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Review: Aeroflow Breast Pumps & Getting A Free Breast Pump Through Insurance

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Is your due date coming soon, but you’re still unsure if you need to buy a breast pump to help with your breastfeeding journey?

Even if you’re planning to breastfeed exclusively and stay at home, a breast pump can help increase your milk supply and can allow you to keep a stash of breast milk in your fridge or freezer for emergencies.

If you’re a new mom in the US, you’re eligible for a free breast pump through the Affordable Care Act. You can get a manual, single, or double electric breast pump from Aeroflow Healthcare, depending on your health plan.

Continue scrolling to learn everything you need to know about Aeroflow Breast Pumps and how you can get your free breast pump through your insurance.

Key Features

Aeroflow Healthcare is a company selling durable medical equipment and various medical supplies, including breast pumps that you can get free from insurance.


Double Electric Breast Pumps (Standard Or Basic)

These are the double electric breast pumps you can get from Aeroflow, free with your insurance plan:

  • Evenflo Advanced – $99.99
  • Lansinoh SignaturePro with Tote – $119.99
  • Motif Twist with Manual Silicone Breast Pump – $120
  • Motif Duo – $159
  • Ameda Mya Portable – $169.99
  • Spectra 9 Plus – $180
  • Zomee Z2 – $189.99
  • Motif Duo with Silicone Manual Breast Pump – $209
  • Motif Duo with Maylilly Tote – $209
  • Spectra S2 Plus – $207
  • Spectra S2 Plus with Bananafish Wyatt Breast Pump Backpack – $209.99
  • Lansinoh Smart Pump 2.0 Starter Set- $219
  • Spectra S2 Plus with AFBP Sydney Breast Pump Backpack – $236.99
  • Spectra S2 Plus with Spectra Cooler Kit with Ice Pack, 2 Bottles – $236.99
  • Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow with AFBP Sydney Breast Pump Backpack – $229.99
  • Freemie Independence Mobile Hands-Free – $249.95
  • Motif Luna with Manual Silicone Breast Pump – $259
  • Motif Luna with Nursing Pads and Breast Milk Storage Bags – $259.99

Single Electric Breast Pump (Standard)

  • Evenflo Single Electric Breast Pump – $45.99

Manual Breast Pumps (Standard)

If your insurance only covers manual breast pumps or you prefer this type, you’ll also find these on Aeroflow:

  • Evenflo Advanced Manual Breast Pump – $24.99
  • Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump – $28
  • Medela Harmony Manual Pump with PersonalFit Flex – $41.99

Double Electric Breast Pumps (Upgrade)

Your insurance will cover the basic breast pump that’s medically necessary to express and collect breast milk.

But breast pump upgrades include features or items for your convenience (such as batteries and hands-free options). So, your insurance plan might still cover your purchase but will require additional payment for these convenience features.

Aeroflow and most insurance companies consider these breast pumps as upgrades.

Some features include battery packs for portability, wearable or hands-free options, and more settings than standard pumps:

  • Evenflo Deluxe Advanced – $129.99
  • Spectra S1 Plus – $209.99
  • Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow with Tote – $249.99
  • Motif Luna with Battery – $299
  • Medela Freestyle Flex – $379.99
  • Medela Sonata Smart – $399.99
  • Willow Generation 3 Wearable Double Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump – $499
  • Elvie Wearable Pump – $499
  • Spectra Synergy Gold – $499.99

Other Products Offered

Aside from breast pumps, you can also get these items free through insurance from Aeroflow, depending on your coverage:

  • Maternity compression underwear
  • Maternity support bands
  • Maternity support socks
  • Other postpartum recovery items prescribed by your health care provider (including C-section bandages)
  • Breast pump accessories (including milk storage bags, hands-free cups, nursing pads, totes and backpacks, adapters and connectors, tubing, cooler kits, ice packs, valves, and milk bottles)

Aeroflow also offers these products:

  • CPAP devices (continuous positive airway pressure therapy device for sleep apnea)
  • Nebulizers
  • Urinary catheters
  • Incontinence supplies (including protective underwear, underpads, wipes, and gloves)

Pros & Cons


  • Aeroflow partners with insurance companies to provide your breast pump for free or minimal cost under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Aeroflow directly contacts your doctor to get a prescription on your behalf.
  • Aeroflow offers several models of breast pumps from different manufacturers.
  • Aeroflow has manual, single electric, and double electric breast pumps.
  • Aeroflow does all the leg work and sends the breast pump to your doorstep.
  • Aeroflow also sells breast pumps on its website if you need to buy one but don’t have insurance.
  • Aeroflow accepts payments for upgrades and accessories from your HSA/FSA account.
  • Aeroflow offers plenty of resources and guides for breastfeeding, pumping, caring for your body during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • The average processing time is two days.
  • You can order 24/7.


  • Aeroflow doesn’t work with all insurance companies.
  • Aeroflow doesn’t offer all models from all brands of breast pumps.
  • You can only choose from the breast pumps that are available on their website.

How To Get A Free Breast Pump

The Affordable Care Act allows new moms like you to get a free breast pump using your insurance benefits.

A provision in this law requires insurance providers to cover your breastfeeding supplies and lactation support services.

Here are the steps to follow to get your free breast pump:

Choose Your Breast Pump

There are many breast pump options available for you, but you can only pick one for your insurance claim per pregnancy. So, find the best pump to meet your needs and preferences before placing your order.

  • Breast pump brands: Spectra, Medela, Lansinoh, Ameda, Evenflo, Phillips, Willow, Hygeia, Ardo, Freemie, Nuk, Zomee, Elvie, and Motif
  • Types of breast pumps: manual, single electric, double electric, and hands-free
  • Breast pump portability: plug-in only vs. pumps with built-in battery packs or options for AA batteries
  • Your feeding method: regular pumping, exclusive breastfeeding, or exclusive pumping
  • Hands-free pumping: pumps that can be used directly as hands-free vs. pumps that need extra accessories (such as pumping bra and cups)
  • Suction adjustability: pump with adjustable suction levels vs. pumps with fixed suction strength
  • Other factors: closed vs. open system pumps, style preferences, bags or accessories, and extra settings (massage and letdown modes)

Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company

  • Do you cover double electric breast pumps or only manual and single electric breast pumps?
  • Will my insurance policy cover the full cost of the breast pump?
  • Which brands and models will my insurance policy cover?
  • Can I buy my breast pump from any retailer and send you a copy of the receipt for reimbursement?
  • If not, from which breast pump suppliers can I get my breast pumps?
  • Can I order a breast pump before my baby is born or only afterward?
  • What’s the soonest time you allow breast pump suppliers to ship my order?
  • What’s the maximum cost my insurance policy will cover for the breast pump?
  • What documents do you require so I can order my breast pump?
  • Is there a limit to the number of times I can get a free breast pump, or can I get one for all my babies (or future pregnancies)?

Choose The Medical Supply Company

You can get your free breast pump from Aeroflow or any of its competitors:

  • Edgepark (reviewed in a previous post)
  • Lucina Care
  • Byram Healthcare

Ordering Process For Aeroflow Breast Pumps

To order your free breast pump through Aeroflow Healthcare, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Aeroflow website (
  • Enter your email address and due date.
  • Create an account and provide your personal information, insurance information, address for shipping, and relevant information.
  • Choose a breast pump.
  • Wait for your breast pump to arrive at your doorstep.

Can You Return Aeroflow Breast Pump?

Aeroflow Healthcare doesn’t accept returns or process reimbursements on breast pumps, clearance items, and used products.

Breast pump bags bought through a bag/pump combination package are eligible for exchange only.

Aeroflow’s return policy states that all breast pumps have warranties through their respective manufacturers.

If you have issues with your breast pump, Aeroflow Breast Pumps can help you troubleshoot the problem through their customer service. But returns, reimbursements, or exchanges should be directed to your breast pump manufacturer.

What Customers Say

Positive Reviews

Super easy and quick way to get a breast pump through insurance! A super easy and quick way to get a breast pump through insurance! This is the second time I have used Aeroflow to get a breast pump. It was super easy! I just needed to have my insurance information and Dr.’s name. There is a great selection to pick from, and the pump comes fairly quickly! I didn’t have issues either time! This was such an easy way to get a breast pump with minimal paperwork. I would 100% recommend it!” – Reviewer on Aeroflow Breast Pumps website.

I had tried to order a breast pump from Edgepark because I couldn’t see the one I wanted on Aeroflow. After the order not being processed for two months, I gave up on them and decided to go with Aeroflow, even if it meant a different pump. My insurance was verified almost instantly, and when I asked about the pump I really wanted, they manually placed the order for me since it wasn’t available on the website. Fantastic service, quick processing, and shipping, and they actually respond to you if you have questions (unlike Edgepark!). Don’t bother going anywhere else!” – Reviewer on Yelp.

Bianca Esparza was the representative that I worked with, and she was awesome! Everything went super fast, and she was great at keeping me in the loop with what she was doing. This is the second time going through Aeroflow to get a breast pump, and both times have been so great and easy. I recommend them to everyone who is trying to get a breast pump through their insurance!” – Reviewer on Yelp.

Negative Reviews

UNETHICAL. I tried to order a breast pump through them. By the time they got back to me, I had already ordered through my insurance. Fast forward two to three months later, and they sent me a compression garment I didn’t want. They emailed me, acting like I could cancel the order, which I did. They then sent me a bill a month later. When I emailed them to tell them I didn’t want it, the customer service agent, Alice, was rude and essentially said I wasn’t paying attention. When I noted the December 15 email said you could cancel – she said they had sent the week before, which is contrary to what the email stated.” – Reviewer on Yelp.

I highly advise you to go somewhere else to get your breast pump – if you are paying out of pocket and if you are using your health insurance. I used my health insurance which paid $182.77 towards a pump for me, and I got a Spectra S1 on their site – it is listed for $209 (you can get it anywhere else for $200), but then they charged me on top of what they got from my insurance for $135. So I ended up paying $317 for a $200 pump.” – Reviewer on Yelp.

I ordered a pump through AeroFlow in Nov of 2019. The pump was paid in full by the insurance, and I went about my life. Due to a misunderstanding, my insurance took back the payment in July of 2020 but returned the payment in August 2020. I started to receive what I believed to be promotional emails from them in the following months (the subject line stated 40% off, but this ended up being 40% off the past due amount), so I didn’t even open them as I assumed it was spam and didn’t need a new pump. In February, I received one call and voicemail from a collections agency that didn’t provide info or address me by name, so I ignored it as I have no past due accounts. I received no other calls from them, but a collection amount of $98 was added to my credit report the following week.” – Reviewer on BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Aeroflow Breast Pump FAQs

Do I Need To Order My Breast Pump From Aeroflow?

While Aeroflow can process your free breast pump through insurance, you’re not required to order from them.

However, some insurance companies only work with Aeroflow, while others aren’t linked with them.

If you want a particular breast pump, you’ll have to check whether it’s available on Aeroflow and if your insurance policy covers the purchase with them or another medical supply company.

Is Aeroflow Breast Pumps Legit?

Aeroflow Breast Pumps’ parent company, Aeroflow Healthcare, is a medical supply company in business since 2011.

They are accredited by the ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care) and have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

What’s The Benefit Of Getting My Free Breast Pump Through Aeroflow Breast Pumps Vs. A Retailer?

Just like retailers, Aeroflow also has a website where you can directly shop for breast pumps. Plus, you can order 24/7.

But unlike retailers, Aeroflow works directly with your insurance and healthcare provider so you can get a free breast pump.

If you buy from a retailer, you’ll have to pay for the breast pump first, then personally process the reimbursement with your insurance company. Aside from the hassle, there’s even a chance your insurance policy won’t cover the retail purchase.

Can Aeroflow Help With The Prescription?

Aeroflow requires you to provide your healthcare provider’s information. If your insurance plan requires a prescription for the breast pump, an Aeroflow breast pump specialist will directly contact your doctor for the paperwork.

Can I Use HSA/FSA Funds To Get A Breast Pump Upgrade And Breast Pump Accessories Through Aeroflow?

You can use your HSA (health savings account) and FSA (flexible spending account) to pay for the breast pump upgrades and breast pump accessories on Aeroflow.

But each HSA/FSA has different guidelines. You’ll have to check your plan if upgrades and accessories are covered.

What Should I Do If I Didn’t Receive An Email?

Aeroflow will send you an email to confirm your order and update you about your application’s status. If you didn’t receive an email, try checking your spam, promotions, junk, or trash folder.

If you still can’t find the emails from Aeroflow, contact customer service at 844-867-9890.

How Long Does It Take To Get Breast Pump From Aeroflow?

Aeroflow will contact your insurance company, get the prescription from your doctor, and process your order with the breast pump manufacturer of your choice.

Aeroflow’s average processing time is two days. But it won’t be the same for all Aeroflow applications, depending on factors such as your insurance company’s response time.

Once your order is approved, you’ll receive a call or email from your specialist.

Depending on the guidelines or limits of your insurance policy, Aeroflow can ship your breast pump immediately after approval. But some insurance companies only allow shipment starting from four weeks or 30 days before your due date.

You’ll receive a notification once the breast pump is shipped.

How Do I Check On The Status Of My Pump Order?

You need to open an account on the Aeroflow website ( to order and find updates on the status of your breast pump order.

These can be found under “My Account,” with a status indicator for each stage of the order process. But you can also contact your breast pump specialist for updates and further questions.

What Should I Do If My Address Changes After I Place My Order?

Make sure to immediately contact Aeroflow (call 844-867-9890) if you changed your address so your order will be shipped to the correct address.

What Are The Ways To Contact Aeroflow?

You may call Aeroflow customer service from 8 am – 5:30 pm EST, Mondays to Fridays, or reach them through these channels:

  • Address: 65 Beale Road Arden, NC 28704
  • Fax: 1-800-806-2799
  • Phone: 1-844-867-9890
  • Website:

Free Breast Pump Through Insurance FAQs

Do Hospitals Give Breast Pumps For Free?

No. Hospitals don’t give breast pumps for free. But if you don’t have a breast pump, hospitals will let you use theirs if a unit is available. However, you’ll have to return the item after you’re discharged.

Do I Need A Breast Pump Right Away?

It’s different for each mom. You might not need a breast pump right away.

If you’re a first-time mom and still unsure how you breastfeed your baby, you can ask for help from the hospital’s lactation consultant or the nurses.

When Can I Order A Breast Pump?

You can qualify for a free pump at any time during your pregnancy. You can even get one up to one year postpartum.

But some insurance plans will only allow companies like Aeroflow to ship your breast pump near your due date. So check your insurance company’s policy.

How Many Free Breast Pumps Can I Get Through Insurance?

Most insurance plans will only cover one free breast pump per pregnancy. But you can get another breast pump for every future pregnancy.

Can I Qualify For A Hospital-grade Breast Pump?

Heavy-duty hospital-grade breast pumps are designed for multiple users in a hospital setting.

These are expensive. The Ameda Platinum costs $2,095, and the Medela Symphony Breast Pump costs $2,002.49.

But you can still get them if your insurance covers rental fees, and if there are units available in your local hospital or healthcare provider.

Note that most insurance companies don’t cover hospital-grade rental costs.

But several standard double electric breast pumps (such as Spectra S2 Plus) are touted by manufacturers as hospital-grade.

Does My Insurance Cover Additional Supplies?

Some insurance companies cover additional postpartum supplies. After you submit your order, an Aeroflow breast pump specialist will check your insurance plan if you’re eligible.

Can I Reuse An Old Breast Pump?

If you have an old closed-system breast pump, you can reuse that. Make sure to sterilize it before use.

However, it’s not a good idea to reuse an open-pump system pump from your previous pregnancy because there’s no guarantee that all the parts can be fully sterilized.

Can I Share A Breast Pump With Someone Else?

No. It’s not sanitary. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) classifies breast pumps as medical equipment that shouldn’t be shared, except hospital-grade units that are FDA-approved for multiple users.

What’s The Difference Between A Closed And Open Breast Pump System?

In an open pump system, milk can enter the tubing, though it isn’t likely to reach the motor.

Meanwhile, a physical barrier is used so the milk won’t enter the tubing or the motor in a closed pump system.

Summary & Recommendation

If your insurance policy covers a free breast pump, you can get one through Aeroflow.

You can choose from several top brands and models: Medela, Spectra, Lansinoh, Evenflo, Zomee, Motif, and Freemie, depending on the coverage of your insurance policy.

Choose Aeroflow If You:

  • Plan to get a free breast pump through insurance.
  • Want to choose a model from top breast pump brands.
  • Want to conveniently order your breast pump from a website and have it delivered to your home.
  • Want someone else to contact your insurance and doctor for a hassle-free way to get your free breast pump.
  • You want to use your HSA/FSA account to pay for upgrades and breast pump accessories.
  • Want the convenience of being able to order your pump anytime you want.

Don’t Choose Aeroflow If You:

  • Don’t need to get your breast pump through insurance.
  • Want a breast pump (such as Ardo or Hygeia) that isn’t available on their website.
  • Prefer to be hands-on and do all the legwork to get your breast pump.
  • Don’t want to wait for your breast pump to arrive after several days.
  • Prefer to buy your breast pump from a retail outlet.

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