Vegetable & Goat Cheese Pizza – 100 Pizzas

Vegetable & Goat Cheese Pizza from 100 Pizzas

Vegetable & Goat Cheese Pizza from 100 Pizzas

We quite liked the topping combination on this pizza. If you have never had goat cheese on pizza before, you have been missing out! Husband was very pleased with the flavor. For me, vegetables I can take or leave, but the blending of sweet marinara sauce with salty goat cheese was unbelievably delicious, vegetables or not! I haven’t had goat cheese that often but it may well be my new favorite cheese! It was so yummy we just dug right in before we even remembered to take a picture!

Our Vegetable & Goat Cheese Pizza

Our Vegetable & Goat Cheese Pizza

Since neither husband nor I were particularly impressed with the dough in the Pizza Margherita, hubby made sure to let the dough rise much longer this time. Unfortunately, neither of us noticed much difference except that the pizza actually seemed a little dry. The book suggested Fleischmann’s Dry Active Yeast which just happens to be the brand we had on hand. Next time we’ll substitute for a different yeast and see how that pans out.

Up next: Goat Cheese & Olive

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