That’s a Big List!

checklist-628x363Getting ready to go to a baby shower? You’ve probably spent some time looking at a baby registry with a good one or two hundred items on it and found yourself thinking, “How the heck do I decide what to get!?”

Or perhaps you’re making your registry and thinking, “People are going to think I’m crazy wanting all of this!” (I know that’s how I felt.)

Hopefully my registry tips will help you decide!

Lots of people, myself included, put many things on the registry simply because we were told we would need them when it turns out lots of those things were just plain unnecessary. Husband and I have taken a tour though our house to mark down what was good to have, what was a waste of money, and what we couldn’t live without.

Good to Have

  • Diaper bag (some people plan to re-purpose an existing bag but nothing beats all those compartments in a real diaper bag)
  • Bouncy seat, portable swing, or – better yet – a combo like the one we have: Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing and Seat
  • Towel Warmer (especially if the baby will be born in the colder months)

Waste of Money

  • Anti-scratch mittens (Just use socks!)
  • Changing table (We just put a changing pad on our bedroom dresser and, since we were already getting a pack and play, we made sure it was one with a changing pad on it.)
  • A dozen fancy tiny outfits (We have a ton of tiny clothes that Babe wore once, maybe twice, maybe never. That first month or two all we really needed were a few things to keep her warm, see below.)
  • Separate baby lotion, wipes spray, diaper cream, cradle cap treatment (We use coconut oil for everything and it works great! Recipes coming soon.)

Couldn’t Live Without

  • Unisex Kimono-style night gowns and jumpers (I despise onesies! Why would you want snaps at the place where the diaper goes? We found these awesome Kimono-style clothes and that’s pretty much all Babe wore the first couple of months. If we ever have a son, he’ll be rocking them too!)
  • Baby carrier (I prefer woven wraps unless you live in a hot climate and then gauze wraps work the first summer or two but go with whatever the parents put on their registry.)
  • I can’t tell you how many people told me their baby only slept in a swing the first few months. We hoped that wouldn’t be the case for us but we were prepared. Thank goodness! Turns out Babe would only sleep in our Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing until she was almost four months old!
  • White noise machine like the myBaby SoundSpa Portable (Would Babe sleep without it? Maybe she would now but it was a huge helper when she was new and we’re not willing to risk it now!)
  • A Starter Supplemental Nursing System is the A-number-one-plus-plus-good TOP thing I recommend to pregnant Moms that want to breastfeed!!! We didn’t expect to have problems (but, really, who does?) so we had to rig one of these up when Babe was too weak to suck. If you want to breastfeed and end up having problems, this is probably the best $15 or $20 you will ever spend. Better safe then sorry.

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