Little Sleepies Lovey and Bib Recall (2023) Due To Choking Risks

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little sleepies lovey and bib recall


Why Did Little Sleepies Stop Selling Loveys?

On October 12, 2023, about 450,000 units of Sleepyhead Loveys and Bandana Bibs were recalled by Little Sleepies, of Sherman Oaks, California, over possible choking risks. About 3,331 were also sold and recalled in Canada. (1)(2)

According to the recall advisory from Little Sleepies and the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), the care instruction label on the baby products can detach, posing choking risks to young children. (1)(2)

Little Sleepies received two reports of these care instruction labels detaching from the recalled loveys. Thankfully, no injuries or other incidents have been reported relating to this recall. (1)(2)


Which Little Sleepies Loveys & Bibs Are Recalled?

This recall involves two types of baby products: (1)(2)

  • Little Sleepies Sleepyhead Lovey
  • Little Sleepies Bandana Bib


They come in a range of patterns and colors. (1)(2)

All the affected loveys and bibs were sold from February 23, 2021, through September 6, 2023, via: (1)(2)

  • Little Sleepies (
  • Boutique stores nationwide


Little Sleepies Sleepyhead Loveys

(source: (2)

Details of this recalled product: (1)(2)

  • Lovey (stuffed toy) with a security blanket
  • Intended for babies and toddlers

Little Sleepies Bandana Bibs

(source: (2)

Details of this recalled product: (1)(2)

  • Bib
  • Intended for use by babies and toddlers to protect their clothing during mealtime
  • Can also be used by teething or drooling babies and toddlers


How Do I Know If My Child’s Little Sleepies Lovey & Bibs Have Been Recalled?

All lots, designs, prints, and colors of the Little Sleepies loveys and bibs shown above are included in this recall. (1)(2)


What To Do With My Recalled Little Sleepies Loveys & Bibs?

Immediately take these recalled loveys and bibs away from your children. 

You have two options: (1)(2)

  • Remove the potentially hazardous care instruction label and continue using the product. This step eliminates the potential hazard, making the lovey or bib safe for children. However, Little Sleepies recommends using these recalled products (even without the labels) with adult supervision.
  • Return the recalled products to receive a full refund. If you prefer this option, you can message Little Sleepies to receive a prepaid shipping label.


How To Remove The Care Instruction Label

Cut the label as close to the seam as possible using scissors. Discard the label and ensure it’s out of children’s reach. (1)(2)


How To Return Your Recalled Loveys & Bibs

Don’t cut out the care instruction labels if you opt to return the recalled loveys and bibs. (1)(2)

Contact Little Sleepies to initiate a return through the following channels: (1)(2)

  • Toll-free phone number: 866-330-3353 from 9 AM to 5 PM ET, available Mondays through Fridays
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online recall site:
  • Primary website: (click on “Product Recall”)


Are These Little Sleepies Loveys & Bibs Still Safe To Use?

They can be safe if the potentially hazardous care instruction labels are carefully cut out. However, Little Sleepies recommends using these products only when adults are around. (1)(2)


Where Were These Little Sleepies Loveys and Bibs Manufactured?

  • China (2)



When Will Little Sleepies Sell These Recalled Loveys & Bibs Again?

According to Little Sleepies, they’re still taking their time in redesigning the care instruction labels so the products can be safe for children once they’re available again. (1)

As of writing, the company hasn’t released a target date of when they’ll resume selling these loveys and bibs. (1)


What Sleep Sacks Have Been Recalled?

Two sleep sacks or bags have been recalled since 2020 (read the details below):

  • WeeSprout Baby Sleep Sacks (2023)
  • TJX Infant Sleep Bags (2021)


You can also read the safety warning against weighted sleep sacks from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) here.


WeeSprout Baby Sleep Sack Recall

In February 2023, about 31,630 units of WeeSprout Baby Sleep Sacks were recalled by Wellaco Inc., dba (doing business as) WeeSprout, of Memphis, Tennessee, because the zipper can detach, posing choking risks to young children. (3)

WeeSprout announced the recall after receiving 17 reports of zippers detaching from the affected sleep sacks. Thankfully, no injuries or other incidents have been reported. (3)

Contact WeeSprout if you have any of these baby sleep sacks via the following channels:

  • Toll-free phone number: 888-770-7092 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Recall page:
  • Primary page: (click on “Product Recall”)


TJX Infant Sleep Bag Recall

In May 2021, about 3,600 units of TJX Infant Sleep Bags were recalled by The TJX Companies Inc., of Framingham, Mass., because the neck opening’s size is considered too large for infants 0 to 6 months old. The babies’ heads might slip into the sleeping bag, posing suffocation risks. (4)


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