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10006041_10102207186457699_3154477158286035813_oToday I’ve teamed up with the folks at We’re Parents along with 8 other bloggers to bring you an Earth Day Extravaganza. At the bottom of this post you will find links to recipes, gardening tips, ways to reuse, crafts to do with the kids and more!

To make this even more amazing, we’ve partnered with a host of amazing sponsors to provide a giveaway that is sure to make three of our readers very happy! Sponsors of this event include Toter, BrylaneHome, Jiffy Plants, Ferry Morse Seeds, Lifetime, The Tasteful Garden, and Gardener’s Supply Company so I hope you are ready to get your green thumbs working! Check out my tips on managing recyclables indoors, visit each of the other blogs to learn more about making your Earth Day memorable, stop by Twitter to look for the hashtag #GrowingGreen, and visit our Pinterest Board “Growing Green for Earth Day.”

In our city, huge garbage and recycling bins are provided for us to place at the curb on pickup days. As I think is the norm, we have a kitchen garbage pail and several small pails around the house and when they are full we empty them into the big bin. But what’s the norm for discarding recyclables indoors? I don’t know if there is one.

For a while we just used whatever container was handy. Sometimes it was a big box we had used to bring home groceries from Costco. Sometimes it was just a kitchen garbage bag sitting next to the kitchen garbage pail. Whatever we were using on a given day, it was always an eye sore.

trashI was kvetching about the eye sore one day when my friend made a completely logical and obvious suggestion that had somehow escaped me: just get another garbage pail and use it for recyclables! D’uh!

Of course, any trash can will do but I like to coordinate everything so I picked up the exact same waste bin I already owned and placed it next to the original. Next I had to figure out how to prevent my guests from putting garbage in my new recycling bin. The answer was easy, I just put a recycling sticker on the lid of my new recycling bin.

20140422-084025.jpgThis is just one of any number of ways you could figure out to manage your recyclables. My friend that made this great suggestion has a really cool setup of her own. She has her waste bins hidden behind a kitchen cabinet door. When you open it up, there are two bins back-to-back on a sliding track. Talk about convenient!

How do you manage your recyclables?

As I mentioned at the top, this post is part of an exciting Earth Day Celebration! So without further ado…

Welcome to the Growing Green Earth Day Extravaganza!
hosted by: We’re Parents

We have teamed up with 10 bloggers to bring you the ultimate Earth Day Tips and Posts, as well as a massive giveaway with THREE winners!

Reusing Your Food Containers

Green Crafts
Earth Day Fairy Garden

Mother Earth / Nature
Earth Day Trash pick-up for Kids with Printable

Why Every Kid Should Eat Organic

Recipes with Organic Ingredients
Green Noodles
Banana Bread

The rebirth of the American Chestnut Tree
Growing a Pizza Garden

10010047_10102207178852939_3798154913962330299_oHuge Thank You to our amazing sponsors for making this happen! This event would not have been possible without the help of: Toter, Gardener’s Supply Company, Lifetime, BrylaneHome, Jiffy Pot, Ferry Morse Seeds, and The Tasteful Garden.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a Toter outdoor composter, a BrylaneHome rolling deck box, an Organic Tomato Success Kit from The Gardener’s Supply Company, Jiffy Pot Greenhouse trays and refills, Ferry Morse seeds, and a $75 giftcard to The Tasteful Garden! A total value of over $540! It truly is a gardener’s dream come true to win this giveaway!

Second Prize Winner will receive a Lifetime Dual Composter, an Organic Tomato Success Kit from The Gardener’s Supply Company, Jiffy Pot Greenhouse trays and refills, as well as Ferry Morse seeds. All valued at over $400!

The Third Prize Winner will receive Jiffy Pot Greenhouse trays and refills and Ferry Morse seeds. A $30+ value.

Visit We’re Parents to learn more about these companies, to check out the Earth Day bloggers posts, and more by clicking HERE.

Disclosure: We’re Parents and the blogs participating are not responsible for prize fulfillment/shipment. We’re Parents received the items mentioned above to review at no cost and was not monetarily compensated for hosting this giveaway, nor were we compensated in any way for the promotion of this giveaway. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media are not affiliated with this giveaway.

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