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Overview: How Do Babysitting Sites Work & Do You Need One?

A nanny or babysitter can oversee your child’s welfare when you need extra hands. It can be hit or miss to find a sitter that is a good match for your family. How do you ensure they’re reliable and trustworthy?

That’s where babysitting websites come in. They’re online job platforms that pre-screen childcare providers to help you choose a sitter or nanny with a proven track record and real references. 

They don’t directly employ caregivers but can help match you with one. These platforms are useful, especially if you’re having a hard time finding a sitter or caregiver on your own.

In this article, we provide you with a detailed review and comparison of Sittercity vs Which site offers the highest caliber babysitting options so you can find the right person to entrust your kids and home to? Is Sittercity a reliable site, and is worth paying for? Do these sites run background checks on their childcare providers, and how do you choose the right one for your kids?

We’ll answer these questions below and compare other babysitter sites (e.g., UrbanSitter) to give you more options for finding quality candidates.


Key Points: Vs Sittercity

Main Similarities

  • Connect parents with babysitters (part-time caregivers such as high school or college students who want to earn extra money) and nannies (full-time caregivers who can work at least 20 hours a week)
  • Pet sitting, senior care, and tutorial services
  • Secure communication between you and potential caregivers without sharing your personal information
  • Caregiver profiles can include reviews
  • Let you create job posts with your own terms, pay rates, benefits, and expectations
  • Nanny sharing (you share a nanny or sitter with another family to save money)
  • Scam prevention using qualitative review processes and predictive analytics
  • Don’t have a half-month subscription
  • No refunds for unused days
  • No refunds for premium subscriptions and membership fees; you pay upfront for a certain period you choose even if you didn’t use their services or hire a sitter through their site (but you can cancel your premium membership and revert to basic) 
  • Automatically renew your membership subscription and auto-bill you for the service even if you don’t use it (make sure to cancel your subscription before your due date if you no longer need the site); while some might consider this a drawback, it can also be a positive feature because you don’t have to worry about forgetting to renew your membership to continue using the service
  • Low ratings on Trustpilot and other online consumer review sites due to their “predatory” and “unfair” billing practices (see images below)


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Main Differences Pros & Special Features 
  • Offers housekeeping services
  • Can also connect you to daycare facilities
  • CareCheck process is used to conduct basic background checks on all caregivers (they’re required to provide their legal name, Social Security number, permanent address, and birth date so the site can run a check through a third-party provider, Sterling)
  • You’ll receive a copy of the extra background checks (including criminal and driving record searches) you paid for.
  • Own nanny payroll services (HomePay by with concierge support, human resource (HR) assistance, payroll processing, automatic annual tax returns, a budgeting guide, and a ‘happiness guarantee’ refund within your first six months as a customer
  • Care Rewards (you earn points as a premium member; can be used to pay for caregiver bookings)
  • Child care services are charged from your pre-authorized card as soon as you confirm the booking
  • Pet care services after a completed visit (for one-time bookings) or within 24 hours after the booking’s start time (for recurring or multiple-day bookings, such as vacation sitting)
  • Available in the US and other countries (including Canada and European countries such as Germany and France) Cons & Drawbacks
  • Doesn’t offer special needs care
  • No refunds for other paid services such as background checks (but discounts are available if you have a premium membership)
  • Doesn’t require first aid training for caregivers (but they’re allowed to place information about relevant certifications or training on their sitter profile)
  • Care Rewards points are only valid for one year; you lose all your points if you cancel your paid membership
  • Some complaints from service providers that anyone can leave a review on their profile, even people who aren’t confirmed to have hired them for a job (see image below)

Sittercity: Pros & Special Features 
  • Pioneer babysitting website founded in the US in 2001
  • Offers special needs care
  • All sitters and caregivers are screened via Family Watchdog at registration and continuously throughout their active service period
  • All care providers also undergo identity verification via third-party sites (Persona, Berbix, and Experian)
  • Chat support available even for non-members and basic users
  • Sittercity Adventures (you can book a sitter based on activities they can offer for kids)
  • Available in the US, Canada, and the UK


Sittercity: Cons & Drawbacks
  • Doesn’t offer housekeeping services
  • Doesn’t have its own nanny payroll service (but partners with GTM Payroll Services)
  • Sitters get a background check badge; however, while it isn’t given to those who didn’t pass, they can still use the site – so we advise checking to ensure your shortlisted candidates have it
  • Even if you paid for extra background checks, you don’t receive a copy of the results; instead, sitters will get a badge on their profile that indicates they passed a particular record check
  • Doesn’t link parents with daycare centers; however, they offer sitter recruitment options for daycare facilities
  • Only available in the US, UK, and Canada
  • Some customer complaints about ‘deceptive’ charging and difficult process (see image below)


Detailed Review: Care.Com Vs Sittercity

Origins & Company Information

  • Founded by Sheila Marcelo in 2006 (3)
  • Available in 17+ other countries (including the US)



  • Started by Genevieve Thiers in 2001 (4)
  • Identified as America’s first online babysitting service company (4)
  • Services offered in the US, Canada, and UK


Reliability & Brand Reputation

While many parents find it useful, has low Trustpilot, BBB (Better Business Bureau), and SiteJabber ratings. Customers cited “predatory billing” practices and a lack of quality caregivers. (1)

(source: (1)


Is Sittercity A Reliable Site?

Possibly. Sittercity is a well-known babysitting website. However, they also have low ratings on sites like Trustpilot, with customers citing “deceptive and unethical” charging practices. (2)

(source: (2)


Variety Of Services Offered

Babysitting & Childcare Services
  • Childcare
  • Tutoring
  • Date night sitters
  • Daycare options


Services For Kids With Special Needs
  • Not offered


Other Services Offered
  • Senior care
  • Housekeeping
  • Pet care



Babysitting & Childcare Services
  • Childcare
  • Tutoring


Services For Kids With Special Needs
  • Yes, offers special needs care


Other Services Offered
  • Senior care
  • Pet care


Availability & Who Needs The Service?

  • Parents
  • Fur parents looking for pet sitters
  • Families with loved ones in need of senior care 
  • Families in need of housekeeping services



  • Parents
  • Fur parents
  • Families who need senior care for elderly loved ones


Safety Features & Background Checks

Note that even the most comprehensive background searches aren’t 100% accurate. Certain records, including criminal cases, might not be accessible because their reporting limits have expired or aren’t available in certain states.

For example, MVRs (Motor Vehicle Records) are only available in Pennsylvania, Washington, and Utah if you have an affidavit, certificate of authority, and/or a business profile in the state. Also, most criminal records are only accessible within 7 years – many federal and state laws prohibit their access after that period. (5)(6)

Also, background records are only shown for any offenses for 18-year-olds and above. Juvenile records aren’t included. (6)

Still, running background checks can help you filter the candidates within a reasonable scope. Both and Sittercity require a basic background check on all caregivers.

For a fee, you can also run a more thorough background check of your chosen caregiver:

  • Criminal Records Check – Includes sex offender search, federal courthouse and county criminal records search, multi-jurisdictional database search, and social security number (SSN) trace
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Check – Includes DUIs, violations, accidents, and status of the operator’s driving privileges with restrictions, license type and class, expiration date, endorsements, suspensions, and/or revocations
  • Criminal + MVR Records Check – Combination of criminal records and motor vehicle records
  • Investigative Criminal Plus Check – Combines searches for criminal records and motor vehicle records plus more in-depth database searches, including advanced identity research, national wants and warrants, civil restraining orders, and national bankruptcy records



You can also run a more thorough background check via Checkr for a fee: 

  • Basic Criminal Check
  • Enhanced Criminal Check
  • MVR Check


Note that although you’re paying for your sitter’s background check, you won’t get a copy of their report. Instead, their profile will show the appropriate badge depending on their results.



Easy To Use & Navigate (User-Friendly)



  • Search using your zip code
  • Option to use a smartphone app or the website (for desktop or laptop)
  • Monitoring of job posts and booking requests
  • Monitoring of caregiver response status


Steps To Finding A Caregiver Or Sitter
  1. Determine your care needs (e.g., type of care, hours, responsibilities, etc.).
  2. Browse the site for nearby caregivers (using your zip code) and read reviews.
  3. Post job offer (include salary offer in hourly rates).
  4. Input your care needs (one-time, part-time, full-time, date/s needed, time/period needed, etc.).
  5. Schedule an interview with potential sitters and caregivers.
  6. Check references and run background checks.
  7. Hire your caregiver.





  • Search using your zip code
  • Available as a regular website (on your laptop or PC) or an app on your smartphone


Steps To Finding A Caregiver Or Sitter
  1. Determine your care needs
  2. Post your job offer
  3. Review applications or responses from caregivers.
  4. Make a shortlist of the candidates and conduct job interviews (online or in-person).
  5. Run background checks and check references.
  6. Hire your caregiver.


Available Qualified Sitters (More Choices From Search Results)

Use filters to find qualified sitters closest to your location. You can also filter based on age, hourly rate, gender, last login (to check if they’re active on the site and can easily reach them), etc. (see image below)




The site prioritizes the results of sitters nearest to your location. You can filter sitter search results based on your needs, with options for recent logins, available background checks, own transportation, etc. (see image below)



Costs & Value For Money

Is Care.Com Worth Paying For?

Costs & Features Of Basic Membership
  • Free
  • Set up your membership account
  • Post a caregiver job (depending on what you need)
  • Search and view local caregivers’ profiles
  • View the basic information and profiles of all the caregivers who apply to your job listing
  • Use site tools and resources — hiring guides and rate calculators for nannies, babysitters, and more
  • You get to set up your own hourly rates based on your budget (but caregivers also have the right to accept or decline job offers if they don’t agree with your rates)


Costs & Features Of Premium Membership
  • For a fee, available as annual (billed every 12 months), quarterly (billed every three months), or monthly subscription (billed every month)
  • All the features enjoyed with basic membership
  • Unlimited Background Checks add-on (for a fee)
  • Contact your shortlisted caregivers directly to schedule an interview
  • Send booking requests to several caregivers at a time
  • Access to background check results
  • View and directly reply to caregiver messages and applications
  • HomePay tax services discount
  • LifeMart Discount Program



Costs & Features Of Basic Membership
  • Free
  • Limited options (e.g., can’t message caregivers or set up interviews)


Costs & Features Of Premium Membership
  • Options also available for frequency of membership renewal (i.e., monthly, quarterly, or annually)
  • Allows you to message caregivers and sitters, conduct job interviews, and hire the right one based on your needs


Other Important Features To Consider

  • Offers a dedicated chat support team (for premium members)
  • Provides care resources (for premium members)
  • Messages are monitored for inappropriate conduct or content
  • Premium subscription auto-renews
  • Offers Care Rewards (you earn points as a premium member; can be used to pay for caregiver bookings)
  • Has its own nanny payroll service



  • Premium subscription auto-renews
  • Offers Sittercity Adventures (you can choose the activities your nanny or sitter can offer your kids; prices may vary depending on the kind of activity)


Here are examples of Sittercity Adventures (subject to availability in your area because they depend on what the sitters can offer):



Review & Rating System For Customers

The following apply to both sites:

  • Caregivers and sitters can receive a review and rating from any potential customer they’ve interacted with (not just those they’ve worked for), including in interviews, sittings, and communications (messaging only)
  • Reviews can be viewed publicly to serve as a guide for other prospective customers or families
  • or may delete or reject reviews that don’t follow their terms of use or the site’s guidelines (e.g., commentaries on the caregiver’s appearance, race, or sexual orientation aren’t allowed)


What Customers Say Reviews

Positive Reviews

Great website with user friendly interface, good options of caregivers and abilities to research. Great customer service.” – Reviewer on

I’ve hired two nannies and quite a few babysitters off of It’s a lot like using a dating app lol. I’ve been happy with the folks I’ve found and I think the most important thing is trusting your gut.” – Reviewer on Reddit


Negative Reviews claims to be a free platform and then charges you $149 in background checks (on the same day) & refuses to refund. When it’s their terribly designed website that allows for 3 submissions before it moves to the next page. No confirmation number or email…” – Reviewer on Reddit

I really, really hate it. I think it could be really great if the company didn’t take such a hard stance against getting involved when someone leaves a false review. I understand the idea behind but literally, ANYONE can leave a review on your profile….” – Reviewer on Reddit


Sittercity Reviews

Positive Reviews

We found our amazing nanny through Sittercity. It has reduced stress tremendously and made it so I can do my job well and reliably.” – Reviewer on Sittercity

We loved sittercity! We found our nanny who’s been with us for almost 2 years now! She’s AMAZING and we feel so fortunate We did pay for the month subscription to find her though. But it was well worth it for a long term nanny!” – Reviewer on Reddit


Negative Reviews

Deceptive charging practices. They will charge a large renewal fee with 0 prior notification and a no refund policy leaving you stuck with a year membership you might not want.” – Reviewer on TrustPilot

It was used as a money, laundering date site for me I was scammed!” – Reviewer on Reddit Vs. Sittercity For Jobseekers

  • Member screening so that potential employers also adhere to the site’s conduct and eligibility standards (for caregivers’ peace of mind)
  • Messages are monitored for inappropriate conduct or content
  • Requires authentication for members or employers to conduct background checks on potential sitters



  • Lets caregivers offer Sittercity Adventures for special rates


Summary & Recommendations: Which Babysitting Website Is Superior? and Sittercity are reputable babysitting websites that connect you to caregivers in your area. They offer childcare, tutorial services, pet care, and senior care. Here are our recommendations:


Choose if: 

  • You also need help with housekeeping services
  • You want to find daycare facilities
  • You prefer getting a copy of the extra background checks (including criminal and driving record searches) you paid for
  • You like that the company has their own nanny payroll services (HomePay by so you can have direct help with human resource (HR) needs, payroll processing, automatic annual tax returns, and budgeting
  • You want to earn points you can use for future caregiver bookings via Care Rewards
  • You love that it’s also available to more countries outside the US 


Choose if:

  • You also need help with special needs care
  • You prefer booking fun Sittercity Adventures for your kids
  • You want to ensure care providers undergo identity verification via third-party sites (Persona, Berbix, and Experian)
  • You like that they also offer chat support even for non-members and basic users


Factors To Consider When Choosing An Online Sitter Service

Reliability & Brand Reputation

These factors are important to ensure they connect you with the right people and the company doesn’t just disappear with your money.


Safety Features & Background Checks

You’re entrusting your family to strangers, so the site uses background checks and other safety measures (e.g., scam detection) to give you peace of mind and keep your loved ones safe.


Easy To Use & Navigate (User-Friendly)

Finding a sitter shouldn’t be rocket science. That’s why it’s ideal to use a babysitting website with a simple, user-friendly interface that anyone can easily navigate without needing complicated tutorials.


Customer Reviews

Always check customer reviews, including those from Reddit, Glassdoor, and Trustpilot, to learn what to expect from these service companies.


Available Qualified Sitters

Having plenty of options for nearby qualified sitters is also important. You can’t expect to hire someone from Chicago when you live in New York. They have to be close to your home for this to work out.


Costs & Value For The Money

You pay a fee for premium membership so you can connect with the sitters and find the right people. So, costs should be reasonable, and they should match it with excellent service.


Be Wary Of Scams & Unrealistic Offers

Both Sittercity and use various filters to stop scammers from using their sites for their own gain. However, the system isn’t 100% foolproof, and you might still receive offers from scammers. 

Always be wary of possible scams, and only contact each other through the app or website.



What Are The Different Kinds of Child Care Services?

  • BabysittingPart-time child care, usually in your home
  • Nanny care – Full-time child care in your home
  • DaycarePart-time or full-time child care in an out-of-home facility
  • Au pair – Part-time child care with a person temporarily integrated into your family (similar to a cultural exchange for college students to earn money in a different country or place)
  • Preschool or nursery school – Full-time child care in a classroom setting
  • Nanny share – Full-time child care shared with another family


What Are Websites For Child Care & Babysitting Services?

  • Sittercity
  • UrbanSitter
  • Juggle
  • Nanny Poppinz
  • SeekingSitters
  • Bambino
  • KidsIt
  • Au Pair in America


Which Is Better, Care.Com Or Urbansitter? Comparison Table With Sittercity

Here’s a comparison from Urbansitter:













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