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Diaper Genie Expressions Review: Is It Really Worth It?

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Are you wondering whether the Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions is worth your money and how it fares compared with other diaper pails?

Most parents rely on a diaper disposal system like this one to store dirty diapers and keep smells contained until potty training begins. 

The Diaper Genie is a very popular option, but what are the main considerations before buying it? 

Will it save you from the dreaded stinky diaper smell? 

This diaper pail features a unique design that individually seals each soiled diaper, locking in the odor, poo, and pee to keep your space smelling fresh.

Below is our comprehensive review to help you decide whether to spend your money on this diapering essential, find another brand, or simply get a heavy-duty trash can for storing dirty baby diapers.

Is A Diaper Genie Really Worth It?

Yes. The Diaper Genie Expressions is one of the best diaper pails on the market. 

It can be pricey to buy and use (especially with the proprietary refills). Still, many parents agree that its odor protection features, ease of use, and minimalist design make this diaper pail worth your money. 

It also offers features (e.g., a special lock that prevents odors from escaping + antimicrobial refill bags) that may not be available in other diaper pails or ordinary garbage cans.

The brand claims to have sold over 2 million diaper pails since 2020.

So, it isn’t surprising that this diaper pail is also a favorite item for baby registries and as baby shower gifts for new parents. 

Find more information about this product from our diaper pail review below.

Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions Review

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Best Features (Pros) & Safety: What’s So Good About A Diaper Genie?

  • Diaper Pail Type: Refill canister (uses Diaper Genie Round Refills, available in unscented and clean laundry scent)
  • Diaper Pail Capacity: Up to 50 newborn diapers
  • Odor Shield: Secure odor control system with the Push-n-Lock clamp (for the diaper pail) + odor-locking barrier technology (for the refill bags)
  • Ease Of Operation: One-handed, push-button lid for easy disposal
  • Refill Bag Features: Durable multi-layer antimicrobial film that inhibits bacterial growth even in diapers with poop


Best Design Aspects

  • It has a compact design to fit in tiny spaces
  • It features a white body that can match most nursery decor themes.
  • You can also get designer fabric sleeves (sold separately) to customize your diaper pail.
  • Each new diaper pail comes with one starter round refill.
  • The double secure odor lock system helps keep your baby’s nursery stink-free.


Other Important Features

  • Dimensions: 11 x 22.5 x 11 inches
  • Color options: White only
  • Material: Plastic (can be wiped down or washed without worrying about rust)


How Does The Diaper Genie Expressions Work?

First, install a Diaper Genie Round Refill in your diaper pail and close the lid.

Use the push button to open the lid.

Push the dirty diaper through the clamp, then release the lid.



The diaper pail’s system wraps the dirty diaper and keeps it sealed until disposal.

The combination of the Push-n-Lock clamp on the diaper pail and the odor-locking barrier technology in the refill bags helps keep the stinky diaper smell locked in.



How Often Will I Need To Empty My Diaper Genie Expressions?

To get the best of your money, empty the diaper bag only when it’s full.

However, this will depend on how often you need to change your baby’s diaper. Note that each Diaper Genie Expression can handle up to 50 newborn diapers.

The number is expected to be lower, about half, for full diapers.


Product Recall

  • None



  • It doesn’t have a foot pedal for hands-free operation.
  • It isn’t compatible with Diaper Genie’s easy tear-off bags.
  • It can be pricier than regular trash cans.
  • It requires special refill bags.
  • It doesn’t work with ordinary trash bags.
  • It’s only available in one color (white).
  • Instead of just dumping the dirty diaper under a trap door, this diaper pail requires you to push it past the clamp for the system to work.
  • It doesn’t have a carbon filter (unlike the Diaper Genie Complete) that adds an extra layer of odor protection to your diaper pail. This filter uses activated carbon that absorbs bad odor, particularly when you’re opening the lid for diaper disposal


Note, however, that the Diaper Genie Expressions has a more sophisticated odor-locking system than the Diaper Genie Complete. So, the carbon filter might be unnecessary.


What Customers Say

Positive Reviews 

This is something all mothers need when they have a baby it works wonders keep the smell out of the baby’s room.” – Reviewer on Amazon

We have several different types of diaper pails but this one works the best for stinky diapers. We never smell them…until you open it up to change out the bag.” – Reviewer on Target

I love the new DG Expressions line because it allowed me to personalize the style to fit my nursery design.” – Reviewer on Walmart

Holds diapers well. Really easy to place the diapers inside it and take out. Love this thing.” – Reviewer on Amazon

This design is well done. Odors are contained, disposal sleeve is easy to set up and remove, and external shape and material is clean and easy to maintain.” – Reviewer on Walmart


Negative Reviews 

So disappointed!! The design is absolutely ridiculous, you actually need 2 hands – 1 to open the door and the other to push the diaper down, otherwise you’re squishing the dirty diaper down the hole and getting yourself dirty in the process!” – Reviewer on Walmart

Doesn’t block out smell at all!!! Huge waste of money, DO NOT BUY!” – Reviewer on Target

If you put a poop diaper in you will smell it the next time you put a diaper in. We are in size 3 and it doesnt hold a lot of diapers.” – Reviewer on Walmart

Awful design. You have to shove your hand into the opening where you shove the dirty diapers, every time.” – Reviewer on Target

The inner lid is very hard to push in and causes the waste inside of the diaper to squish out.” – Reviewer on Walmart


Diaper Genie Expressions Vs. Other Diaper Pails

Diaper Genie Expressions Vs. Other Diaper Genie Products

Here’s a comparison among Playtex diaper pails:

  • Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions
  • Playtex Diaper Genie Signature
  • Playtex Diaper Genie Complete




Is The Diaper Genie Expressions Smaller?

Yes. Based on the brand’s declared product dimensions, the Diaper Genie Expressions is smaller than the other Diaper Genie pails.


Best Features Of Diaper Genie Products

Best Features: Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions Customizable Diaper Pail


  • It’s smaller and more compact but can store more diapers than the larger Diaper Genie Complete.
  • It’s the cheapest among the Diaper Genie pails (about half the price of the Diaper Genie Signature).
  • While it’s only available in white, you can customize your pail with designer fabric sleeves (sold separately).


Best Features: Playtex Diaper Genie Signature


  • It’s the biggest Diaper Genie and has a higher diaper capacity than the others.
  • It has a foot pedal for one-hand operation.


Best Features: Playtex Diaper Genie Complete


  • It features a carbon filter that draws bad odor, especially when you need to open the diaper pail’s lid.
  • It also has a foot pedal for one-hand operation.
  • It’s available in more colors than the other diaper pails.
  • It can tilt forward, which can make refill changes easier.


Diaper Genie Expressions Vs. Ubbi Diaper Pail


  • They don’t have a foot pedal.


Best Features: Diaper Genie Expressions

  • It’s better at keeping the stinky diaper smell locked in because of its double-secure odor lock system.
  • It costs less than half the Ubbi.
  • It has a customizable body to mix and match with your nursery decor.
  • Its plastic body makes it easier to wash without worrying about rust.


Best Features: Ubbi Diaper Pail


  • It doesn’t require a special mechanism to work.
  • It uses standard trash bags, which can help you save money versus the more expensive Diaper Genie refills.
  • It has more capacity (up to 55 newborn diapers) than the Diaper Genie.
  • It’s made of steel, which can be more resistant to absorbing stinky odors.
  • It’s available in a wide range of colors.
  • It has a childproof lock.


You can also read our Ubbi vs. Diaper Genie review to learn more about these diaper pails


Diaper Genie Expressions Vs. Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail 


  • They have plastic, rust-proof bodies.
  • They can be cleaned with water and don’t absorb the stinky diapers’ smell.
  • They feature continuous liner refills that don’t have preset bag sizes, so you can cut it for the size you need. This helps prevent wasting the bags if you need to throw the diapers before the liner is full. 


Best Features: Diaper Genie Expressions

  • It costs slightly less than the Dekor.
  • It has a more sophisticated odor-control system, including individual wraps for soiled diapers using antimicrobial liners.
  • You can customize the body using designer sleeves to match your nursery decor.


Best Features: Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail 


  • It has a foot pedal (hands-free operation).
  • It’s easier to operate – you only need to open the lid and drop the dirty diaper through the trap door. You don’t need to push the diaper through a clamp (unlike with the Diaper Genie).
  • It has dual rubber seals that lock the odor in.
  • It features a hidden childproof lock on the lid (on the top) and an access door (on the front).
  • It has an access door you can use for replacing the liner. 
  • It has a childproof cutter (for liner refills) hidden inside the access door.
  • It’s slightly shorter and slimmer than the Diaper Genie.
  • It features a triple odor control system.
  • It converts into an ordinary trash can once your baby is potty trained and no longer needs a diaper pail.
  • It has a self-closing, quiet lid.
  • If you’re using these eco-friendly diapers, you can add a cloth diaper liner (sold separately).


Diaper Genie Expressions Vs. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail


  • They both have self-sealing systems to lock in odors, keeping the bag sealed even when you open the lid.
  • They’re made of plastic for a rust-free body.


Best Features: Diaper Genie Expressions

  • It’s less than half the price of the Munchkin.
  • Each refill holds up to 50 newborn diapers.
  • It has a customizable body (using cloth sleeves; sold separately) that lets you change its appearance whenever you want to.


Best Features: Munchkin Step Diaper Pail


  • It has a lavender scent baking soda puck that absorbs odors to keep your nursery fresh.
  • It offers hands-free operation with the foot pedal.
  • It’s taller than the Diaper Genie.
  • It features a snap-seal-and-toss bag for easy refills that don’t require you to cut or tie it before disposal.
  • Each refill holds up to 30 diapers.


Summary & Recommendations: Which Diaper Pail To Choose

These diaper pails have different features, pros, and cons. Compare each one and consider which features matter most to you:

  • Price
  • Style
  • Odor-free system
  • Capacity
  • Ease of operation
  • Hands-free option (with or without foot pedal)


We recommend the Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions if you want a stylish, odor-locking diaper pail with antimicrobial liners, as long as you don’t mind paying extra for the proprietary refills.




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