The Ultimate Guide For Baby Shower Games: 100 Traditional & Virtual Options

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How Can I Make Our Baby Shower More Fun?

8 Tips For Having The Best Baby Shower Ever:

1. Pick a convenient location–for everyone.

Instead of choosing a picturesque country club a half day’s drive away, pick a place easily accessible by many.

2. Keep it close.

Invite only the closest friends, family members, and relatives. This will make the party more intimate and enjoyable for everyone.

3. Make it a co-ed party.

Instead of having separate parties for the gents and the ladies, make it a co-ed baby shower party and let the guests mingle and entertain themselves.

4. Make it short.

Make it a pre-lunch, afternoon, or pre-dinner party that only lasts up to three hours max. Better leave the guests wanting more than bored out of their wits if the party takes too long.

5. Buy a new outfit.

Make it exciting for you by shopping for some cute dresses that make you feel pretty. You deserve it!

6. Prohibit graphic birth stories.

Tell your mom friends to hold off on sharing their war stories at the birthing room until your baby is born and have a war story of your own to share.

7. Set up a snack bar.

Food is the best way to entertain guests at any party. Set up a snack back with finger foods guests can easily snack on.

And a craving station for you, mama! Set up a separate table full of your food cravings and let guests indulge with you.

8. Set up a selfie station.

Prepare baby-themed props like a baby bottle, pacifier, baby doll, and other baby items for a memorable baby shower keepsake.

What Is The First Thing You Do At A Baby Shower?

Welcome guests with food and drinks, then let them mingle. Once the guests have gathered, you can start playing baby shower games. Have at least three consecutive games, then let everyone rest for a snack before moving on to the next program.

What Is The Order Of Events At A Baby Shower?

A typical baby shower goes like this:

  1. Serve welcome foods and drinks as guests arrive.
  2. Play 3-4 fun baby shower games.
  3. Open gifts while guests eat.
  4. Do a gender reveal (if you haven’t yet).
  5. Play some more party games if you like.

How Many Games Should Be Played At A Baby Shower?

This is totally up to the host and the expecting mama. A typical baby shower party goes for around 2-3 hours. Most of that time, you can play baby shower games or include some special events in your party, like a gender reveal.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

The All-Time Favorite Baby Shower Games

The Price Is Right: Baby Edition

Prepare baby items and ask guests to guess the price of each. Whoever got the most correct answers wins.

Tip: You can print out photos of baby items for this game if you’re not planning to use the actual item for when your little one arrives.

Bottle Filled

Fill a jar or a baby bottle with candies and ask guests to guess the number of candies inside. The prize goes to whoever guesses the correct answer or the one with the closest answer.

Open At Your Own Risk

This is another guessing game idea for baby showers. To play, put one baby item inside a diaper, then bundle it up to hide what’s inside. Let the guests guess what’s inside the diaper. Make it extra fun by asking them to open at their own risk.

Baby Name Speed Game

Give guests 10 seconds each to come up with baby names. The first person has to come up with a baby name according to a specific category, like baby names that start with the letter A or baby names inspired by Greek mythology.

Players get disqualified if they can’t come up with a name in the given time–the last person standing wins.

What’s That Candy Bar

This is one of the classic baby shower games that some people love, and some people would rather say no to.

Start by melting various chocolate bars. Put the melted chocolates on the diapers and let guests guess which chocolate is in which diaper by sniffing and/or dipping their fingers to taste.

Don’t forget to take photos, okay?

Name That Baby Food

Fill plain jars with a variety of baby food. Label each jar with a number, so you can easily keep track. Ask guests to smell each jar of puree, then jot down their answers on paper.

You can also blindfold the guests to make the game extra challenging.

You Can’t Say Baby

This is a spin on the well-known “clothespin baby shower game.”

As each guest arrives, give them a clothespin to clip on their clothes. Throughout the party, whoever says the word “baby” gets their pin taken away from them.

Here’s Your Pacifier

This is the baby version of the classic “pin the tail on the donkey” party game. This game is easy, so it’s perfect for kids and adults.

What you need is enlarged baby pictures of the mom and dad-to-be. Hand each guest printouts of baby pacifiers with a strip of double-sided tape attached on the back.

Blindfold the participants and let them attach the pacifiers to the baby’s mouth while yelling, “Here’s your pacifier!”

Make it more fun by asking the guests to spin three times before attaching the pacifier.

Celebrity Baby Guessing Game

There are multiple variations for this popular party game.

You can print celebrity baby photos and ask the guests to guess who that celebrity baby is. Plus points if they can name the parents.

Another option is to describe the celebrity parent without saying their name or showing any pictures.

You can also guess who the celebrity baby is by showing photos of their parents.

The team with the most correct answers in the allotted time wins.

Blind Diaper Changing Game

Divide guests into teams, then hand out one life-size baby doll per team. Prepare blindfolds and diapers as well.

Line up the participants and place the baby dolls on a table. While blindfolded, let the team members take turns in changing the diapers as fast as they could–the first team to finish wins.

Baby Bottle Drinking Challenge

Fill baby bottles with your preferred drink and have your guests drink as quickly as possible through the nipple. The first to empty their bottle wins.

Feed The Big Baby

Divide guests into pairs and give them blindfolds and large bibs made of plastic bags. Hand each team a bowl of pureed food and two spoons. The teammates need to feed each other, and the fastest team to finish their bowl wins.

Baby On Ice

This is a fun, high-energy baby shower game for everyone, although it requires a little preparation ahead of time.

To prepare, fill ice cube trays with water, then put tiny plastic babies in each cube before freezing. At the baby shower party, hand each guest a plastic baby-filled ice cube.

On your mark, let the guests take out the plastic baby from the ice cube without putting it in water. Watch your friends and family get creative, and see who will yell, “my water broke!” first.

Name That Nursery Rhyme

New moms, dads, and parents with a new baby or toddler will probably ace this game. This is the baby version of the classic “Name that tune” party game.

What you do is create a playlist of nursery rhymes. Play a snippet and let guests guess the title of the song. This can be a team or an individual game.

Tip: Keep the guests at the edge of their seats by playing only the first three notes of the song.

Dirty Diaper ‘Round & ‘Round

Remember those diapers you used for the “What’s that candy bar” game? You can reuse those for this baby shower game.

Bundle up one “dirty diaper,” sit participants in a circle, then ask them to pass the diaper around while music play. The one holding the diaper when the music stops is disqualified. The last person standing wins the prize.

DIY Baby Shower Bingo

If we’re talking about classic baby shower games, then baby shower bingo should definitely be on that list.

It’s super easy to play for all ages and can be customized depending on the party theme. For a baby shower party, you can print out your own bingo cards and put baby items on each box. You can also hand out blank pieces of paper and let the guest create DIY bingo cards following the category you set.

A baby shower bingo can be a good game to play while the expecting mama is opening gifts. The guests can list down the gifts they expect the mom-to-be to receive.

Complete a ‘Bingo’ pattern by making a line with five boxes in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row to win.

Easy Baby Shower Games To Try

Pacifiers On Stick

What you need are chopsticks and pacifiers–lots of them.

To play, divide guests into teams. Put the pacifiers on a table, and the guests will put a chopstick in their mouth to collect as many pacifiers as they can within the given time.

What Are You Craving?

The expecting mama will describe the food she’s been craving without saying the name of the food. Guests will write down their answers on a piece of paper. Whoever got the most correct answers takes home a prize.

Rock, Baby, Rock

Pair up the guests, then hand out a towel and tiny plastic babies. The game’s goal is to rock the plastic baby using the towel and fling it towards the basket or bucket on the other side. The team with the most plastic babies in their basket wins.

Duck & Dunk

Here’s another game for pairs. Player 1 holds rubber ducks while player 2 stands between player 1 and a basket or bucket on the other side. Player 1 has to toss the rubber ducks into the basket while player 2 ducks to let his/her teammate score a point.

Unique Baby Shower Games

Do You Know Me?

This is a fun icebreaker game to encourage guests to mingle with each other. On a plain piece of paper, write any baby-related word, then ask the guests to attach one on their forehead with a double-sided tape. Sample words you can use are poop, dirty diaper, pacifier, onesie, etc.

Let them ask other guests questions that are answerable with only a yes or a no until they can guess the word on their forehead.

Complete The Outfit

At any point of the baby shower party, ask the expecting mama to step out of the room for a few minutes. Take this time to ask the guests to list down what the mom-to-be was wearing.

What’s the color of her dress? Is she wearing a necklace? How many rings is she wearing on her fingers? What color is her lipstick? And so on.

Whoever lists the most correct answers wins a special prize for paying attention to the guest of honor.

Suck It

Using a nasal aspirator, have guests transfer mini marshmallows from one bowl to the other. Set a one-minute time limit. The one who transferred the most marshmallows wins.

Feel It

Here’s another quick game for your baby shower guests to play. Put random things inside a box with a small opening (enough to fit an adult’s arm). Have guests put their hands inside the box then feel the items.

They will then list down the items they think are inside the box. Reveal the box’s contents, and whoever gets the most correct answers wins.

Baby Portrait

Have guests draw a baby on a paper plate. But there’s a catch–the paper plate has to be placed on their forehead while they draw. The mom-to-be picks the winner.

Another variation is to blindfold the guests while they draw.

Don’t Cross Your Legs Challenge

This isn’t really a game, but ask guests not to cross their legs at any moment in the party to honor the expecting mama.

Co-Ed Baby Shower Games

US-British Baby Word Match

Print out baby-related US words with their British counterparts. Example: pacifier – binky, diaper, nappy, and so on. Ask guests to match these words and award the one with the most correct answers.

Spin The Baby Bottle

On a table, lay out pieces of paper with one letter each to spell out the words “BABY,” “GIRL,” “BOY.” Before spinning the bottle, each player needs to pick a word they need to spell. The player must spin the baby bottle and have the nipple point at the letter that spells out the word they picked.

The first one to succeed wins.

Mom Vs. Dad

This is one of the best baby shower game ideas for a more chill and intimate setting. Sit the mom and the dad down, facing the guests, then ask pre-recorded questions. These questions need to be answered only with “mom” or “dad.”

Sample questions include: Who decides on the baby’s name? Who wants a boy/girl?

You can have the guests list their answers on a piece of paper or make it more casual and just let the guests shout out the answer.

Say What?

This is another chill and intimate mini-game the expecting parents can enjoy with their friends and family.

Make a note of the exclamations the expecting mama said while opening the gifts, which would commonly include: “So cute!” “Look how small it is!” Then have a list of random phrases like: “This is what she said on the honeymoon.”

Pair these phrases together and read aloud for everyone to hear. There may be no prizes to hand out during this game, but everyone will probably feel like a winner.

I Didn’t Say That

This is another version of the he said/she said game.

Have the parents-to-be answer a list of personal questions, then ask the guests to write down their answers on a piece of paper. The one who guesses the most or gets the closest answer wins.

Race To The Can

Divide guests into teams of men vs. women. Each player will put a coin between their knees, then race to the can or bucket across the room to drop it–the first team to finish wins.

Diaper Pong

This is a spin on the classic co-ed party game, beer pong. Instead of a cup of beer, guests will try to put ping pong balls inside a diaper.

Worldwide Baby Trivia Game

Discover the brainiacs within your friends and family members with this game. Prepare this quick quiz and ask guests to list the word baby in different languages.

Baby’s Day Out

Arrange guests in a circle and hand them one baby doll to toss around. The first player tosses the baby doll to the second player. The second player needs to shout a baby-related item before tossing the baby doll to the next person. The last player standing wins.

Nipple Bobbing

You guessed it–this is the baby version of the classic bobbing for apple game.

Prepare large buckets of water and drop baby bottle nipples into each bucket. Guests have to collect as many nipples as they can with their mouths. Set up a time limit to make it more exciting.

Mom Or Dad?

This baby shower game makes a good topic of conversation amongst friends. Ask the expecting mama to list down the physical and personality traits she wants her baby to get from her and the dad. Whoever guesses the most correct answers wins.

Baby Shower Games For Kids

Diaper Hoops

Here’s a simple yet fun baby shower game idea for kids. Prepare a large can and rolled up diapers. Let the kids stand on the other side of the room to shoot the diaper balls. Whoever shoots the most diaper in the can wins.

Shake The Bottle

Remove the nipple, fill one baby bottle with sprinkles, and put a thin strip of tape on the bottle’s mouth. Make sure that the opening is not completely covered.

Using tape, attach another baby bottle upside down. The bottle openings need to be touching.

Ask the kids to shake the baby bottle to transfer the sprinkles from one bottle to another. The first to do this wins.

Lost Baby Hunt

This game will keep the kids moving as they hunt for tiny plastic babies you hid all around. The prize goes to the best hunter.

You can also hide baby items instead of tiny babies.

Gummy Bear Catch

Pair up the kids and have them face each other but stand six feet apart. The first player will toss gummy bears while the other catches them with his/her mouth.

Blocked Out

Blindfold each kid and sit them on a table with a pile of wooden blocks (which the mom-to-be can keep for the nursery.) The game is simple: the one who stacks the most blocks in a minute wins.

Baby Egg-Spoon Race

Before the game starts, ask kids to team up and draw a baby’s face on their team’s hardboiled egg.

Line the kids up with spoons in their mouths. The first player needs to pass the egg on the spoon to the next player without using their hands and without dropping the egg–the first team to finish wins.

Baby Shower Games For Men

What’s In Your Phone?

This is another classic baby shower game. Prepare a list of things found in a man’s phone, then assign points for each.


A photo of his kid/s – 10 points

Every contact name that starts with the letter “B” – 5 points

You can also list something unusual like “10 points if you have a plain red phone wallpaper” or something like that. The one with the highest points wins.

Hanging Diapers

True to its name, this game requires guests to hang diapers on a string using clothespins. The fastest one to hang all assigned diapers wins.

Baby Tub Bounce

Fill a tub with water and set it on the other end of the table. Players need to bounce ping pong balls on the table and land it on the tub. Whoever gets as many ping pong balls into the tub wins.

Towel Bundle Race

Bundle up each player in a towel, then have them race from one end of the room to the other while squirming on the floor.

Hook ‘Em Babies

Set up a table with tiny plastic babies on one end. Give each player a string with a plastic hook on one end. Using the hook, have the guests “fish” for the plastic babies. The best angler wins.

Scoop Baby Up

Players need to scoop tiny plastic babies from a bowl of flour. The first one to find five plastic babies wins.

Daddy Says

This game puts the spotlight on the dad-to-be. Ask the expecting dad questions ahead of time, then let his friends guess his answers.

Sample questions can be:

Where were you when you heard the good news?

Do you want a boy or a girl?

Baby’s Firsts Bucket List

Ask guests to list down things the new parents should do in their baby’s first year. It could be the things they remember doing with their parents or the things they wished they did.

Begin the dad jokes early by putting these lists in a bucket before handing them to the expecting parents to read with everyone or alone at home.

Baby Shower Games For Women

Matching Outfits

Prepare a laundry basketful of baby clothes and have the guests find as many matching socks and mittens as possible in a given time.

Flying Tissue

You’ll need a tissue box for this game. Using one hand, players need to empty the tissue box by removing one tissue sheet at a time as fast as they can–the fastest wins.

What’s In Your Purse?

Similar to the “What’s In Your Phone?” game, this one will reveal the contents of your guests’ purses.

Prepare a list of items found in a woman’s purse, then assign points for each. Download free printable baby shower games props online for a shorter prep time.


A red lipstick – 5 points

A shoe glue – 10 points

List something unusual like “10 points if you have a fish keychain” or something like that. The one with the highest points wins.

Diaper Grab

The opposite of the “Hanging Diaper” game, this one requires guests to remove diapers from the clothespins. The catch is they shouldn’t drop any diaper and can only use one hand.

Baby Bump Twister

You’ll need a Twister game mat and spinner for this game. Ask guests to blow up one balloon each, then place it on their tummy under their clothes. Have them play twister with their made-up baby bumps.

The mom-to-be can decide the winner based on the most hilarious pose or the least times a balloon was popped or dropped.

Mommy Can Do It

Prepare a baby doll, pairs of unmatched baby socks, diapers, baby clothes, a cell phone, a timer, and a conversation script for this game.

Challenge each player to play supermom for a day. When the timer starts, they have to pick up the phone and keep it between their shoulder and ear while reading the conversation script. While doing that, they need to change the baby doll’s diaper, clothes, and put on the correct pair of baby socks.

The fastest supermom without any mistakes wins the game of nerves.

We’re Pregnant!

Bake cupcakes before the party. While decorating, drop mini plastic babies in random cups. You can ask the shop to do this for you if you’re having it delivered.

Serve the cupcakes and let the guests know that whoever finds a mini plastic baby in their cupcake should shout, “we’re pregnant!”

Baby Shower Games For Large Groups

What’s In The Bag?

Prepare at least ten gift bags for this game. In each bag, hide a baby item, then ask guests to guess what’s in the bag.

Hand out prizes to those who guessed correctly, and the expecting mama can keep the contents.

Pop Baby Out

Prepare balloons and pieces of paper with the letters B, A, B, Y in each. Insert one piece of paper with one letter inside a balloon before inflating.

To play, divide guests into teams, then ask them to pop the balloons by sitting on them. The first team to complete the word “baby” wins.

I Know Mommy Best

This game will determine who knows the mom-to-be best. Prepare questions to ask the expecting mama beforehand. Questions can include her childhood, school life, professional life, love life, hobbies, etc.

At the party, ask guests to list their answers to these questions. After gathering all the answer sheets, sit the mom-to-be and have her announce the answers. The one with the correct answer wins.

When Was This?

This is another baby shower game that puts the guest of honor in the spotlight. Before the party, ask the expecting mama’s family members for her baby pictures.

At the party, post these photos on a board, then ask the guests to guess mom-to-be’s age when the photo was taken.

It’s a trip down memory lane and a fun game in one.

Guest Who

This game flips the attention to the guests rather than the expecting mama.

On the invite, ask guests to bring their baby pictures. At the party, post these baby photos on a board and have everyone guess who each baby is.

Oh, My Guest!

This one serves as a baby shower game and icebreaker in one. The guests may be from the same school, organization, or work as the expecting parents, so prepare a list of common facts among the guests.


Went to this college

Worked at this company

Drives this type of car

The goal is for each guest to meet as many people who match what’s on the list. Hand out this list as the guests arrive or put it on the chairs. This will get the guests mingling around as they try to complete their list and win a prize.

Pass The Present

Aka the Left-Right game. Hand a wrapped present to each table, then ask the guests to pass it to the left when they hear the word left or pass it to the right when they hear the word right.

A fun way to do this is by writing a story that heavily includes the words “left” and “right” or downloading a sample left-right story online.

Whoever’s holding the present when the story ends gets to keep it.

Preggy Belly Balloon Pop

Divide guests into teams. The first player has to blow up a balloon then tuck it inside his/her shirt. The second player will go after the first is done, then the third, and so on.

Once all team members have inflated their balloons and tucked them inside their clothes, the first player will pop the second player’s balloon with a pin. The second player will pop the third player’s balloon, and so on. The last player has to pop the first player’s balloon–the fastest team wins.

Name The Baby

Ask the guests to come up with baby names using the letters from the mom and dad’s names. The expecting parents will hand out a prize to whoever comes up with a name they like.

Mom Brain Exerciser

Put baby items on a table, then ask guests to have a good look at each one. Use a table cloth to cover the baby-related items, then have the guests write down as many items as they can remember.

Baby Animal Quiz

Test how much your guests know about the names of baby animals. Example: Baby kangaroo – joey, baby cow – calf.

Baby Crossword Puzzle

Download free customizable crossword puzzles online, then print one copy per guest. The fastest to find all words correctly wins a prize.

Baby Pins On Rice Grains

Divide guests into teams, then blindfold the first player before asking them to find baby pins in a rice bowl.

Sprinkle Diaper Changing Game

This is similar to the “Blind Diaper Changing Game” but without the blindfold. The challenge for this game is to change a baby doll’s diaper without spilling the sprinkles you put inside each diaper. Speed isn’t the key on this one.

Tissue Nappy

Divide guests into teams. Each team has to use one roll of toilet paper to wrap up a make-shift diaper on one team member. The team with the most creative or most hilarious diaper wins.

Baby Shower Door Games

Get Your Ducky

Fill a baby bathtub with water and drop rubber ducks in it. As guests arrive, ask them to get their ducky. Those who get the special ducks with a marking on the bottom receive a prize.

Name For The Occasion

As guests arrive, hand out name tags with baby-related words, and ask each guest to pin them on their chest. Throughout the party, everyone needs to be called by their assigned name. Whoever slips up and calls someone with their first name has to put money in the (piggy) bank.

Where’s Your Baby?

Hand out baby dolls to each guest as soon as they arrive. At any point at the party, yell, “Where’s your baby?” The baby shower guests who still have their “baby” win a prize. You can do these several times until the number of guests decreases if you’ve prepared a limited amount of game prizes.

Tissue Roll, Please

This game is perfect for keeping the early birds entertained while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive. Hand out tissue rolls, and guests will share trivia about themselves with every tissue square they pick.

Drop Your Socks

Ask your guests to bring baby socks. Have the guests drop the socks in a designated box. Guests will have fun selecting cute little socks, and the mom-to-be gets to keep them for her new bundle of joy. Everybody wins.

Baby Shower Ideas For Raffle

Diaper Raffle

Guests get raffle tickets for every pack of diapers they bring. Mama has to load up on supplies.

The Time Is Now

Here’s a mini-game idea to keep baby shower guests entertained even in their seats. While the expecting mama opens gifts, set a timer for five minutes. The giver of the gift that the mom-to-be is opening when the timer goes off wins a prize.

Gift Giving With A Twist

Prepare verses that lead the gift from one person to the other.


  1. Pass this gift to the lady wearing red.
  2. If you’re wearing red, pass this gift to the one sitting across from you.
  3. Pass this gift to a gentleman wearing a digital watch, and so on.

Finding Mommy

Hand out scratch cards to each guest. Whoever got the mom-to-be’s face wins a prize.

Baby Shower Party Activities

Baby Shower Party Activities For Mom And Dad

Witty Nappy

Aka late-night diapers. Have guests write on the front or back of disposable diapers some witty lines like: “Consider yourself warned” or “Open for baby’s surprise.”

Love Notes

Set up a small corner where guests can write short notes for the expecting parents. These words can be funny, heartfelt, or both, which they will truly appreciate when the baby is born.

Baby Shower Party Activities For Baby

Baby Time Machine

Ask guests to bring something that represents the present time on the invite—a newspaper clipping, a magazine, the popular toy of that time, etc.

Collect these things in a box, then open them when your child is old enough to appreciate the meaning behind this sweet gesture.

Let’s Make (Play-Doh) Babies

Set up a play-doh table and ask guests to make play-doh babies. The best one will be used to decorate the nursery.

Baby’s First ABC Book

Ask guests to help design your baby’s first ABC book by handing out blank sheets of paper. Have your guests draw things corresponding to each letter, then compile them afterward.

Block Painting

Set up a table with wooden blocks and decorating materials like cute stickers and colored pens. Add the best-looking ones in your baby’s nursery.


Prepare plain-colored onesies and art materials. Ask guests to decorate a onesie, then send out photos of your baby wearing those in the future.

DIY Headband

This is a nice baby shower activity while the early birds wait until the party starts. Prepare plain headbands and decorating materials on a table. Guests can keep their creations or give them as a gift if you’re expecting a baby girl.

Baby Birthday Prediction

Pass around a printed calendar of the expected birth month. Have the guests write their names and encircle their prediction of your baby’s birth date.

Call the winner when the baby is born. Hand a special prize if they get the time right.

Baby Quilt Making

There’s something extra special about handmade gifts, which goes for this baby quilt-making activity. You can prepare pre-cut squares of fabrics at the party or send them out beforehand.

Baby-Inspired Art

Ask guests to let their imagination and creativity flow free while creating art pieces for your baby’s nursery. It can be inspirational quotes, well wishes for the baby, or colorful designs that will make the nursery livelier.

Baby’s Face Prediction

This one’s bound to be hilarious. Print out multiple copies of mom and dad’s photos, then cut them into strips to isolate the eyes, nose, and lips.

Have the guest mix and match these facial features to “predict” what the baby will look like. Paste the “faces” on a board, then determine the winner by voting.

How Do You Do A Lockdown Baby Shower?

Traditional baby showers games are fun, but virtual baby showers due to lockdown protocols can be fun, too! Here’s how you do it:

1. Send Virtual Invites.

That’s as easy and as fast as a click of the mouse.

2. Decorate The Background For The Virtual Party.

Select a baby shower party theme and decorate the background with balloons, banners, flowers, and whichever party decoration you prefer. You can set one decoration for the whole party or have a “spare” and change to it during a specific baby shower activity.

3. Play Virtual Games.

You can still play fun baby shower games via a video call. Here are the best baby shower games for a virtual party.

Fun Virtual Baby Shower Games

Insta Baby Party

Create a personalized hashtag for your party. Ask guests to post their pictures on their social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and use the hashtag. The best photo wins a prize.

Pictionary With Emojis

Select children’s book story titles or nursery rhymes, then turn them into emojis.


Have a list of baby-related words to act out. Whoever guesses the most correct answers wins.

Scrabble Baby Lingo

Have a bag of scrabble tiles and pick one letter at a time to show your guests through the web camera. Ask them to come up with anything baby-related that starts with that letter.

Name That Cartoon Baby

Prepare a list of cartoon mom characters, then ask your guests to list their babies’ names.

Animal Gestation Quiz

Create a list of animals to send to your guests. They need to fill out the correct gestation time for each animal. The fastest (Google master) to fill out the sheet wins.

Name That Baby Item

Prepare baby items (real or print out), then show them to your guests. Each player has ten seconds to name the baby item shown to them and get disqualified if they can’t. The last player standing wins.

Baby ABC

Make an alphabet list on a sheet of paper, then ask your guests to fill out each letter with a baby-related word. Example: D – diaper.

Baby Word Jumble

List down baby-related words, then jumble them up for your guests to figure out.

Get Inside Mommy’s Head

Challenge guests to finish mom-to-be’s sentences.

The Gender Reveal Game

Prepare photos of random babies of different nationalities. Choose those that wouldn’t easily reveal the gender. Whoever guesses the most correct answers wins.

Baby Enneagram Types Quiz

This is a perfect virtual baby shower game idea. Your guests can easily search about the Enneagram test to save you from lengthy explanations. Quiz your guests by matching typical baby traits to the corresponding Enneagram type.

Baby Shower Favors & Game Prize Ideas

For The Ladies:

Bath bombs

Makeup brush set

Pedicure set

Lip balm set

Hand lotion

Scented candles

For The Gents:


Shot glass

Coffee mug

Wine bag

Mini solid perfume

Reusable wine stoppers

For The Kids:

Chocolate set

Candy bag

Coloring book


Gift cards

Wall decor

Welcome door sign

Small succulent pot

Air plants

Tea set

Essential oils set

What Should You Not Do At A Baby Shower?

Baby Shower Dos & Don’ts


  • Include the mom-to-be in the planning session. She’s the guest of honor, after all.
  • Include the gift receipt to make it easier for the mom-to-be to exchange duplicate gifts or pick the one she prefers.
  • Give clothing gifts in different sizes–babies grow fast.
  • Give clothing gifts that match the season. If it’s summer, a fleece hooded jacket may not fit the baby anymore come wintertime.
  • Consider the gifts she says she prefers to receive.


  • Let the expecting mama do any work. Remember that she’s the queen of the party, and queens don’t work.
  • Play the “measure the belly” game without her permission.
  • Forget to take pictures (or videos!)
  • Get drunk.
  • Share horror stories about giving birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding. Nope!
  • Be a know-it-all and give unsolicited motherhood advice. No one likes that.

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