bed can be ideal, depending on your toddler’s needs. Here are our recommendations:


Choose Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed if you:

  • Prefer a GREENGUARD Gold Certified nursery furniture
  • Love that it has a sleep routine checklist and other interactive features
  • Like to choose from different cute and colorful designs
  • Want a budget-friendly option (compared to the other beds on this list)


Choose P’KOLINO Casita House Twin Floor Bed if you:

  • Prefer a simple and Montessori-inspired design
  • Love the house-like headboard design
  • Want one that’s FSC Certified and made from renewable and sustainable materials
  • Like one with a low carbon footprint and made of natural wood
  • Prefer a toddler bed that can converts into a tent bed, even if it means purchasing the tent cover at an added cost
  • Like a product with fewer parts for easier assembly


Choose Busywood House Playpen Bed with Fall Protection if you:

  • Want a playpen bed design with longer guardrails for your child’s fall protection
  • Prefer a handmade product, and don’t mind the longer shipment time
  • Like having options for different sizes
  • Are searching for brands that also offer discounts


 Choose Sprout Kids Birch Montessori Floor Bed if you:

  • Want a product that passed rigorous safety testing
  • Prefer a bed with a smooth, UV-cured finish that’s free from VOCs
  • Like having a choice in terms of bed sizes and side configurations
  • Love that it can convert into a taller platform bed when your toddler is ready to move to a big kid’s bed
  • Don’t mind paying a higher price tag for a durable, long-lasting product that offers value for your money


Types Of Toddler Floor Beds

Traditional & Platform Beds For Toddlers

  • Made of any material, including wood, steel, plastic, and foam


Montessori Toddler Floor Beds

  • With a wooden floor bed frame


Toddler Floor Beds With Special Or Unique Designs

  • Toddler house bed
  • Teepee floor bed
  • Tent bed
  • Car beds
  • Other designs


Convertible Toddler Beds

  • Converts from a standard crib into a crib-size big kid bed or from a toddler bed into a traditional kid’s bed
  • Uses the crib mattress as your toddler’s mattress (for options that convert into a crib)


Mattresses Used As Floor Beds

  • Any mattress (crib size, twin size, or full size) placed on the floor of your children’s room



How Old Should A Child Be For A Floor Bed?

The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) requires your toddler to be at least 15 months before transitioning to a toddler bed. (1)


Is It Safe For A Baby To Sleep On A Mattress On The Floor?

No. Babies younger than 15 months of age must sleep in a crib for their safety. The crib slats can keep them from falling off the bed while sleeping.

If you must move them to a floor bed, ensure that it isn’t just a mattress but one that has guardrails.


Is A Floor Bed Ideal & Safe For Toddlers?

Yes. A floor bed encourages independence while also providing a safe sleeping environment for your toddler.

Cribs and mattresses are among the nursery products involved in deaths or injuries. Avoid getting a secondhand bed or other nursery products because they’re more prone to wear and tear, which can compromise their safety.


What Bed Is Best For A 2-Year-Old?

This depends on several factors, including the space in your child’s room. A floor, platform, or raised kid’s bed can work for children this age.


Will My Toddler Sleep Better In A Floor Bed?

There isn’t any guarantee that your toddler will sleep better when they’re in a floor bed. However, this bed can provide them with a safe sleeping space that’s lower so they can climb up or down by themselves. 

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing the height is low if they fall off. One way to reduce falling risks is to choose a floor bed with guardrails.


When Should I Transform A Convertible Crib?

Following the CPSC’s recommendations, it’s best to wait until your toddler is at least 15 months old before turning their convertible crib into a toddler bed. (1)


What Can I Do To Keep My Toddler Safe In Bed?

Babyproofing your house ensures that your little one is safe. This can also be helpful even with toddlers. 

We recommend the following to keep your toddler safe in their bed and room:

  • As much as possible, the distance between the slats for the guardrails or sides must only be a maximum of 2 ⅜ inches (6 centimeters) to protect babies and toddlers from falling out while also ensuring their heads don’t get trapped between the material. 
  • Use a mattress that fits their bed (ensure it isn’t too small or too big) to prevent gaps where your toddler can get trapped.
  • Secure all the furniture in their room, including the bed.
  • For beds placed in the corner or against the wall, ensure there isn’t a gap between the sides and the wall.
  • Place a play mat, folded blanket, or large body pillow on the floor as a cushion in case your toddler falls.
  • Keep your children’s bedroom with minimal furniture, toys, and stuff.
  • Avoid distracting toys, especially those they might try to reach out of curiosity.
  • Avoid putting long curtains close to your child’s bed.
  • As much as possible, try to avoid beds with low guardrails that can potentially hurt your toddler if they fall or trip near them.
  • Check for sharp edges and corners.
  • Regularly tighten the bolts and screws of your toddler’s bed to keep it from falling apart.
  • Continue using a baby monitor to monitor your children’s room.


How Can I Ensure The Toddler Bed Is The Most Comfortable And Suitable For Them?

Different kids have varied preferences, but you can help them have a more comfortable bed through the following:

  • Consider a bed with a low height from the floor but with a thick, firm mattress 
  • Try to avoid mattresses with springs
  • If possible, choose a breathable mattress to ensure better air circulation
  • Remove all plastic coverings from the mattress


How Can I Help My Toddler Transition From Their Crib To A Floor Bed Or A Full-Sized Bed?

Some tips to help your little ones sleep and stay in their new bed space:

  • Let them pick a sleeping accessory (e.g., a favorite blanket or plushie).
  • Create a sleeping routine and try to stick to it.
  • Start by letting them nap on their bed.
  • Encourage them to sleep on the bed, and praise them if they try.
  • Allow your toddler to independently use their bed and choose how they sleep on it.
  • Try not to get into bed with them; instead, encourage them to sleep independently
  •  (with or without you watching them).
  • Allow a gradual transition so your child doesn’t feel traumatized by the changes; for example, if they slept well in their crib, you can remove the legs from the crib or put the mattress on the floor and let them sleep there.
  • Accept that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to this transition, so it’s best not to get angry at your toddler for not transitioning immediately.


What If We’re Already Co-Sleeping – How Can I Help My Toddler Move To Their Own Floor Bed?

This can be more challenging because your toddler is used to having someone else beside them. 

Here are some tips to consider: (2)

  • Set up your toddler for the change with encouragement.
  • Help them establish a bedtime routine in their own room and be consistent.
  • Foster independence by letting them control certain things, such as choosing their bedding, PJs, and sleeping companions (e.g., a favorite stuffed animal).
  • If moving from your bed to theirs is too difficult, try transitioning with a co-sleeper or letting them sleep on a toddler floor bed in your room. Then, you can set a date for when they’ll try sleeping with the toddler bed in their room.


What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Toddler Bed Instead Of A Regular Kid-Sized Bed? 

  • Toddler beds are especially designed for the comfort and safety of kids within this age range.
  • Toddler beds are smaller than regular big kid’s beds, so they take up less space in your child’s room.
  • Having more space in the room gives your toddler more freedom of movement.
  • Toddler beds generally cost less than bigger beds; however, this isn’t true for all and can apply to comparisons of beds within the same brand (e.g., some brands are more expensive than others).


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