Managing Your Social Calendar

20140127-101903.jpgHusband and I are very social. Between my Mommy groups, our RPGs, birthday parties, my volunteer obligations, friends weddings, our monthly game night, and the occasional weekend-long convention, we find we are completely booked most weekends. We enjoy all these activities and don’t want to give a single one up since we rarely get to do anything fun during the week. A few months ago we agreed to commit to only one event per weekend (that’s Friday night through Monday morning) but we couldn’t even pull that off once! The weekends are so busy that chores get relegated to weekdays between work, dinner, and bed which means no downtime during the weekdays either.

We were never the folks that said we wouldn’t let parenthood change our lives and we’re not resisting letting go of old ways. We’ve each nearly given up on our favorite individual hobbies (his Warhammer and my knitting). Most of the activities we do are kid-friendly if not kid-centric. Still, it’s always a big let down Sunday night or Monday morning when we realize the entire weekend flew by and we had zero time to unwind or chill out together.

How do you manage your social calendar? Have you found a balance between fun and downtime?

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