Gree Dehumidifiers Recall (2023) Over Burn & Fire Risks 

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gree dehumidifiers recall


Gree Dehumidifiers Recall 2023

On August 16, 2023, Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. issued a voluntary recall for about 1.56 million dehumidifiers from different brands (42 models) over possible burn and fire risks due to overheating. (1)(2)

These dehumidifiers were recalled after the company received consumer reports of 688 incidents of overheating, including at least 23 fires and around $168,000 in property damage involving these recalled dehumidifiers. (1)(2)


Which Dehumidifiers Are Catching Fire?

Gree hasn’t specified which of the recalled dehumidifiers were directly involved in any overheating and fire incidents or which had the most consumer reports. (1)(2)

However, the recall advisory stated that the incidents “potentially involved the recalled models.” (see list of recalled models below) (1)(2)


What Brands Of Dehumidifiers Are On Recall?

The following brands have dehumidifiers included in the massive Gree recall: (1)(2)

  • Kenmore
  • GE
  • SoleusAir
  • Seabreeze
  • Norpole


This recall involves as many as 42 dehumidifier models manufactured between January 2011 and February 2014, and sold from 2011 through 2014 at the following outlets: (1)(2)

  • Walmart
  • Home Depot
  • Sam’s Club
  • Lowe’s
  • Menards
  • Sears
  • Other stores nationwide


These affected dehumidifiers come in different styles, colors, sizes, and capacities, such as: (1)(2)

  • Colors: Gray, white, beige, or black plastic
  • Dimensions: Around 19 to 24 inches tall, 13 to 15 inches wide, and 9 to 11 inches deep


How Do I Know If My Dehumidifier Is Recalled?

Check for the brand name, model number, pint capacity, and date codes on the dehumidifier you have at home to know if they’re included in this massive Gree recall. (1)(2)

Because the recall involves different brands and models, here’s a guide on how to find these important information: (1)(2)

  • The brand name and specific pint capacity are printed on your dehumidifier’s front, side, or back.
  • The model number and date code are on a sticker placed on your unit’s back, side, or front. 


Once you’ve located these details on your unit, check if they match any of the affected brands, models, and pint capacities of the recalled units below: (1)(2)



The following design applies to all the affected model numbers: (2)



Affected model numbers and pint capacities: (1)(2)

  • 407.53530310 (30-pint)
  • 407.53550310 (50-pint)
  • 407.53570310 (70-pint)
  • 407.53571310 (70-pint)



This design also applies to all the affected model numbers: (2)



Affected model numbers for the 30-pint capacities: (1)(2)

  • ADEL30LRQ1 (30-pint)
  • ADER30LPQ1 (30-pint)
  • ADER30LQQ1 (30-pint)
  • ADEW30LPQ1 (30-pint)
  • ADEW30LQQ1 (30-pint)


Affected model numbers for the 40-pint capacities: (1)(2)

  • ADER40LPQ1 (40-pint)
  • ADER40LQQ1 (40-pint)


Affected model numbers for the 50-pint capacities: (1)(2)

  • ADEH50LPQ1 (50-pint)
  • ADEH50LQQ1 (50-pint)
  • ADEH50LRL1 (50-pint)
  • ADEL50LRL1 (50-pint)
  • ADER50LPQ1 (50-pint)
  • ADER50LQQ1 (50-pint)
  • ADER50LRL1 (50-pint) 
  • ADER50LSL1 (with date code 01/14) (50-pint)
  • ADEW50LPQ1 (50-pint)
  • ADEW50LQQ1 (50-pint)
  • ADEW50LRL1 (50-pint)


Affected model numbers for the 65-pint capacities: (1)(2)

  • ADER65LPQ1 (65-pint)
  • ADER65LQQ1 (65-pint)
  • ADEW65LPQ1 (65-pint)
  • ADEW65LQQ1 (65-pint)


Affected model numbers for the 70-pint capacities: (1)(2)

  • ADEL70LRL1 (70-pint)
  • ADER70LRL1 (70-pint)
  • ADEW70LRL1 (70-pint)



The brand has different styles or designs affected by this recall. (2)




Affected SoleusAir models and pint capacities with this design: (1)(2)

  • GM-DEH-30M-1Q3 (30-pint)
  • GM-DEH-45-1Q3 (45-pint)
  • GM-DEH-70-1L3 (70-pint)
  • SG-DEH-30E-1Q3 (30-pint)
  • SG-DEH-45E-1Q3 (45-pint)
  • SG-DEH-70E-1L3 (70-pint)




More SoleusAir models and their pint capacities (in this design): (1)(2)

  • SG-DEH-70E-2L3 (70-pint)
  • GL-DEH-45F-2Q3 (45-pint)
  • GL-DEH-70F-2L3 (70-pint)



This is the only SoleusAir model (and pint capacity) with this design: (1)(2)

  • GL-DEH-70EIP-6L3 (70-pint)



This is the only SoleusAir model (and pint capacity) with this design: (1)(2)

  • SG-DEH-25-4 (25-pint)





Only one Seabreeze model (and pint capacity) is affected by the recall: (1)(2)

  • DH470SB (70-pint)





Only one Norpole model (and pint capacity) is affected by the recall: (1)(2)

  • NPDH30PG-1 (30-pint)


What To Do With My Recalled Dehumidifier?

Unplug and stop using these dehumidifiers immediately. Contact Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. to receive your refund. (1)(2)

The company invites affected customers to sign up for the waitlist via the following site: (1)(2)

  • (click on the red “US Consumer Information Collection” button at the bottom of the page)


Be sure to enter updated information, especially your email address. 

The company announced that they will use these details to contact affected consumers within 6-8 weeks with information about registering for the recall refund. (1)(2)


Are These Recalled Dehumidifiers Still Safe To Use?

No. Even though your unit looks alright and hasn’t previously overheated, there’s a risk that it can malfunction anytime, posing burn risks.


Where Were These Recalled Dehumidifiers Manufactured?

  • China


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Other Dehumidifier Recalls

Dehumidifiers Recall 2016

On November 29, 2016, Gree Electric Appliances announced the recall of around 2.5 million dehumidifiers (plus 55,000 sold in Canada) over overheating, which could lead to serious fire and burn risks. (3)

It was first announced in September 2013, then updated in October 2013, and expanded in January 2014 before getting reannounced in 2016. (3)

This major Gree recall was issued due to the products’ possible involvement in 2,000+ overheating incidents, including 450 fires which resulted in $19 million worth of property damage. (3)

The recall affected the following brand names: (3)

  • Danby
  • De’Longhi
  • Fedders
  • Fellini
  • Frigidaire
  • GE
  • Gree
  • Kenmore
  • Norpole
  • Premiere
  • Seabreeze
  • SoleusAir
  • SuperClima


Is There A Recall On Midea Dehumidifiers?

Yes. The Midea brand was involved in two dehumidifier recalls:

On November 2, 2016, GD Midea Air Conditioning Equipment Ltd., announced the recall of around 3.4 million dehumidifiers (plus 850,000 sold in Canada) due to overheating and burn risks. The company received 38 consumer complaints of smoke and/or fire involving these products. (4)

On April 29, 2014, about 15,500 units of GE brand dehumidifiers by Midea were recalled for repair because the unit’s compressor could short circuit, potentially causing fire risks. (5)

Only model number ADKW30LN with serial numbers beginning with the following codes were included in this recall: (5)

  • AT1
  • DT1
  • FT1
  • GT1


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