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Periodic Fun – Periodic Table Elements Game

This week I’m sharing a fun little game that can provide you and yours with hours of educational entertainment. When we were working on the games and activities to have at our daughter’s first birthday party, we decided to create a word game based on the letter symbols from the periodic table. It was such a success that my business partner and I started selling it on our website.

You can make your own version of this game by making a flash card for each of the elements on the periodic table. Ours is just $2.50 so if you’d rather save time, you can go get it here.

Once you have your cards, lay them all out on the table and move them around to see how many words you can make. It’s so much fun! We’ve included a scoring system in our game but you can come up with your own or forget about the score altogether. Trying to work as a team to come up with a list of words may be best with young kids anyway.

While this game appeals to tactile learners with it’s physical presence and auditory learners (if you read aloud while playing), this game is especially great for visual learners as the mind will record the memory of the cards being moved around and rearranged. And the learning doesn’t end there. Young children will get to practice small words and then increase the difficulty level over the years as they learn longer and more complicated words. I love that this game can provide hours and hours of wonderfully educational entertainment for years to come!

Now here’s the big question, how many words can you create with the letter symbols from the periodic table?

And if you’re planning a periodic table themed first birthday party, you may want to check out a couple of the other printables we created like the Th N K You Cards and the Periodic Elements I Am O Ne Banner!

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