Book Review: Channeling Grace by Caroline Myss

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What exactly is grace?

This is what spiritual author Caroline Myss attempts to answer in her book Channeling Grace: Invoking the Power of the Divine’. According to the author, we are surrounded by a ‘field of grace’ that is divine energy. To her, grace is an ‘energy essence substance.

She explains grace as:

“The invisible essence of the divine moving swiftly amongst us; engaging invisibly in our lives so rapidly like molecules, like quantum sparks and moving within our thoughts and our cells and tissues. Sparks in front of our eyes. Moving with our emotions heightening the essence of love and lowering the heat of a negative passion. Grace has engaged in your life so many times; you have no idea.”

According to Myss, we’re always surrounded by grace but aren’t accustomed to perceiving it because we are too focused on what’s wrong, what’s missing, and what we don’t want.

In order to experience more grace, ask yourself the following questions wholeheartedly:

  • How can I accept all the grace in my life?
  • How do I open wide – my eyes and my soul?
  • How can I live more aware so that I can realize that I already live surrounded by grace?

Grace = Energy

Grace is benevolent energy and protective guidance and intervention.

“Grace has always been around you. You may think of it as something other than what it is. If you understood how often and how much your life has been protected, guided, and intervened by heaven, your jaw would drop on the floor.”

– Caroline Myss

So the question is – how do you perceive your world?

As a loving place where things unfold for your highest good?

Or as a place filled with threats and dangers that are there to tear you down?

Grace As A Spiritual Immune System

“Grace is that field that we create and build around us like an immune system. A spiritual immune system.”

– Caroline Myss

Just like we should tend to our bodies and keep our immune system healthy so that it can protect us from physical harm and threats, so too should we care for the spiritual immune system that protects us from potential nonphysical and unseen dangers.

You take vitamins and antioxidants to boost immunity, so how do you boost spiritual immunity?

By developing a daily prayer, meditation, or contemplation practice, according to Myss.

Grace As A Force of Consciousness

If we think of grace as a force of consciousness, then we can realize that we are the ones creating our access to grace.

You’ve got to do the work to accept grace and lovingkindness into your life.

You’ve got to have the courage, open heart, and bravery to declare: “I need to live in a field of grace.”

Your choice, your word, and your intention are powerful.

Take a deep breath and declare right now:

“I am building my field of grace.

I am standing in my field of grace.

All that is in this grace is serving my calm and my life.

I am guided at all times, and everything is as it should be.”

– Caroline Myss

Even with just this simple prayer and declaration, you’ve diffused more negativity and what Myss calls “psychic free radicals” than you can imagine.

Prayer doesn’t have to be a religious act if you don’t want it to be.

True prayer can transcend religions and creeds.

Prayer can be an acknowledgment of a higher power – no matter what you define it as.

You can call it Universe, Cosmic Intelligence, Higher Self, or whatever you wish.

You can swap out the word prayer for meditation or contemplation, too.

Just be aware that you can use the power of your heart, your word, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your intentions to activate the field of grace and lovingkindness that is always around you.

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