Avid Hemp 1,500mg CBD Oil Tincture Peach Flavor

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Independent lab tests confirm the quality of Avid Hemp CBD Oil Tincture, earning it a spot among our best CBD oil choices for sleep and other conditions. The lab tests confirm that there is no THC in this CBD oil tincture. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants the benefits of CBD oil but has to take regular or occasional drug tests.

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The company behind Avid Hemp CBD Oil Tincture made the ingredients list very simple and straightforward. The only ingredients are the 1,500 mg CBD, some MCT oil, and a bit of peach flavoring. That flavoring helps make this one of the best CBD oils for vaping and anyone who wants some flavor. The limited ingredient list also means it is a good choice for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

To make it even better in terms of pure products, Avid Hemp only uses 100 percent legal and fully organic hemp sources that are non-GMO. It even makes sure that these sources are traceable and that all farming practices are organic. There is 1,500 mg of CBD in each bottle of the tincture, designed for doses of around 50 mg. That dosing should appeal to those who need small to medium doses of CBD to experience relief.

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