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7 Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Calming Spa Retreat

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Did you know that your immediate environment and surroundings can greatly impact your mood, state of mind, and even energy levels?

Your space is sacred – if you treat it as such it can help you unwind, release tension, refocus your energy, increase creativity, and indulge in deep rest and relaxation.

Your bedroom doesn’t just have to be a place you merely sleep in.

There are specific small and cost-effective changes you can make to turn it into a spa-like experience.

Here are 10 tips to create a spa-inspired bedroom

1 – Declutter and minimize

First things first – you’ll need to ruthlessly declutter every inch of your bedroom a la Marie Kondo.

If it doesn’t bring you inner calm, joy, or satisfaction get rid of it!

Go through every nook and cranny with a fine-tooth comb and a detailed eye.

Anything that doesn’t belong in the room needs to find its rightful home.

Ask yourself – does this item belong in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, or office?

Put it away.

A decluttered room is symbolic of a decluttered mind, which creates clean soothing energy in and around your space.

Once you’ve decluttered your room move onto phase two – minimization.

The more minimalist you can be, the more zen your room will become.

Walk around your room and ask yourself – does this item need to be here?

Check night table tops, vanity tops, and dresser tops.

Do away with whatever you intuitively feel is “surplus.”

2 – Use neutral or soothing color palettes

Keep the minimalist vibes going by choosing mainly neutral, white, cream, being, bone, gray colors with only a small touch of color sprinkled throughout if you wish.

Spa-like colors and natural colors can be shades of blue or green.

3 – Use essential oils (aromatherapy)

This is one of the most effective and cost-friendly things you can do to embody the spa experience at home.

Studies show that essential oils like lavender and chamomile can have a soothing and calming effect on the body, brain, nervous system, and mood.

Essential oils can also help you sleep better, focus more, and can even boost your immune system.

Invest in a diffuser that you can leave on for several hours do ensure the active compounds of the oils get dispersed throughout the room.

Use a night-time sleep blend just before you go to sleep.

Or create your own bed spray and shower spray to infuse even mundane chores like bed-making with calming spa energy.

4 – Set the mood with lighting

Set a soothing and calming ambiance with remote-controlled flameless candles or Himalayan salt lamps.

Both are relatively affordable options that give you a lot of bang for your buck.

The warm light they emit can feel like you’re in a protective cocoon and sends your body and nervous system the necessary signals to indicate its time to wind down and prepare for rest.

5 – Splurge on a high-end comforter, pillows, and sheets

Nothing says spa and resort quite like plush, high-end bedding.

Pilled or scratchy, crunchy sheets are such a zen-killer.

Again, keep it minimalist and neutral-colored with maybe a splash of color in a small throw pillow or blanket.

6 – Add plants

Plants are an excellent calming and balancing addition to your bedroom.

If you don’t necessarily have a green thumb then opt for low-maintenance and low-light plants such as snakes plants, peace lilies, or bamboo.

Not only do plants add a spa-like vibe to your room, but they can also help clean the air.

Double whammy.

7 – Choose clean air

Clean air is so very important to our health!

Spas are about relaxation, but they’re also about health and wellness and this is part of it.

Invest in a high-quality air purifier and leave it on day and night.

Do not use commercial scented candles or plug-ins as they can contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health.

Use essential oils instead.

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