I Always Hafta Poop

At any given moment, it is very likely that I am either humming or singing in my head. These days the CD I hear most often is They Might Be Giants – Here Come The 123s. The songs are fun and catchy and whenever funny little things happen around the house, Husband and I tend to re-write the lyrics to suit our life.

Since we just started introducing solids, Babe’s poop is starting to change. Usually her poop was pretty evenly split between mine and Hubby’s poop shifts (though he might argue he changed more poopy diapers then I did). But the past few days Babe has been almost exclusively pooping on my shift. So, for the second time today, I sent Hubby the, “OMG POOOOOOOOP!!!” instant message (to which he usually replies, “Why, poop, whyyyyyyyy!!!!!”). And since Seven Days Of The Week (I Never Go To Work) was running through my head, I quickly composed this parody:

On Monday, I always hafta poop. On Tuesday, I poop at home. On Wednesday, I always am inclined – poop is the first thing on my mind. On Thursday, it’s a POOPY DAY! On Friday, poop’s a mess. And I poop all night on Saturday so Sunday the poop is fresh!

Ha! Now it’s stuck in your head too!

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