What is Craftsy?

If you’re like me, you’ve seen ads for Craftsy all over the place but weren’t sure exactly what all the rave was about. Well step inside for a backstage pass!

What is Craftsy?

Craftsy is a one-stop-shop for those wanting to get into crafting. Craftsy offers online crafting classes to people all over the world. But wait, there’s more! It also has a patterns marketplace where independent designers can sell their patterns; a supplies shop with great deals on yarn, fabric, and class kits; and a projects section where members share pictures of their latest craft successes. With over two million members and counting, Craftsy has something for just about everyone, in categories ranging from quilting, sewing, knitting, painting, photography, cooking, and more. I’ve been given the opportunity to learn about the process involved with making classes so I can share a bit about the Craftsy experience with you!

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Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Craftsy Class

The folks at Craftsy devote hours and hours determining what content to include in a class and how best to present the material to the camera. An in-depth outline of each lesson is meticulously prepared and props or “step-outs” are picked to give you specific examples of what your project should like at different steps. There are no scripts for the classes. Instead, Instructors follow their outlines the same way they would for an in-person class.

Craftsy has studios in Denver, CO and most of their classes are filmed there. The instructors come from all over the world to film, then Craftsy spends several weeks editing hours of footage into a two to three hour class experience. By this point the class has been watched, rewatched, and reviewed by industry experts resulting in an HD-quality video that gives you in-depth lesson.

What IS the Craftsy experience?

Craftsy classes are designed to have all the benefits of an in-person class, with none of the drawbacks. In fact, I think there are a lot of benefits to taking a pre-recorded class online. You have on-demand access so you can review the lessons at your convenience 24 hours a day. Plus, you can retake the class as many times as you want.

Watching a Craftsy class is like having a first-row seat with some of the best instructors in the world. Even better, classes have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Try online learning today with a free mini-class from Craftsy! Choose from 23 Free Craftsy Classes ranging from drawing and painting to sewing and quilting, from knitting to cake decorating and more.

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