Won’t You Be My Neighbor

nextdoor-logo-green-largeWhen Babe was born I became very concerned about security. When we bought our home it had an alarm system that had not been maintained so, after shopping around, we signed with a new company and we’re very happy with that service. But having an alarm is really the last resort in protecting your home. Getting to know your neighbors is an excellent way to protect yourself.

Have you ever noticed something in your neighborhood that looked out of place but figured it belonged to a neighbor? Maybe you’ve heard that story about the people who helped the “neighbors” load up a moving van and it turned out to be burglars? Wouldn’t it give you piece of mind to know you could run next door in case of an emergency (or just to borrow that cup of sugar)?

I’m using a great service called Nextdoor to get to know my neighbors. It’s a free and private social network that makes it easy to stay informed about what’s happening in your neighborhood. You can use Nextdoor to organize events, share recommendations, borrow things, report suspicious activity, or ask for help and advice.

For a limited time, Nextdoor is offering an amazing incentive. If you use my referral link to launch a brand new Nextdoor website for your neighborhood, you and I will each receive $25 Amazon Gift Cards! How awesome is that?

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