Happy Women’s Equality Day

Preface: I generally try to avoid posting race-related issues because, quite frankly, I have a lot of privileged white acquaintances here on Facebook and I don’t want to have arguments with them about whether or not they are privileged, entitled, and/or somewhat racist. However, I have just read some truly disturbing things and I am tired of censoring myself. I won’t deny that I haven’t felt the race issue to the same extent as the average African American female but that only makes me more passionate about impacting the situation. If you wonder why I post about breastfeeding so much, or why I am posting about a race-related issue, it’s because I am trying to support the Mothers that read my posts, not because I am trying to make formula Moms, or white people, feel guilty.

I’ve made a lot of new friends lately through Mommy groups, mostly white Mothers but a few minorities as well; mostly bottle-feeders but a few breastfeeders as well. The lack of education and support for breastfeeding in this country in general is a tragedy. The lack of education and support for African American women is truly sickening.

Formula is not “just as good” as breast milk. I am not writing this to be judgmental, I am writing it to be educational. If you have been told that formula is just as good then you have been LIED to and you should be really, REALLY upset about that. Don’t get mad at me for telling you that someone did you a serious disservice. If you are aware of the risks of formula feeding and you are OK with that then I cannot fault you. You are entitled to make your own decisions. Your healthcare provider, however, is NOT entitled to mislead you. Be mad at them, not me.

The reasons that AA Mothers have such a low rate of breastfeeding are myriad. Not familiar with them? Start here: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2012/jul/23/kimberly-seals-allers-breastfeeding-advocate and then here: http://moms.mylifetime.com/multicultural-moms/blog/world-breastfeeding-week-slavery-behind-low-rates-among-black-women

Don’t know what white privilege is? Read this: http://www.amptoons.com/blog/files/mcintosh.html

In America, the black infant mortality rate is twice as high, TWICE AS HIGH, as that of white babies.

Call me a stereotypical aggressive, fat, black woman if you want – I no longer care. You either support breastfeeding or you don’t. You either support racial equality or you don’t. There are no buts about it.

Today I learned about Black Breastfeeding Week by reading this post (https://www.facebook.com/TheLeakyBoob/posts/558470100857628) and the subsequent comments (the truly offensive ones have been deleted) were nothing short of shocking. A community aimed at supporting has been torn apart by race. How is this post-racial?

More about why we need Black Breastfeeding Week here.

P. S. Happy Women’s Equality Day

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