What is Coherence? Here’s How To Become More Magnetic

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When we create psychophysical coherence within ourselves (commonly shortened to simply “coherence”), we become more sensitive to the information from other people and the world around us.

And perhaps most importantly, we become more sensitive to the information within ourselves. Specifically, we empower ourselves to create deep states of intuition on demand, at will, when we choose.

– Gregg Braden, “Resilience From the Heart”

Understanding the concept of coherence can make a big difference in your quality of life and mental health. 

It can help you better manage everyday stresses and demands.

It’s one of those concepts that might be hard to grasp at first because there are many ways to define the word ‘coherence.’ 

And yet, once you get it, it becomes one of those ideas that stick with you because you tangibly feel and can measure its impact on your body and mind. 

By learning how to increase your own personal coherence you can drastically shift your mental and emotional state almost instantly, without ever reaching for something outside of yourself.

You’ll start to feel in control and be able to better manage yourself again.  

Sound like a good deal? 

Let’s explore further…

 If you look closely, you’ll be able to see different expressions of coherence around you… 


For example, have you ever looked up and seen a swarm of birds flying in unison and rhythmically as one? 

Or have you ever seen a school of fish move in harmony as if gliding on cue at the same time? 

These are examples of coherence.

Coherence can also be thought of as a ‘harmonious frequency’ or a ‘resonant vibratory state’:

At the most basic level, we can think of coherence as the act of merging with life’s flow and matching our nature to Nature. 

‘Nature’s nature’ can also be called ‘Universal Life Force,’ or ‘Universal Prana.’ 

This living force is rhythmically vibrating and oscillating. 

If physicists are correct and this Universal Force permeates everything in the known Cosmos, then it stands that we, being part of this Cosmos have the capacity to match our own personal frequency with the frequency of this Universal force. 

We are vibrating beings, so we emit frequencies that then interact with other frequencies around us. We also pick up frequencies via our senses. 

Think about it:

Right now, your heart is pumping and emitting a specific beat.

With each beat, your heart creates a strong electromagnetic field that extends several feet away from your body and impacts other bodily systems. 

Your blood is also pulsing through your body, literally giving rise to your pulse – the very sign of being alive. 

If we were to measure your brain’s electrical activity, we’d see the vibration created by millions of neurons sending and receiving signals at the same time lighting up like blinking Christmas lights. 

Even our cells vibrate. Dr. Gimzewski’s work on sonocytology is all about studying the vibrations of cells as we saw at the beginning of this section.

Check this out to listen to the song a living cell makes, courtesy of Dr. Gimzewski:

We are also vibratory sensors because we pick up environmental information in the form of vibrations that then get processed via our sense portals. 

For example: 

Light is a form of vibration that plays off shadows and becomes the form of the things we see around us thanks to our sight. 

Sound, as we can see thanks to Dr. Gimzewski’s cell vibration recording is also a form of vibration that our ears process and decipher. 

Another way to look at coherence is like a magnetic force that pulls other items towards it: 

When coherence is increased in a system that is coupled to other systems, it can pull the other systems into increased synchronization and more efficient function.

– Heartmath Institute, Science of the Heart

Incoherence is the opposite then, making it a force that repels or pushes other items away from it: 

Foundations of Coherence: 

1.) Universal Life Force permeates everything in the known Cosmos. 

2.) Universal Life Force rhythmically vibrates and oscillates. 

3.) We are vibrating beings and our Vital Force is tied to this Universal Life Force. 

4.) When our personal vibration or frequency matches Nature’s (Universal Life Force) we enter a coherent state. (Anxiety cannot survive in a coherent body and mind.)

5.) Mental, emotional, and physical health is tied to a coherent state. (Coherence helps offset bodily wear and tear caused by anxiety.)

Good things happen when we vibrate along with Nature: 

  • The nervous system recalibrates and equilibrates in a coherent body and mind.
  • Our body systems optimize and function with more efficiency because we’re no longer just mobilizing energy. (By increasing coherence, we increase our energy reserves.)
  • A coherent mind, heart, and gut make it easier for the static noise of anxiety to calm and quiet down. 
  • Recent studies are pointing to some key benefits of increasing psychological and bodily coherence: strengthened immune function and hormonal balance. 

The Universe begins within.

Ancient Vedic sages and yogis believed that we are in the Universe and the Universe is within us:

We are co-creators with this Life Force, and we have the ability to effect change in our outer world by effecting change in our inner world. 

In fact, the outer world is a reflection of the state of our inner world. 

Our reality as we know it begins and ends within us. 

Coherence also originates within and then ripples outwardly: 

 So how do you start increasing your own personal coherence? 

Here are three steps: 

1- Practice the attitude of gratitude daily.

2- Breathe slowly, intentionally, and with your lower belly daily. (Follow the emblem below – inhale for five and exhale for five)

3- Adopt a daily meditation practice, even if it’s just five minutes a day:

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