101 Gifts For Second Babies: The Ultimate Gift Guide For Second Time Moms & Dads

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Finding the best gifts for second-time moms may be trickier than it was for the first child. Especially if her children are close in age, chances are the second-time parents already have what they need for the second child.

So, what are the best gifts for second babies?

In this ultimate gift guide, we’ll be listing gift ideas second-time moms and dads actually need and those they didn’t even think they needed.

If you’re looking for second mother’s day gifts, birthday gifts for mom, mother-in-law gifts, stepmom gifts, or gifts for foster moms, you’ve come to the right place.

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What Do I Need For A Second Baby Sprinkle?

What Is A Baby Sprinkle?

Often, second-time moms don’t throw a baby shower. Instead, they host a baby sprinkle, a smaller event compared to a full-blown baby shower.

What Should You Bring For A Baby Sprinkle?

Sprinkle the second baby with love by giving the new parents practical gifts they can use to take care of the new baby. Often, baby shower gifts are on a bigger scale.

For a baby sprinkle, you can consider gifts that run out, expire, or baby gear the older child can’t hand down.

What Do You Get Someone For A Second Baby?

Gifts She Can Use For Herself

Fashion Hospital Gown


Here’s a practical gift you can give a second-time expecting mom. A 3-in-1 labor/delivery/nursing hospital gown is both functional and fashionable.

Hospital gowns are usually unflattering and plain. A pretty maternity gown with an adjustable waistline and front panels allows access for fetal monitoring during labor.

What’s good about this gown is that it has easy snap fastenings on the back so that you’re not exposed when not needed to be. It also features an easy snap fastening on the shoulder for easy skin-to-skin contact between mom and baby and for breastfeeding.

Postpartum Belly Band


Getting back in shape as quickly as possible is every new mom’s goal, and a postpartum belly band might just be what she needs to achieve that.

Look for a postpartum band that supports the belly, waist, and pelvis. It should be made with stretchy, comfortable, and breathable material. Since she’ll be wearing it a lot during her postpartum recovery period, it’s a plus if it’s also durable.

Books For Second-Time Moms

Peace, quiet, and downtimes may be rare for a mom of two children. But when she does have time for herself, reading books specifically written for second-time moms may just be what she needs.

The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You And Your Growing Belly


Since it’s her second baby, she may already know how the whole pregnancy journey goes (or so she thinks.) This pregnancy journal is packed with practical tips to help even experienced mamas handle their pregnancy journey the second time around.

The Second Baby Book


Pregnancy and the whole journey with baby number two can be both different and the same as your first child. The things to consider about having your second child can be extra challenging, and this book can serve as your guide for what’s to come.

The Second Baby Book can make second-time moms feel more positive and better understand the trials and joys of having two children.

The Sh!t No One Tells You About Baby #2: A Guide To Surviving Your Growing Family


The title alone can bring a smile to a second-time mom’s face when you hand it to her. This book hilariously tells the reality of having two children, giving potential parents a sneak peek at what their next couple of years will look like.

Twice Blessed: Everything You Need To Know About Having A Second Child


This book is another great gift idea for second-time moms. It compiles the expertise and life experiences of gynecologists, family therapists, pediatricians, and mothers.

It’s a great book filled with practical tips and mom life advice for the road ahead.

Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Survival Guide To Breastfeeding And Going Back To Work


This book raises its glass to all hardworking mamas out there. It’s an honest book that paints the life of a breastfeeding working mom in all its vivid colors, splashes, and textures.

It’s a how-to guide that gives practical tips about pumping on the plane, car, etc. It’s also a compilation of breastfeeding war stories that could prepare you for the possibilities ahead.

Most importantly, it’s a book by mothers for mothers, which second-time new moms can greatly benefit from.

Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book


This may not contain words and life lessons, but coloring books have their own charms.

Adult coloring books have been backed by medical experts to reduce stress by relaxing the brain and keeping your mind off of things. (1)

That’s something a mom of two kids can appreciate and benefit from, making this a great gift idea for second-time moms.

Specially designed for mamas, each page features fun images inspired by motherhood and the beautiful and ugly things that come with it.



A pair or two of comfy leggings may just be one of her favorite gifts to receive. Choose leggings that are comfortable enough to wear at home and stylish enough to wear outside.

Or go for bold colors and statement designs–whichever you think mom will appreciate more.

Gifts For Breastfeeding Moms

Handsfree Automatic Breast Pump


A hands-free automatic breast pump is a perfect gift idea for second-time moms. This product will allow her to pump while attending to other things like house chores, or she can enjoy a relaxing me-time.

Handsfree Pumping Bra


Here’s another practical gift second-time moms will appreciate. This is perfect if she already has a breast pump she’s satisfied with. Instead of giving her another one that may not fit her preferences, a pumping bra can be used with her existing breast pump.

Here’s how it works:

Wear the pumping bra, then place the breast pumps on each breast through the designated holes on the front. Pumping bras are designed to hold the breast pumps in place to allow mamas to perform other tasks while pumping.

Breastmilk Storage Bags


These are highly functional for working moms or moms on the go. A storage bag dedicated to breast milk will help keep the milk safe when mom is out of the house or traveling.

Nursing Pads


Breastfeeding mamas can benefit from the relief nursing pads can give between feedings.

Nipple Cream


Speaking of relief, a nipple cream can help soothe sore nipples from breastfeeding. Choose one that’s safe for babies, so mom won’t have to wash it off before feeding.

Breastfeeding Pillow


Help mom support her baby during every breastfeeding session with a good quality nursing pillow.

Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf


Mom can discreetly breastfeed even when she’s out for a walk with her kiddos when you give her a breastfeeding infinity scarf.

The infinity scarf design will help keep the scarf in place without the snaps and Velcro strips to struggle with.

Plus, infinity scarves are fashionable and can easily match mom’s OOTD.

Gifts She Can Use While Taking Care Of Her Newborn

Updated Baby Essentials

Updated baby essentials are perfect gift ideas if the first baby was born years ago. This means that the firstborn’s baby gear is unsuitable for the second child’s use.

Baby Monitor


This parenting must-have will make a mom’s life easier while taking care of the newborn and her older child. An updated video baby monitor will give her a clear view of her little one while sleeping away from her.

A video baby monitor with two cameras is also helpful if the two kids sleep in different rooms. Additional baby monitors can be placed on the places the children frequent.

Baby Bouncer Seat


The main benefit of giving updated baby gear is making sure baby essentials hold up to the latest safety standards. Some older models of baby bouncers have been recalled due to safety issues. (2)

If you choose to give baby bouncers and other baby gear, consider checking with CPSC for recalled products first.

Product features to look for baby bouncers:

  • Long lifespan – can be used from infanthood to early toddlerhood
  • Has a toy bar for hanging toys for babies to play with
  • With vibration feature to automatically rock baby
  • Doubles as a stationary chair
  • Removable toy bar
  • Portable
Co-Sleeping Baby Lounger


Even though co-sleeping can conveniently facilitate breastfeeding, medical experts are against the idea due to sleep-related infant deaths. (3)

Safety concerns associated with co-sleeping include:

  • Entrapment
  • Overlying
  • Smothering
  • Strangulation
  • Suffocation
  • SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Other co-sleeping safety concerns include sleep issues and the delayed development of infant independence. (3)

A co-sleeping baby lounger can help make co-sleeping with a newborn safe. Most baby loungers have raised sides that serve as a barrier between parents and child. This design aims to protect babies as they sleep.

White Noise Sound Machine


Lack of sleep is common for new parents–even for second first-time moms and dads. A white noise sound machine can help promote better sleep for both babies and parents.

Choose a white noise sound machine with a built-in night light projector for a thoughtful gift the whole family will enjoy.

Baby Carrier


If mom doesn’t have a baby carrier for her first child, this practical gift can be a lifesaver for moms of two kids.

With a baby carrier, she can tend to her youngest while keeping her hands free to tend to the needs of her eldest. A practical and functional gift for the supermom, indeed.

Backpack Diaper Bag


Gone are the days when diaper bags need to look like diaper bags. Give mom something chic and fashionable yet highly functional at the same time. She’ll love having something that represents her both as a mother and a woman.

A backpack diaper bag functions as a regular diaper bag with all its useful compartments. Most backpack diaper bags feature a chic design that’ll match most mom’s outfits.

Diaper Clutch Bag


A diaper clutch bag is ideal for quick trips outside the house. It can give mom quicker access to wipes, a diaper or two, and a few more baby essentials.

High function meets high fashion with this useful gift idea that can be strapped on the stroller or car seat. A diaper clutch bag can also fit inside a tote or main diaper bag.

Keepsake Gifts For Second Time Moms

Sentimental gifts will never go out in style. If you’re having difficulty picking the best gift for second-time moms, keepsake gift ideas are the way to go.

Keepsake Gifts She Can Wear

Mother-Child Pendant Necklace


It doesn’t matter if it’s baby number two, three, four, or more. Mamas will love having something to remember about the day their kiddos were born.

If you’re considering giving her jewelry gifts, pick something made with hypoallergenic material. Choosing a product with a full money-back guarantee is also a good idea.

Personalized Name Pendant Necklace


Here’s another gift idea that’ll never go out of style. A personalized name pendant necklace offers a thoughtful touch to gift-giving. A pretty, elegant, and high-quality pendant necklace is something she’ll cherish and truly appreciate.

Triple Name Bracelet


Now that she has two children, a triple name bracelet can be a great gift idea so no one is left out. Choose a triple name bracelet that can be customized with any name, number, or symbol.

Of course, you can choose this gift if the new mom has already revealed the second baby’s name.

Tiny Baby Feet Bracelet


Here’s a cute trinket that will delight new moms. Look for the customizable type and have it engraved with baby number two’s name. To make it extra special, add something of the mom, like her birthstone, to make it extra personalized.

Keepsake Gifts She Can Display

Home decors are another perfect gift idea for new parents.

Sculpted Family Figure


A family sculpture is a great keepsake gift idea to celebrate the miracle of new life and the new addition to the family.

Find a piece that could go in the nursery, the living room, the parents’ room, or even the patio. You can select one that’ll complement the new parents’ internal decor, or go the other direction and choose one that stands on its own.

Family Of Four Wall Art


If you aim to give a personalized gift for the whole family, a family of four wall art will add an artistic touch to a home.

If you can, draw a caricature of the family, then frame it before giving it to them.

Baby Hand & Footprint Picture Frame Kit


The beauty of keepsake gifts is that they capture precious moments and preserve them so that they can be revisited and appreciated for years to come.

A baby hand & footprint kit will allow new parents to have a clay molding of their second baby’s tiny hand and footprint. It also comes with a picture frame to preserve the clay molding.

Keepsake Gifts For Second Babies

Commemorative Baby Photos

Baby Book


Keeping track of baby number two’s every milestone can be challenging for moms since they have an older child to also take care of.

Make it easier for her by giving her a baby book that’ll help her capture every special moment in her second child’s life.

If baby number two’s gender hasn’t been revealed yet, consider choosing a gender-neutral design.

There are also baby books that include sections to cover pregnancy up to the baby’s fifth birthday.

Shutterfly E-Gift Card


If you think mom would want to make her own baby book, an e-gift card to cover for printing and shipping can be a great gift idea.

Newborn Baby Photo Session


Book a newborn baby photo session and let a professional photographer capture the second baby’s precious first moments in high-quality photos.

Tiny babies bundled up in soft cloths, placed in a gift box, basket, or adorned with flowers will put a huge smile on the new parents’ faces. Give them a good memory to look back on with this thoughtful gift.

Family Photo Session


Book a family photo session to capture the precious moment with the whole family.

Classic Picture Frame


Here’s another timeless gift idea–a picture frame. Help the new parents preserve their memories in a classic or statement picture frame.

Milestone Photo Props

Help mom capture more adorable photos by giving her cute photo props.

First Year Milestone Baby Photo Cards


What a second-time mom needs the most is time. A gift that’ll save her some when tracking her second child’s milestones will be truly appreciated.

These milestone baby photo cards provide mom with a quick, simple, and functional way to keep track of her baby’s monthly milestone.

Each set includes dated cards for monthly milestone photo ops. This is a sentimental yet functional gift that new parents can use to capture and share with family and friends.

Milestone Photo Blocks


Milestone photo blocks can be used for many occasions, from pregnancy to the second baby’s first year to school life. It has blocks with numbers 0-9 and blocks with “weeks,” “months,” “years,” and “grade.”

Milestone Chalkboard


A milestone chalkboard sign is perfect for creative moms. She can customize and draw the milestones how she likes them.

Another benefit of a chalkboard is that she can use it later on to teach her child ABCs, numbers, and more.

Instead of chalks, you can also give her chalkboard ink markers. These will look clearer in photos and can be easily cleaned with a wet paper towel or baby wipe.

Monthly Milestone Onesies


Fun baby clothes printed with months on them are also great baby gift ideas. It’ll help second moms set a theme for their baby’s monthly milestone photo ops throughout the year.

Also, babies can’t have too many clothes, so giving her cute baby clothes will be very much appreciated.

Milestone Baby Blanket


Here’s another great monthly milestone photo-op prop to consider. A milestone blanket comes in many designs, shapes, and colors.

From cute designs to statement blankets, there’s a lot to choose from. What’s more, milestone blankets can also be used as roll-over tummy time blankets.

Baby’s First Christmas Props

Whatever time of the year the baby is born, the first Christmas is another big milestone worth capturing and treasuring.

Personalized Holly Baby Photo


Commemorate the second baby’s first Christmas with a personalized holly baby photo to hang on the Christmas tree.

This is a sweet Christmas gift idea that’ll make the season extra special for the new parents.

First Christmas Onesie


What’s better than a cute onesie? A cute first Christmas onesie. Match it with a cute reindeer headband, and the home will be made extra warmer with a cute little reindeer.

First Christmas Costume


Instead of a onesie, you can also give Christmas-themed baby clothes. Little Santa, fun elf, or cute mini red tutu skirt will sure to be a big hit during the celebration.

Matching Family Christmas Costume


Take the Christmas gift-giving up a notch and give a matching family Christmas costume. It could be matching tops, headbands, mittens, or scarves–you choose.

Unconventional Keepsake Gifts

Here are some unique gift ideas for second-time moms.

Personalized Baby Door Sign


Have a personalized sign with the baby’s name on it to hang on the baby’s nursery door. You can also have another one for the older kid.

If you’re crafty, you can give them DIY baby door signs for a more personal touch.

Baby Car Decal


Browse on Etsy or Amazon for baby car decals. The designs vary from cute, girly, to generic baby safety warning the new parents can put on the car bumper or rear car window.

Note: Don’t choose family car stickers or decals that reveal the number of family members. The police believe that these could give criminals enough information about the family, which could be dangerous. (4)

Plant A Tree


Another unconventional keepsake gift idea is planting a tree and putting it under the new baby’s name.

Donate To A Charity


You can also donate to any charity or ask mom if there’s a charity she prefers.

What Do Second-Time Moms Need?

Some things that second-time moms need the most are baby essentials they can’t reuse from their first baby.

Baby Diapers & Wipes

No matter how many kids she has, moms will always need diapers–lots of them.

Disposable Baby Diapers


Some moms prefer certain diaper brands or types, so consider asking her about this before shopping for diapers.

The best gifts you can give are something you picked with the baby’s wellbeing in mind, so choose diapers made with hypoallergenic materials. If mom is eco-conscious, there are disposable diaper brands that also claim to use sustainable materials.

Even if mom wants to use washable cloth diapers for her second baby, disposable diapers will still come in handy. Especially during the first month when she’s still recovering from giving birth.

Disposable Baby Wipes


What comes hand in hand with diapers are wipes, so consider including a few packs as well. Consider hypoallergenic baby wipes free of perfume, alcohol, and parabens for the newborn baby’s extra sensitive skin.

Reusable Cloth Diapers


Disposable diapers are easy to manage, but eco-conscious mamas may prefer waste-free washable cloth diapers.

These reusable cloth diapers have plenty of colors and fun designs to choose from, so you might enjoy picking from the many adorable designs.

Small Cotton Washcloths


If you’re considering giving mom cloth diapers, adding a few small soft cotton washcloths can be well received. These small washcloths can be used in place of baby wipes.

Baby Wipes Warmer


Baby wipes are often wet and cold, which can make babies fussy, especially during late-night or cold weather diaper changes.

True to its name, a baby wipes warmer will keep wet wipes warm, soothing, and comforting for your baby’s delicate skin.

If you’re considering this gift idea, choose a baby wipes warmer that ensures the wipes won’t get dried out as they warm up.

Diaper Rash Cream


Another must-have item for a second-time mom is a diaper rash cream. Diaper rash is common in babies–even those who use cloth diapers.

She may already have a diaper rash cream for her first child, but diaper rash creams typically expire after a year.

Baby Bath Kit

A baby bath gift set is another great second baby gift idea. Like diapers and wipes, mama will need a lot of baby-friendly bath essentials for her new baby and older child.

Baby Wash & Shampoo


Choose hypoallergenic baby bath wash and shampoo. Ensure that it has a gentle formula for the baby’s sensitive skin and won’t hurt the baby’s eyes.

You can choose separate baby wash and baby shampoo or pick a 2-in-1 bottle.

Baby Lotion


Baby lotions are not necessary unless the baby’s skin is visibly dry. (5)

Still, a baby lotion is often included in a baby bath gift set. As long as the parents know to use baby lotion sparingly, you can also include this in your gift.

Baby Powder


Baby powder is another typical part of baby’s skincare essentials, and often, moms have their preferred brands for it. Ask her first if you’re considering giving a baby powder.

Tip when applying baby powder: Pour it on your hand before applying it to the baby’s skin. Pouring powder into the air releases talc and dust that can harm the baby’s developing lungs. (5)

Hooded Bath Towel


It’s likely that second-time moms already have baby towels in the drawer, but it’s a good idea to have extra. A hooded baby bath towel is a cute and functional gift idea for second babies.

Choose one or two made of 100% organic cotton, soft, thick, and highly absorbent.

Vitamin D Drops


Babies need vitamin D to help absorb calcium and phosphorus. Breast milk doesn’t provide enough vitamin D, so a vitamin D supplement is even more important if the mom is exclusively breastfeeding. (6)

Supplements are also the best way to avoid vitamin D deficiency, which causes rickets. This condition is defined as the softening and weakening of bones. (6)

Receiving Blankets


Receiving blankets are multipurpose. They can keep the baby warm, clean spit-ups, or protect the adults’ clothes from spit-ups while carrying the baby.

Receiving blankets made with muslin cloths are the more popular choice. They’re soft, light, and easy to wash and dry.

Since receiving blankets can last for years, mom may still have the ones she used for her first child. It’d be good to ask her if she thinks she’ll need more before giving her another one or two.



Swaddles are designed to imitate the mother’s womb to help keep the baby calm. A calm baby is a calm mommy.

Although receiving blankets can also be used as a swaddle, it’s more convenient to have a product that’s specifically designed for swaddling babies.

Benefits of swaddling your baby: (7)

  • Protects babies from their natural startle reflex
  • May help calm a colicky baby
  • Helps eliminate anxiety by imitating the mother’s touch
  • Helps babies to learn to self-soothe
  • Keeps babies’ hands off their faces to prevent scratching
  • Helps babies sleep longer and better
  • Keeps babies on their backs as they sleep
  • Helps prevent SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Swaddles also make diaper changing easier. Most swaddles are designed with a bottom flap you can easily pullout. This also helps keep your baby’s hands away from the dirty diaper.

Crib Sheets


A few new crib sheets can be useful if the second baby can’t use the older child’s beddings. This is typical for siblings who are close in age.

Waterproof Mattress Protector


Help busy moms have less laundry and cleaning up to do with a waterproof mattress protector. This straightforward baby gear protects the crib mattress and bedding from “accidents.”

Gift Ideas For Two Kids

Things that will make a second-time mom’s life with two children easier.

Baby & Toddler Cold Remedy Kit


Cold, nasal congestion, snot, and two children shouldn’t go together. Help the new parents get a good night’s sleep even when their children catch a cold with vapor wipes and chest rub.

Also, include organic eucalyptus and lavender essential oils to help ease nasal congestion.

Double Stroller Attachment


Perfect for when the siblings are close in age, a double stroller attachment will help mom push two strollers at once.

If you’re up for a big-ticket gift, go for a double stroller. Otherwise, a double stroller attachment is a cheaper alternative, especially if the older child’s stroller is still in good condition.

Sibling Outfits


This may be more for the adults’ amusement, but cute matching sibling outfits can also help teach the older sibling that they’re now a unit. Plus, cute sibling outfits make great photos.

Gift Ideas For The Older Child

The new baby getting all the attention may cause the older child to feel sad and left out. Save the day by giving mom’s first child a gift he or she will enjoy.

Also, if you choose gifts that could occupy toddlers and older kids for hours, that’ll help mom focus her attention on the new baby, other chores, and even squeeze in some me-time.

Check Out Our Toy Gift Ideas For Toddlers:

Developmental Toys For 1-Year-Olds

Outdoor Toys For 1-Year-Olds

Developmental Toys For 2-Year-Olds

Educational Toys For 2-Year-Olds

Baby & Toddler Books


Reading time can be enjoyed by both children if you pick books with colorful illustrations for the baby and interesting stories for the older child.

Books can be a good bonding experience for the siblings and a good way to teach the older sibling how to take care of their baby sister or brother.

Big Sibling Books
The Big Sibling Book: Baby’s First Year According to M.E.


This is a journal and a keepsake gift idea in one. This book will help older siblings prepare for the new baby’s arrival and keep track of their baby sibling’s milestones with their own eyes.

This can help strengthen the bond between siblings and create a good memory for the whole family to look back to.

I Am A Big Sister!


This book features a simple story that toddlers can easily grasp and colorful illustrations the baby sibling can enjoy looking at.

The story revolves around a little girl adjusting to the new family situation with a new baby.

I Am A Big Brother!


Of course, if the older child is a boy, pick this book instead. This book is the male counterpart of the big sister book and tells the same story.

In Mommy’s Tummy


This book tells the story from pregnancy, to deciding the baby’s name, and waiting for the baby to be born.

The book is intended to paint the picture of how babies become a part of their parents’ lives. It’s also a useful book for preparing an older sibling for the arrival of a new family member. It’s a beautiful gift with beautiful intentions.

Stuffed Animal Or Dolls


Taking care of their own “baby” can occupy a toddler for hours while mama takes care of the new baby.

What Do You Get A Couple For A New Baby?

Freezer Meals


Meals new parents can easily reheat will be more than welcome, especially right after the new baby is born. Even if mom loves to cook for the family, there will be nights when she’ll need a break from the kitchen.

There are a lot of meal ideas to choose from, so don’t forget to ask the family about allergies and dietary preferences.

Food Delivery Gift Card


The idea is similar to freezer meals. A food delivery gift card is perfect for the new baby’s first day at home. Mom is still in pain, dad is also tired, and a food delivery gift card will be a more than welcome gift at the moment.

Store Gift Card


A store gift card is a great gift idea if you aim to make life with two children easier for the parents. Store gift cards will make it easier for them to purchase what they need for the house.

Memory Book


Keeping a memory book can be too much work for a mom of two kids. However, a premade memory book with templates to prompt and guide her will make it easier for her.

Babyproofing Essentials


The parents may already have babyproofed their home for their older child, but it won’t hurt to give them a few extra cabinet locks or door locks.

What Are Must-Have Items For A Newborn?

Baby Clothes

If the new baby is of a different gender than the first, baby clothes can be a good gift idea. Sure, the new parents have probably shopped enough pairs for their little one, but a few more won’t hurt.

Even if the older child is of the same gender and some of the clothes are reusable, it’s still good to have a few extra in the closet. Make sure to size up because babies grow up fast.

Everyday Onesies


Spit-ups and leaky diapers can pile up mom’s laundry in no time. Help her make sure her baby always has clean outfits by giving her one or two everyday onesies.



Pajamas are another thing that babies can easily run out of, so consider giving mom a pair or two of these.

When shopping for pajamas, those with two-way zippers make diaper changes more convenient. Mama doesn’t need to unzip the top part of the pajama, which can make the baby feel cold and interrupt their sleep.

Also, look for pajamas with build-in mittens and footed feet with elastic around the ankles. This will help keep little feet inside the feet area.

Baby Socks & Mittens


These cute tiny pieces of clothing are fun to shop for and are highly essential to keep newborns warm. A mom can use a few extra pairs, especially if her new baby is born during the colder seasons.

For baby socks, choose those with nonslip rubber grips on the bottom. These will be helpful when the second child is already exploring on the floor.

For baby mittens, choose those with elastics on the wrist. Those are easier to put on and remove than the traditional mittens with tie strings.

Bandana Drool Bibs


Babies drool a lot, so one good way to help mom keep her baby’s clothes clean and dry is by giving her drool bibs.

As the name implies, it works as a bandana and a drool bib, depending on the mom’s needs or preferences. These bibs come in different designs to match the baby’s clothes and can be easily attached and removed with snaps.



A teething baby is a fussy baby, leading to a tired mama. Her first child’s teething toys may be all chewed up and not reusable for the second child, so this is another practical gift idea to consider.

You can choose silicone teethers or chillable teething toys that can be chilled in the refrigerator for extra cooling relief.

There are also wooden teethers and a combination of wood and silicone teether that doubles as a rattle. An even more functional teether is one that doubles as a spoon for when the baby is ready for solid food.

Baby Teething Necklace For Mom


Teething babies will chew on almost anything they can get their hands on–even mom’s necklace. The solution is a teething necklace mom can wear while carrying or wearing her baby.

These teething necklaces feature food-grade silicone beads that are safe for babies to chew on.



Baby pacifiers or soothers need to be replaced every two months, so giving mom one or two extra pacifiers can be a welcomed gift. (8)

Include pacifier clips to keep the pacifier attached to the baby’s clothes and not on the floor.

Cloth Books


Introduce babies to books early with baby cloth books. These books typically include cellophane sheets between each page to make crinkly sounds when squeezed.

These books also feature vibrant colors and large illustrations to capture babies’ attention. Some books even include teething components, flaps, mirrors, and pages with different textures.

It’s a good Montessori toy for babies’ sensory development.

Wrist Rattles & Foot Finders Socks


Keep the baby entertained while encouraging solo playtime with rattles they can wear on their wrists and socks with fun characters.

Aside from giving mom some time off, these developmental toys can help develop the baby’s motor and sensory skills.

Best Gifts To Get If The Baby Is The Same Gender

The life of a second child will involve a lot of hand-me-downs, especially if both children are of the same gender. These gift ideas will celebrate baby number two with gifts specifically bought for him or her.

Personalized Pillow Case

This gift idea is straightforward. Have the second baby’s name embroidered or printed on a pillowcase to celebrate the little one’s individuality.

Matching Dresses

If a mom has two daughters, matching dresses for the mom, big sis, and little sis is a great gift idea. You can also include a t-shirt of the same color, so dad doesn’t feel left out.

How Do You Pamper A New Mom?

To celebrate the new baby is to celebrate the mother that gave birth to them. Here are some gift ideas to pamper a new mom after a job well done.

Self-Care Gifts

Moisturizing Kit

Mama’s got to moisturize after an exhausting delivery. Select moisturizing products that breastfeeding mamas can use to moisturize their face down to their soles.

Postpartum Massage

Giving the second-time mom a gift card for a postpartum massage can be very beneficial for her postpartum recovery and physical and emotional wellbeing.

Postpartum massage can help (9)

  • Provide relaxation
  • Reduce postpartum stress & anxiety
  • Relieve postpartum body pains
  • Regulate hormone
  • Decrease swelling
  • Promote better sleep
  • Increase breastmilk supply
Heating Pad

Love and joy come with babies when they’re born. They also bring body aches and pains to the new parents, especially during the first months.

Give mom a heating pad to ease her muscle pains whenever she can in the comforts of her home.

Neck & Back Massager

Here’s another gift idea to help mom ease muscle pains on the go. Choose a heated massager with a hands-free feature, so mom can relax her tired and aching muscles when driving, sitting down, drinking her coffee, and more.

Essential Oil Diffuser

When you give mom an essential oil diffuser, you’re giving her the gift of relaxation, a nice smelling home, and an aromatic ambiance to her place.

Nail Spa Gift Certificate

Now with two kiddos to take care of, second-time moms may not have the time to care for their nails. Pamper her with a manicure and pedicure after the baby is born.

Beauty Box Subscription

A beauty box subscription will pamper the new mom not just once but every month. A subscription typically involves sending beauty products customized to mom’s preferences every month.

Consider availing of beauty box subscriptions from Amazon, where mom can easily read customer reviews.

Offer To Babysit Her Older Child

If you plan to give mom some time off, it may entail taking some mom duties off her hands, like babysitting her older child.

You can take the older kid on a trip to the park or volunteer to be the playmate of the day. A couple of hours will do wonders for the mom.

Hire A Cleaning Service

Most moms want their homes to be clean and stay clean. Unfortunately, that can be challenging to accomplish with two children in the house.

Offering to clean her house or hiring a cleaning service will be greatly appreciated.

Bring Her Dinner

Arrange a night with mom to bring dinner over. She’ll appreciate the gesture, company, and the free homemade dinner.

Quality Time

If you live far away and bringing over dinner is not feasible, you can still spend some quality time with the new mom through video chat.

After all, it’s the thought that counts, and mom will enjoy a momentary break from being a supermom.












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