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Learn With Dice

I mentioned last week that I was planning to try the Foaming Monster experiment with my daughter this week but she spotted something across the room the other day and I decide to share it instead. (We’ll try the Foaming Monster next week.)

We host a monthly game night where we get together with friends to play board games, video games, dice games, card games, guessing games – just about any kind of game is fair game except RPGs. (We have designated nights for those.) As we have consecutive birth months on our little family (I’m February, husband is March, and baby is April) some friends decided to give us our gifts all at once during our February game night. So when my daughter was about ten months old she got her first set of dice, polyhedral dice, to be exact.


She took to the dice instantly. Because of the dimensions, some of the dice end up being more dense and firm than others. This was fascinating to her as she could squeeze some more than others and really explore the different results. Unfortunately, as has been the experience of many other parents (according to reviews on Amazon), my daughter began trying to bite the foam dice after just a couple of months and they can be easily torn by little teeth. Once she reached this point, we decided to put the dice into storage for a little while.

Now that she is older and doesn’t take bites out of random, non-food items (as often), we have re-introduced the dice. They sit on a shelf so that she can’t take them down without assistance (just in case she were to try to take a bite out of one) so when she points at them, we bring them down and have a lesson. We present a die and state what color it is. If we are presenting the tetrahedron or the cube we call it a triangle or a square. Yes, this is incorrect but it works for our purposes for now. This has become a fun way of learning colors.

Here’s a quick video of me presenting the dice:

I present the die by stating its’ color. When I present the tetrahedron I say “This is a red triangle” and when I present the cube I say “This is a green square.” When she’s older we’ll talk about the octahedron, deltohedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron but for now I just say “This is the purple die” or “This one is orange.” As you can see, my daughter loves the interaction!

If you have a little one with whom you would love to share your love of dice games, or if you just want some Jumbo Foam Polyhedral Dice of your own, you can find them on Amazon.

I’m really enjoying co-hosting the Geeky Educational Link Up. I’m so excited to be a part of this link up. Each week I’ll be publishing an educational post with a science and/or geeky twist. At the bottom of these posts you’ll find links to other interesting and fun educational posts. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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