Today I saved two kids from drowning while their mother stood by and watched.

Her daughter (6 or 7) was giving her toddler (2ish) a piggyback ride in the shallow end, went to deep, and started to panic. This scared the toddler who started choking the girl, struggling to stay above water. The girl was crying and starting to go under. The mother was calmly telling the girl to walk back to her at the edge of the pool. Husband was right there but holding Babe so I swam over, he sort of pushed the kids the last few inches toward me and I got them over to the edge.

When I shared this on Facebook one friend said this hardly sounds like an emergency and wrote that they would have been the parent telling the child to calm down and see what happens. But how many seconds does it take for a child to drown? The girl was gasping for air each time she pushed herself back up above the water, had stumbled deeper into the pool, and was obviously not going to calm down.

What would you do?

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