Happy New Year, Happy New Baby!


Same as my first labor, it was 18 hours after the water broke before I stayed in active labor, three hours of active labor, then super fast pushing. With my daughter I pushed for 20 minutes. This time it was barely 5!!! It was a very, very long night but my son was born as planned, at home and in the water, and both of us are now happy and healthy.

Coxson SisterBig sister was there for almost the entire time. I spent a great deal of time pumping to try to bring on contractions and, let me tell you, that is no fun. Every so often she came in to nurse for a while and that was actually a great help in bringing on the contractions.

Coxson TubNever ending thanks to our amazing birth team: Midwife Mary, doula Megan, assistant Cassie, photographer Jen, and kid wranglers Sheila and Deborah. They provided the support that husband and I needed so he could be focused entirely on me.

Coxson Family

Big sister was immediately in love! She did leave shortly after this photo was taken though. She wants to nurse whenever baby brother nurses. I couldn’t do this immediately because the after pains triggered by nursing were almost unbearable. (More on both after pains and tandem nursing later.)

Baby brother was just perfect from the moment we met him. We’re all so excited and happy.

Read my full birth story here.

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