Eating Healthy While Pregnant

Today I met Lindsay Horlander, a Holistic Health Coach from Crunchy Beginnings. I have been feeling better since I switched to a gummy vitamin but I’m still feeling kind of crummy. Lindsay thinks she might be able to help by making sure I am eating healthy while pregnant.

Crunchy Beginnings is committed to providing personal health coaching to help promote healthy pregnancies, healthy babies and healthy families through individual and group coaching sessions.

Each person and family is different and Crunchy Beginnings customized approach, tailored to fit individual needs, allows them to create achievable goals that are based on your lifestyle.

Lindsay is going to help me make sure I am eating right throughout my pregnancy so Babe can stay healthy while growing!

Not the Eye!

Two nights ago I felt a weird tingling sensation on the left side of my face, between my cheek and eye. I looked in the mirror and everything looked fine. I went and told Hubby but by then the tingling was going away. I said I thought I was fine but asked him just to keep an eye on me.

When I woke up the next morning there was something in my field of vision. It was like the bottom half of a smoke ring, right up at the top of my line of sight. To say that we were concerned would be an understatement. Husband immediately thought that I might have glaucoma! We called our family doctor to see if he could find room in the schedule to see me but the receptionist said we’d have to wait for a call back. Then we called the practice that did my Lasik surgery back in 2006. The triage nurse said it sounded like a retina issue and referred me to a retina specialist. The retina specialist said they couldn’t see me until the next morning because I’d be a new patient and that requires a full workup which takes a long time. It was about 11ish in the morning and they were booked solid for the day. (They can only squeeze new patients in at 8:30 unless scheduled in advance.) Our family doctor’s office called back and they could see me in the afternoon so I took the appointment. By this point, the weird half circle had finally faded but we didn’t want to take any chances. The tingling ended up coming back but it went away again before we even left to see the doctor.

When we got to the doctor’s office I had her vision checked. Still 20/13 in both eyes, not bad! They checked my vital’s and then the doctor came in and asked a bunch of questions. He ruled out a stroke and said that was about all he was trained to do at this point but he recommended I not drive until cleared by the retina specialist the next day.

On a side note, I told the doctor that this pain on my right side was getting worse. He gave me the name of a couple of D.O.s that he highly recommended so I’m going to call them this afternoon.

The retina specialists’ practice was pretty nice. They had coffee in the waiting room which Hubby really appreciated. There was not too long of a wait followed by a speedy and thorough basic eye exam by an assistant. No glaucoma, whew! Then there was a little wait for the actual specialist. When we finally met him he said he was pretty sure I’d had a migraine. Who knew one could have a migraine without actually having a headache, but it’s true! He said not to worry if it happened again, as long as it went away on it’s own in good time. If it didn’t, he said to see a doctor but he didn’t expect that to happen.

So we had a little scare but it all worked out in the end and we learned something new. Bet you didn’t know that someone could have a migraine without any headache at all, did you?

Help Please!

My symptoms got worse. 🙁 The upset stomach is really bad. Still no real nausea just this horribly unsettled feeling that wont go away. And the exhaustion is insane. I pretty much feel like a zombie all the time. Sometimes I don’t even have the energy to eat! Husband is actually getting a little worried. I stopped by the birth center today to ask for something for the upset stomach and they suggested an herbal remedy. Fingers crossed! I asked if they had anything for fatigue and the midwife suggestion I change to a different prenatal vitamin. Apparently the hard compressed pills can be harder for the body to process so I’m is going to find something else to try. Let’s hope this works!

Where Will Babe Be Born?

Today Husband and I went to tour a birth center. We had never heard of a birth center before this babe came along but the place was really nice! The midwives are all very friendly and the whole staff was helpful. We both liked all the birth rooms although room two is our favorite. All the rooms seem very comfortable and we look forward to bringing baby into the world there.


So far we can’t complain! I actually lost four pounds in the week before we got the big news and the only unpleasant symptom is some heartburn.

Between half and two thirds of pregnant women develop morning sickness. Symptoms usually start around the sixth week so we’ll see what happens in the next week or two. ;p On the plus side, morning sickness usually fizzles out around the end of the first trimester.


Kassondra and her husband Michael with their daughter Madeleine when she was three months old

My family.

Hi there! My name is Kassondra and I’m a babywearing, full-term breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, infant pottying, first time Mama figuring it out with my husband as we go along.